Don't you just love those timely coincidences, the synchronicity of dates and events?

Like, Christmas, the Islamic Feast, and New Year's eve were marked by the slaughtering of the legitimate president of Iraq, the hero, Saddam Hussein.

The Persian and Kurdish new Year were marked by the first days of the American "shock and awe" war of aggression.

And now, Passover and Easter are marked by the memory of the "fall" of the city of Peace, or as the Persians call it the God-given one, Baghdad.

Naturally, on this day, I spend the whole time watching the media's coverage of the "fall".
I have been going through this same ritual every 9th of April since 2003.

I know it will come as a shock to you but part of me still cannot absorb the fact that Iraq is occupied. And I am not the only one, I know many Iraqis who share this same disbelief.

I usually dress in black which has become my favorite color, prepare a huge pot of coffee, refuse any intrusions and just watch.
I watch everything related to that somber day of my life – the "fall" of Baghdad.

I am glad that Al Jazeerah has been devoting the past 48 hours to this historical "event".

A very important program with Saifdeen al - Rawi, no.14 on the cowboy's list of " Wanted," gave an exclusive two parts interview to al-Jazeerah from inside Iraq.

Much was said. A lof of it of a military nature revolving around the balance of force prior to the fall of Baghdad. The element of surprise that took the Iraqi republican guards, the overwhelming superiority of the American Air force, Iraq had practically none in 2003. The battles of Basrah, Najaf, Kut...and the battle of Baghdad.

Al-Rawi born in 1949 in al-Anbar province, had spent all of his adult life in the Army. In 2003, he was the commander of the Iraqi republican guards.
Thre is no way I can transcript everything here. I retained some important points though and will relate them to you.

When asked by the interviewer about the "shock and awe" war of aggression on Iraq, Al-Rawi replied that Iraq had been engaged in a war for 13 years, since 1991.
He considered the last aggression as nothing but a continuation of the first in 1991, followed by the economic sanctions, the regular bombings in 1998 (400 bombs) in the 33 and 36th parallel which destroyed over 80 Iraqi war planes and paralyzed the Iraqi air force.

In 2003, Iraq had 600 war planes which were unused since 1991. Only 70 of them were operational. There was no real Iraqi air defense, nor any naval defense except for a few Chinese anti-missile batteries (ground/sea) based in Basrah.
And contrary to most claims, Al- Rawi mentioned that most of the military equipment was French, Russian and Chinese made.

The second war of aggression did not come as a complete surprise to the Iraqi government.
It was more like a logical culmination of all the previous ones that Iraq had been subjected to.

Forty eight hours before the enemy's attack, Bush offered Saddam Hussein and his two sons to leave Iraq. Something that Saddam Hussein obviously refused, stating:

"Do they really think we will leave and let the occupiers take over our country and our people?"

Saddam Hussein then added:

"This is the battle of Destiny. If we become victorious, then it will be Victory not only for us but for all Arabs and if we lose, other commanders will emerge from Anbar, Basrah, Dyala, Baghdad,...and we will defeat America, of this I am certain."

Al-Rawi said that they had been preparing for this eventuality for several years before the invasion. And of course, they were fully aware of the unequal military power. But they prepared nonetheless.
Al-Rawi personally trained 800'000 civilians, since 1994, in the use of firearms.
And a couple of years before 2003, whilst the inspectors were still searching for the non existent WMD.s, searching even the personal wardrobes of Saddam Hussein and destroying all kinds of factories in front of the workers, their livelihood, under the same pretext, the Iraqi government did not stop preparation for that day.

The only thing the Iraqi leadership was betting on in its favor was the time element.
They really believed that the ground invasion, will only take place after a protracted period. At least around Baghdad.

The Iraqi republican guards, 150'000 of them including the special forces and Saddam's Fedayeen were fully prepared for this land battle. That battle did not happen.
Seems that the American soldiers are very cowardly when it comes to ground combat.

The enemy's air offensive on Baghdad lasted 300 hours. Continuous bombardments day and night before the land invasion. Battles did take place in Basrah, Kufah, Kut,... and the famous battle around Saddam Hussein International Airport and which came to be known as the "Battle of the Airport." The Americans used bombs each weighing 9 tons, phosphorus bombs and Neutron bombs.

What al-Rawi stated had been previously confirmed to me by a relative who is a doctor and was working 24/7 during the "shock and awe" campaign, in one of Baghdad's public hospital.
I remember clearly him telling me: "The bodies we received were not only burned and carbonized, they had melted into an mass of ashes. Despite all my experience treating war victims, I had never seen anything like that before in my life."

In the battle of the Airport, over 3'000 republican guards fought till their last breath and were all killed, more like melted into something unrecognizable.

On a side note, I personally had first heard of neutron bombs being designed during Carter's reign and the following thought stayed with me.
I remember thinking then, goodness, how much more materialistic can the Americans get ?
They want to grab buildings and destroy the people who inhabit them. When will these people ever realize the damage they inflict on the rest of the world ? Little did I know these same bombs were going to be used against my people.

Back to al -Rawi's interview. When asked if the Iraqi leadership was aware of its neighbors intentions and strategies. This is what he had to say and please mark it well .

"After 1991, we viewed Syria as somewhat neutral. They did fight in the 1991 war but we thought surely with their Baath ideology close to ours, they will not actively engage with the enemy this time around. (Am not so sure of this one myself).

Insofar as Jordan is concerned, we assumed they will not allow full American troops in because the Jordanian people will never accept it. However we were aware that they will authorize American air force and mercenaries to penetrate Iraq and they will provide logistic support. (Touche Mr. Al Rawi).

As for Saudi Arabia, clearly the Saudis cooperated in 1991 and fought the Iraqis in Diwaniyah and Kerbalah. We believed that in 2003, the Saudi people will refuse to allow the enemy's ground troops crossing from its borders. But we were sure that the Saudis will allow American war planes flying from their bases and will provide logistic and other support to them.
(Damn right Mr. Al Rawi. May I add that Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain allowed it too).

Now Kuwait is a different story altogether. Kuwait was a full participant in this war of aggression and all the American military force was mobilized in Kuwait. This latter provided them with everything.
(I bet. Including pumping Iraqi oil and selling it to finance the American war effort).

Turkey as you know is an ally of NATO and they have a base there. They facilitated the attacks on the northern parts of Iraq, Mosul and the rest of the Nineveh province."
(In timely cooperation with Israel and the Kurds, naturally).

"So what about Iran?" Asked the interviewer.

"Iran is a long story. As you know we have over 1100 km of borders with Iran.
And since the days of Kourosh when he attacked Babel right through to the Shah and ending with Khomeini, Iran is clearly a historic enemy to us.
I will tell you something that was related by Qusay Saddam Hussein, may God have mercy on his soul. When we were in Kuwait, Rafsandajani told us:
"Stay in Kuwait, and we will support you with combatants from the Islamic revolutionary guards who will fight alongside with you". Upon this assurance from him, we asked them to shelter a good number of our war planes. (these planes are still in Iran by the way and were never returned to Iraq after the Kuwaiti episode.)
The Iranian combatants were never sent and not only that, when we retreated, on our way back, the Islamic revolutionary guards attacked us below, on the ground in southern Iraq while the American air force attacked us from above.

(Now, Mr. Al Rawi, when will you learn never to trust Iran ?)

Dear Reader, just in case you did not know, Iraq has borders with all of these wonderful neighbors.
Unless Iraqis were supermen, there was no way on earth Baghdad would not fall.
Now, do place this in a contextual time frame, will you please ?
A first war of aggression followed by 12 years of sanctions, great neighbors who all conspired and another "shock and awe" cocktail of neutron, cluster, DU, B.52's, (9 tons each bomb), and phosphorus fireworks...

You must agree it is a miracle Iraqis are still around...well sort of.
Talk about being entrapped...

Today was also marked by other "events".

The "Duce" Ahmadinajad of Iran, chose the 9th of April to deliver one of his speeches in Isfahan interrupted by some Persian sentimental songs (am glad they are still allowed) and assured his fervent audience that Iran has nearly completed its enriched uranium program and threatened to leave the non proliferation treaty.

On the same day, whilst a curfew was imposed on Baghdad and not even a shadow was seen on the streets, the drill boys and followers of Muqtada al Sadr (who is still in Iran by the way) went on a great show of zeal with so called anti-occupation demonstrations in Najaf.
Huge banners with slogans "no to the occupier, no to the USA" were being upheld amidst Iraqi flags waving.

I remember clearly when Baghdad fell, this same crowd went on demos shouting:
" No to America, no to Saddam".
Today the slogans were limited to " No to America". Of course not one word mentioned about Iran (who has bought off 90% of Najaf and Kerbalah and has colonized Basrah).
Al Sadr in this show of so called "patriotism" in a timely setting coinciding with Ahmadinajad's speech, is trying to achieve two things :

1) cover up for his abominable sectarian crimes against the sunnis and against all true Iraqi patriots and most importantly against the Iraqi Resistance.
2) protect Iran in Iraq (along with Maliki, Al Hakim and Sistani - Iran's watchdogs)

Iran and its dogs in Iraq have never really fought the American occupier.
On the contrary, they have collaborated with the enemy in the fall of Baghdad and its subsequent occupation.
The Americans (and little G.B.) and the Iranians have destroyed Iraq in the South and in the Center and the Israelis and the Kurds have destroyed it in the North. Don't you ever forget that.
And these three and a half, (G.B being the half) have not ceased conspiring against the Iraqi Resistance who is now the ONLY force fighting the Occupation and who is now considered by Iraqis as their ONLY legitimate representative.
I did say by Iraqis , not sectarian dogs.

Now whether the USA and Iran are foes or friends, does not matter, the Iraqis have paid the price and continue to pay the price.
The Iraqis are entrapped in their respective political games. But I am sure the Iranians and the Americans are trapped in Iraq as much.

On the Northern front, Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister did not have many kind words towards the zionist Kurd Barazani. This latter has been threatening to unleash his other branch of peshermagas,the PKK into Turkey, if Turkey does not cease interference in Kirkuk.

Masood Barazani in his typical zionist way is faitfhfully following his father's footsteps who did exactly the same by unleashing his chauvinistic hordes into Iraq from Iran during the times of the Shah's and thereafter during Khomeini's.

Now Turkey and the "representative of Kurdistan" are at each other's throat.
I wonder if Israel is not trying to dig a hole for Turkey. I do not exclude that.
Having entrapped the Iraqis they are now trapped together.

In whichever scenario to come, American, Iranian, Turkish, Kurdish, Israeli, who traps who...
Please don't count on my tears. Have none left.

On the 9th of April, all hell was let loose. If you cannot kindle the fire, don't start it.

Trapped in Iraq after 4 years? Oh yes for sure. And who has outwitted them all?
The Iraqi resistance, of course.

Al-Rawi said that the Resistance has enough arms to last it another 50 years. They do not need any outside help.
And please don’t give me this crap about foreign Arab fighters and this al-Qaeda bull.
Al Qaeda – if it does exist that is – is responsible for 1% of all operations.
And the Iraqi Resistance wants nothing to do with it.
News have it (and I believe those news) that the Kurds (Israel) and the Americans are responsible for most of the car bombs. That does not surprise me.

And facts on the ground have it that Iran is responsible for the execution of the sectarian plan devised by the Americans. Sectarian torture and killings through its militias.
Iran funds, trains, backs and provides men and logistics to these militias. If you still doubt that, sorry to tell you then, that you are either not very bright or on some Iranian payroll.

Those who entrapped are now trapped.

The Iraqi Resistance, on the other hand, is neither limited by time nor space.
They choose when, where and how. They are in fact as free as birds now.
This is what I call "Operation Freedom."

Did Baghdad really fall? Is the battle of Baghdad over after 4 years?

" Not over our dead bodies, we will fight them till the last drop."
These were Saddam Hussein's last words to Al-Rawi.

What a wonderful realization !

Painting: Iraqi artist, Amer Al Obaidi " The Birds Window"


Anonymous said…
Thank you, dearest Layla. I wonder if you realise just how many people hang on to your words? And that, as much as you are keeping us abreast with the Truth in Iraq, you are also putting much else of the past into perspective? Thank you.

Iraq will rise from the ashes, of that I am so deeply sure.

Long live Iraqi Resistance and long live the memory of the great man who taught us all the true meaning of nationalism, where country came before self - the legitimate leader of Iraq, President Saddam Hussein. May you rest in eternal peace. You led Iraq in the middle of many, many obstacles and your name will survive in the history books of Iraq - despite attempts by the barbarians to erase it.
Anonymous said…

I made a post of a similar nature, but much shorter...and not so attached to the reality of it all...I’m sorry...

But good point Layla...It is true that the resistance is the ONLY group truly representing the Iraqi people. They are the true heroes of this war. They are bravest people I have ever read about (or watched on YouTube shelling American bases). It is a brave thing to stand up to America and all its technology armed merely with outdated weapons...

They deserve true recognition for their bravery...this “terrorist” tag that America has tried to label them with has to go...

And thanks again for the document...
Anonymous said…
Salam Layla,

Thank you for the wonderful post that keeps reminding everyone that we are still at war and have been since 1991.

On the Jazeera interview, I saw both parts and noticed two things:

1. Whenever Saifeldeen referred to President Saddam, he said "may God protect him" indicating that this interview is at least 4 months old, possibly older (so much for honest journalism on behalf of Jazzeera).

2. Saifeldeen mentioned an interesting fact. He stated that what broke their back in the defense of Baghdad was that the US troops entered from the south west and came behind their positions which made them taking defensive positions in the second line trenches an impossible task. Saif said that the division of the Republican Guard that was guarding the south west section of Baghdad failed in its mission to repel the invaders and blow the main bridge (even though he stated that the lines of explosives were laid and checked every 5 minutes). he said that this division which had a fighting force of 1,000 infantry republican guards as well as armored vehicles did not stop any US tanks from crossing the bridge and that when he followed up, he found the entire division was out of place located to the west of the Euphrates (even though they had explicit orders not to locate any divisions to the west). the commentator asked him if there was a betrayal in the guard, he said: 'no, but there was an unforgivable gross negligence'. When the commentator again asked him about a betrayal, he responded: 'a gross negligence is a betrayal'.

Let us remember that it was not through lack of skill or bravery that the 2003 battle was lost, it was through deception and espionage on behalf of the scum invaders as well as 12 years of siege and daily bombing.

However, as President Saddam (may he rest in peace) said: we will persevere, no matter what.

Anonymous said…
Lets cut to the chase...

First point: Saddam was a rat that not only his ‘neighbors’ abandoned, but also his own countrymen. It’s a tall order to accomplish both. It shows how shallow Arab trust is and you Layla, are proof positive of how shallow that loyalty is. You bailed out because you’re a mirror image of them and inside; you know there’s no loyalty. It’s all smoke and mirrors so to speak.

Second Point: If ever there is a micro fissure in a countries alliance with another, you can bet America will cause a chasm the size of the Grand Canyon. There’s no such thing as a true alliance in the Middle East, countries are too willing to divide and fall. Their own vision of power and control overwhelms any desire to play second fiddle to each other, allowing America and Europe to cause havoc. I think by the time arab leaders learns this, the oil will be gone, America won’t need you and you’ll all be happy nomads again!

Layla: please wipe off the foam from around your mouth. You are angry and anger has blinded you to realities. Iran NEVER PROMISED TO ATTACK AMERICA? are you kidding? Iran promised to save those jet fighters That's all. And the jet fighters are safe, against billions of dollars that Iraq owes to Iran for the US-UK_GERMANY backed war that your beloved leader waged against Iran. We all remember who tore up the agreement and threw it in arvand roud (or shat ol arab). everyone in the world knows who was the aggressor, both in Iran and in Kuwait. Saddam was the worse thing that could ever happen to a beautiful and advanced country like Iraq. Iran has managed its crisis with the west for all this time. iran fought and defeated saddam. iran plays an intricate game of geopolitics. Iran doesnt leave the decision-making to the hands of the sons of the leader. in Iran, there are professional paid people who consult the leadership on every move. wonder why the UK case ended up benefitting Iran? because the political consultants inside the country are all harward educated and are patriotic Iranians who work for good money ans serve the country. this is how you stand up to the bully of the west and Israel, not with empty words and a complete failure to fend off the aggressors. with millions of arabs around, do you ever wonder why Saddam was the voctom of his own isolation in a sea of arabs who were desperately looking for an anti colonial leadership? Even in Palestine, the side that Saddam supported (fatah) has now become a collaborating force with USA and Israel, whereas the iranian side, hammas, is still holding out. and winning.

Layla we need to put our Differences aside and devise an anti colonial front against the west and israel. It is sad to see no shie writer mouthing off against sunnis, but a dozen of arab sunni intellectuals like you are feeding fire to the anti iran sentiments that are israel's wildest dream. stop helping USA and Israel. join the anti colonial movement. If anything you should be mad at how the sunni countries and the sunni brothers and sisters are betraying Iraq.
Anonymous said…
The truth be told.

The following was copied from Islamonline.com

BAGHDAD — Iraqis who once celebrated and even participated in pulling down Saddam Hussein's statue four years ago when US tanks rolled into Baghdad in a heart-breaking scene for many Arabs and Muslims are now lamenting the good old days under the late president.
"We were happy. At that time we thought everything would get better. In fact, the opposite has happened. There is this insecurity," Mona Mahmud, a 46-year-old mother of two, told Agence France Presse (AFP) Saturday, April 7.

"Today, when I look at the statue, I feel overwhelmed by sadness."

Qusay Taha, a customer at an Iraqi barbar's salon near Al-Fardos Square, also lamented the halcyon days.

"Today we are disgusted by what happened that day," Taha said.

"The situation today is a hundred times worse. It's not as if most Iraqis danced in this square that day anyway."

Saddam's statue was pulled down by US marines and some cheerful Iraqis on April 9, 2003, in a scene that symbolized the downfall of Baghdad and Iraq.

Saddam was captured ina swift raid by US forces near his hometown of Tikrit in December 2003.

The former Iraqi leader was hanged on December 30, 2006, after being convicted by an Iraqi court of carrying crimes against humanity for killing 148 Shiites in 1982 on accusation of trying to assassinate him. He was taunted by sectarian and racist slurs by his Shiite hangers.

Kadhim al-Jubouri, who personally took part in wrecking the statue at the central Baghdad square of Al-Fardous, had told the British daily Guardian in an interview last month, that he regretted what he did.

"I really regret bringing down the statue. The Americans are worse than the dictatorship. Every day is worse than the previous day."

"Freedom Sculpture"

The US forces replaced Saddam's statue by a sculpture representing "freedom" which Iraqis call it a misnomer.

"The sculpture of freedom has no meaning," said Nabil Ahmed.

"It does not reflect reality. One lives here in constant insecurity. Freedom has no meaning without safety. The situation has gone from bad to worse."

Taha agreed: "When I see it, I see sadness and desperation," he said.

"Today there is nobody around (the sculpture) except American soldiers who take photographs as they go by."

Qais, a barber, said he though that the country was liberated after the downfall of Saddam.

"We thought the fall of the regime would bring freedom, reconstruction but as the days passed we saw it was lies. This new statue, is of injustice, inequality," he said.

"The fall of the statue is now the broken dreams of Iraqis."

The country is gripped now by a bloody sectarian violence, with more than a hundred people being killed on a daily basis.

Only last year, more than 34,000 civilians died in the raging sectarian violence that reached a peak in the capital Baghdad.

The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has said that one in eight Iraqis had been forced from their homes because of the bloodshed, warning that the numbers are on the rise.

Disillusioned with their "liberators," many Iraqis believe that the withdrawal of the foreign troops the only solution to their trauma.

"The Americans must leave, they are responsible for the situation today," said Mohamed Ali, an employee of the Palestine Hotel in central Baghdad.

"If they go, the situation will become stable in one or two months."

Long live the resistance as well as the memory of President Saddam (rest his eternal soul)
Anonymous said…
Quote : News have it (and I believe those news) that the Kurds (Israel) and the Americans are responsible for most of the car bombs. That does not surprise me

I believe that too and many iraqis do too , we have read about the phonenix program in vietnam , they are capable of repeating it again .
Layla Anwar said…
Salam Layth,

Thanks as usual for adding this very important point.
Layla Anwar said…
I think what bothers you most about me is that I keep showing YOU the sad truth about who the real RATS are and this you simply cannot stomach. I must be doing a great job.
Layla Anwar said…
Layth one more thing I forgot to mention...I think you are a little hard on al Jazeerah. They said it was an exclusive interview with Saif Al Rawi they did not say it was mubasher...
Also the link on uruknet concerning Iran which I believe is an article by Ibrahim Alloush is simply EXCELLENT.
Anonymous said…
Excellent analysis.
(re Kofi)
Anonymous said…
Salam Layla,

I am hard on Jazeera because I see it as another (more subtle) side to the US war machine. You argue that the interview was exclusive, fine, but isn't journalism about honesty and getting the facts out to the people asap (rather than holding them back until the information may lose its value?).

Also, if you want to talk about Jazeera, let's talk about the Bin Laden interview done in October 2001 which was never aired by the so called Arab channel. This interview was done at a most critical juncture in history when the US was trying to sell its crap idea that 19 fictional Arab hijackers (none of whom were on the passenger lists, and some who were proven to be still alive after 9-11) had been behind the 9-11 attacks...If you recall those dark days, the main theme Bush and Blair were selling for the war was that they had "secret" proof it was Osama Bin Laden and the 19 and that they could not share this info with the public. Now, most people on Earth (except Americans) were demanding proof and very few swallowed this "secret proof" thread.

Enter Jazeera. Tayseer Alouni was possibly given the story of the century by being able to relate the side of the accused in this conflict...Yet, Aljazeera never broadcast this interview leading to the destruction of Afgnasitan and the subsequent destruction of Iraq all under the pretext of 9-11 (how many hundreds of thousands have died because of the station's "hidden agendas").

And do you know why they did not broadcast the interview?

Because Osama said he wasn't behind 9-11, that he wasn't the mastermind, that if they want to accuse him of anything, it is inciting people to fight the US and Israel and liberate our lands.

Here is an excerpt from the broadcast that was leaked by CNN in 2002:

"Sheikh, the question that's on the mind of many people around the world: America claims that it has convincing evidence of your collusion in the events in New York and Washington. What's your answer?

OSAMA BIN LADEN: America has made many accusations against us and many other Muslims around the world. Its charge that we are carrying out acts of terrorism is an unwarranted description.

We never heard in our lives a court decision to convict someone based on a "secret" proof it has. The logical thing to do is to present a proof to a court of law. What many leaders have said so far is that America has an indication only, and not a tangible proof.


Contrast this with AlJazeera being more that willing to broadcast all those rubish Al-Qaeda tapes that the US by chance happens to find laying around in Afghanstan and in which an Osama lookalike is always boasting about how he was behind 9-11, or the Zawahri tapes or the Zarqawi tapes which happen to be exclusively delivered to Al-Jazeera.

Also, the next time you watch Al-Jazeera, notice what they say when they broadcast a Resistance tape of an operation against US or Iraqi puppet scum...They always say: "Al-Jazeera has not been able to independently verify the authenticity of this recording"...Do you hear them saying this same crap when they show a video of a US operation against Iraqis or Afghanis? No, they just repeat the numbers and details that the invader gives them with no independent verification or even an attempt to do so...So much for honest or independant journalism.

Anonymous said…
Oh layla, you’re doing a great job. I’m just keeping you honest. You seem to be stricken with a case of ‘selective memory’. You’re like a swiss cheese of Arab self-pity, except the holes are places where loyalty, accountability and responsibility were punched out. You should throw a dash of gingko biloba in your morning tea. I hear it does wonders for your memory, not sure about taste. In any case, I’m sure you’ll benefit from a dose every few days. I’ll check back next week to see what progress you’re making.
Anonymous said…
Layth, what you are saying is very credible - and very disappointing to learn that it withheld information which might have prevented the destruction of nations and innocent lives. While Al-Jazeera is far better than the rubbish available from the UK/US, and it is concentrating on areas which western media does not bother about, I noted the other day that Al-Jazeera tends to talk about poverty, illiteracy, corruption, and other social ills only in 'developing' countries. It seems as if these ills do not exist in the so-called 'developed' world - but we already know that there is a huge breakdown in those societies, far worse than those in 'developing' countries. I wish Al-Jazeera would be more balanced about this, and also tell (and show) the people in, for example, Egypt, China, India, Africa that there are things which are horribly wrong in the west as well. Only then would their viewers get a balanced perspective - and perhaps reduce the number of people who believe that 'the grass is a lot greener on the other side'.

Sorry Layla, the above comment is a little irrelevant to your blog, but Layth's comment reminded me of my thoughts.
Layla Anwar said…

Am sure your name does not stand for "proper" . Maybe you chose that id to prop yourself up which you seem to be doing. Unfortunately for you though, whatever you are using to get a bit of a vertical spine does not seem to be working for you. But since you are so adamant about memories and all, why don't you refresh my memory with your knowledge...if you have any that is. But hey, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and would not even suggest gingko for you...Will just watch as you make a constant fool of yourself.
Anonymous said…
LOL…you crack me up. An Arab is actually accusing someone else of not having a spine. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! In any case, I’ll go a little easier on you. I know how sensitive you are and since I’ve been raised to respect my elders, I wouldn’t want you to have a breakdown because of me…
And yes I am PROPER
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar said…
keep propping yourself up. you have absolutely no effect on me...An arab like myself only toys with idiots like you. Was fun and thanks for the good laughs...Come back when you have some more and when you grow a few hairs on your chin.
Cheers jester prop.
Layla Anwar said…
jr, you can join in the fun as long you keep your stupid gob shut
Unknown said…
Thanks for the article, as always, its a refreshing spice for my otherwise one-sided and unimaginative news junk food. I just wanted to point something out, which from my deatached european perspective i find kind of ironic: nowadays the 2 biggest "active" threats to the US empire are Iraq (for bleeding out the US military) and Iran (for being the only nation that acts credibly insane enough that it might actually use its capabillitys to seriously injure the US economics by choking the oil trade). Sure there are othere potential coffin nails (china could seriously fuck up the $-value, but why waste all that money, or some of the opec countrys if they would act together) but i doubt any of them would want to be the one catching the blows of the dying monster. Im happy most of Europe and the rest of the world got their act together the last time an evil emperor tried to rule the world, and since history always repeats itself, maybe something similar will happen again. Thanks for reminding me from time to time that geopolitics and history are not just abstract thoughts to be considered by philosophs.
Greetings from Germany,
G.Gar said…
Hi there

i have just fallen upon your great blog. Eversince the fall of Bahgdad, I have been feeling ashamed and humilated. Unfortunately, i was doing nothing about i-except mayb for engaging in useles chit chats with my apathetic egregious Arab friends,and indiffernt hypocrytical western colleagues

That has changed when i started off blogging. At the present I'm engaged in an all out blogsphoere campain to expose and deconstruct the malicious fake Irani discourse of an Irani Islamic opposition to western hegemony .

The objectives of Iranian policy is to divert attention of the Arab world from their treason andgenocide of Arab in IRAQ.

The Iranian narrative of islamic unity and the islamisation of the palestinian cause is starting to pay off among the quasi ignorant Arab youth corrupted by stagnant uninnovative regimes-

As I realize very well that it was Arab nationlism sponcered by the baathist regime in Iraq that brought down Iran in 1988, was and still the main deterrent of Arabs against cultural colnialism, and Israeli aggression.

The Dearabisation of Iraq (Persianisation) will eventually lead to the a substantial reduction
of Arab strategic weight and the transformation of the Palestenian cause into HUMANITARIAN ONE that could serve as an ideal cause for activists who have nothing to protest at, and an outlet to work off burdens of guilt charged consience, or maybe for that matter, unconsciense of the "Democratic world"

Therefore, I'm doing my best to counter that evil all over the net

Sorry for the lenghty comment,but i just coulnt stop myself rom writing

i wonder if could add your blog to my blog roll? I would be honoured to exchange opinion with a fellow honourable Arab

Kind regards

Amre El-Abyad
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Amre,

Thank you for your comment. I saw your blog and I found it very good.
Sure you can add my blog if you wish.
You nailed Iranian chauvinism quite well and I shall recommend your blog to the many who keep asking me questions on that same topic.
just for your information and for all other readers who care to know the truth, I will give you a simple example of iranianization of Iraq. In Basrah and in Kerbala, the tooman (iranian currency) is used instead of the Iraqi dinar.
In Basrah all iraqi official documenta and application forms are in Persian and in most local govt employees are iranians.
Nejef and Kerbalah real estate is 90% owned by the Iranians...And the examples abound.
We must not lose sight of the israeli influence in the north via the kurds. And both Iranians and Israelis meet in the center point in Baghdad thanks to the americans.
The occupation of Iraq is definitely a DUAL ONE.
Anonymous said…
Layla ...Everybody seems to get the "War" wrong.
The Civil unrest as I would call it is created and maintained by USA for their own intrest (Oil in Iraq & Drugs in Afghanisthan). Bush & Dick (no pun intended) Chenney are least intrested in leaving Iraq (they have millions or $ of business intrest there) even when the whole of america is calling them to quit. Note:- Americans are not intrested in the war- but its the political people who are intrested - WHY?

Who is gaining from the unrest in IRAQ & Afghansthan? - Only and only US.

Who is dying daily? (at least 30 civilians - sheite or sunni doesnt matter its still Iraqi civilians). If you add up a month 30x30=900
If you add up a year 900x12=10,800 Iraqis are killed yearly. Which is equal to a village being wiped entirely out of the map yearly. Just IMAGINE...!!!

Who trains these Sucide bombers? US-CIA operatives in IRAQ?

WHo runs Al-Qeeida? CIA operatives - Remember CIA trained Bin Laden against Russia in Afghansitan.

Who brought the World trade Centre down ? - CIA (The planes crashing was just a decoy) the building was brought down by explosives which were carefully placed on each pillar on each floor in a controlled explosion. If you have ever seen a skyscapper being demolished with explosives you will understand exactly.

Why did the building 7 - the building which wasnt even hit crash? (Rudy Gulliani had his office in it. He even had it built up so as to withstand an explosion a week before 9/11. - And today he is the Republican Presidential Candidate. He obviously had info on it & used it to become famous. He was obviously backed by the CIA.

Who Killed JFK? - CIA & more correctly this BUSHES' father George Bush who was in CIA at the time was the key person who planned & carried out the whole plan. (he didnt actually shoot but plotted).

Actually US is marching towards Russia. The recent Missile crises in Europen terrotity is proof enough. The missile sheild can also be used as an attacking ARRAY of Missiles. WAKE-UP look on the map - only Iran( for oil), & China (terrotory & Military) is left. US already has its military in Saudi & Qatar so if they decide to take over it will not be a big deal. Since to fight Russia they will need the oil & land terrority.

Today of the 230 countries in the world US already has military presence in 130 countries. HITLER would have blushed at this conquest.

The 90% of the Leaders, Celebrity & business people in US & many other countries have already pledged their allegience to the DEVIL and call themselves the "ILLUMINATI" or the "Freemasons". Bush never deined his Fremason society when asked on national television he just avoided a correct answer. Just search for the world Illuminati on google & it will throw up a thousand pages on it.

A "new world order" (order of the devil) is already taking shape.

The killing of the people in IRAQ, Afghanisthan and all over the world by sucide bombers are just a version of Hitler's Death Camps. Its just cheaper & more inovative.

The Islamic Fundamentalism is cultivated and nurtured by these Illumaniti-CIA. Does the world Taliban & Illumaniti have something in common....?

Wherever death is preached Satan is being crowned & evil is natured.

....And Yes I came upon your blog in search of "Pre war photos of Iraq" ...I could not find any...my search on Google only showed blood and gore & the foot prints of Devil.

I began my search for the photos as I wanted to prove to my friend that Iraq was one of the most liberal & free society in the Middle east (Dubai was just waking up). My father had been to Iraq & discribed to me as it being quite liberal - maybe only 40% of the women were veiled, The iraqi people very warm, booze being available locally & belly dancing clubs a must visit.
I had seen beautiful photos of Iraqi city on the net long back maybe before the war....but cant find anything...not one photo...of it now.

What have we come to.....where & Where we headed
Anonymous said…

it is well known, that Al-Jazeera was founded, when BBC-Middle-East Service had been closed down deliberately. BBC News itself did run the story, that the BBC-Middle-East stuff afterwards altoghether joined Al-Jazeera. In addition, I heard from somebody who visited Quatar, that Al-Jazeera is situated in a location, where they could open a window and throw a stone in order to hit American headquarter there.

Some years ago, the US stated in an article on Al Jazeera in a German newspaper, that they really had nothing to do with founding or funding of Al Jazeera.

It was just until that day, that I thought it was genuine British decision to close down their Middle-East Service in order to make room for a more efficient propaganda outlet, tailored along and targeted against Arab mentality.


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