A common Language.

In difficult circumstances, we gathered today.
There was around twenty of us. Men and women. From different nationalities and different religions and denominations.
We were muslims and christians. Sunnis and shias."Middle easterners" and "North Africans."...
(can't say more-the walls have ears)

Middle Easterners may mean: Iraqis, Jordanians, Palestinians,Lebanese,Syrians and North Africans may mean Sudanese, Egyptians, Tunisians,Lybians,Morrocans,Algerians...
(Just a small lesson in basic geography 101.)

What brought us together on this dark cold evening? Just a memory of our Hero Saddam Hussein.
Some of us loved him, some of us liked him, some of us disliked him and some of us were critical of him and some of us used to hate him... But we gathered nonetheless in his memory.
How come? I asked myself.

Here we were: "Mesopotamians,canaanites,pheonicians,carthagians,pharaonic..." yet we still managed to assemble. No questions asked.
The meeting was nothing grandiose in view of the current situation. Just a simple, sober gathering around a cup of coffee.
The conversation was equally simple and down to earth.And it went like this:
"I am no baathist, but...." I am no Saddam supporter, but...",I am no Iraqi, but..." I am a palestinian and ...", I am a shia and I have to tell you...", "I am a christian and I must say that...","I am a north african and..."," I love Saddam and will always...."," He made mistakes but ..." and I could go on and on till tomorrow.

Suffice to say, he managed to gather us together in his absence by his presence.
By his thoughts, his vision, his ultimate sacrifice...

We may have not agreed on much, but one thing we agreed upon: There is no leader, or any man in history that accepted to walk to the gallows and refuse a compromise like he did.
He was offered a "way out" on more than one occasion.
An International tribunal, which meant he would have to leave Iraqi soil and another compromise, his liberation and "safety" in exchange for a halt to anti-occupation resistance.
He refused both.
He knew that both options would mean the end of Iraq.
He refused both options knowing fully well that his end is nearing.
He prepared himself arduously for his assassination refusing to eat, so he can be as light as a bird...as light as a feather...

He sacrificed his life to save Iraq and its people. His personal life.
If that does not make him a hero, a martyr and a saint,I don't know what does.
He had prepared his end, whilst they were preparing his.
They, the americans and the iranians (and the israelis- ask Pilatus, Jalal Talabani, the kurd, for those who don't know history, Pilatus refused to sign the death sentence of Jesus and asked the jews to do it instead...after all they were the instigators and he was the accomplice)

He outwitted them... till the last second, the last breath....

How can anyone not see this? How can anyone deliberately obliterate that simple simple truth?
Saddam Hussein was not only a great man, a hero and a martyr, he was also a true visionary.

That ARAB man from the simple village of Tikrit, understood it all.
He understood his neighbors and understood the importance of Iraq.
He understood (again for geography students 101) that Iraq had 4 important elements that your media does not tell you about and for the most part you do not bother to reflect on, namely :
1) oil
2) water
3) fertile land
4) brains

No other Arab country has this combination. I defy you to give me one example.
Except if you think that Iran is an Arab country.

Which brings me back to our gathering.
What did we have in common, despite the different nationalities and religious backgrounds?
Apart from his living memory, we had the Arabic language as a common denominator.

It is a pity that your "respectable linguist" Noam Chomsky and his blind sheep have not bothered to dwell on this fact. Or maybe they have,in between their kibbutz activities.

Saddam Hussein gathered us here tonight in his memory only to show us that we spoke a common language...Arabic.

More will be taught on the Arabs and the Arabic language,the language of Islam, the language of the Koran...for later...and despite the death threats (iranian, american and others...that I have been receiving.)

You know me by now. I don't leave a stone unturned...till the very bitter end.

Rest in total peace ya Saddam ya ibn Al Arab. The message is well received.
And the Palestinians at al Aqsa Mosque received it as well despite the slumbering of their "revolutionaries", their "leaders" and the arab "Ummah".

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Suhair Salman.


Anonymous said…
Subtle, powerful and truthful as usual.
Anonymous said…
I know you by now Layla Anwar, you push and push and I know you will succeed.
Anonymous said…
powerful message for those who care.
Anonymous said…
God bless you Layla for your courage !
I just want to add that dear PRESIDENT SADDAM HUSSEIN is a true Hero for all humanity not only Arabs.He showed an example of true courage,dignity,honour to all oppressed people!By his death he proved that tyrans can`t break the spirit of true warrior.Rest in peace.
Anonymous said…
im sorry but saddam was the west's pet dog, who disobeyed his masters and was promptly punished for his disobidience.............nothing more...nothing less
Anonymous said…
ps. leave chomsky out of it...... hes one of da good guys
Anonymous said…
I second you, Anonymous above. President Saddam Hussein is not a HERO in only the eyes of the Arab people, but to all who witnessed and acknowledged his courage and dignity in dealing with evil oppression. He stands out among all leaders of today, because he could not be BOUGHT and chose PATRIOTISM over his own life.

Rest in Peace, Great Leader. You are loved, honoured and respected very much.
Iraqi Mojo said…
Well done Layla, another beautiful post. There is one thing that can never be taken away from Iraq, Saddam Hussein. Saddam will mean Iraq for generations and centuries to come.
Anonymous said…

1. President Saddam Hussein

December 21, 2003
All people who have any concern for human rights, justice and integrity should be overjoyed by the capture of Saddam Hussein

November 10, 2004
It’s certainly true that the world is better off without Saddam Hussein, also without the people who supported him through his worst atrocities, and are now telling us about them. [applause]
The fact of the matter is that if it hadn’t been for the sanctions which devastated the society and killed hundreds of thousands of people, it’s very likely that the Iraqis themselves would have sent Saddam Hussein to the same fate as other brutal monsters also supported by the people now in Washington, like Ceausescu in Romania or Suharto in Indonesia, or Marcos and a whole string of others. Quite a rogues’ gallery. And probably Saddam would have gone the same way.

2. Sistani

March 4, 2005
In Iraq, the January elections were successful and praiseworthy. However, the main success is being reported only marginally: The United States was compelled to allow them to take place. That is a real triumph, not of the bomb-throwers, but of nonviolent resistance by the people, secular as well as Islamist, for whom Grand Ayatollah Al Sistani is a symbol. Despite US-UK foot-dragging, Sistani demanded speedy elections, reflecting popular determination to achieve freedom and independence, and some form of democratic rights.

3. Moqtada al-Sadr

May 30, 2006
The Sadrist bloc, which registered substantial gains in the December 2005 elections, may soon become the most powerful single political force in Iraq.It is consciously pursuing the model of other successful Islamist groups, such as Hamas in Palestine, combining strong resistance to military occupation with grassroots social organising and service to the poor.

4. Iraqi resistance

February 22, 2006
There is also right now the insurgency which is violent and brutal, but it was elicited by the invasion. Iraq hadn't had any suicide bombers for probably a millennium, but now they have them all the time. The U.S. intelligence and the Israeli and Saudi intelligence have analyzed very closely the foreign fighters in Iraq. There are very few. It is maybe 10 percent of the insurgents. But almost none of them had any terrorist record. They are under extremely close surveillance. Their people were mobilized by the war. It was expected that the war would mobilize potential militants, ultimately terrorists, and they would spread around the world. That's exactly what happened. And you can read the CIA reports. Iraq has become what they call the training ground for professionalized terrorists probably much more severe than Afghanistan was under the Taliban. These are people trained in urban terrorism, and highly skilled and so on and [they're] going to spread all over the world and have already done it in Jordan...

Is it enough?
Layla Anwar said…
Very interesting that Chomsky the progressive so called "marxist" or a neo marxist at least, should hold the same language as Zionist Israel vis a vis the great leader Saddam Hussein and should see in Sistani the Iranian a beacon of democracy........hahahahahaha. With a left like that, what have you left for the true fascists ?
Layla Anwar said…
Thank you anonymous for posting all of these truths about Chomsky...
Layla Anwar said…
oops sorry Paola, did not see your name first.
Anonymous said…
gotta love chomsky........he really hits da spot...

dont know wot your problem is wit him pisi but refering to the bold type:

saddam was a brutal monster and the world is indeed better off without him

if u look up the definition of terrorist then yes that is what they become....

and the "proffessionalized terrorists" bit is prefixed by "what THEY call..."

all in all, vintage chomsky

thanks for listening
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla this should work now.
Anonymous said…
We are such hypocrites...when the man dies we all mourn him like he's some kinda hero. he's surely ain't....we blame Shi'ites for crying over Hussein and then we go and do the same thing over Saddam Hussein.

We all know who he is deep down inside ourselves but we pretend he's something else because well we don't have anything real or concrete to stand upon to face our enemies and therefore we glorify our tyrants into heroes.

I dislike the US, but I think I dislike us more, because we don't have the guts to admit to our mistakes and simply go on as stubbornly as ever.

I swear to you that all Iraqis hate Saddam, but now after he's gone they're crying over him like crazy.

May he burn in hell for all the things he's done.

and I am a Sunni by the way.
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Stupid,
I am glad you chose this nickname it seems to be quite fitting to you.
Not all iraqis are traitors thankfully and the hell you are referring to you is Iraq today - most likely due ,apart from Iranian and Zionist America,to people who are in your own image.A bunch of hypocrites who sold their countries.
Have a good day stupid.
Anonymous said…
Montag said…
Thank you for such a truthful article.

Now here is the point where a commenter or a blogger or a pundit is supposed to jump in-either pro or con-and agree or revile.

I have no opinion that I can put into words. I see it, I am appalled by it, I wonder about it...yet I do not have the concepts to deal with it.

When I first read of the execution, I wrote of it as the execution of Sidi Hussein...
Sidi instead of Sayeed, Hussein instead of Saddam...all these things show the emotion, yet the rational still cannot comprehend.

The rational cannot say Yes or No; it is fatally fascinated and is mute.
Echo said…
Layla, ur just hilarious haha

I love reading ur posts.
Echo said…
umm.. I'm talking about ur last post. Not ur blog entry haha
Anonymous said…
To Anonymous blah blah blah bla

A very intelligent comment - NOT. I bet that A) You are American B) You are a redneck Bush supporter and C) You have never been outside America. Oh and I nearly forgot...D) You have never had a decent education. How typical of the average American!
Anonymous said…
Cikku you are right about anonymous blah blah blah. Either he is one of the lowly dumber than dirt americans or the so called 'superior whites'. BTW, the average, uncultured americans never ever travelled more than 360 degrees mile radius from their homes, so it is not surprising that they are like mushrooms, kept in the dark and being fed horseshits by their evil satanic leaders.
Layla dear, may I suggest that you block him off so we don't have to put up with his fucking rantings.

A Muslim Sister
Montag said…
please delete my comment so it will not appear adjacent to that 'anonymous' thing.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for all your recent tributes to Saddam Hussein, Layla. I will keep them and reread them many times. Your appreciation of him is a great consolation to me.

I believe the example of Saddam should fill us all with a profound reverence for the mystery of the human soul and the infinite mercy of God. No one should pre-judge another human being. In the course of acquiring and holding on to power, Saddam no doubt commmitted serious wrongs, but he had an inner core of courage, integrity and good-heartedness. When God put him to the test, he proved to be more faithful, steadfast and sincere than thousands of others who had sinned less gravely. He willingly sacrificed power, wealth, freedom, his sons and his own life for the sake of Iraq. He held nothing back - he gave his whole heart and soul to Allah. He was the most vilified man in the world, yet he forgave his enemies and died with a prayer on his lips.
Layla Anwar said…
Thank you anonymous above, this is very well said.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous above Layla - that's very beautifully said, and ever so true. I personally did not watch the assassination, but in every prior photograph, President Saddam looked calm and collected, at peace with God - he will forever be imprinted on many, many hearts. There is no leader today who can be compared and every effort to tarnish his name has failed - to those who have ventured to learn the TRUTH.

May the soul of much loved President Saddam Hussein rest in eternal peace and may future generations of Iraqis remember him as the one great man who refused to compromise his principles or to sell his soul in exchange for his motherland. He showed the world what INTEGRITY, NATIONALISM and PATRIOTISM really means.

He is deeply missed.... and loved.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
how many times u fucking idiots..........saddam was just a western lackey, who the west turned against.......u people really r pathetic morons

also, he murdered his own people......what a cunt!!!

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