Broken more.

Rape - That dreaded four letter word.
How hard it is to write, talk, think, about rape.
No woman needs a dictionary for a definition of what the act means.
Even women who are fortunate enough not to have experienced it, instinctively know about it...
It is as if that knowledge is imprinted in our archaic limbic system, from times immemorial.

Rape may come in different forms and shapes, as various as the forms and shapes that commit it.
And just as it disguises itself under different forms, it also has several levels - the several levels of rape.
The mental, the emotional, the spiritual, the political, the geographic, the economic, the social...
All the above categories necessitate de facto the physical realm of which the body is an essential part.
The body thus becomes the recipient, the receiver, the receptacle, the reservoir...of this ultimate act of violence.
The body is an integral part of rape as it is the gate, the entry point, the door, the orifice...of any forceful invasion, penetration. The body and its inner realms, mental, emotional and spiritual are hence, all non consenting recipients of the wrath coming for the "Other".

Seen in that light, rape becomes the ultimate weapon not only of coercion and domination, but also the ultimate weapon of breaking the Spirit of Resistance of its victim(s).

I am aware that men can also be victims of rape but for the sake of conveniency and since female victims outnumber male ones, I shall refer to the victim as a She.

Any victim of rape, will tell you that they tried to resist in the beginning, by words and acts...but were left no choice in the end, but to submit, to resign, to surrender...

This overpowering of the resisting victim and breaking her resistance is in my opinion, the crux of the dynamics of the act of rape.

This profound violation on all four levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, is precisely to break the victim's will to resist and later to continue on living.

Many rape victims would basically utter the same sentence, over and over, using different wordings - " All I want to do is die" or " I wish I was dead" or for those who cannot express that death wish, they would self destruct bringing about their own death.
This wanting to die may seem to do with the self loathing that these victims experience after the act of rape. I would argue even further. The wish to die is because these victims have no sense of self left. And I will explain that point later on.

In fact, rape is a highly sexualized form of torture. And like torture, it is a slow death ...

Much has been said about Sabreen's rape and I will not go over what has already been said, the details have already been covered.
I watched Sabreen's interview on al-Jazeerah and before saying more, I would like to salute her courage and bravery.
Speaking about rape in private is already a very hard thing to do, let alone in public like she did.
Specially in Arab culture, where shame and honor are also very much tied to the sexual realm and in particular to female sexuality.
So yes, her outstanding courage deserves nothing but praise.

I would like to focus on her words as opposed to the political reactions that later on ensued.
Sabreen's own words encapsulate everything there is to know about rape.
I, therefore, ask you to concentrate on her words well.

Sabreen is taken to some "judge" after having been raped by two "Iraqi" guards.
Whilst waiting for this "judge" to appear, a third guard puts his hands on her breasts and tells her: " They are still ok aren't they...they look good."
She replied: "I beg of you let go of me" and his reply was "I will, only if you give me one more thing"
She then says: "I have nothing to give you". He says " Yes you do..."
Then Sabreen says he took her to an adjacent room where there was a metal bed and she tried to resist and he hit her with a black hose on her he was trying to rape her, another "higher" guard walked in and said "leave her to me, she is mine" and she was raped a third time...
She continues: "He did what he did...I told him why are you doing this to me, I am not one of those girls...his reply was " We do with you what we want, you are here for our Mutaa..."
Mutaa in arabic means extreme pleasurable gratification and not simply pleasure.
"You are here for our extreme pleasurable gratification" she continues "we will then throw you away or kill you."

I trust you took the time to reflect on Sabreen's words. What strikes you most?
For me, it is the "objectification" of the woman. She becomes literally an object of gratification.
And once a person is objectified, they are already stripped of all humanness.
They become a non-person. Hence they can be disposed of, thrown away, killed...

That is why the first thing a rape victim will tell you is "I feel cheap."
Adjectives like cheap are usually used for objects. This object becomes cheap, valueless, lost its use so it can be easily gotten rid of, thrown away...

And when a woman becomes an object of pleasure, gratification, desire, lust, power, politics...she loses her sense of self, she irretrievably loses herself.
She becomes anything and nothing at the same time. She becomes the public orifice, the public door, the public entry point, the public gate...A non being.

In this light, the whole of Iraq and its people has become an object of rape under its various forms.
From the collective to the personal. From the public to the private. From the general to the particular...geographically, politically, economically, historically, socially, culturally,individually...raped.
In fact, Iraq has become the ultimate object of gratification.

Since 2003, this country and its women and men have been raped...over and over with no respite until "they" have reached its break that resisting Self.

The rape of women has not only a racist, but also a sectarian flavor to it.
From the Fatimas and the Zeynabs of Abu Ghraib, to Abeer, to Sabreen and the latest victim a sunni woman from Tel Afar gang raped by five "Iraqi" guards.

Moreover, the Association of Muslim Scholars reported yesterday on the Iraqi League website, that in 2006, they received no less than 68 reports from rape victims. These are only the known figures. Only God knows how many other women are hiding that terrible "secret".

Added to the above rape victims, one can add those who were raped by the sectarian militias, then mutilated in their genitalias and subsequently thrown in some dump.
And one can also add the three women who are to be executed soon, and one can add the victims of torture from both sexes, and the list goes on and on...

For the most part, all the above victims are sunnis and are related one way or another to the Spirit of the Resistance. The rape is nothing but another mean of breaking that spirit.
The highly despicable,corrupt, sectarian "Iraqi" government and its Iran backed militias are accomplices in this collective act of rape. They are faithfully continuing in the footsteps of their masters, the Americans, who have objectified Iraq and her people, rendered them into things to be coveted, used, abused, pillaged, plundered, raped, vilified, tortured and ...killed.

The Western media is not less vile than the "Iraqi" government who discredited Sabreen's rape case as well as that of others.
The Western media overriding words are: false, allegations, claims and I shall leave you with this last quote from ABC News:
"Like so many things in Iraq these days, it is complicated and all about religion, tribe and the struggle for dominance."

Again, Iraqis living experience of the Occupation with its ramifications is blatantly denied.
Do they think that we are all Monica Lewinskys here? Carefully hiding and saving our sperm stained dresses for later?
Let me assure the Western media, we have no such calculating minds when it comes to sexual abuse and rape. You, on the other hand, are experts at it.

Iraq and Iraqis have become "the object" of the 21st century.
Stripped of her clothes, beaten, relentlessly raped in her body and soul, raped with their collective hands on her mouth so if she does remember her humanness, she must scream quietly or the neighbors will hear her and we don't want the neighbors to be disturbed...we want to break her Spirit in silence...

Out of curiosity, I did check the dictionary even though I did not need a definition of rape and I found an interesting one.
"the residue of grapes, after the juice has been extracted, used as a filter in making vinegar."

Women of Iraq, you owe it to yourselves for you are Iraq herself.
You are the grapes and the juice that has been forcefully extracted and you have become the sour vinegar...So let your revolt be as sour as that vinegar.

Speak out and scream louder and louder...
Let your screams fill the air and its sky, reaching up to the heavens.
Break it, roar it, thump it, spit it out back at them with full force.
Reach it, feel it and reclaim it .

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohammed Sami


Iraqi Mojo said…
Layla bravo on another brilliant piece, bravo. I had goosebumps while reading this, thank you so much for maintaining the rage. May god keep you safe and strong.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

I add to Barabie's words above - I had goosebumps, too, while reading this too - in addition to the utter feeling of helplessness and despair.

I have nothing to add, except that I have considered what has been done and is being done to Iraq and Iraqis as rape right from the beginning.

Brave and wonderful lady, continue with your great work, and may all women, Iraqi and others, be inspired by your words.
Anonymous said…
beautifully forceful
Anonymous said…

As Little Deer and Barabie said I also agree.

You have much to be proud of and you are a blessing to not only your peoples but to all peoples and nations. You're a true Warrior and I am blessed to know you in heart and soul. My heart is warmed by your honesty as a true and real person. I hope some day our paths may cross to see the eyes of such a beautiful person.
God bless you my dear sister.
Stay safe, keep real and never leave the loop.

Savage American Warrior
Anonymous said…
I'm starting to believe the US and the so-called "Iraqi leaders" are specifically ordered to do whatever they want. Even Ancestors Attila and Chinggez didn't let their people run wild like this when they attacked and expanded.

I, for one, can't stand people who rape. A friend of mine was once, I can this close to gutting that son of a bitch. If anyone touched my beloved Nabilah, the only person who could stop me from killing him would be Nabi.

Stay strong, Layla, hopefully God will save Iraq soon. Turkey seems to be getting ready to attack Israel if they find an opening, and Russia is slowly backing away from the Israeli influence as well.
Anonymous said…
Salam dearest Layla,

I feel so saddened and despairing for the state of "Muslims" in Iraq and elsewhere in the world.

As a practicing Muslim woman, I cannot comprehend how a fellow "muslim" can rationalise such vile actions. It is haram in every sense.

May God Almighty guide us all to righteousness particularly those in possession of authority and armaments.

Your sister in Islam
Anonymous said…
Thanks for another brilliant piece Layla, you are so amazing.
Anonymous said…
So grateful for another great piece. You are amazing Layla.
Anonymous said…
To the males who usually have endless opinions...
Layla Anwar said…
Thanks all.
To anonymous above, you just took the words out of my mouth. So true!
Makes you wonder does it not ?
Anonymous said…
I'm male. And frankly, the thought of rape churns my stomach like...week old meat (Please don't ask how I know what week old meat does to you...).

At this point, if I had the chance, I'd destroy all of the damn freaks who have raped or tried to. Note that I used the term destroy. Rapists aren't human...they aren't even animals. They're less than that. They don't deserve to be called anything higher. Any person or place, idea, etc, that has been raped rightly deserves to be placed higher than ourselves, and not just because they are brave to still be around, but because they deserve to know that they are not just human, they are higher.

I am not a vast supporter of a death penalty. I would rather if the memories of criminals could be wiped and then rehabilitated, or if criminals could hardly live with the wholesale guilt of their crimes. But rapists hold that special place in my personal belief, that they deserve to be torn apart while still alive. Rapists, like other high criminals, in my ancestor's land and ways would either be tied down and trampled to death by horsemen, or have their spine manually snapped backward over a spear's pole. There were more unpleasent ways as well, but those come to mind for the purposes here.

I almost go as far as to say that rapists deserve anyone important to them raped, but that is not a way to go. Innocent should NEVER suffer for the crimes of others. Just the same, the victums deserve to be treated well, so that they may suffer less. No, only the criminal truly deserves it.

But, as is often stated about me, I may have an overactive mind when it comes to justice. Too booklike, according to what I've heard around here from someone else. But it's all I can do from here.
Anonymous said…
To Anonomous who spoke of the deafening silence of the males.
And to Layla.
I agree with you both.
And I am also here to break that silence.

I was logged on last night and saw that Riverbend is posting again. I can first say I am glad to know she is alive, as her posts are often few and far between.
I am sure, if you follow the issue of the Iraqi occupation, you know of River.

Her topic.
Similar if not exact, yet so individual at the same time.
Was about Sabreen.

What strikes me the most...

The photographs I saw of Sabreen on River's blog.

Earlier in the day, yesterday, I read about the rape and the behavior of all the "officials", including the judge, in a newspaper. And I thought to myself "How sickening, all of it and now this.". I pictured the story in my mind as I read it.
As well the NUMBER of rapes in Iraq.

But nothing compared to the beautiful but so terribly anguished eye's in the pictures of the young woman.
In her eys's I saw despair and an exhaustion.
My thoughts would stray to the idea of her husband as well (I believe Sabreen was married).
Yes. It was sickening to me in the loss of self that I saw. The loss of self like you wrote of Layla.

I despise the idea of it all.
And I despise the men, all of them.
The rapist "police".
The judge's who allow them to roam free.
Maliki, Bush.
EVERY man who is responsible for the destruction of Iraq and the MADNESS that has been situated into the country.

It makes me no more or no less like them I suppose.
Because I...

If given the chance.

The opportunity.

Would the absolute most inhumane ways...repay them the favor.
Some say two wrongs do not make a right.
And so on and so on.
But I just don't feel that way.

Most all people are capable of doing evil if under the right circumstances, studies have been done on it.
Is there such a thing as evil in the name of righteousness?

But honestly when I search myself I don't care.
I stand by my words. If I had the ability, the guilty would be punished.
No trial.
No acquittal.

Just punishment that I cannot express in words.

I hate the men I wrote of who are guilty in so many ways for so many things.
And I would rape them.

I guess this is my testimony.

And no, I do not mean in a homosexual way. I do not believe I could remain erect while being violent.

But rape all the same.
Strip them of their humanity, fornicate them with VARIOUS objects. And I promise you my sick mind is healthy in that type of creativity.
Bring these "men" to tears.

I will probably not get this opportunity.
But I must tell you how it would be....if I had the opportunity.
This type of human tries to supercede humanity. They become animal like. And it is my belief that you must talk to them in their own language. Like animals if that is how they want it to be.
And in numerous cases, animals understand ony pain. Words of any kind just don't work.

All I can say or do at this point is to praise Sabreen. To praise Layla and River, and to agree with what I see as right.
And you are right Layla.
"Women of Iraq, you owe it to yourselves for you are Iraq herself."
"Speak out and scream louder and louder...
Let your screams fill the air and its sky, reaching up to the heavens.
Break it, roar it, thump it, spit it out back at them with full force.
Reach it, feel it and reclaim it" .

My emphasis on reclaming it.

And now...

I just don't have anymore words.

Thank you Layla.
Stay safe & god bless.
Anonymous said…
savage the american wanker was probably jerking off when he wrote that piece......disgusting (all the more so considering the subject topic)
Anonymous said…
poor sabrine.........she didnt deserve that
Anonymous said…
from riverbend:
"Others (including pro-war Iraqis) will call her a prostitute- shame on you in advance"

i second that
Layla Anwar said…
I am glad some males have surfaced to condemn rape. Which makes me suggest, since we have a few men on this blog why don't you each of the men give us your personal opinions on rape.
Rape in general . date rapes, political rapes, rapes inside marriage, rape in relationships, rapes in about someone start. Make use of the anonymity provided and share some of your thoughts if you wish that is. It would be interesting to have several view points on that sordid subject.
Anonymous said…
Rape sickens me. Every rapist in this world deserves whatever horrible punishment can be given to them.

I would say more, but, I am deeply saddened. My love of Nabilah has turned agains't me, as she has decided to end what relationship we had. What we had...I don't even know anymore. It has been a long time since I have hurt this badly before, and after that, I made sure to build as much a shell agains't that pain as possible. How easy I am to disarm.

She says she sees us as friends, but doesn't feel the same connection I feel. I will do what I can to remain her friend, but, I have heard many tales of such, and they never end well for the one hurt.

May God at least shine upon you and your besieged people, Layla.
Anonymous said…
Jr Coyote,

Your mind is as blind as your heart. What's wrong are you embarrassed to tell me what country you're from? Maybe you don't know where you're from and that doesn't astound me eather. And what about the question of your dad beating your mom no comment? Truth hurts don't it?

And as far as jerking I have a very perty lady who loves and looks forward to do that for me and so much more. So throw away your plastic blow up doll and get a life.

Oh yes, I'm sorry you have been deprived and question your manly area. That reminds me are you looking for a real man? One that can stand up to the test?

Anonymous said…

I'm sorry about having to get down on Jr coyote but he/she just needs a good spanking.

Now back to the important thing RAPE in any way is unbecoming, unaccceptable, and disgusting in any form with a mate or else wise.

I don't care if it is of a nation, a people, a date, or of the truth. No one has the right to take anything from anyone else.

My people are happy to give and I would gladly give the shirt off my back to anyone but don't take it because if you do you're ass would be mine. I like you Layla, I will fight to the end for it.

I am a proud person and I would rather die then to take anything from anyone even a friendship to me is important. I value life and everyting that Mother Earth has loaned me to use and leave to those who follow me.

Yes Layla, your people like mine have had our share of it and it is nothing less then sick.

God be with you Layla and all my sisters out there from all nations and peoples.

Savage "American" Warrior
Anonymous said…
In a man's world men won't understand rape...not through the eyes of a woman...

What makes this story stand out is that Sabreen came forward and brought it into the public domain, which takes guts in an occupied country...

Layla...Is this the first woman to go on Al-Jazeera with her own name? It is isn't it?

Women in Australia have no trouble contacting a news paper or news show if they are even touched inappropriately...that’s the level of freedom we have compared to the new "Iraqi Freedom".

Again this all comes back to the current condition of Iraq (if there is an Iraq left)...and who made this situation...

I hope and pray that the Iraqi resistance gains victory soon...

I don't want to see occupied/puppet state Iraq in 2008...09...10...11....God make it end.

Re Australia this may be true of some women coming forward in this situation but its not always. Especially when it comes to prosecuting the perpetrator(s) and giving evidence in court.
Anonymous said…
I warn you in advance.
I do not know how grapic my examples will be nor do I know the extent of my foul language.

You want my opinion Layla?
I will tell it to you.

I agree with Warrior.
Rape of any kind is unjust.
And produced by human beings alone as far as I can tell.
You never see animals raping each other...

When I think of the word rape, my mind produces images of pain and suffering. Be it by a woman, a man, a tribe, a clan, a nation, or a race.
What is there good to be said about rape?
Women who are raped are robbed of their soul. Left forever to remember the pain inflicted on them both physically and mentally, NEVER to be the same. Never to be happy again. Changed forever.
That ideology would apply to men as well.
What about the environment?
After the fuck lords have taken ALL the oil that the earth has to offer then what?
After they have cut down every tree that is to be seen in order to build and capitalize on, then what?
The examples go on and on.
So what after?
ALL resources are finite.
So what after the earth its self has been raped of it's very life sustaining elements?
I guess we ALL just fucking roll over and die at that point huh?

What a fucking word.
What a concept!
To simply TAKE, WHATEVER. To JUST TAKE IT. With NO regard for the consequences to the person, place or thing being rapped.
It is an EXTREMELY HUMAN concept.
The human being the only creature able to inflict such atrocity.

What about the rape of one's own self?
The person who, by whatever means, from whatever circumstance, looses their humanity.
From bad choices perhaps.
Or more coinciding, from outside fucking influences.
Sociologists have proven that we as humans ARE shaped to one degree or another by our environment.
I have a friend who once told me "I am thinking of going to the bars to dance for money". I told her "your mother goes to church right?". She said "yes, but the money is so good". And I told her "once you dance and remove your clothes for money then you will be offered money for sex, you will do it. And then feeling guilty, worthless, you will do it again. And this begins a process by which you sell your soul, you will loose the gifts GOD gave to you like self respect. And you will NEVER get them back".
She agreed, and decided it was indeed not worth it.

What a word.
What a concept.

The rape of one's freedoms and liberties, such as in Iraq.
It was truely better off with stability and "life" under the control of President Saddam (rest his eternal soul).
But the oil thirsty fuck lords decided to invade and occupy while feeding the people lies as to "why" we needed to invade and occupy, to kill, to maim, a land, a people, to "rape" the land, the people (both physically-The Iraqi's-AND mentally-The American public).
I begin now to shake with anger as every nerve in my body begins to twitch.
I see the sad eye's of Sabreen.
I see the poor maimed children and the elderly of Iraq.
I see the native American people.
I see ALL people, who have been "rapped".
And my emotions spiral into a place only I can know.
And I hate it...

I am now so disgusted that I have no strength to continue citing examples.


It is the center of nearly every issue in one way or another.

I am sure even these words I write are being raped by the federal fucking agencies who monitor web sites searching for "terrorists and Threats to Homeland security"

Rape ME.
Get CLOSER you son's of bitch's!
Make your "law's" and your reasons as to why you do what you do.
All in the name of MY "security".

As you rape me.
As you rape ALL of us!

Do you think you are so powerful as to defeat EVERYONE?

Biding my time until the time is right.



Get closer FBI, DEA, IRS, BATF, FEMA.


Oh yes.

There will be suffering...

That is the only one dominant production of "rape".
Iraqi Mojo said…
>In a man's world men won't understand rape

You would think with so much practice they would understand what rape is.
Layla Anwar said…
Ike very powerful words...
Layla Anwar said…
Matthew Fenner, am sorry about your story with Nabilah .
I for one don't believe in friendships right after a breakup..I mean what kind of deal is that?
If one person loves someone and the other feels differently can there be a friendship since both come from a different emotional place...For me it is not possible, not immediately anyways.
Take care
Layla Anwar said…
matthew Hoffman aka Martin :-)
to answer your question about women appearing in public to denounce rape like sabreen did on Tv , no it is very uncommon actually. And reason more to salute her since two days later another woman from Tel Afar came out on TV and spoke of her own experience raped by 5 "iraqi" guards.
Bloody sickening.
Anonymous said…
I'm amazed Al Jazeera is willing to give air time to a rape victim. This certainly isn't the first case and Al Jazeera is rarely at forefront of this crime. My hope is that Al Jazeera will be willing to give more airtime to victims of rape. As ugly and painful as it is to hear or see; the shame, embarrassment and public scorn turned on the criminal, is the least they should live with.
Let them walk the streets with everyone knowing they disgraced Islam, their family, community etc.

Let the days of 'blaming the victim' be a thing of the past!

If you don't care for someone else's pain, don't expect anyone to care when you go thru it.
Anonymous said…
savage u mophead this is not the thread for petty little arguements u numpty
Anonymous said…
anon u dirty little faggot keep your dirty little thoughts 2 yourself
Anonymous said…
i have a feeling ike will be carted u off to his friendly local asylum very very soon
Anonymous said…
savage the american wanker:

"My people are happy to give and I would gladly give the shirt off my back to anyone but don't take it because if you do you're ass would be mine. I like you Layla"

savage u sick bastard get off this site AT ONCE.....this is neither the time nor da place to be posting your sick sexual fantasies....may i suggest u leave and never come again (and take that prick anon wit u).....
Anonymous said…
Jr coyote,

I see your dad din't stop at just beating your mom but repeatedly smacked you on the head way to many times. And if you don't like reading my shit start your own blog I promise I won't come visit you.

I must say to you if Layla didn't like to get a good laugh your posts would not even make it here. But my little coyote sweetheart you're way to entertaining to end your off the wall ranting.

Have a nice day coyote.

Anonymous said…
We are sorry for you, that even though you quite obviously are english, and cannot articulately
usa your own language, you do indeed seem to be suffering still from mental illness.
By reading your posts here one can see how you try to belittle and berate people with actually all of your compositions.

Straying from topic as much as possible.

I have decided to help you.
As it is now also obvious to me that you are not willing to seek help elswhere.

I cannot do it full time.
But ocasionally I will try to devote time to helping you to become well.

First we must address your issues.

We know already of your shame due to your ethnicity and the immoral and deviant behavior of your queen.
Jr. you must understand these things, like the topics discussed here, are out of your control as well as beyond your comprehension.
We are sorry for you.
But only you can understand the falseness of the reality that you have created in your mind.
Since we have already established that you are an introvert and apparently asexual you will need to understand that social interaction will be needed for a full recovery.
You cannot sit in the darkness of your home eating fish and chips while concerning yourself with the promiscuity of your penny royalty.
Perhaps a nice walk to the nearest pharmacy for some nice vitamins and some juice.
And I did not personally want to bring this out in public but you may even consider some medication for your impotency.
From there, you can take matters into your own hands.

That is all for today.
Try to remain focused.
And know that we care.

Ta Ta deary.
Anonymous said…

Sorry, I didn't intend to say that all Australian women come forward...

...but more feel that they can here in Australia than in Iraq...

I was trying to make a point about, you know, a "liberated" country where the people are "free"


"not uncommon to go public" in satellite television using your own name?? It's just the first I’ve really noticed...

I've noticed the rapes and tortures but not in the sense of a woman coming forward (with her own name)and speaking to Al Jazeera...what's that like 40 million viewers plus?
Layla Anwar said…
matthew Hoffman, you must have misread me, I said no it is very uncommon to appear on tv.

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