A letter to an American G.I.

When I watch pictures of your dead buddies on albasrah.net and I read some of your naive childlike poems, I feel sorry for you. I honestly do.
I feel sorry for you yet at the same time I feel anger.
It is a very confusing mix of ambivalent, contradictory emotions.
On the one hand,I would love to strike you and on the other hand I say to myself, it is not really your fault.
You chose it yet you did not choose it.
From your perspective you are only "executing orders" . Yet hard facts on the battle ground tell me that you also enjoy the humiliation you inflict on these "alien" "evil " people-the Iraqis.

Despite your own neediness and your being in "it" because "it" will give you a grant, a green card and maybe the famous passport with an embossed striped eagle , you still believe you are superior, a better race, a more advanced one, a purer one.

I see the pictures of your dead buddies and I think of their mothers and fathers and the bitterness and grief they may feel. You all look so young and in many ways so innocent.

Yet when I see you kicking young Iraqis around and beating them to death, when I see you raping little girls and burning them, when I see you making Iraqi children run miles after a plastic bottle of water or when you teach those poor little souls to say "Fuck you Iraq", just for the fun of it - I can't but have hate for you .
(I will not even mention the torture, nor the pillaging - you know all of that already)

When I see you urinating in and on sacred places and when I see you writing your degenerate graffitis on 7'000 years old archeological sites, with absolutely no respect or regard for other people's Faith, Culture and History- I can't but have contempt for you.

When I hear innombrable stories like this one : When you stripped naked my friend- a woman with more qualifications than the whole of your army put together, 45 years old , old enough to be your own mother. You said you wanted to make sure she is not "hiding something down there" in her undies. Remember that one ? You did that in front of 30 of your male buddies in your "special" camp. Then you offered her a coke so she can relax and"chill out".
She would not tell me the rest of the story, she said: "Let sleeping dogs lie".
I want you to know that she left Iraq and everything she owned after that incident because of you. She said to me: "I do not want to take anything with me, not even another pair of underwear. Let them have it all." This is how much you disgusted her with your acts.
Yes , when I hear yet another story like this one -I can't but despise you.

I admit, at times, I have empathy for you and for the life you left behind- a life you may never return to.

And sometimes I sit and wonder if you realize the amount of pain and suffering you are inflicting on an innocent people who have done NOTHING to you.
Do you actually realize the enormity and severity of your actions? Do you realize how many deep wounds and scars that may never heal, you are leaving behind you ?

And sometimes, I sit and wonder what happens when you go to sleep at night. Can you sleep in peace? Can you close your eyes with a clean conscience ?

And sometimes, I sit and wonder when you finish your round of harassing and killing Iraqis and you deliberately leave them bloated by Death on the streets for days on end - can you still fool yourself and pretend to send "Love" letters to your family, wife or girlfriend?

I have a lot more to say to you but I feel I have said enough. After all , I am not supposed to be engaging you.

But before I end this letter and go back to my daily angst of "living" under your occupation, I want you to know that somewhere deep down, I do care about your sorry little ass.
I care enough not because I like you or enjoy your presence -far from it- but simply because of the mere fact that we happen to belong to the same "race". The human one . And I still have a little faith left on that "front".
I care enough to want you to save your own Self , that Self that will undoubtedly come back to haunt you one of those days. And by doing so , you are also saving your own Life.
You owe it to "yourself" and you can do it with one simple word : REFUSE.
Just do it , do it NOW, do it before it's too late .

Painting : Iraqi Artist , Mohammed Al Shammarey.


Anonymous said…

There are many many stories here of GI's returning from Iraq, and having to live with hellish nightmares. Many of them end up acting out these nightmares, because they became empty vessels, with no heart, and no souls left in them. They are in every sense of the world walking dead, and as deadly as IED's.

Here is a link to one of those many stories:
Oct. 20, 2006 — New Orleans is still reeling from news this week that a bartender reportedly strangled his girlfriend, dismembered her body, and cooked some of the body parts on his stove before jumping to his death.

Now, it turns out, he was an Iraq war hero.
Layla Anwar said…
JonM - thank you for the link. It is gruesome. Cannibalism at its best.Horrific...I guess once the Heart is dead , it is definitely the End.
Layla Anwar said…
zig - This is the BEST Gift that anyone can offer me . I do visit your site by the way. It is wonderful. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
My dearest dear Layla,
Your thoughts enlighten me,your words render me speechless,your feelings bring tears to my eyes,your perceptiveness touches me and puts an endearing smile on my face and your humanism sends shivers down my spine.All at the same time..
I can't thank you enough..God bless you always.
Layla Anwar said…
My Dearest Dearest Dear T ,
I have been blessed indeed when God has put you on my path. Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…
T, please read the comment by Zig on the Curse article. She/he has the same ideas as yours concerning Iraq.
Great minds think alike !
An old bag said…

Your posts are so powerful I am sticking them up on my blog - I hope thats OK.

Love and solidarity

Layla Anwar said…
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Anonymous said…
Never in my entire life (68 years) have I known so many people so sorry for so much. That's not enough, I know. Strange how the people most affected by war have the least to say. I pray for peace in the coming year. Anna
Anonymous said…
Behind the mask of honour and duty, men do awful things. I could suggest that atrocities are being carried out on both sides, but clearly America is the invading army.

What if, we simply acknowledged the dignity and humanity of both sides. No one is superior.

A "refusing" American will be jailed, and with young men, that is a worse fate, then going along with his buddies who want to strip or rape women.

In their home world, the female sex, is more available, and I think in some ways, they may believe that a more lax attitude toward sexuality is a desired outcome in Muslim women...It is a dangerous and stupid idea, but afterall they are the product of their own warped culture...

Be blessed, and hope for a quick departure of the Americans.
Daniel F said…
I grew up on American military bases and opposed this war before it started. I have a plan to end this war. What I would do is to stage a play in which actors would read verbatim from the eyewitness testimony of those who saw a controlled demolition of World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 on 9-11-2001. We would need 2 narrators. One male and one female to put what the observers saw in relation to the laws of physics and the 11 characteristics of a controlled demolition. This play would go directly to video and bring down the Zionists in Washington who control both political parties. It might even save Iran from attack.
Anonymous said…
The lord GOD said “Vengeance is mine”

I am an American male 50 years old. I am truly sorry for what my government has inflicted on the Nations of the world. My government does not represent the true feeling of the American people. I feel so bad that this has happened. I knew it did even before
Your letter was written.

These individuals will pay the price for there wrongs some day maybe soon or maybe latter, They will some day stand before GOD and will be judged or I believe you can be punished by GOD as you live on earth.

I met a man my age a few months ago he was very nervous and shaken he had stopped taking his medication, He served in Viet Nam. He told me that he had slaughtered many
people, machined gunned them down like animals, raped, tortured, harassed and humiliated them and thought nothing of it. Later in life it all came back to haunt him.
He could her them and he had visions.

We here in America are really not free and can speak our minds, I question my self in sending this response and am sure others have the same thought. Our government reads all and sees all. I just have to stand up and give my thoughts on this subject. I am truly sorry and do not want my government in your country. How would we like it if someone came to our country and did the same.

May GOD forgive them.

Anonymous said…
give me a break. "more qualifications than your entire military?" this is the same military bringing death to the enemy daily with sophisticated, advanced weaponry. this person should know that americans feel the same way about the animals who masquerade as humans, the death cult worshipping fools who can't escape the 7th century.
Layla Anwar said…
To the racist backward anonymous who calls us animals. i have deliberately posted your comment for all to see what vile beliefs you hold. Thank God for the Resistance that is kicking your ass big time in Eye Raq.
Layla Anwar said…
To anonymous no.1

You said:
"In their home world, the female sex, is more available, and I think in some ways, they may believe that a more lax attitude toward sexuality is a desired outcome in Muslim women...It is a dangerous and stupid idea, but afterall they are the product of their own warped culture..."

So does that make it ok to rape the women and rape 14 yo girls and burn them to death ? I can't buy into your logic. But thanks for trying anyways.
r_i_d said…
I read your letter. You show a lot of compassion, and strength. Your people shall win that war, in the end.

It is the human race that shall win this war, in the end, American included. Otherwise, they are lost, and so are we, all of us, wherever we may live, or try to hide.

Germans, and Japanese, they lost the right to send their armies on active combat missions abroad after the war in the '40s. Maybe the day will come when the same idea will make its way in the heart of American themselves?

Peace to you, goodluck
good health
and joy
to your loved ones and you.
Anonymous said…

Please know that there are many of us here in the United States who are strongly opposed to this war.

I do fear that these atrocities committed by our people in your sacred lands is a product of our modern culture here in America. What other society places so much emphasis on self, the elevation of ego, and the sheer arrogance which is rewarded over and over? Look at our movies, television shows, advertisements, and video games. "Its all about me!" It is ignorant and dangerous to live such a life. Eventually, when you become like these soldiers committing these acts, you lose your very soul.

However, there is but one judge, and that is God.

Peace be upon you, Layla. Your country and your people are in my prayers.
Layla Anwar said…
Thank you all for the Solidarity and your Prayers . They are both much needed . This does not obviously apply to the racist bigot - see comment section.
Anonymous said…
On Judgment day, Jesus said there would be those who will claim to be good christians, before God himself they will proclaim to be followers of Christ's teachings.
But many know this. Every Sunday Christian will have to answer to God and not just some burned out American soldier who shot in the head little Iraqi children while they prayed. Every American. All of America has innocent blood on it's hands and no amount of reasoning will excuse them. God is just and will hold accountable those who profit and those who allow and blindly support every war, not just the rape of Iraq, every war.
American christians must read the fine print in their good books. There is no place in heaven for those who claim to be something when they are just acting out scripture and not living by Christ's teachings.

Worried Canadian.
Anonymous said…
America is lost in it's own land.
Anonymous said…
Ashanti Layla,

Many of us, in America, are meditating and praying for peace. It will come. Be mindful, that consciousness is sweeping the planet. You, yourself use the term conscious. You innerstand what it means to have a concious. Though I can not speak for all Americans, I will say there are many of us who send our Love, Light and Peace to you and all who are undergoing the terror of war.

Anonymous said…
Americans are slaves of the Jews. Every day the Jewsmedia instigate them to hate Muslims just as they did the Germans and Japanese before WW II. In some ways Americans are not responsible for the actions of their Jewish government but they are responsible for allowing the enemies of humanity to enslave them and use them like cattle.
Anonymous said…
Doesn't it make you feel all mushy inside. Americans sending love and kisses right along side fresh prison keepers and soldiers who have to earn their pay.
Layla Anwar said…
oh sure , very mushy indeed !
Anonymous said…
Military people are some of the most degenerate, sub human rat ass animals which ever occupied the planet.

It doesnt matter which nation, nor which army, they are all the same.

But in this case the filthy bastards are Americans.

I am an american, and these animals do not represent me,, and I am ashamed of them. And to the world, I as an American.... I am sorry. Not that that my sorrow will help anything, but my heart pains for the people of Iraq.
Anonymous said…
and what of those who died on 9/11 and the Arabs who flew the planes?
Who started the hostilitiy? Can you fault a nation who defends itself and wants to prevent terrorist attacks on its soil?
Anonymous said…
Who among even the most nobel have the full capacicity at all times to bear in mind the place we shall each one day see . A "God" that "dared to exist"...
A "God" that declared "Himself" , "His Son" , "His Spirit" ,to a tee . Warned of the deception(s) , offerred to "All" only the purest of gold , explained how it would be , encouraged to endure till the end . Knowing just how difficult that could be ...
On that day that shall be , Most will be utterly horrifide to the extent of grinding thier teeth .They will stand before "Royalty" a man could never portay , and of a magnitude a mere mortal could never survive . One not imagined could be , in a million years . A living breathing "God" , that in the flash of an eye , will leave "not a further moment of dought" just how a "King Above All" appears . The most terrifingly amazing sight of them all . "A God most decided didn't dare to exist" ...
What would I do ? The moment I learned the truth , I would plead forgivness then attempt to do what's right , hopefully enduring to the end ... Knowing , yet dreading , how difficult that could be ...

Anonymous said…
Don't blame America, blame Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, remember these thugs?
Anonymous said…
Layla, what do you say to the families of those who died on 9/11?
Anonymous said…
I didn't think you would publish my comments. You want to forget abut why we are in Iraq and Afghanisan. Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, remember those thugs and the 9/11 perps? You don't have the nerve to post these comments.
Anonymous said…
You see Layla, some American's want world peace and some just want to have peace of mind. I often wonder if the peace they so demand from Washington will occure before or after Cheney's privatized armies are sent home.

It's sad that more American's don't try to feel remorse first and then work their way up too developing a guilty conscience. A society with a horrible crime problem all it's own, instead of reading over the regular "It's the other guy's fault" diatribe, these are indeed the last people who should be throwing stones when their own prison systems are so over-flowing.

A regular and real working conscience is something America needs to develope before selling cheap plastic peace. Especially the sort who go for the "we feel your pain" pitch, then they drown their sorrows in the idiot box, rabid for the latest gossip or just so they can worship their favorite actors. Even more than God. (A recent US poll put actors as their number one inspiration and put God somewhere around # 20) I'm sure it's these types of people who decided just getting rid of Saddam will compensate for all the lies and murders being committed and will no doubt continue to hide behind his proxy media driven shadow. Throwing his name around, as they carry out future crimes against humanity.

Here's an idea for you America, something you won't find in the neo-con vocabulary. Apologize to the Iraqi people. Go ahead and make your formal defense for your rampant blind justice and then apologize for the actions of your pathetic criminal leader while he sits in a corner trying to figure out a way to save face and make dad proud.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

Yes, we all belong to the same humanity. However, as a Christian, I feel deeply that there are two kind of humans: those who use their God given mortal life to build an immortal soul and those who spoil their life. The first are often the victims while the second are often the aggressors: suffering can strenghten our soul while inflicting sufferings can kill us spiritually. So, you see, this world we live in may not be as unjust as it seems.

I cried when I read you because I felt in my guts the terrible sufferings surrounding you. Then, these words came in my mind: "many who are first will be last, and the last will be first" (Mark 10:31).

I admire your soul strength for not hating your aggressors, Layla. You are my master. May the Christmas Spirit bring to all Iraki women and men the strength to not hate those who spoil their God given life by martyrising them. May your Christmases soon be white.
Anonymous said…
Christmas morning as I sit and read your site.


Sad that every single arab ...residing in the middle east or abroad refuse to put their cowardness asside and stand up for the future of arab civilizations.

From the piece of shit leader of Jordan, to the scumbag of a leader in Lebanon,The pedophilic Saudi and Kuwaiti royal families.. The day when all arabs unite and stand as one, I hope i live to see that in my life time.

This isnt a merry christmas. Christmas doesnt exist anymore.
Anonymous said…
bombs away !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Are U.S. citizens so blind that they cannot see that they have not just the contempt of the Muslim world but of the whole planet now. The country so many looked up to after the wonderful work of the Marshal Plan after the horrors of WW2 is instead looked upon now with complete disgust by all outside it except for a sycophantic few. It was unforgivable that you voted Bush in a second time after what was already so obvious elsewhere. A pathetic nation that one day will be as ashamed as those that believed in the Nazi regime.
Anonymous said…
Lucky at birth, born American. But this luck comes with a curse for Americans with conscience. One working class man would love to disappear, to flee the madness. But the good middle class life is a debt I owe to all people that my government has stolen from, killed, raped, and subjugated. I wish the spirit of Christmas existed 365 days a year instead of a sentimental moment. Here I am Christmas day, contemplating the seeminlgy hopeless fight in AMERICA for justice for all human beings.

I wish I could alleve some suffering. All we can offer is our ears to listen and our will to fight this inhumanity of elites in countries and tribes all over the world.
Anonymous said…

Your article truly touches me the deepest depths of my soul.
Today is the 25th of December, a day of material decadence and excess living--a day that has nothing to do with my Lord and Savior Yashua.
As a truth seeking follower of "Jesus Christ", i also echo the sentiments of "Worried Canadian". It is absolutely dispicable (to say the least) how so many nominal followers of Christ wholeheartedly support this grossly immoral war based on greed, lies and deceptions. Needles to day they have innocent blood on their hands.
I pray that many shall wakeup and see that 911 was an inside job perpetrated by the US govt. and aid and abetted by "Israel". Afghanistan and Iraq had nothing to do with it.
To give you an idea of of how America lost so much credibility, just read the following excerpt:

One of the email list members sent me a news item and I had to read it twice to believe it. It is a clear indication of how ignorant many Americans truly are.

Read it and weep for America.

"A Chicago, Illinois, radio station recently conducted a live survey on a man called Barack Obama.

Question 1: Do you think Barack Obama is a dangerous terrorist?

Calls flooded to the radio station and the listeners unanimously, and assertively, agreed that Barack Obama was a dangerous terrorist and that the US military should relentlessly track him down until he was killed.

Question 2: Which country is Mr Obama the President of? Is it Sudan, Algeria, Egypt or Saudi Arabia?

Most listeners confidently replied one of these countries, with a majority opting for Algeria. Obviously, the term Islamist was born in Algeria. So where else could Barack Obama be living other than in Algeria?

Well, it turns out that Barack Obama is the US Senator for Illinois and Chicago (where the survey was conducted) is a large city in the state of Illinois (in fact, it is one of the largest cities in the United States). So if these wise and powerful Americans do not even know who their own Senator is and consider him as a dangerous terrorist, why are we expecting them to understand what is happening in Iraq or Palestine, or anywhere else for that matter?

Please give them a break!"

Yes, Forgive them Father for they are truly stupid and have not a clue what they do.

That piece was taken from an article on Rense.com entitled "America verus the RNC and DNC"

Here's another brilliant example:

God bless your soul Layla.
I pray for the people of Afghanistan and Iraq and all oppressed peoples of the world.
Anonymous said…
I support extraditing Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Rice, to Iraq, to face charges there for "crimes against humanity." Throw them into a pillory outside Abu Gharib, for all the world to look at them.
Anonymous said…
I talked to an Iraqi woman who looked very sad. I asked her why she looked sad and she said that her mother, father and sister had been killed by American bombs. I felt bad until an American told me that they all say that. Blame it all on the Americans. Well, the patronizing Arab woman ought to be thanking the Americans for ridding Iraq of that scumbag Saddam. Her sorry little ass ought to be thanking the stars and stripes for sacrificing her finest to secure freedom for Iraq. If she wrote such tripe while Saddam was still alive, she'd be geting her finger nails and teeth pulled out by pliers before she got kicked off the five story roof. That's why the Americans are in Iraq to get rid of such demonic behavior. Sure there's going to be some bad apples in there, that's anywhere. But it is severely limited and does not reflect on the entire US military, contrary to what peace-niks and deluded ex-commies would like others to think. Maybe this article, " A letter to an American G.I.," was written by some sleezy leftist that makes up such drivel. email at deemac007@hotmail.com. Peace out.
Anonymous said…
After America swallows that huge pride of their's and gets on it's face and apologizes for all the death and destruction it has caused in Iraq, they should tell their soldiers to leave, put Bush+Cheney and the rest of the neo-con mafia on trial and prove to the world they are a truly just society.

Thanks to Bush dropping all those hints, we all know now America's elite went into Iraq to secure the oil for big business. Not to free them or find WMD's, because they knew before hand there were none to be found. Remember Joe Wilson getting in trouble with Dick?
This guy goes from Secretary of Defense to CEO of Halliburton then right back into the WhiteHouse without missing a beat. And it's no coincidence that he had Halliburton restructure the American military. And so still being joined at the profit books, they now want to quickly engage oil rich nations and hook up their systems before the flocks back home can no longer drive their pigs on wheels and start to point the fingers of conviction in the right direction. Together, they are probably the most powerful and corrupt corporate-government organization out there and to say otherwise means your brains on backwards. North Korea should be all over the American media, but of course, they have nothing America needs. So instead of killing more Iraqi children, leave.

America, get out of Iraq. Now!
Anonymous said…
For the comment that referred to the Iraqis as animals. As soon as they are born the American male is bred for death and mahem. They are taken from the mother's breast and suckled by cows, like Romulus and Remus of Roman fame suckled by a wolf. They never learn compassion, tenderness, warmth, nurturing, and all the other things that go with being held and fed by mother. They spend their lives in search of "jugs" and "hooters." The next part of the cycle is guns and competition, with video games that allow them to act out their fantasies. They become bullies and prey on the weak. The drop-outs from humanity that serve in Iraq are cowards, that is why you always hear them taking about who does and who does not have balls, even after spending their lives "playing" some kind of ball games. In Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos they got their asses waxed, and now the Iraqi resistance is kicking their behinds, so the big brave crew who says these colors never run turn on those that are easy victims, the elderly, women, and children. As for living in the 7th century, you would not have been able to face the Muslims on the battle field, because back in the day it was about a sword and a man with a cause, and you have no cause in Iraq. You are there, because....
Anonymous said…
Ok - both sides are doing wrong!

What words would you have for the atrocities committed by moslems on your own islamic women and girls, and to "others?" To the destruction moslems have done themselves to archeaological sites of other civilizations?

The throwing of acid in the faces of unveiled females at the present time? The imprisonment of females for the least infractions, or even perceived disobedience to sharia laws? What do you say about "honor " murders of young girls by family members? And the "execution" of young females by sharia courts - those scum of old men that want to keep their power over the populace? That exort the young men to violence, rioting and murder, to carry out their laws, while the old men sit back safely? What about the moslem immigrants going to other countries and raping the women native to that country, and their rioting and destroying other's properties, and trying to impose islam and the sharia laws on other countries? What about the "Executions" - actually murder via beheadings or hanging- and the bodies left to rot?

What about the sharia laws of having hands cut off?

What about the whipping of rape victims?

What about the sharia laws that prohibits executions of virgins - so the prison guards take turns in raping young females to make sure they are NOT virginal at the time of the murder-execution?

And you castigate the AMericans for invasion of Iraq & Afghanistan - as if this is done out of the blue.

As if islamics were innocent babies, and don't invade and enslave "other." islamics are doing this with Sudan, Nigeria, Niger, so. Thailand, Kashmir, East Timor, so. Philippines, this beside the vast lands already conquered and enslaves.

And please , do not talk about homeland, since according to the koran, islamics are not supposed to have a homeland except for Mecca, no matter where you are, in what country - the koran exorts you not to have loyalty to any country, but your religion.

Talking about compassion and mercy to your sisters. But talk is cheap, and it's easy to start any speech or writing by saying:

"In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful, etc."

So, even before any invasion, where was your own mercy and compassion to your own?

So - yes - both sides are doing wrong - let's work to clean each other's acts- to a true compassion and mercy.
Anonymous said…
its so easy to sit at your computer and talk out of you behinds. Thats all you are doing. ALL OF YOU! try actually doing something about it! morons.
Anonymous said…
Layla, one can't notice that when a strong and clear view of the big-picture is made by one such as yourself, how all the rats come out and start nipping at your toes. The ship, the U.S. lolipop, is finally sinking fast. So let's watch and read how many cover over their crimes with prolonged , foolish and meaningless banter while having no real point or purpose and slaughter innocent people. Canadian's know how stupid and arrogant American's really are, but we tend to laugh at them because they are so fun to watch. Pathetic is more like it. Watch as they eat away at their own empty heads. Iraq is suffering and I shake my head as the world stand by and allow crimes to continue with this illegal and evil war. Iraq is also, "the crucifix of the new world order." Spoken by the very man who's own father gave finacial birth to Hitler. We aren't laughing so much nowaday's in Canada beacause we now realize that American's are truly nuts and will no doubt be soon making a move on our own country. You see, we have alot of natural resources too, and America wants it all. But will Canada roll over and let America have them. No.

America was shown to a man in a dream that he recorded in the bible. He depicts a whore sitting on a beast with many heads and the slut drinking from a golden cup, the blood of the innocents. Words of Blasphemy written on the cup. America is this false peace maker, the war whore. Babylon has fallen and many shall weep for her. Those who slept with her, that is.

Under distress, American's tend to lash out without really thinking of the consequences because they live in a society of instant everything. Half their population ends up in divorce because things aren't going their way.
When American's aren't screaming for vengence they complain like spoiled little selfish brats. Wee want to win,, wahhhhh, we're the best fuck the rest, wahhhhhhhhh!!
American's have it all and yet they are the biggest whiner's on the face of the earth.

America you are losers living a lie, and no matter how much one tries to justify {like those comparing their own vile and satanic wars to other people living with values and traditions}, they know ,even the stupid ones here, they know they are going to lose in the end and Iraq's prayers will be answered for all the injustices brought upon them.

God is not on America's side simply because "the devils in the details."
Anonymous said…
I cannot express my sorrow for all the horror that is going on in this world where Satan is king. His time is coming to an end. May Father have mercy upon us all & grant us the faith, humility, & love that we need to make it through to the final end. I do not believe in one religion, but I do believe in ONE MIGHTY ONE. All those who chose to serve Him & obey are my brothers & sisters. I cry for them as I hope one day they will be moved by the Spirit & cry for me. May all who chose to stay on the path that is LIGHT be protected until their mission is seen to compleation. I am sickened by the evils of my own wicked heart. I pray that I my be renewed & surrender my flesh & live by the Spirit that I may become the example of a servant that this world needs to see. When all my brothers & sisters are ready, Fathers strong arm will move... judgement is coming upon my nation as it did to Babalon, then all the nations Fathers wrath will be poured out. Come let us flee from this world, & keep our eyes & hearts fixed on the heavens & in/on the WORD! Let us make ready for what is to begin & has already begun. Peace to all through all for those who LOVE.
Anonymous said…
Honor killings, etc are not Islam. All that stuff comes from jahilliyah, and is cultural. We wouldn't even be having this discussion if the eaters of raw meat and the worshippers of the dog (is man's best friend) had stayed their asses in America and left the world alone. Please don't say anything about loyalty. The Kazars have dual citizenship and make the claim that they run America. Their loyalty has always been to Israel. Capitalism and Communism are history's mass murderers...check out "Global 2000"
Anonymous said…
It came to me this early morning, to tell you, and remind you that:

For any arrests, It is standard procedure to examine prisoners like that - both men and women.

It's been done since time immemorial - and still ieven in the West for citizens arrested for anything. ANd the police don't care how rich, or well-known, a Nobody - it is done.

And all body openings for men and women. Also, if one protests and resists, they are held down forceably and inspected. It isn't pretty, and JUST as humilitating here in the West as anywhere.

Physical examination is standard procedure for any arrests, whatsoever! It's done everywhere in the West - from Japan to Norway.

Kindly tell your friend that!

Anybody in the internet will admit thissame thing.
Anonymous said…
Well yes it might be easy to just sit behind a computer and talk about this incident but now that i read this i know it's going on for sure. Media won't tell you shit, so the best we can do people is VOTE SMART in the future and start ripping off those ridiculous "support our troops" posters off your doors and walls. Also rip of your neighbor's too and tell him what really is going on over there.
Anonymous said…
Since when does a body search include sticking a broom stick into a screaming man's colon or US prison gaurds sodomizing young Iraqi boy's in front of their mothers.
Check your list twice scum bag.
You know why American soldiers were committing suicide by the dozens early on in the war? Because they realized they we're the bad guys. Now you pass laws to make what you have been doing to innocent people legal to torture and kill people just so Bush and Cheney won't do jail time. Yes. You. America, are the bad guys on this one. You lied, people died and now you want to finish off your death list before Bush retires in South America like so many other nazi's ran to after the war.

Americanazi's, no amount of counter reasoning will make up for your satanic deeds or force Iraq's people to forget all the evils America has done.

What do you want America? People to forgive you or forget you?

You want to clean out your guilty conscience? Stick your head in the toilet and flush out all that brown stuff inside there before your heads rot right off your necks.
Anonymous said…
"Americanazi's, no amount of counter reasoning will make up for your satanic deeds or force Iraq's people to forget all the evils America has done."

Oh, stop it!

Dont start with the nonsense. America is not perfect - many terrible mistakes have been made - are made - because it's fallible human beings - and the instinct of human beings is always for the lowest behavior yet the striving is ALWAYS for the highest system - to raise to the Heavens and God.

We can sit there and write back and forth trading atrocities. Right now what comes to my mind is the 100,000 children, women and men slaughtered IN ALGERIA by Islamic Fundamentalists. Slaughtered in the most horrible manner.

THAT can't be justified either. That's the Arab side. How to YOU justify that?

But take an overview of the situation on Earth right now.

There seems to be a force here, an Unbalanced Force and turn people against each other -
that is all set out to destroy humanity here on Earth.

You can see that this works through the vile OLD MEN on BOTH sides - you have the imams in the ME - the vile old men in iran and afghanistan, and pakistan and the old scum in the u.s. - and in isrl, in russia - an in the u.k. - the old men there very happy to send out the young men to do the dirty work for them. And human personas - not the Souls in them - but the human beings quite willing to listen to their lowest animal instincts, following orders.

You have got to admit that on both sides!

Don't talk about Americans only!

But you know something - as long as we don't work together - we - little people - the old men will win.

If we THE PEOPLE of the world turn against each other - the Darkness will win.
Anonymous said…
America is the rape, drug, murder, corporate mafia queen of the globe. It's very difficult not to talk about America when you set the bench mark for crime capital of the world and try to raise your profile by pointing out other lessor nations, who are fighting the very new world order America is striving for. Even your #1 enemy, Al-Queda, was created by the CIA (remember that?) to fight against the Russian armies. One innocent screw up after another or is it just business as usual hiding behind controlled chaos? History proves you give birth to stillborn ideals and fund your own excuses for wars more than you try to create and perfect peace.

America's armies are in almost every nation on the world, you America, are the revived Roman Empire, the beautiful white-fallen angel of death.
Alan the Red said…
Anonymous said The lord GOD said “Vengeance is mine”.

Anonymous is like all Americans and knows nothing. Vengeance is the specialised domain of Nemesis, the Goddess of Divine Retribution, and She shall drive every trace of their multipurpose god from this planet. God is a disease that corrupts everything he touches. God's slaves are weak and they admit their defective nature when they claim to be born in sin. The "Land of the Free" are just god's pathetic slaves and they live in perpetual fear because they can feel Nemesis stalking them. Is there anything more deluded on this planet than an American?

Their ignorance of history is legendary. Do they not know that the Roman empire fell after Constantine became a Christian? So shall America fall. Nemesis shall not be mocked by weaklings and mental defectives. Vengeance belongs to Nemesis.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry. I am so very sorry. As a United States citizen, I do not approve my my country's actions or the actions of these men. Many of us are trying to change our country to be a better member of the world, many of us will raise our sons (and daughters) to care for all human life and stand up against such actions. I am not a religious person, but still I pray that this madness will come to an end for all of us and we will find a way to show respect for each other.
Anonymous said…
Layla I think you're a sick individual. You really need some professional medical assistance. Well I guess you can't get that in the Middle east though. I lost all respect for you when you mentioned the "resistance".

There is no resistance. The Iraqis are the ones losing. AL queda and her
partners are killing the innocent Iraqis and feel badly for this, but really it's your own fault. You asked for help, you wanted help, and when you get help you cheer and laugh in the streets! So happy! Until the truth sinks in that an occupation force is necessary. Then you whine moan and complain because your own people continue killing not only Coalition soldiers, but YOUR OWN PEOPLE. The "resistance" doesn't care about anyone. You know what they want? Death to the Jews, the Christians and the Western civilization in general. Because they're crazy. I feel bad for you Layla. I hope that someday your country can be free again. Really I do, but right now it isn't possible. The country is so unstable that if the Coalition left it would fall apart. anarchy would rule Iraq until a new Saddam came along. Is that what you people need? A dictator to tell you what to do and torture your family to keep you in line? If thats the case then maybe we should just put Saddam back in power.

I'll leave you with this. To all of you who say "I can't speak freely in America Im scared to post this!!" You're a liar. I go on message boards all the time and complain about the US government. Heck I even participated in two protests in front of the white house. Well ill stop now since Im ranting. Layle I truly hope you change your mind on this, but I guess that won't happen will it. Maybe the Middle east should just be cut off permanently from the rest of the world. It sure would solve a lot of problems.
Anonymous said…
The Iraqi people should be glad it was the West who invaded their land. If it were a Middle Eastern country(Iran-Iraq War anyone?) who invaded,they would be just as violent and destructive if not more.

War is something that has shaped the world in more ways than one. It has been around for a long time, and will only go away when we all wipe each other out.

Speaking of the legality of this war, who gives a crap? What war is really legal in the first place?
Anonymous said…
Sickening and quite disturbing actually. I read your post and was not moved by it in anyway. It is rather pedantic when compared to the entire scope of issues in Iraq. You express your account with such compassion and kindness, that those who read it are not deserving of such warmth. What you are attempting to convey, is but a mere fraction of what is transpiring, thus my hands find it hard to stay above the keyboard from the sheer thought of this realisation.

What is happening in Iraq is a terrible deed indeed. Every time I research and look into the problems in Iraq, I find myself re-researching the 1967 Israeli war, Iran/Iraq War, the Cold War, The Baathist coupe in Iraq, Sueze Canal Crises of 57, 1973 Israeli War, Kuwait Gulf War and finally the World Trade Centre Twin tower bombings. Everything is inexplicably linked with one another, yet in every instance, America is central to everything that has happened. I cannot begin to understand or imagine what is going on in Iraq. It is not enough for one to simply state that the atrocities being committed by British and United States troops are part and parcel of war. What is occurring is horrendous and illegal.

Every nation on earth knew that Saddam did not have nuclear weapons. Even I, the common man, knew this. For if Saddam did have WMD, no nation on earth would conceive attacking Iraq, for fear of retaliation. I mean if he is really that insane as those of us in the West were led to believe, than surely one ICBM with one ground strike nuclear missile would have been enough to set any modern nation 10-20 years back. Imagine a nuclear missile reaching New York, or London. Nobody will tempt a madman, even if they know that madman realises his nation would be obliterated by a counter strike. They knew, they all bloody well knew that Saddam did not have WMD, yet they fabricated a well documented fable for the purpose of misleading the public on the war on Terror. Now if Saddam knew this was likely to happen in the beginning, I somehow doubt he would have not tried to acquire such weapons.

Saddam has killed less people than Stalin, than Hitler, than the Americans killed the American Indians, than Pakistan/India war, than America killed Vietnamese children, than Musharaf and Mubarak has killed in their own respective nations. I find it disturbing that we in the West see others in the East as barbarous treacherous under-developed citizens when our nations have reached first world status via evolution through chaos and conflict. I.e. we have killed many, in order to teach our way of life against the will and wishes of the masses. We cannot and should not expect to intervene in others matters. Saddam Hussein possessing nuclear weapons is a matter for the Iraqi people to deal with. Iraq and Kuwait war is a matter for those two nations to deal with. Iraq and Iran is a matter for those two nations to deal with. America has for too long trespassed its nose where it is not meant to be. These are sovereign nations, and yet a country on the other side of the Atlantic feels it needs to involve itself in the Middle East. The United States along with Great Britain are the two most hated nations on earth. I will implore you to take note of when Chavez refers to George Bush as the Devil, and there is a loud applause throughout the podium which was excluded in the American Media broadcasts. That is enough to tell me the world agrees. American and Great Britain would have had more respect if they did not interfere in other nations development and wars unless asked to by the majority of this world. Even the UN was against the Iraq invasion, the security council blocked it and European block was totally against the notion of a regime change.

I remember in 1967, when we told the Americans and the Israelis that Israel should return the territories to the Arabs. America is a 70 year old infant in world politics as opposed to Britain with a rich 1000 year history of world politics. We explained to our Israeli and American counterparts, that tampering with the middle east will create hostilities for decades to come to all our nations. Will fuel extremism and create terrorism. Unfortunately, Britain was laughed at at the time. We knew all of this, because we had learnt from our mistakes during colonialism. But at least when we relinquished control, we did it in the amicable possible way before suffering world wide defeat and losing our dignity. As far as the Americans were concerned extremism did not exist, nor did terrorism at the time, so thus it would never exist in time.

They underestimated greatly, that when an educated people become oppressed and are forced to live as second class citizens, the only thing they have to keep them going is religion and their unique culture. That religion happens to be Islam. There was a chance when Nasser was around for the entire Arab bloc to be united, and it would have worked. But This was foiled by the Americans and by the Russians. Thus, secularism and Pan-Arabism died with it. We have a divided middle east, dependant on the West for intervention. However, the majority of the younger generation including today’s war-torn Iraqi generation are against their current governments. These are the people who will be in power within the next half century. They are fuelled by extremism and radical interpretations of Islam. When people loose all hope, they most certainly will turn to religion. And every time a suicide bomber kills an American in Iraq or attempts such a crime, he/she is doing it because they are resisting the American forces. However, it makes the transition to a suicide bomber much easier if they believe they are doing it in religion. I mean, if the UK was invaded by Arabs and I had to defend it by suicide bombing an Arab check-point, I would like to believe that God would appreciate what I have done.

I am not rationalising or accepting suicide bombing, nor am I claiming it is acceptable in any religion. But sometimes people do not have to read religious text, but merely told by others. Generals lie to their soldiers all the time. American generals connotation and explain that the War in Iraq is helping the Iraqi people. They tell this to the public, and they even tell it to their own soldiers. Because the soldiers NEED to believe that their reason for being in such a mess is valid. In the same way, jihadists, resistance fighters and suicide bombers would be told by their superiors that Allah permits such action. People need to believe in something, and this is what it all comes down to

So what does it all boil down to, it comes down to apologies.

I am sorry that we invaded your beautiful country.
I am sorry we lied in order to further our own interests in a country that has a culture that predates our own.
I am sorry that we are still in your country, manipulating the current government.
I am sorry we desposed of Saddam when that should have been an internal matter that the Iraqi people do when the time is right.
I am sorry that almost half a million Iraqis are dead because of our invasion.
I am sorry that sectarian/religious/cultural violence has divided the Iraqi people.
I am sorry we supplied chemical weapons to Saddam that influenced the course the war.
I am sorry that we think we are morally superior to you.
I am sorry that a 14 year old girl was raped and then burnt and was one of many.
I am sorry that Britain and America is gearing up for war with your neighbour Iran.
I am sorry that we have increased the people of Iraq hope in religion, thus increasing fundamentalism as well.
I am sorry that we have made it difficult for Christians, Jews, Shiia and Sunni to live together in Iraq.

I hope in the future, that the Iraq people will forgive us or maybe teach us all the lessons we need to learn. But I feel this will not happen. The Iraqis are Arabs, and the way the war was conducted and the way in which America and Britain will be forced to leave and the aftermath after they depart, will scar the Arabs trust in us forever.
Quietus Rex said…
i'm not sure what islamic oppression or 9/11 has to do with little girls being raped or killed.

i've read the comments here and its like the puss from festering anger popping out where there is no other exit anytime someone calls for compassion.

If one person can act in compassion, then everyone can do it. It takes a little strength. Layla, it's terrifying having to see and be a part of this fell maelstrom they call war and all the rodents and roaches and darkness that bubbles from the situations it creates. I can't imagine what it is like in Iraq right now, as a civilian, a soldier, or a child. All i can do is say, weakly, try and hold together.
Anonymous said…
I'm not a religious person but I consider myself spiritual in some sense.

I don't approve of the war..I'm Canadian and our Prime Minister refuses to pull our soldiers out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I hope that someday that will change, they shouldn't be there.

I don't approve of America's role either. I guess my own position on the Middle East (in general) is:

If you remove one thug from power, another one will take his place. It's been going on for ages all throughout time.

Remove Saddam, install a new Iraqi government and they act as puppets for the USA (Bush - another thug).

I can only hope that things get better, you're in my thoughts.
Anonymous said…
Instead of hearing well fed fat guys on CNN giving us the "word" on Saddam, I really would like to hear from the average Iraqi person how they feel about the whole thing. Like if America didn't put him in power in the first place, was he just a patsy, was the trial all just for show and the staged terror attacks may suddenly die down now that he's dead? All these questions one will never find the answers to on proxy media networks.
Anonymous said…

One thing you fail to realize, is that we are all puppets to the people in power. Even those ignorant, cruel, soldiers who disrespect, and inflame your country and fellow citizens.

However, when the Middle East is drained of oil, the area will still be in chaos, and one of your most precious resources will be gone. The old tribal hatreds are being exploited by the west, to control your people. It's called divide and conquer, I'm sure you are familiar with the concept.

You may think America is losing, but it is EXACTLY what they wanted. Chaos! Otherwise, the US would have come in with a MUCH larger force.

Sorry to be so cynical, but they want you to kill eachother. They don't even care how many US soldiers are taken with in the process. When you take into account how many died in other wars. The total soldiers killed in Iraq is an extremely small number. Those soldier's lives are not important to Bush and Cheney, except as propaganda.

I have opposed this war and Administration from the beginning. It was clear when Bush sent cruise missles to Iraq, one month after taking office, that he was coming for Iraq. I'm sure you knew that as well, the long months before 9/11.

The most powerful weapon the Middle East could develop, is to not fall for the trap that has been set for your region time and again.

Form a united Iraq...form a united Middle East. Peace over hatred would steal the most effective weapon the west has implimented against the region.

I pray for your safety, but more importantly. I pray your people will wake up and come together, before it's too late.

Peace for the Middle East.
Echo said…
I'm sincerely amazed by your refreshing level of thought, and beautifull heart.
In todays censored world and its biased media, its very rare that, in writing, or action or any human expression, one finds a true sign, and feeling of the human soul. I find it in haunting abundance in yours.
Thank you.
Its through pain of the heart, the aching haunts that nags at ones soul that prompts us to make a real change in the world.
Thank you again.

Anonymous said…
I came across your blog by sheer chance, and I felt that I was obligated to respond. As an American, and as a human being, I hope that much of what you heard was exagerated, although I am no fool and know that is not always the case. Plus, there is no denying what you see with your own eyes. I would like to say that there are good Americans, and there are good American G.I.'s. If anything, I would say there are more good American G.I.'s then there are regular citizens. As well, there are more good Arabic citizens then there are bad. I come from a military family, and I will soon be amongst the ranks of American fighting men and women abroad. But know this: I do not come to fight against Iraq, or its people, or Islam. I do not come because I enjoy killing, or because I enjoy the power of firing a gun, or because I think I am superior. I go abroad because I feel the need to not only defend my country from those who wish to harm my fellow citizens, but because my nation, the United States, took it upon itself to become involved in Iraq and in the aftermath try and establish a democracy. As a result, the people of Iraq, who trust us to help them get through this, who voted and dipped their fingers in purple ink, are also why I go. I go to show that not all Americans are bad, and that there are many in the United States who still believe in loyalty to our allies and friends, and in cleaning up our own messes. I only hope you meet and hear more about soldiers like me, who fight the good fight and conduct themselves like guests and friends, not conquerors, while in your nation. I hope you have that opportunity, I hope it may even be me, I hope that you and all innocents in this conflict remain safe, and I hope that despite all the evil that is war, some good may still come out of it. Good luck and stay safe.
Anonymous said…
I am so sad for the Iraqi people, and for the deceived American soldiers.They are only doing what they have been taught their entire lives. They have not been dilligently taught to love their neighbor (the Iraqi's etc.) as theselves, not to steal (a life, or another man's wife etc.}, not to tresspass on another man's property {either with their eyes or hands, be it wife, daughter,son,land, home etc.}, not to retaliate {this only leads to more retaliation}. They truly believe that war brings peace, which is a deception and a lie. Peace only comes through education. Educating people in the Laws of Peace, which is the Peaceful Solution. It is a universal code of moral conduct that if all people everywhere followed, regardless of race, religion, nationality etc, there would be Peace. Peace through education. WWW.peacefulsolution.com
Anonymous said…
Sad does not even come close to how I feel when I hear what is going on there. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled at this time. For more information about this please go to WWW.Yahweh.com
Anonymous said…
You see Layla, it's simple minded fools, like Alex, who are preventing criminals like Bush and Cheney from being charged for crimes against humanity. Go git'em gladiator. Can't wait to try out your new Dreaded weapons on their heads, eh? Splatter their brains all over the walls of freedom, you shit kicker warrior you. Phew, what a lobe shake. It's brainwashed ,crossed-wired cloaked nazi's, who in their time, also did it to protect their good name and country except now we get men in business suits who make bullshit truly an art form by having shills, (like Mr AleX here), post on the web to try and soften the heart and make your head go fluttery floop. That is, when the Alex's aren't lurking on courthouse steps or cruising the mental retardation schools trying to find recruitments for the US military.

Rape, murder, torture, theft, fake trials, no-charge prison terms and lies are acceptable behaviours. And it is that very silent message that can be heard screaming all around the whole world from big brothers own blow holes passing the very laws that will make them immune from these very crimes in Washington. Your own politicians, who are supposed to write laws to protect children are caught trying to have sex with them, are quickly given a boozer - get out of jail free card, you think people won't make the call on that? Whatever good people you have left in congress who cannot be bought or blackmailed are left to drown in a sea of stinking brown American democracy. Your freedom is a fraud America, your a fraud. You just can't see that yet cause you still think your the best of the best of the best. Your own country is so backed up with crime and ever growing prison systems it's a wonder the stench doesn't keep you awake at night. Again, American's want the world to go right past the expected apologies for it's past crimes against other countries and just forget the "itty bitty witty little wee mistakes" the good'ol USofmess has made and let's all keep "Happy Thoughts!"

Like connecting 911 to Iraq or the massive volums of WMD's to be found all over the place? Pishaa, Hey, liberation. Yeah knock down some statues, that should fill the void. Still calling us on that? OK, Purple fingers. Take that. Placing mercenaries and british agents posing as Arabs who blow up holy shrines and then get their sorry ass's rescued using british tanks to break down the walls of Iraqi police stations? A work in progress.

My dear sweet little Alex, American soldiers are coming back home from Iraq and killing family members, killing themselves and are turning against this war in droves. They are getting wise to who is getting their benefits taken away for speaking out against the war. Meanwhile, Cheney's privatized armies, put together by Halliburton, is stuffing billions upon billions of blood money into it's vaults and Cheney's own stock keeps going way up. It's the same game that the same kind of men played in Vietnam. To this day there are stories of former Marines wandering the streets all over America. They're wondering why their military family threw away their future when they we're so loyal to the cause? If you think your doing it for freedom and honor, then I can see why Bush and Gonzales keep smiling at each other.

Harold , Canada.
Jon said…
I am an 18 year old male. I am not as naive and inconsiderate as the poor souls who join our military these days.

Often it is because they are very impressionable, so when they see these Hollywood depictions of the military life, they think it is fun, and thus lose all sense of morality and ethics.

I get calls from Army recruiters all the time. I refuse, simply because I do not want to fight for a military that carries people who do such horrible things.

I sometimes get angered by the news I hear coming from Iraq because it fills me with regret for being apart of a country that has people like this, then I have to be harrased by those who aren't American....I'm sure you know what it is like to be blamed for other peoples mistakes.

I Truely feel sorry for you, and I can assure you that a great majority of the population is against this unnecessary war.
Please don't judge the rest of us for the actions of another.

I remember when I used to live in Germany, a group of locals there tried to kill me because I was American. At the time, I couldn't think of a reason why they would hate me for being American, now I can see why, but unfortunately, the fear and anger in people blinds them from the fact that we are not all the same.
Anonymous said…
Who is this Anonymous person that keeps leaving those dumb ass comments? What did Iraq or Saddam have to do with 9/11? I am sure you don't know that all Arabs are not the same, the Arabs that have been claimed to have flown planes into the WTC, were from Saudi Arabia, some of your best friends, not IRAQIS. The only issue with Iraq was that it was the only oil producing country in the region whose oil is not under American control, nothing else NO OTHER reason for your soldiers to be there. Also, I am sure you don't know that Bin Ladin is also a monster created by the Americans too.
Anonymous said…
As human-beings all, we are all types of things...the only thing we all have in common now is that my country,America, and the rest of the world is in the midst of a global fascist takeover. Most Americans think it's the same old US of A and stick their heads in the dirt. More Americans are embarrased to claim it. You, Iraq, are showing the world it's future...Remember, "nothing lasts"
Anonymous said…
"Nothing lasts" .Mel Gibson's Apocolyto makes that very clear.
The poor little girl staring her menacing Mayan butchers in the eye and speaking in prophecy that their reign of terror would soon come to an end. As today, many of Iraq's innocent peoples fight against the very forces of evil emerging from the devils triangle. Stabbing at the very heart of lucifers wrath not just towards the Middle East, but on all mankind. I wonder when America will try and take a hold of Canada and it's people, using the same back stabbing method it uses on every nation the slut tries to seduce. Words like, "mutual benefits" or "working together to overcome evil", will not work here. America does not give as mush as she taketh away.

When American's enter Canada's waters off the East Coast for fishing purposes, breaking countless laws and refusing to pay for over a billion dollars worth of lumber Canada delivered and disregard our shouts of protest, are they our "friends"? When the Americans push us around and manipulate us in order to reap the benefits of our natural resources, are they our "friends"? When 9 out of 10 Americans cannot locate Canada on a map, name our capital and have a leader who calls our Prime Minister "Steve" , our so called "friends" sound more like bullies.

I think America is in Iraq because it is lost, most Americans can't even find Washington on a map either. These people are just not very bright. It's a wonder they are spending hundreds of billions in a war that they must know by now they cannot possibly win and yet millions of American children go to bed hungry. If a person spent 86,400 dollars a day it would take 31.5 years to reach a billion dollars. American's should be asking if Saddam was really worth a trillion dollars?

Saddam will not only be known as a butcher but as the man who knew too much. All his secret dealings with the CIA helping him put his Ba'ath party in power , his role as obedient servant of the West during the era of his worst international and external crimes and his explosive revelations about his relations during the 1980's with Donald Rumsfeld, not to mention embarrassing dirt about other U.S. backed Arab autocrats have gone to the grave with him. I felt a UN trial could have improved America's negative reputation and at least buttress Bush's lame, ex post facto claim the invasion of Iraq was all about human rights.

America is part of the New World order that we were all warned about by ancient prophets who described times of trouble if we turned our heads from God's plan. But fear will not win wars.

In Mel's movie ,Apocolyto, before the serpent worshipping Mayan cut the throat of one of the victums father, he looked to his son and told him not to be afraid. Donot fear the children of satan.

pdojcsak said…
I hear so much anger on every side.
But I cant relate. Im a mom. I love the lord with all my heart. I love my son. Iraq or no Iraq, I struggle to make a living. Day after day. Who chooses where their born? The bible talks about a nation divided will fall... but it looks to me like every nation is divided. How can anyone feel good about sending children into a world so at war with itself?
Anonymous said…

Ah, I see my comments have had an effect on you. I've called you out for the last few days on being a vicious racist, and now you post an empathetic letter to American soldiers, hoping the best for them despite their actions.

Sound familiar? Are you perhaps trying to pull yourself out of the sewer where you have frolicked for so long?

If so, good for you.

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