Happy Belated Eid , Abu Fadel.

Abu Fadel is dead .
Four hooded militia men , shias , forecefully entered his home on the 2nd day of the Eid at dawn and riddled him with bullets . He left 5 kids behind . The youngest is 5 years old. His monthly income was around 50 dollars . His wife is in a state of shock and his kids can't even cry.
They live in a majority shia area in Baghdad .He had refused to leave , he said he trusted his neighbors . He said " there is salt and bread between us " - an Arabic saying symbolizing a long term relationship, cemented by shared food and time .
No one knows why he was murdered as he was a quiet man who made sure to keep out of politics and other dangerous undertakings.

His very close relatives don't dare approach his neighborhood from fear of more bullets .
Who will bury him ? I asked 2 days later . " We are still figuring it out " replied W. "It's just getting there that is troublesome " he added . By troublesome he meant running the risk of getting killed on the 4th day of the Eid.

Abu Fadel's favorite quote used to be : " The door that lets strong wind in , close it and sit tranquil ".
Seems that the strong wind of "Liberation" managed to enter his home despite his sealed door.

And so it is for countless other Iraqis .

Happy Eid Mr.Bush, Mr Blair...Happy Eid to all your consorts and friends .


Anonymous said…
Abu Fadel was a good man.......may he rest in peace


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