Silent Madness

I am trying to find the right has become almost an obssession..finding the correct wording to express it all.
""N and E contacted me . They asked me how I was doing - I replied :" I am going silently mad"
I read Hanady Salman cry tonight on She is asking to be killed so she does not have to witness a greater horror . I join my voice to her's.
This is an appeal to all vampire blood suckers : " Kill us and suck our blood ". I know that eternity is there do you know that it is ? You see I am ahead of you on the karmic wheel . I have seen it all and tasted it all. Many a times , I cried bitter tears for not having a child , now I know why . Out of love , I protected him /her from being born . Can you imagine being happy for being childless ? I am ! Isreal thank you , USA thank you . Now I understand it all.
How wonderful it is to know that you will live after death . Like an utmost certainty .
How can bombs destroy that ? Impossible ........A beautiful feeling of peace washes over you and gives you a serene optimism. Your humaness fights it but your soul knows it . You are eternal in the face of bombs. Rejoice , they cannot kill you !


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