The Goddess in the Sky and politically correct detachment

I just finished reading an brilliant article by Azmi Bshara about the Fake Godess in the sky - the jet that burns and maimes and deforms and kills . It hovers above your head like some politically correct detached precise rational calculated being . It is above you , objective and precise . It has an eagle view and is logical in its targets . It has a philosophy that is accepted by all - in particular the politically correct lot . Somehow it joins them in the same perception . Above it all and detached.
Well am on the ground and I am not flying anywhere . I can feel my heartbeat and my pulse and when my finger gets cut , I see red blood oozing out . I hold children and lovers in my arms ,
I cry and laugh with them , I feed them and touch their skin . I can smell them and taste them .
I am not politically correct . I cry and weep and sometimes I do not even want to get out of bed . The objective reality kills me . And I have fire flowing in my veins and I want my fire to reach the heavens. I want it to reach the sky where these detached jets along with their detached observers are . How can I get my voice to them . I scream , shout, lull , plead , argue , debate and fight . Nothing works , they are above me , out of reach , retracted in some piece of sky or some corner of their minds - so detached and so politically correct !


Layla Anwar said…
Hi - thanks for your feedback. Been trying to access your blog but to no avail. There are many kitchen sink blogs here.Any cues?

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