The Crucified Boy and his Resurrection

The other day , I received a book of drawings. Children from 191 countries contributed to it with their drawings. The title was :"the world as I see it ".

I looked at each and every single picture . Some of them were colorful and happy and others depicted blood,war and dead bodies . I wanted to see what Iraqi children contributed . I searched the book carefully and I found nothing . Not even a trace of a crayon .
I remember during the sanction years against the people of Iraq , pencils were forbidden . Children had stopped drawing during those years . At least those who were able to survive the embargo.

I closed the book and closed my eyes and asked the children of Iraq if they wanted me to draw something in their place since they were so conspicuously absent from the 191 countries .
They agreed and lent me their brushes and paint .

I suddenly had a flashback. A dream I had about 6 months prior to the second Gulf War .

I dreamt of a young Iraqi boy , being held by two american GI's and uplifted to be crucified on a cross. They nailed him to the cross and walked away . I woke up choking . I said to myself , they tortured the children of Iraq now they will crucify them .

The boy is now resurrected and is guiding my pen .

He is asking me to draw him crucified on a old rotting wooden cross . He tells me that he wants the background to be filled with over one million skeletons of dead babies with Ms.Allbright smiling on top of them . He is asking me to draw newborns with grosteque deformities due to depleted uranium. He is urging me not to forget the starving looking babies due to malnutrition . He is making sure I paint the children who have cancer because of american chemical weapons , queuing up in desolate hospitals .And he has not forgotten the children who survived in tattered clothes with their tattered textbooks walking barefoot to school .

Oh wait , he is also telling me to draw in the corner , a picture of the orphanage bombed during the war of liberation and he is making sure that I show the kids running in the streets desperate with nowhere to go - some kidnapped, some sold whilst others raped .

I asked him if he wanted me to add anything . He said the picture is almost complete . "What shall I call it ?" , I asked . He replied : "the World as I see it ".


morris108 said…
Even great writers and thinkers can be decoyed.

Time and momentum disappear, the damage can be done to any individual. The world is run by people who disallow reaching out to everyone.

What does duty say?

At least say: 'The occasional post'


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