The Shabiha - A Sample of a Syrian Regime Thug.

The other day on Twitter, I tweeted some fresh info I had just received - namely that 9 people were massacred in Homs, Syria - on the day of the Eid, among them 2 girls and one woman. These were no protesters, they were unarmed and they were targeted by Shabiha snipers while crossing the streets.

I will not go into the tens of videos that are streamed daily on of the brutality of a regime who despite its tanks, air power, and weapons is still powerless in the face of a brave people who are daily risking their lives and exposing the utterly vile nature of the beast.

So in response to that particular tweet, I had someone calling himself a "Syrian Knight" a supposedly "patriotic" Syrian on Twitter, obviously on government payroll and most likely part of the Allawite clique respond to me in the following :

I must also add that a few other Syrians and Lebanese are openly calling for THE GENOCIDE of SUNNIS in Lebanon and Syria and also for the assassination of Saad Al-Hariri while claiming that all these Sunnis are nothing but "Islamists." (i.e Wahabis, Salafists i.e pro-Saudi). And like typical criminal psychopathic Fascists, they end their tweets calling for murder -- with smiles and winks.

Needless to add that these people claim to be pro-Palestinian, and anti-Zionists. If you really need to know their true affiliation - they are pro-Allawite, pro-Hezbollah and pro-Iran.

In the past I have received many rape and death threats - some of a very ugly nature. Whenever possible I have pursued these people (in my own way). So if anyone has any information on this "Syrian Knight" please contact me. Also this particular post is to show the reader a small sample of the kind of murderous psychopathic Fascists the brave people of Syria are up against.

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