Yemen, etcetera...

I can already see the "left" and its "activists" drooling...they've already been shouting - freedom all the way from Tunis, to Egypt, to Libya, to Yemen...oh my what nobility of intentions!

Well drool some more "nice" advocates of political freedom and social justice, ha!

Just got this in and read it well. And read between the lines...if at all possible...but that would necessitate a bit of brains...sorely lacking in the sheep mentality.

But in any case what difference does it really make ? Knowing you bloody lot, you would be salivating even more...Uncle Sam is directing the show and you just love it despite your o'such "progressive liberal marxist anti-oppression" facades and veneers...

Here it comes the Reuters header -- hot from the Arab oven.

U.S. now seeks removal of Yemeni president: The United States has concluded Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh will not likely enact reforms demanded by opposition protesters (who happen to be the Houthis and/ or affiliated/ linked to and armed by Iran for the most part - my italics) and must be eased out of office. Rest of article here.

Undoubtedly our "progressive liberal leftist" will find this other piece of the "Arab Spring Revolution" most welcoming.

Better get a bucket ready next to my computer, I am preparing myself  to read more vomiting stuff on Twitter and elsewhere...

Nota Bene to Self : US/UK : Saddam Hussein must go. US/France: Ben Ali must leave. US: Hosni Mubarak must step down. US/UK/NATO: Gaddafi must be removed . US : Ali A.Saleh must be eased out...
Still waiting for a few more orders on Iran. Iraq and Syria's not sure they will be forthcoming, not in the foreseeable future, definitely not before Saudi Arabia's turn. I hope am wrong, but usually am not.

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