Leftists, Activists and all that Bloody Jazz...

I really should stop reading other people's tweets and I should quit Twitter altogether...alternatively I should just talk to myself and pay zero attention to what others are talking about, because 9 times out of 10 they are talking from their asses.

The latest in line of pure bullshit coming from so-called liberals, lefties and activists for "human rights and social/political justice" is the abysmal stand on Libya. Truly disgraceful, shocking, flabbergasting...you name it they are guilty of it...

I observe people's reactions on the famous social media that has led so called "Spring Revolutions" in the Arab world...when the troubles first started in Libya, I said to myself - Foul play, foul play, I smell one big fat rat here and I don't like it one bit.

A reader and follower of the Iraqi tragedy of which I am part, has taught me to take every thing with a huge grain of salt...in particular all these movements for "democratic change" in the Arab world. I say so, because I am very aware that one cannot divorce domestic politics from geopolitics, nor from international politics.

Yet again, not learning from the Iraqi catastrophe, the sheep of the liberal left, the so called pioneers of activism and political change have fallen in the same trap again and again and again....

At the beginning all these idiots on Twitter and Facebook were crying for Libya, hundreds of videos were circulating, mocking Gaddafi, the regime, his sons, and the rest...

Within the space of less than a month, Libya has turned from a functioning society to a country in chaos, subjected to bombs by the West, again !

Gaddafi did say (and I don't want to hear that same bullshit question that was asked when Iraq was invaded and totally annihilated in 2003, so you love Saddam Hussein right? Love has nothing to do with it o'luminaries of politics, but sovereignty does). So Gaddafi did say that the rebels - so called revolutionaries - had ties to Al-Qaeda. He was not lying. It turned out to be true, but not only that, it also turned that the CIA is funding the opposition, helping them set up an independent oil ministry and funding Al-Qaeda in Libya.

And this is exactly what the Americans did in Iraq, a role that was later taken on by the Iranians - funding Al-Qaeda. The famous Al-Qaeda that has become the primary justification, the casus belli for a protracted war on "terror" which just happens to be taking place in the Arab & Muslim World. From Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Pakistan and now Libya. But we are all assured that it has nothing to do with being an Arab nor a Muslim. They just want you to be FREE.

Today on that same worthless medium called Twitter, those same protagonists of "Democracy" are crying crocodile tears about Libyan civilian losses due to NATO bombs and where DU (depleted uranium) is used again. Giving themselves a semblance of good conscience, this same morally depraved lot is assuring the Libyan people that their "revolution" has been hijacked by Imperialism....of course those same hypocrites will not admit that they were the first ones to encourage the "imperialist liberation" of yet another Arab country, just like they did in Iraq.

Now getting to Syria, these same spineless, worthless leftists, activists, liberals, have suddenly fallen in love with Bashar Al-Assad, his style of Baathism is not repressive at all, he has become a hero in their eyes...and do you know why ? Come on have a wild guess. Iran.

Yes Iran. Because Syria is aligned with Iran, the repression in Syria is totally kosher. Nay, it's even a sign of strong patriotism and nationalism.

But mum's the word when the protests took place throughout Iraq, and when report after report shows the real terror taking place under the sectarian Shiite fascist puppet government of Iraq, installed by both the US and Iran. And mum's the word on the gross unimaginable torture and human rights violations taking place in the new Democracy called Iraq. Silence, total silence from those debased political hypocrites who are as guilty as the worst of any tyrant, dictator or imperialist...

This is the filth, the daily filth I see in front of my very eyes in your so called social media of the "Arab Spring Revolution".

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