Your Decadence.

I amused myself googling my own name Layla Anwar. After all why not, since names get stolen, might as well know where they end up.

I fell on this link . I clicked on it, and what do I find being marketed under my name - 2 naked porn prostitutes dressed as Santa being done over by Papa Santa. Their heads covered in red garments and their breasts and genitals exposed to the world. Their bodies contorted so their orifices are made visible, so that the god that rules what's between your thighs can have his final say. That god that pulls at your strings like paper dolls, like puppets and controls your inner being. That  pagan god around which a billion dollar industry is generated just to cater for your 3 seconds masturbatory orgasm, giving you illusions of potency, strength, virility and femininity.

I looked at this picture for a while, and for me it summarized everything about your decadence.

Santa is celebrated in the Western tradition as some emblem symbol of abundance, when even though you are an adult, you still believe deep down that maybe this Santa, this Christmas, will deliver your secret desires.

Your secret desires are usually quite banal. They revolve around sex and money, the two overwhelming forces that drive your psyche. For you they represent the essence of Life.

Freud understood that, this is how he was able to market himself, and you turned him into an icon, so you can persevere in your godlessness.

It is of no coincidence that my name is associated with the above. Was not Iraq the secret object of your unbridled lust for both ?

Did you not also "fuck" us in the name of that same Santa of "abundance and prosperity", where our heads were covered in sand bags and torn veils and our lower bodies exposed to your Freedom thrusts ? All in the name of that same ethos that rules you like a tyrannical master, and has enslaved your minds to the point of rendering you irremediably blind ? I think so.

Your are doomed, you have doomed yourselves with your own hands. No Santa will save you. Mark my words.

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