The Culture of the Occupation.3

Am on a roll, might as well get to the bottom of it...I can always crash later.

In my post no.2, I spoke of agendas, cleansing, i.e erasing...

This is totally normal. You can't impose a new culture if you don't erase the previous one.

To erase a previous one, you need to obliterate anything that held it together. That seems so evident to me. Like common sense. No ?

Was it secularism that held it together ? Destroy that. Was it a person, an intelligentsia ?Cleanse that. Was it a multi diverse culture ? Reduce it to quantifiable entities. Was it a state apparatus and a leadership ? Dismantle it. Was it a sense of belonging to a history ? Erase it and re-write the curriculum (this is actually happening in school curriculums).

What are we to conclude from 8 years of the most hideous, brutal, savage destruction ?

Was it because of Saddam Hussein ? Was it because of WMDs ? Was it because of Al-Qaeda that never existed in Iraq before the Americans occupied us ?

Surely any remotely intelligent person can answer these is so obvious.

What was the aim of 13 years of embargo and the occupation ? Come on show me your IQ's and don't you dare mention the word oil. Take into account all what I've said before.

Today there are over 13 officially acknowledged intelligence services belonging to foreign countries. Thirteen is an underestimate, some say up to 20 spying agencies in Iraq, armed to the teeth.

During Saddam Hussein's era, there was zero agency...except for the dirty Western NGO's who came for "humanitarian" alleviate the "suffering of Iraqis". And the so called UN inspectors who were for the most part working for the CIA. FACT.

Why am I telling you all of this ?

Because am trying to show you in summary form, how to invade and occupy a country...

It's like a thousand daggers fell upon us in one can understand that, except an Iraqi.

In parallel, a whole media warfare was waged...Wikileaks did a good job exposing some of it, the embedded journalism concept played a crucial role in how the occupation was sold to the herd...because herd you are.

The weapons, the artillery, the deaths are a natural outcome of this war that started first in your minds.

Am not done yet...this will be continued.

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