My Family Photo Album

This is one of my Family photo albums, the nicest I've got...I have other ones, of close "brothers and sisters"...but I am keeping it for some other time. This one dates 2003-2004

I don't have words anymore...I packed them every morning early at dawn and sold them on the market...proved to be a bankrupt business - now you can relate to that - bankrupt.

So I decided to share some photos of my family instead...after all, you've all been very curious to know what I look tonight, I will assuage your curiosity and quench that thirst of yours.

The Savage hoards arrive at my door.

Now they are consulting Jesus as to which door to knock next

Blond blue eyed Jesus is invoked

My beautiful home burning...

Iraqi Desert Sandstorm - can't stop God's Wrath.

Winning Iraqi hearts and minds

My family greeting you with flowers and candies

Martyred President Saddam Hussein's Palace - beats your 2nd hand Kentucky couch don't it ?

Oh the Humane American - feeds us with our own food.

Taking another break in our fucking Kentucky don't it ?

American dogs storming a Baath government office, little girl cries - will the antiwar dry her tears ?

Digital, biometric and crotch imprints. Will you recognize us now ?

Solidarity behind barbed wires - always.

Iraqi artificial leg in the winds...must have been a weapon of mass destruction

Another sectarian Shiite whore boy saying hello

Nothing beats Iraqi Tea...

Killing for sport

We have not stopped hating your fucking guts

That's what I said - we have not stopped hating your fucking guts

Finally found the Weapons of Mass Destruction

Whatever you do - these are my grounds, my land - always.

My family's hospitality despite your brutality. House raid by your brave boys - they are offered tea.

Depleted Uranium Reconstruction of Falluja ----------------------------------------------- new pictures available upon request.

You don't scare us...

She ain't scared either...

You didn't even spare my elderly Grandma...

My Iraqi boy has finally become a blue eyed one - after you exploded in his face.

This is my Red wedding ducking mortars, bombs and pieces of flesh

An American female neighbor....she loves being in the "third world"- you American guys need to get your... ahem ...functioning again.

Black American cow, finally saved by the White boys - Where are you Malcolm X ?

Pig Faced ugly motherfucker.

American Iraqi reconstruction

Saddam already fucked you - the Hell that is Iraq.

Keep on crying and hugging - it ain't over yet - Iraq/Afghanistan

No more Western Feminist Pink Codes - Iraqi women are all alone.

Resistance Siempre- Always.

Big Rambo 23, died in 2004.

Exile - my permanent abode.

Broken, shattered lives...

Wouldn't even use this piece of cloth to wipe the sole of my old shoe, not even my cat's poop.

Your end and mine...20 feet underground.

My photo album was first published here - with American commentaries. They even stole the words...the words from the Death market...

I am very tempted to upload my Iraqi song - Where are you from and Where am I from !

I just need to be reminded are never enough.

Music-Composer : Iraqi artist Bashar Al Azzawi rendition of "Enta Mnen"old Iraqi folk song - Where are you exactly from ? uploaded on youtube by qwqfaris.

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