I've cried for you beloved,
just as you've cried for me,
we've been in each other's lap
for an eternity
ever since you and I remember
our memory is one.
You are part of me
and I part of you

I carry you everywhere I go
in my handbag
in my suitcase
wherever I rest my head
on every pillow,
every sheet of paper
just like you've carried me
along with you,
in your streets, alleys and gardens
in your ruins
and the circuits of your wounds...

We are indivisible
the gods are jealous,
protect us from the jealousy of the gods
you who needs protection

I am a greedy lover
a beggar of hope
I take your crumbs and ask for more
you who have nothing more.

Layla Anwar. 14th September 2010.

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