Wanted : Dead or Alive.

Wanted Dead or Alive, preferably dead or half alive...as long as She is not fully alive...

The dead, half-alive Iraqi woman.

Several reports have confirmed her autopsy. They read along these lines...

Violence against Iraqi women is on the rise, and is not given any attention by either the "Iraqi" government, or the international community.

A TOTAL SILENCE shrouds these corpses, the corpses, dead or half-alive, of Iraqi women, under the occupied "free" rule of the barbarians from America and their pimps from Iran.

An unabated violence, that expresses itself through different methods...

Rape - a very common occurrence in "liberated" Iraq, men are now free to rape us. Because after all we are nothing but a pleasure disposable item.

Honor killings - men are now free to accuse us of adultery and murder us, of course their own philandering and muta'a and whore fucking are not accounted for.

Acid burning - Men are now free to burn us with acid if we are too pretty, or not covered enough for their tastes. Since they can't control their penises, they have to control us, by burning us and deforming our faces...

Forced veiling - A variation on acid burning. First force her to veil, but if you still can't resist her beauty, you can always burn her. You will hence insure that your covetous lust is under control.

Torture - another variation of rape and combined with the latter, found in prisons, detained Iraqi women, mostly Sunnis. These women are related to "insurgents." Needless to add these women have no charges against them and no trial.

And am not even covering here, the torture, rape, genital mutilation and murder of Iraqi women, mostly Sunnis at the hands of the sectarian Shiite death squads and militias, of which the Mahdi Army and the Badr Brigades are notoriously known for, not to mention the ministry of Interior.

Straight murder - If the above "methods" fail, then kill her. Simple no ? After all they are all whores or possess the vast potential to turn into ones, except your own mothers, of course.

And if what preceded is not enough for you, you can always arrange a whole panoply of harassment methods - through humiliation, insults, slurs, coercion, control..which are making it impossible for Iraqi women to resume Life with any sense of normalcy.

Not to mention, the millions exiled, pauperized, widowed, begging, prostituting themselves thanks to your "liberation". But this is only a "parenthesis", right ?

But hey, why would you care, you fucked us with your "Freedom" did you not ? That is the most important thing for you - to prove that you can fuck and murder in the name of "Freedom". Your women and men are complicit in this Genocide. So don't come and preach to me you motherfuckers. Because motherfuckers is what you are. You will fuck your own mothers for a few dollars and to satisfy your own egos and your own vile, sick beliefs...

But America and Iran and its proxies are not the only ones to be blamed. They are not the only culprits.

Iraqi and Arab men are responsible too. This occupation has brought forth all their dirt to the surface. The most ugly, hideous, grotesque, heinous aspects of the male gender has re-emerged through your occupation. It is as if you have paved the way and cleared the grounds by setting the prime example and all else followed...

From the archaic "wombs" have re-emerged the perverted desire that cannot and will never be sublimated, the love that has turned into hatred, the gender frustrations that have turned into power and might, the passion that has turned into a death instinct...

You have done a great job on the Iraqi male. Now he has free reign to act out his primal fantasies, to finally annihilate the all engulfing female that has been haunting his psyche for centuries...Bravo !

And the ones we can't have, we kill...one way or another. A fast or slow death, does not matter, as long as she is dead or appears dead enough, for you.

Ah! Finally this Iraqi woman has no more power. She is clad in black, mourning, bereaved, raped, tortured, killed...Finally you have succeeded...for now only.

Finally all those rights she acquired are not bothering you anymore. Finally she will not open her mouth anymore. Finally she is immobilized, paralyzed by fear or death and finally you can consider yourself -- a, the "Man".

Hahahahahahahaha --is the laughter I hear coming from the tombs and graves. Hahahahahahaha is the laughter assailing me from the female corpses, including those that are half-alive. Hahahahahahahaha - are echoes and shadows moving around me, with long hair flowing in a whirling joyful dance...

Hahahahahahaha....Ishtar throws her head back, in full laughter.

I don't want to increase your misogynistic paranoia, but let me share my secret - we have always and will always laugh about and at you...Ishtar taught us how to do it. The female power that you obliterated and that went underground, along with her freedom fighters...

We came to the fore once, when a man amongst you believed and was inspired by Her and us again, but now we have disappeared underground, and we still laugh. He laughed too...And we laugh with him. And at you.

This is the kind of power you will never, ever, be able to control, subdue, coerce or kill by any method...It comes from deep within, from a place you have never visited, from a place that is so secret, so well hidden...

A cave, carved deep in the majestic mountains, deep in the recesses of the belly of the Earth. A power you will have to reckon with one day, soon. It is called the Hidden face of Eve. But I like to call it the Hidden face of God.

Another man in history reckoned with it, with Her, too. He was a Prophet but him you also killed...or made sure he died slowly...just like us.

But the legacies are still alive. These you will never able to murder...

Wanted - Dead or Alive ? You bet !

Art work : Iraqi artist, Ghaib Al-Janabi.


Ofcourse my Dear Layla, because Americans in the first place read the newspaper while the daughter is being fucked up int he room. And these mercenaries such as Malki and his gang are in the first place "weled mot3a" so why should both of them care in the first place? gone are the days of Iraqi manhood, mako zelem, mako marjala.


Lion cub
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
If you don't mind me saying it again, I think you should write movies about your culture and everything you feel. You'd reach a wider audience. With your brains, I think you'd be quite successful, internationally. Thank you for writing your words and your view.

Anonymous said…
Women, as innocent and sumptuous invitations to the roots, to the Earth, are reminders from God to men of their being "only" men...what a terrible, terrible reminder !

A few wise, enlightened, blessed ones accept this truth and pay homage to its messengers; but the oceanic masses of hubris sinners feel offended and frustrated in their (not so) secret ambition to be God themselves, and seek to erase the memory of their human "weakness" by all available means, covering it, veiling it, walling it in, cursing it, distorting it, defacing it, denying it, drowning it into oblivion...not realizing that, by doing that, not only they don't ascend into the "passion-free" divine omnipotence which their psychotic egos aspire to, but they tumble down the stairs of evolution back into the most total darkness of instincts, without even the lights of piety and reason that somehow help show the still "weak" but dignified humans a way through to...

Violating a woman is like violating the Earth...digging for her Secret ? Poor stupid rapists and poor stupid invaders...There is no Secret in the heart of a raped woman, there is no Secret in the bowels of an invaded land, except Fire, Fire and more Fire of revenge and resistance against all those transgressors who dared venture so far.

Iraq, I love you.
Ishtar, I revere you.
Saddam Hussein, Glorious One, I perpetuate you.

And Layla and Iraqi lionesses, I roar with you...
Anonymous said…
This shit has always been festering under the surface .

Your Hero Saddam had one redeeming quality: He acted as the manhole cover over the sewer.

Once the manhole cover was removed, this shot rose to the surface and overflowed.

Good luck trying to shovel it back into the sewer.
Anonymous said…
"gone are the days of Iraqi manhood"

I beg to have my own good "few doubts" here...
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla, thank you for this - painful reading, though.

I like the comment by Ishtar's Princess, aka e, above. It encapsulates appropriately the violation of women in any form. I've always believed that any man who abuses a woman is a downright coward and spineless and deserves to have his actions exposed to all - such acts are always done in darkness because these men prefer to show the world that they are good.

In solidarity with you and all my Iraqi sisters.
Very overpowering, over-sad and over-enlightening post on the fate of Iraqi women...how cruel and terrible!! But it's hopeful to see that there are VERY intelligent women like you, my dear Laila, that will blossom and surge triumphant from your cave. I, certainly, wish it for you and all Arab women. Hugs, M.
bARABie said…
Layla, i know this is not about Arabs/Muslims but it is relevant.
Last night my female neighbor knocked on my door, when i opened it she was standing there bleeding from her face with her boyfriend (she is 52 and he is 39) standing behind her.
He had head butted her splitting her forehead open, of course this happened after a "few" drinks.
My point being that men abuse women regardless of what culture they may come from.

On another note, boys and young men are also raped in Iraq by the shite shitheads.
I wonder what THEIR "religion" says about raping humans weaker than themselves.
Layla Anwar said…

Sure they do, regardless of culture...but in the case of Iraq, it has become the norm, it has become institutionalized since no "checks and balances" are in place...In other words, the laws that use to protect women, no longer exist...and have been replaced by the rule of the male jungle.
Layla Anwar said…

I agree " mako zelem", the ones that were, are gone...
Layla Anwar said…

You think I should write a movie ?
Fair enough, do you have a producer in mind ?
Layla Anwar said…
Ishtar's priestess aka E,

Nicely said. Fire and more fire...the purifying power of Fire.
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous 2

I agree, a lot of the shit was beneath the surface...and the Americans and Iranians stirred up.
And as an old persian proverb goes -
Don't stir the old shit, it smells worse...
Layla Anwar said…
Lil' Deer,

Thank you as always.
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks, your wish will come true as it had in the past. Temporary setbacks are not permanent.
A few "influences" pushing us back to the "caves" are the cavemen from America and their proxies...
One needs to remember that always.
Layla Anwar said…
To Anonymous no.1 again, right at the top,

I have checked the link you gave me, these are propaganda videos for the Kurdish "regional" authorities, trying to minimize the plight of the Internally displaced Iraqis, a miserable plight provoked by the American occupation and carried out in great part by the Sectarian SHIITES and THE KURDS themselves, the Peshmergas.

If these are the kind of producers you are trying to push my way, thanks but no thanks.
How curious because "don't stir the shit because the more you stir it, the more it stinks" is also a famous Spanish saying... It must be a Muslim inheritence... Hugs, M.
Anonymous said…
My Dear Layla, all you say resounds deep in me as dramatically correct, and yet I still can't bring myself to bury Iraq's inert bleeding body and cross it out of my life and History... Maybe it's just the love in my eyes sublimating the reality, but I can still feel so much Life, Beauty and Wrath emating from the dear disfigured face, lingering over it, unwilling to fade away... And am sure you feel the same or, as I said many times, you would not be here...

We can't change the past, make as if nothing had happened, minimize the damage and make light of the consequences, as if everything was solvable, everything restorable, everything resuscitable, not even in the name of "morale boosting" as has often been done... But we can't give up the future either, not even in the name of "realism", which would mean to worship the "given" reality and ignore our own capacity as human beings, men and women, to domesticate the chaotic forces of chance to our advantage and "make" reality, our own reality.

I think we should all use these times to form and to help form a lucid awareness of how things stand as now, and you Dearest are our brightest candle in this process :-) , but not as a "cul de sac", rather as a starting point to elaborate a winning strategy, taking into account the reality but aiming higher, at the Dream, the one that the Martyred President and his comrades left us to fulfil.

Fighting all dangerous temptations of surrender and "normalization" to the "New ME Order", and at the same time leaving aside for the time being all naive romantico-socialistic utopias of an "all-good" Iraqi/Arab people with moral law "interiorized" that would be capable to rule themselves (because it would be a tragical self-deception), what we must procure Iraq, there and now, as soon as possible and sooner still, is a New Attraction Pole that is MORE IRRESISTIBLE to the masses than both the American and the Khomeinist/political Shiite poles.

In a word, and I will not give two frigging hoots about hurting the oh so delicate sensitivities of all the Gandhian and Marxist and democracy dupes of this la-la land of a world: a patriotic and Pan-Arabist TOTALITARIAN Leader.

Wanted: Alive and KICKING !!!

Take care, "Auntie"... ;-)
Anonymous said…
A racist and greedy war leads to horrific suffering while much of the world remains silent. Here is an African child's take on racism. A nice poem and broadly relevant.

Unknown said…
Ummmmmmmmm. . .

Ian said…
For a while now I’ve thought that reading Saadawi was as close as I’d get to actually experiencing life as an Arab woman but this post is every bit as raw and jarring as her writings. I recently spoke to a Rwandan refugee who had similar things to say about the rampant occurrence of rape in her country—another country that ran fairly well before westerners took up a perverse interest in stirring shit, labeling and dividing people. It is always enlightening to read your justifiably angry but eloquent and thoughtful posts. Once upon a time I did not believe in hell but surely there is an appropriate place for those who commit such unforgivable acts against women.

I cannot vouch for those who "read the newspaper while the daughter is being fucked up in the room." or those who would fornicate with their own mothers but it has been my experience that every society and culture has their fair share of filthy perverts.
Anonymous said…
"Love conquers all ? Not so."

It does not take Sunnism rather than Shiism to love, it takes COURAGE - regardless of creed, color, ideology or nationality.

Those Chicken Shits say "my sect", I say "your weakwill, your cowardice, your comfort, your inner misery".

They better stop hiding behind turbans, beards and other masks and have a straight frank talk with whatever is left of their individual consciences (?) before it is too late: "I was observing Qum's rules" won't be accepted as an extenuating circumstance any more than "I was obeying Hitler's orders".
Layla Anwar said…
Okay E,

No one said it takes sunnism to love --- thanks for the lesson though - phew ! Now it is past your bed time little one :-)
Layla Anwar said…
Hey Ian,

Hell does exist, you should know that...
Thanks for the accolades, but you did not mention anything about the US occupation opening the gates of hell for Iraqi women ? How come ?
Because this is exactly what happened. You and I know so...
Layla Anwar said…
re:Kofi and Morgan,

Thanks for the links...
I can see the satire in Morgan's link...lol.
Anonymous said…
A dream of mine is to have Bush, Cheney and Blair in a room and have Layla walk in - she then locks the door and swallows the key....
Layla Anwar said…

Hahahahahahahahaha. This is what I call the fantasy of the "all engulfing female"...
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla, that was not a retort to what you wrote (which I totally agreed on), merely a reflection taking its cue from it about individual responsibility vs. the largely abused "brainwashing" excuse.

This "little one" suspects you passed your insomnia on to her as this is being the 3d night she passes sleepless, searching for Iraq items online and/or studying listlessly and/or cuddling her 2 cats and/or smiling into space and/or talking to the indifferent stars up above.

Bless you always.
Anonymous said…
"Love conquers all? Not so."

Heartbreaking about Tara. The stupid man doesn't know what he's lost. However, I'm hoping Tara will come out of this a lot stronger and wiser.

In solidarity, Layla.
Anonymous said…
Worth reading:

"United Nations’ Dec. 08 Human Rights Report On Iraq" -
Musings On Iraq


"Britain leaves Iraq in shame. The US won't go so quietly"
Seumas Milne
Layla Anwar said…
Lil' Deer,

Thanks, I've read the reports...but then you will always find an american or english wanker, telling you what a good job they've done.
I sometimes understand why gaz chambers existed...
Anonymous said…
Iraq freedomproblems

1:st problem
Through all the occupants out.
Watch your back all the time for
neighbour enemies.

2:nd problem
Make most of the puppygovernments footsoldier turn against
their government ..and imprison all the highrank traitors..
for killing their own people and destroying the country ..and that goes also for the occupaing states .

3:rd problem
See to that the Iraqian people builds a force not possible to split so no one dares to brake in like thieves any more.
That is a stable and united Iraq...
and thats the longterm most difficult politic.

But also to concider... Within 40-50 years there is no more oil in the world and no one bother about Iraq..
Then what about the Iraqian future ..people have to live ..n'est pas?

Anonymous said…
The British wankers have found Iraq to be "a bit trying", well who would of thought - they should try reading their history books, first. Here's some information from "The Privateer" which is a global newsletter [www.the-privateer.com]:
Earlier this year, the US began talks with the democratically elected government of Iraq on the future of
US military forces in Iraq. A US/Iraq agreement had to be in place by the end of this year or the UN
mandate for US forces being in Iraq would have expired, making their presence illegal under international
law. The US started with a position which would have established a permanent US military presence
inside Iraq and given the US unlimited basing rights. It ended with the US negotiating its own full retreat.
The main US media has been remarkably quiet about this. In contrast, the Muslim media has been in
celebration mode, though most official Muslim statements have been muted. It is time for The Privateer
to report on this US/Iraq agreement - SOFA - Status of Forces Agreement, which is truly remarkable.
The pact is called an: “Agreement on the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and their activities during
their temporary presence”. US forces should withdraw from Iraqi towns by mid-2009 and leave the
country entirely by December 31, 2011. All fixed buildings used by US forces become the property of
Iraq. All US military bases are to be turned over to Iraq when US forces withdraw. This is now official.
From Iraq comes this: “The US/Iraq agreement sets June 30, 2009, as the deadline for US troops to
withdraw from all Iraqi cities and towns.” That is from Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh.
“The date for all troops to leave Iraq will be December 31, 2011", he said. These dates are “set and
fixed” and are “not subject to the circumstances on the ground.” The US has not contradicted this.
In Baghdad on November 26, Iraqi lawmakers agreed to make the pact subject to a national referendum
next year that could require a complete American troop withdrawal by July 2010 -18 months ahead of
what the agreement now envisions. There has been no US official contradiction to these Iraqi statements.
The Word From The US Armed Forces:
The US armed forces have quietly let it become known that US forces continue to return home. There
will be 14 brigade combat teams in Iraq at the end of the year, down from 20 at the height of the “surge”.
The Towering Human Costs:
Inside Iraq, the best estimates by international agencies are that about 1.2 million Iraqi individuals have
died in sectarian strife and in battles with the US occupation force. About 2.7 million Iraqis have been
internally displaced, being refugees inside their own country. Another 2.1 million have fled the country.
The Iraqi wounded are in uncountable numbers. With the medical services being what they are, when
some of these wounded die they are not counted as part of the Iraqi casualties of war. The Muslim nation
of Iraq, once a country of only 26 million people, has been torn apart. It will take generations to fix it.
The reported losses for US armed forces are more than 4000 dead and around 35,000 wounded. Add to
that the real losses in dead and wounded suffered by the “contractors”. This information is not reported.
At last count, there were about 190,000 contractors (more than the total of US military forces) in Iraq.
Historically - This Needs Repeating:
After a 16-month, $US 900 Million investigation, the US weapons hunters known as the Iraq Survey
Group declared that Iraq had dismantled its chemical, biological and nuclear arms programs in 1991.

The SOFA agreement between the Iraq government and the US has acted across the European political
landscape like a lightning flash but with the deafening thunder too far away to be heard. Across Europe,
it is seen as the US negotiating its own withdrawal. That is the global key to NATO. Geopolitically, this
is seen as the wide open door for the European Union (EU) to negotiate its own future agreement to have
the US withdraw its forces from its many military bases across western Europe. To move all obstructions
out of the way for this future event, European nations agreed on December 2 to relaunch talks on an
EU-Russia political and economic pact. This took place against strenuous efforts by the US. The US first
tried to prevent these EU/Russia talks altogether. When that failed, the US tried to delay them because
Russia had supposedly not fully abided with the cease fire conditions in the Caucasus.
These attempts by the US were entirely ignored by both the EU and Russia. What was not to be ignored
was the fact that Germany and France had acted to close the door to any future membership in NATO of
Ukraine and Georgia. This took place against near ferocious opposition by the US Secretary of State.
What these events show is that even in full formal settings, the US simply has no traction at all.

To the Iraqi Resistance and Freedom Fights - keep on "keeping on" - you are the world's finest warriors!
bARABie said…
Layla, my niece experienced exactly the same thing as your friend.
Just a few months ago the rat called it off because she was Sunni, even though he led her to believe that that was not important (even told her parents that sects are not important).

PS: Of course they didn't listen to what i said when he applied for her hand. :(
bARABie said…

This is nothing but a handing over to the safavids of South Iraq.

The excuses they are using are just that, excuses.
bARABie said…
"Love conquers all? Not so"

Layla, if he truly loved her, he would not have allowed his sect to enter into consideration, hence the saying "love conquers all" but obviously the rat only "loved" her if she was willing to convert.

PS: I forget which thread this subject was on.
Ian said…
Layla, this is a fair question. It was not an oversight on my part. I have no refutation for what you have written and I know it is a reality, one whose effects I have seen. I cannot help but to be reminded about the mistreatment , rape and abuse of Iraqi women and Iraqi people in general; it is as apparent as the nose on my face, as inescapable as the air I breathe and as real to me as the young Iraqi man and woman whom I have been blessed to share my house with these last few months. Being that the post was about the rape and dehumanizing of Iraqi women, perhaps my comments should’ve been more specific and focused. I hope it did not seem like indifference on my part.

I do not claim expertise or moral authority on these matters but my convictions run deep and as I told you in my letter, I hope/try/pray to be useful.

Fe eman allah
Layla Anwar said…

OK, thank you...I know what you mean...and where you are coming from. I still have to reply to your letter...be patient please, I am simply overwhelmed.
Anonymous said…
what MAKES you tick???!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Be patient you SCUM!!!
I will let you know......!!!!!!
Layla Anwar said…
Yalla ya arziz nur, follow me on the other post, I feel like bashing that rotten ottoman head of yours a little . LOL

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