From Sectarian, Chauvinist, Racist, Safavid Iran.

Am I loved or am I loved by those wonderful Iranians and their sectarian Shiites faithful dogs ?!

I think am very loved actually...

The more I am hated, slandered, defamed, the more I am convinced that there is GREAT TRUTH in what I have been writing and arguing for the past 2 years on this blog.

Today I received samples of love "letters"... Let me share them with you.
They were in response to my post on Muntather Al-Zaidi, whom I called "Another IRAQI Hero."

First Ode to lovely Moi,

"We are going to create our own website and expose all of your filthy lies: it will be called: EXPOSING ZIONIST LAYLA ANWAR.BLOGSPOT.COM."

Second Ode to lovely Moi,

"Guess what you ugly cunt, the Iraqi journalist who threw the shoes at Bush is a Shia Muslim. And we all know that it was Iraq who invaded Iran. So keep spreading your fucking lame propaganda and make a fool of yourself you warmongering witch."

Third Ode to Lovely Moi,

"Hey anti-shia monster, I hope you burn in your jealousy. The foot of the great and honorable Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is more valuable than you and your ignorant words. We understand that you hate the only entity that was able to defeat the Zionists. And you dare to call yourself a Muslim? Please, who are you trying to fool? You're worst than Zionists. Go ahead and don't approve this comment, you ugly bitch."

I may also add that I received a request for "exchanging views" from Press TV, the official Iranian TV for the Ayatoilets, which needless to say, I did not respond to.

Okay, so let me take it one at a time.

- For me a simple definition of a Zionist is: someone who turns his religion/sect into a RACE and hence justifies the killing, exile and appropriation of resources from others or is apologetic for it.

In that sense one can include not only Zionist Jews but Sectarian Shiites and Iranians in that category. And if I really want to push it further, I will include most liberal, progressive movements including the clownish "anti-war" movement, a good deal of so-called "anti-Zionist" Jews, a good deal of the Shiites in Iraq who have been co-opted by Iran and its mafia parties, such as the DAWA, SCII of Hakeem, and M.Al-Sadr the driller. And I will also include ALL THE ARABS including Palestinians and Lebanese WHO deliberately kept silent on the ethnic cleansing that was undertook by none other than those sectarian Shiite parties backed by Iran and kept silent about the mass graves, the overflowing morgues, the torture and the rape of Arabs in Iraq under the guise of "anti-imperialism".


I guess that clears the first love ode.

Now for the second ode.

From the first moment Ayatoilet Khomeini landed in Tehran thanks to WESTERN INTELLIGENCE SERVICES, his political objective was to so-call " liberate" Jerusalem via Baghdad.

The fascist entity called Iran never ceased to support subversive elements within Iraqi society including the Kurds to realize its petty imperialist expansionist aims - the return of the Safavid Empire under the cloak of so called revolutionary Shiite Islam.

During that period, Israel was providing logistic and arm support to the Ayatoilets. And alongside Iran, Israel was directly supporting the Kurds as far back as 1974. I have already written on that subject, and will provide links upon request.

The Iran-Iraq war started AFTER the Iranians for a period of not less than 6 continous months were unrelentingly attacking bordering Iraqi villages, displacing their inhabitants and anting up their warmongering belligerent tone towards Iraq and its sovereign regime. So in fact it is Iran who started the war and not Iraq as the current propaganda wants us to believe. Again, links to various articles written will be provided upon request.

My reply to the third Ode

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah of Hez Teezee is nothing but a sectarian puppet working for Iran. There has been no defeat of the Zionist entity as you would like us to believe, surely not in Gaza. And I wonder where your Sayyed and your fascist Iran are now ? All this is pure propaganda to enhance Iranian regional hegemony. Besides your not so honorable Sayyed of Hez Teezee and his Ayatoilet mentors in Ze Lebanon utterly failed to condemn the ethnic cleansing, torture and rape done by none other than your death squads collaborating with the Mossad, the Peshermegas and the Americans.

Not only that, your Sayyed Hassan of Hez Teezee supports all the sectarian Shiites parties and groups that are currently forming the Iraqi puppet government including your Ayatoilet Sistani, a government put in place by none other than the American Zionists Imperialists that you bark about.

And by the way, just in case you forgot, it is your death squads from the SCII of Hakeem, your Quds Brigades from Iran, your Mahdi drillers that have murdered the Palestinians in Iraq and those who managed to escape alive are still stranded in the desert between Iraq and Syria. And your Sayyed Hassan Teezee did not utter one condemnation of this act. Not only that, your so called Mujaheeden were part of the Lebanese Army that razed the Palestinian refugee camp, Nahr El-Bared and displaced over 30'000 Palestinians.

And you tell me you are anti-Zionists and you defeated Zionism ?! You are nothing but LIARS, POLITICAL OPPORTUNISTS, SNAKES WHOSE ONLY AIM IS TO ADVANCE A FASCIST, RACIST, ZIONIST, STATE CALLED IRAN.

And at least with Zionist Jews, I know where I stand, it is clear as daylight, but with you depraved lot hiding behind your so-called Islam, for me you are WORSE than the Zionist Jews. Far worse, you hypocrites.

And before closing and by the way -- I am not ugly at all. I certainly am easier on the eyes than your grotesque, forever clad in black ninjas, in perpetual masochist mourning. And I am no bitch, either. I do not need to sell my ass for a few nights in Muta'a marriages to Mullahs as is done in Southern Lebanon, Qum, Nejaf and Kerbala.

But do stay tuned because I am not done with you filthy lot. I am going to expose you even more...soon. And am already laughing...

Meanwhile keep flagellating, you do it better to yourselves than anyone else.

Introductory Reading : The Build up to the Iran-Iraq war by Malcolm Lagauche. 2005


Ja,ja,ja. I love your fighting spirit!!! Hugs, M.
Anonymous said…
The Iranian Khomayne worshipers have to hate Arabs, when Persians learn enough Arabic to read the Quran they might stop worshiping the black turbans.

Take that Shia shoe for example - I love it and I love that Great Shia who threw it, he's worth a hundred Nasralla's and a thousand Khomaynes to.

Iran is murdering one million Muslims per year for Israel - Iran's death squads rule Afghanistan and Iraq and if they murder enough Muslims then Israel might give more Muslim countries to Iran's mullas - and the Zioonist propaganda can only work on people like Iranians and Americans who do not know Arabic.

Iran will some day become a Muslim country inshaAllah - till then Iran will keep on murdering millions of Muslims for Israel and pretending it and it's death squads are the victims.

Not ONE of the Iranian ayatollas knows enough Arabic to read the Quran, not one - they hate Arabs that much, and they need that hate to make their death squads kill Millions of Muslims who refuse to worship their smelly black turbans instead of worshiping God alone.

I have no problems with Shia, I have problems with the Iranian Shia death squads that murder a million Muslims per year for Israel in the hope that Israel will give them more Muslims to kill and more Muslim countries to destroy.

Iraq, and all Arabs, have no problems with Shia, Iran alone is the source of all the hate - and that lovely Iraqi Shia Shoe proves it.

So - whenever a Khomayne worshiper insults you - do as you always do, just give him Bill Jazmah :)

Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

Let the filthy Iranians make their website then I assure you that they will regret it deeply.
Anonymous said…
Very interesting post, Layla, with lots to learn. Thank you for the link, too.
Anonymous said…
well stated!
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
First I just want to say sorry I haven’t been commenting too much these days, but I always read your wonderful posts.
There have been so many news reports and articles written about the shoe throwing historic incident. Well, I just want to talk about two things in my post here.
Firstly, I couldn’t help but notice one point no body mentioned. No body analyzed, no body looked at it from this angle.
Mutather Al-Zaidi is shia muslim, he threw his shoes at bush in a way that summarized the feelings of the whole arab and muslim, and perhaps other nations as well, in 2 seconds.
But hey wait a minute, didn’t bush invade iraq to liberate the shia from the dictator? Didn’t bush and the US propaganda never stopped crying about the oppressed shia? How come one of the oppressed shia is throwing his shoes at bush and saying that these are from the widows and orphans of iraq?
Well I have the answer, the US invaded iraq to liberate the Iranian shia and not the arab shia. This will raise a very interesting question, the one you are presenting in your post. Why bush would invade iraq to install a khoumaini-like regime in iraq?
The killer point in this incident is that it exposes the relation between iran and US very clearly. The maliki government is the bastard of the mut’a marriage between the whore iran and the Zionist elite ruling the US. The US came to iraq to liberate the Iranian shia and not the arab shia. Again shiism is not allowed to exist except when it is controlled by iran. Al-Zaidi proved that the arab shia in iraq are in much worse conditions than they were before, and only those affiliated with iran are liberated, for instance dawa party, SCII, mehdi army etc etc.
The reason for this is that those carry the iranian sectarian agenda, so they are allowed to rule, a pre-requisite for the divide and conquer. A good reason why iran will continue to exist in the region. Iran is the key to divide the middle east into blood borders. Iran is the key to reshape the middle east. They need fanatic mind controlled religious sectarian monsters, and the Iranians are their best choice.
To give the Iranians the crucial credibility for them to carry on with their dirty work, they have to look like the enemy of Israel. They have to have a slogan that keep the arabs and the rest of the world from seeing their ugly work.
The anti-war movement is providing an enormous help to complete this plot. They are creating the necessary noise and distractions. Enough said.
The other point I want to make here, is that those filthy Iranians tried associate Al-Zaidi with the mehdi army, but then the answer came as clear as the blue sky. He was kidnapped and tortured at the hands of the mehdi army. His brother said it all, Al-Zaidi is against the Iranian and American dual occupation. The Iranian tried to use the incident for their benefit. The answer from his brother came clear, Al-Zaidi is Iraqi and what he did is a sacrifice for iraq and iraq only.

Anonymous said…
God you make me want to throw up. By you linking all shia's to Iran is by itself a proof of your ignorance. Your posts make me laugh and choke in disgust at the same time. You hail Alzaidi, yet he is SHIA. Wow Layla, you really are one smart woman. I guess you are no different to the Criminal Wahhabis who have destroyed your country.

Cant believe my beloved Iraq gave birth to filth like you
Anonymous said…
Les amis des amis de mes amis sont mes amis

Les amis des amis de mes ennemis sont mes ennemis

Les ennemis des ennemis de mes ennemis sont mes ennemis

Les ennemis des ennemis de mes amis sont mes amis

The above theory does not apply in the case of Iraq.

In my humble (h)aichah opinion Iraq at the moment has no friends and is standing completely alone.


Does anybody know the latest news, what's happening with Muntather Al-Zaidi???? Hugs, M.
Layla Anwar said…
Thank you all for your comments, will reply later on, but first I want to deal with this donkey calling himself/herself "Baghdad"
Layla Anwar said…

I can already tell you are an imposter, simply Baghdad cannot give birth to donkeys like you.
You are obviously very challenged in your reading and comprehension skills and your own SECTARIAN colors are shining through.
I can already tell you for a fact that you are a shiite piece of shit tied to Iran - one way or another.

And with shiite pieces of shit like yourself, I have no option but to use the pure Iraqi method, two shoes on that dirty hypocritical face of yours and two up your filthy ass.

And in closing I am very sorry my post was not strong enough to drown you in your own vomit and that you did not choke in the process...but insh'Allah you will next time.

Have a good one.
Layla you might be interested to know what I read today in the Spanish press, actually it's an "opinion" column: The Spanish journalist says that around Al-Zaidi many stories are beginning to intertwine that remind us of the propaganda that went around before the Iraqi invasion: "Salameh Nematt a Jordanian journalist who was correspondent of the "Al Hayat International Arab Daily" in Washington and whose voice in favour of the war was widely listened, has just published an article that says: "Information in Arab media say that Muntather Al-Zaidi could have prepared his attack against President Bush a year earlier, helped by Baazists which objective is to overthrow the U.S.-supported government". Nematt continues: "A very important Arab media in Internet says that the sponsors of Al-Zaidi could have been financed by Ragad, the dictator Saddam Hussein's oldest daughter". Then the Spanish columnist continues: "The journalist, Salameh Nematt is a man of prestige, cuddled by the White House, important conference-speaker and now important international chief of information of the digital newspaper "The Daily Beast". Nematt, as far as we know, has never thrown any shoes but he throws articles with an aroma of false rumours in which he transforms a shoe-throwing incident into an overthrowing conspiracy".
Hope you like it. Hugs, M.
Sorry! Missed the last paragraph. The Spanish journalist says: "Here there are not even moral reasons that hold their stand. Even barefooted a journalist can commit an unfair and unforgivable aggression."
Anonymous said…

I, too, love your fighting spirit - freedom begins with an act of defiance. This is no time for acquiescence - hang tough!
Anonymous said…
Salaam Layla

There is an important saying:

Know your enemy.

Stay strong
Anonymous said…
This one's for you, babe:

Merry Christmas, Layla Anwar!

Mister Ghost said…
Merry Christmas to the 1/4 or so Armenian part of you, mon petit papillon.

Now, if we could just deprogram you
from your Saddam worship, things would be looking up )))

I Endorse Muntazer al-Zaidi AsThe Next Iraqi Prime Minister
Anonymous said…

Why bother responding to such foolishness? Your blog is wonderful and full of excellent information. What your Shiite detractors do not want to admit is that they have been working hand-in-hand with the Americans as genocide has been committed against the Iraqi people. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Americans were tricked by the Iranians into doing what Iran could not- Remove Saddam.

Iran has its own agenda in the Middle East, and it has nothing to do with the well-being of the Iraqi people. Your Iranian detractors on this site simply do not wish to admit the obvious. Keep up the great work.
Anonymous said…

Iran's agenda has not even to do with the well being of the majority of Iranians let alone with Sunni Arabs in Iraq.

Layla Anwar said…

Hola and muchas gracias amiga.
In reply to your query, M.Al-Zaidi as you probably already heard, has been badly tortured and forced to sign a letter of apology to the "PM" of my butt, under duress. He conveyed to his brother that he was forced to do it but that he WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE TO BUSH. Please visit, it Zaidi.
The other interesting development is that the PM of my butt, believes that Zaidi contrary to the rumors and propaganda circulating - that of him being a Mahdi supporter - the PM of my butt stated that Al-Zaidi was acting on the orders of a sunni MP called Mashadani and whom he qualified as a throat slitter.
Al-Mashadani was forced to resign today.
Regards and Merry Xmas in case you do celebrate it.
Layla Anwar said…

OK I agree with you, but what about the role that Iran has played in the past and is still playing through its HAWZA, that of co-opting shiites to its side ???
This is a fact that one cannot dismiss that easily. At least those who have not been co-opted, have not come forward as strongly as one would have hoped to affirm their Arabity.

And bil Jazmah it shall be ;-)
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous no.1

How will they regret it deeply ?
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and nice to see you again here...been a long time.

Again a WONDERFUL comment, as usual, which must be made into a COMPULSORY READING for everyone who visits this blog.

Of course, a standard reply to your excellent observations would be - "But Al-Zaidi, is a Mahdi supporter"... Of course this is bullshit, please read what I wrote to Merche Pallares regarding Al-Maliki accusing sunni Al-Mashadani being the "brains" behind this shoe throwing act. By the way Mashadani was forced to resign today from Parliament. Amongst other things, he was very vocal against keeping some non US troops in Iraq and the parliament rejected that request.

One other point I have been pondering.

Let us for a moment, agree that all the propaganda that has been circulating from the sectarian Shiites, that they have been the OPPRESSED majority in Iraq. Let us for a moment agree that all the propaganda circulating regarding the "gross human rights abuses against this majority" did take place under the previous regime...

So if they were/are the majority and were abused as they claim, who did the abuse ? Saddam Hussein hismelf ? Who were the torturers, janitors, interrogators, who formed the bulk of the security apparatus, the army, the mukhabarat, the intelligence services ???


The shiites then formed the bulk of all of the state apparatus, police, army and the rest and today it has not changed. They just changed hats...and adherence to parties.

This kind of political opportunism fits in beautifully well with the Iranian agenda. The Taqiya, the hypocrisy, the double roles is what Iran strives on...and who could Iran find but this group of people to fullfill its aim. And whom can the Zionists both Jews and Americans find as a better partner than this lot ????

Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for all your support throughout...
Best wishes and Merry Xmas.
Layla Anwar said…
Hiya Laloupe,

I agree.But please remember that Iraqis have had centuries to learn all they need to learn about their enemy next door...It is history repeating itself. They have been driven out and will be again.

As for Iran not caring about its own citizens, this is something for the Iranians to deal with...I am not an internationalist and contrary to Iranians, I don't meddle in on Arab affairs.
Layla Anwar said…


I believe this is your first visit here, as your name is not familiar.
It pleases me a great deal when I read lucid comments like yours, from someone whom I assume is not even from the Middle East, (your name). Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…
To Jeeffa-rey (as A.Hawazin calls you - lol) and Mister Ghoul,

You two remind me of two very elderly women, who have nothing to do but gossip all day what goes on in their neighborhood.

I don't really know who is employing you, if it is the CIA, then your CIA is lousy because you two are obviously two American morons with shits for brains.

If it is the Pentagon, then it is worse, because you two cannot tell your ass from a hole in the ground.

In other words, you both have one common denominator that unites you in fraternity, hence your lousy blog --- and that is MEDIOCRITY.

I do admit that Mister Ghoul is slightly more digestible than the rat JEEFA-REY, but still...

I wonder what it will take to deprogram you two ?

Maybe a Xmas tree up your asses!

Merry Xmas to you too, "babes".
Layla Anwar said…

You left a comment on some other post, but as usual you are too fucking drunk and you can't tell which is which...

What is the matter Nur, Janem, did you see Attaturk's shadows dangling from the Xmas tree?

Is that what is has excited you so much ? LOL

Pray for Attaturk that the EU will accept Turkey as a member... in 10000 years...

And my Armenian aunt says hell to you with her middle finger.
Anonymous said…
@ "Baghdad":

Why don't you learn to read the Quran instead of worshiping black turbaned Iranians? It is a simple book that a 12 year old Arab can read much better than Khomayne and the black turbans could.

Is it becuase the Iraniaan mullas taught you that the Quran was unimporant? do you think the words of Iranian mullas are more impoertant than the words of the Quran? Sistani needs dumb jocks like you to go kill your Sunni brothers in Baghdad - Sistani got you to murder 300,000 Muslim in Baghdad and your brave Iranian/Israeli death squads love you for it.

If you hate the Quran and listen to the turbans instead of it, then please stop pretending to be a Shia or Sunni Muslim - without the Quran you are a Khomayne worshiper. The Quran says do not kill, and Khomayne and his black turbans say kill - and the Iranians have the same choices to make that Arabs do - but Arabs can read the Quran by themselves without the help of old Persian men to "translate" it for them.

Safavis hate the Quran, they wait for their "Mahdi" to come along and kill %90 of all Arabs and to give them a Persian Quran - the idiots who belive that have only themselves to blame - the Quran is simple enough to read.

Safavi are NOT Shia, they are a sect designed to kill Muslims for the White Christian and Jewish invaders and colonists, and that is what the Safavis have been doing for over 10 cenruries - and they have been doing it 1,000s of years before Islam came along.

Safavis are just upset becuase Islam destroyed the Dark and UNJUST Persian empire - and Islam will destroy it again inshaAllah.

Iran will become a Muslim country inshaAllah despite the Satanic black turbans, Shia or Sunni is the same, but Iran is mow just a bunch of blood thirsty Khomayne worshipers who Israel and America placed in rule over a bunch of stupid racist Persian Arab haters - once Shia or Sunni Islam returns to Iran there will be Peace inshaAllah - till then enjoy the hell bound death squads Israel trained and armed for you.

When the "Wahabis" invaded Iraq, they destroyed the Persian and Roman armies without killing ONE single Iraqi civilian - and now your black turbans have you filled with so much hate that your death squads have killed over 5,000 young Iraq boys called "Omar" - so please tell me more of how you hate "Wahabis", and show the world how much hate the Iranians have filled you with towards your fellow Muslims - you killed six million Muslims for Khomayne with that hate - and I am sure the turbans want to kill millions more with your kinds help.

Layla Anwar said…

You said it well...Always ask an IJ for
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
thanks for the reply,
Al-Mashadani part was new for me,
it is interesting to see that this person will still fight back for iraq dignity if he had a chance.
As for the point you raised about the majority shia being the corrupt part of the previous regime, i am not too surprise. Saddam tried hard to divert them from the sectarian iranian mentality, with no luck i guess. I think they have to stop following the iranian mullah bastards first to see some good results.

Anonymous said…
KMWR--ABOUT JESUS AND INDIA. Happened to catch an independent documentary claiming Jesus went to circa India in his 20s. According to the documentary, Rome's Papal officialdom adamantly rejects this, claiming there's absolutely no proof. The documentary had some supporting information and interviews in the "East," India, Kashmir. etc. To me, it sounded reasonable. Plausible. Why not? If so, that puts a different perspective on the historical figure of Jesus, who he was and might have represented. Caveat--I am NO scholar whatsoever in this area.
Just found it a very reasonable supposition, hypothesis. Made Jesus a more interesting fellow to me--NOT the resurrection part of the story.

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