From Baghdad to Gaza and back...

A bloody Saturday, a bloody Sunday…

The Jewish State, and don't you come up with your usual, anti-Semitism bullshit, this is what Israel calls itself. A JEWISH STATE - by Jews and for Jews only.
In other words, an illegal, racist, chauvinistic, Nazi state for Jews alone.
And the Jews, for the most part Zionists, and yes they are majority Zionists, including some of the so-called anti-Zionists, have not stopped their industry of lamentation and playing the victim...

Every time anyone points out at the criminality of this evil entity called Israel, the Jews sit and cry anti-Semitism. They will be quick to remind you of their Shoa, while they have produced 100's Shoas since...

While they sit and lament in their hypocritical ways which we are so familiar with, this malignant entity called Israel or the Jewish state has not stopped producing a holocaust everyday, in occupied Palestine, and beyond...

Iraq is the Shoa of the 21st century of which no one talks about. No one...No one has erected museums in its name and the mass graves are still being unearthed...yet a profound silence filled the stale air...and still does...

So I fully understand the rage of my fellow Palestinians...I have known that same silence for the past 19 years. Except in the case of Iraq it was even more deafening...

We lost over 3 million Iraqis since the "liberation" of that fief of slaves called Kuwait. And you know the rest of the story...even though I am not so sure you do...or am not so sure you want to know...or maybe you know but think not much of it...

You called it "dictatorship", "tyranny" and blamed the victim with lines such as the "Iraqis are incapable of uniting" and blamed them for the "sectarian strife"...

I suppose the recent developments in the Palestinian movement have clearly demonstrated that disunity and strife within, is a product of an Occupation.

Iraqis also experienced brutal embargoes and sanctions and survived for 13 years in silence...and they still live under an embargo albeit a different form of an embargo.

As for walls and ghettos, Baghdad has seen in the past 5 years, more walls being erected than anywhere else in the world, more aptly like nowhere else in the world. Each district is today a ghetto. How come we did not have ghettos under the "dictatorship" ? Does anyone ask himself/herself that question ?

Iraq is also undergoing a not so subtle balkanization that no one is paying attention to, or maybe you are but think not much of it.

The Kurds, that many so-called anti-Zionists and leftists have supported for years and still do (I need to remind everyone here that the Kurds are fully backed by the Jewish state and have been so since 1974 and by Iran) have their own state now. The sectarian Shiites, and most of them are, want their own all exclusive state too in the whole of the South and Baghdad as its capital. Something that is already taking place since those sectarian Shiites came on American tanks straight from IRAN. And Iran has been collaborating closely with the Americans in Baghdad to ensure that another category of racists, chauvinists and sectarians remain in power...Thus fulfilling the Zionist dream – the splitting of loyalties and the partition of the Arab world into small entities, starting with Iraq...

Israel and Iran are flips sides of the same coin insofar as the ARABS are concerned.

Never mind the political rhetoric, I look at facts on the ground not at political speeches and jargon for domestic and international consumption. I suppose, I can be quite cold headed when the destiny of a people is being shaped and see things for what they truly are, behind clichés...cliches that the masses are terribly thirsty for...

I have more to say on Iran and how it fulfills the Zionist dream, and as I mentioned it in my post "A long American–Iranian film" Obama will be asking Iran to assist his administration in the "war on terror" (the war on Sunni terror to be more precise) in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the Afghan Resistance is making strides. And this is already happening or in the process of further talks with Iran...And as I also mentioned before, Pakistan has been framed and things are not looking good at all on that front...I am expecting the worst for Pakistan.

Iran will play an important role in another chapter of Zionist-American imperialism in the Muslim world as it had played it so well in the Arab world as in the case of Iraq...and continues to play it even during the latest carnage in Gaza.

Since am on the subject of Iran, I have to mention the speech of Hassan Nasrallah and for me he is no "Sayyed." I am afraid this "Sayyed" is one of the biggest political charlatans I have ever witnessed in my whole life. A clever one for sure but a charlatan nonetheless...And all charlatans are puppets for someone.

Hassan Nassrallah is the Iranian puppet of the Arab world. I listened to his speech, I was yawning...Nasrallah bores me because his oration is predictable, as predictable as that of any Zionist from Israel...

Nassrallah mentioned "the battle of Kerbala" not less than 3 times...punctuated with a quote here and there from Imam Al- Hussein, clearly turning his speech into a purely Shiite appeal...into an Iranian appeal...or should I say into an Iranian attack, and not so much against Israel. Actually, the bulk of his speech was focused on the Arab countries whom he qualified as collaborators in the grand American-Zionist plan for this part of the world.

He concentrated in particular on Egypt, in second lieu on Jordan and without mentioning names he also alluded to Saudi Arabia – these three being the collaborators in the grand Zionist-American scheme, but not the only ones, according to him. He of course excluded Syria... He did not mention IRAQ , not even once! I suppose he no longer considers IRAQ as an ARAB country...and with good reason. It is under an American -Iranian Occupation

He basically said that after Egypt, Jordan and some other Arab countries signed peace treaties with the Jewish entity, they encouraged Israel to attack the resistance movement in Lebanon (his) and now the resistance in Gaza. He urged the Egyptians to rise against their government, ARAB Egypt came out as the biggest villain in this whole hideous Nazi Israeli massacre...

And since there are no sizable Shiites in Egypt, what better way for Iran to cause another Fitnah - dissension there, but to use the anti- arab collaborators, line ?!

At one point , I forgot that Nasrallah was supposedly "anti-Zionist" since his whole speech was against the Arab countries who are collaborators… and as I said he spared none except Syria, and his own Hezb naturally and Hamas for good reason.

Need I remind the fake "Sayyed" that his wonderful sectarian government in power in Iraq was put in place by the grand Zionist American schemers and need I remind this two cents political charlatan, that they all landed from Iran to fulfill the Zionist dream from the Nile to the Euphrates !!!

Need I remind the "Sayyed" that his sectarian Shias from Iran, have produced an all Shia sectarian state in Iraq for them alone, very much mimicking the all Jewish state with its exclusive Nazi laws.

But in his typical sectarian, racist, chauvinist, ways, the "Sayyed" just forgot about Iraq and conveniently forgot that the previous Iraqi regime and Iraq as a nation, was the most dedicated anti-Zionist, anti-Imperialist country that managed to survive despite years of war attacks from Iran, America and Israel.

Need I remind the "Sayyed" that Iran collaborated closer than any other, in the destruction of the only anti- Imperialist, anti-Zionist entity that survived in the age of post-Nasser "Infitah"- Sadat style...And we all know where Syria stands today vis a vis Israel and the peace deal that has been brewing with Israel since the 90's in the back corridors of politics...

Need I remind the "Sayyed" that it is none than his own sectarian hordes that helped the Zionist Americans to try and finish off the Iraqi Resistance under the guise of the "war on terror and insurgents", a Resistance for the most part made of ARABS and Sunnis. And these same hordes closely collaborated with the dirty gangs of the Occupation in carrying out the most hideous genocide against ARAB Iraqis and the Palestinians of Iraq. Another Shoa carried out by the sectarian Shias and the Americans and Brits...But it seems that the "Sayyed" has a short memory.

Need I remind this "Sayyed" and all other "Sayyeds" that Iraq was the final fig leaf that fell, leaving ALL naked and exposed...So who is fooling who here ?

As for Hamas, I have nothing to add to the Palestinian resistance, except that I support any Resistance movement against this malignancy called the State of Israel or the Jewish State... And the Palestinians themselves are better apt to assess who represents them best...

However, I have a few words of caution here – the political split within the Palestinian movement is a painful reminder of what happened in Iraq and I have to say to the Palestinians the following – beware of Balkanization under Occupation. And I fear that from a one state solution, you have moved to a two states solution and possibly now will be moved to a three states solution.

This is what happens when one is surrounded by "Arab" collaborators and finding oneself stuck in the middle between Israel and Iran. Ask me all about I said, Iraq was/is the fig leaf...

And my way out slogan for 2009 is simple : NO to America/Israel, NO to Iran –For an ARAB solution only !

Oh, but wait! There was someone who said that before me...But he was hanged just before the New Year, by none other than America/Israel and Iran.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Haleem Kassem, 2007.


Anonymous said…
My Darling Layla,

Just wanted to correct one small thing, the Kurds have been backed up by the EVIL STATE since the early 50's not since 1974. I read the book by the Israeli luethenant from the Mossad that lived in Sulaymaniya.

these 2 threads prove my words:

you are a darling Layla, your words inspire me.

Once again, how right you are! Excellent analysis. I'm absolutely fed up with the Zionist propaganda. Every two years we are bombarded with a "holocaust" victimized story. This year "The Boy with Striped Pyjamas" which I've refused to read and least of all see the movie. The bombing of Gaza, is cruel, inhumane, merciless and barbarous. I hope the masses wake up and react but I'm afraid we're tied and VERY MUCH tied by the media which are, as we all know, run by the "powers that be". Much love, M.
KM said…
hmm, and this phantom menace that goes by the code name of al Qaeda never seems to hit Israel or sites around the World of Israeli interest.

One would begin to think this "al Qaeda" must be instructed not to.
Anonymous said…
There are lots of parallels between life in the Warsaw Ghetto and the catastrophe in Gaza.

Words fail me otherwise, except to point out your concern about Pakistan is probably very real, given Obama's statements in 2007 suggesting expansion of the "war that will not end in our lifetime" to that country might be needed.

And there's always the Ralph Peters map urging redrawing of the region's boundaries, see

for an archived copy.

This quote below from Anne Frank may or may not be appropriate, but it seemed to fit. I think the human race is capable of choosing survival over extinction, but it's difficult to keep this opinion. But we have survived for countless lengths of time by cooperating to share food, and if we are going to move to a world beyond war that is the aspect we will need to develop. Otherwise, my guess that the raccoons will be one of the dominant species (here in North America) after the humans go extinct.

"Why do they make still more gigantic planes, still heavier bombs and, at the same time, prefabricated houses for reconstruction? Why should millions be spent daily on the war and yet there's not a penny available for medical services, artists or for poor people?
"Why do some people have to starve, while there are surpluses rotting in other parts of the world? Oh, why are people so crazy?
"I don't believe that the big men, the politicians and the capitalists alone, are guilty of the war. Oh no, the little man is just as guilty, otherwise the peoples of the world would have risen in revolt long ago! There's in people simply an urge to destroy, an urge to kill, to murder and rage, and until all mankind, without exception, undergoes a great change, wars will be waged, everything that has been built up, cultivated, and grown will be destroyed and disfigured, after which mankind will have to begin all over again."
-- Anne Frank, May 3, 1944
KM said…

keep breathing please
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Layla. Watching with horror, pain and helplessness what's being done to innocent Palestinians ... and Iraqis.

I feel utter contempt for Arab leaders, in particular, who lack the courage and spine to speak out when their own are being decimated. If they'd had the backbone (minus greed and grovelling), neither the Palestinians nor Iraqis may have lost so much. But then, again, their souls have been bought for such low a price and we all know the profession of those who go at so low a price ...

Yes, Layla, there was just one true man with the courage to stand up ... and he will have been gone two years tomorrow - murdered by those who he stood up to. May his soul rest in peace.

In solidarity.
Kali Manitou said…
Thank you Saddam for setting the example
The deed might be hard, but solution is simple
Denial of the corruption and avoidance of the jackals’ bullet
Makes the imperialists sacrifice many of their own pullet
Every occupation starts with the clear acceptance
That the aggressor succumbs to its own incompetence
Thank you warriors alive and martyred for freedom
The deed might be hard but yours is the true kingdom

Once you give up the fight and settle with survival
You get treated, maybe justly, just like an animal

The Kurds, Persian hounds, collaborators and many another
Are nothing for history but worthless cannon fodder
But we have examples of death for freedom and decency
Better to die than become some imperialists agency
Killing is easy but victory requires victims’ acceptance
Only then can the "victor" deny its own incompetence
So many Palestinians are welcomed in Saddam's timeless kingdom
Theirs is the true victory for sacrifice is the proof of freedom
Martine said…
... a bloody Monday...a...
I'm sad and angry, very angry, Layla.

Anonymous said…
Dear Layla

The balkanisation of Iraq was the purpose of the invasion of your country. Western leaders are all in this game of balkanisation. Iran will also be balkanised and their leaders will act like that.

The Jewish shoa has still a tremendous impact in the western world. Thats the problem. I remember in the 70ties one could loudly speak out for the Palestinians but today it has changed.

Even the book Jonathan Littel wrote:Les Bienveillantes raise so many questions among the Jewish population of the Western world, it was ridiculous to see them asking questions to non Jewish who just defended a good writer, a good and detailed story about nazi Germany and not only about the dead of Jews but also so many other people like the gipsies, homosexuals and common peasants in Russia, Poland etc.

Whenever this will stop, playing the victim, is a question we dont know but it has to stop.

A question Layla:
Do you have more written evidence on the part of Iran helping the western world in Iraq?
It would be great to read this because it is hard to find.

Stay strong
Let there be light for Iraq and for you personaly in 2009.

Anonymous said…
"We are going to create our own website and expose all of your filthy lies: it will be called: EXPOSING ZIONIST LAYLA ANWAR.BLOGSPOT.COM."
Why not, why not Anwar. Do you have any friends left, With the exception of your house poets and fans.
You have sacrificed everything for your pathological
sectarianism and megalomania. In your sick and sectarian world (a product of a sick racist America), one can not be 'authentic' Arab and in the same time criticize you. I can already see your big and repugnant mouth when it delivers accusations against your opponents: "You are safavid "." You are Iranian' "You are shiia". "You are a fake Arab," You are ..... You are ..... You are ..... It disgusts me, I am suffocating, I vomit. And you? The "authentic" Arabic blood? The "daughter" or "granddaughter" of the beloved Khalif Omar or Khalid Ibn Al-Walid, or Saad?
It disgusts me, I am suffocating, I vomit.
Your aim is not the "unity" of the Iraqis, or the Arabs. I know that you will call me safavid. Do you know that the safavids originaly were Turks and not Iranians?
I will allways hate the so called Green zon. Why? Not beucase they are "shiits" but beucase they are killers who soled Iraq in the name of religion. They soled Iraq for waht? For the memory of the Arab Fatima, her son, Imam Hussein and his sister Zainab, for the sake of Alis way of life? They use the word shiia for the aim of power, it is all, it is all, for a man that has the dignity to see! pure power, from the very bloody beginning to the very bloody end, nothing, nothing but pure power and personal gain, nothing but naked intressts that becoming more and more naked for every day that passes, just lik the Saudies use of the word sunni. That is what their religiosity is all about. So much religiosity !!!!!!!!!!! So much empty words of nothingness!!!!!!!!!!! So much divine justisce!!!!!! So much Holiness!!!!!!!!! So much Fatwa and morality!!!! Or would you, would you tell me that the mass murderers of the so-called Green (black) zone believe in any religious values?
What vile, horrible, inhuman, disgusting, cowardly, brutal crimes than those cold-blooded mass murderer in the Black zone "justify" in the name of religion, we must not resort to religious prejudice and secterianism. These cold-blooded killers want to divide Iraq and to achive this goal , they must keep alive the flames of the religious sectarian hatred. But remember, their religion, their God, their mother, their sisters, their Ardh, Sharaf and Namos from the very bloody begining to the very bloody end is, remains, and will be the naked bloody interests, bloody for each day that passes, nothing but personal gain and bloody, naked and criminal interests.
These killers are just as religious as a blood-thirsty and cold-blooded shark or crocodile. It is the bloody faith of the cold-blooded instinct, nothing but the faith of the bloody killer instinct. It has nothing with the faith of the ordinary Shiites, the Shiites of the streets, of the pain, of the wounds and of the powerlessness and humiliation.
Do you really want to tell me that Nuri al-Malki, al-Hakim, Mughtada al-Sadr, Ali Sistani cares about Imam, faith, God, holiness, sacral purposes, religiosity?
If your real desire is the "unity" of the Iraqis why you refuse to put quotation marks around the word shiia in your writing? We must isolate these mass murderers and not integrate them in millions of ordinary Shiites.
How can you ever liberate Iraq without your shiia brothers and sisters who constitute 60% of the population of Iraq? Do you remember 1920, when Shiites and Sunnis, beyond the nightmare of the religious prejudice threw the worlds most powerfull empire (England) out of Iraq?
You compare Iran with Israel. If this madness is right, why than you and some other Arabs scare away the shiia Arabs and drive and push them in the arms of the regime in Tehran? Shiia Islam is as much an Arab phenomenon as Sunni Islam is.
I do not think that you knowingly helps Zionism. Zionism needs either your or my conscious help. Our stupidity and ignorance is their best help. The bloody racist, fascist colonial enemys best help is our ignorance. Because the unconscious help is not conditional. It is the tactics of the Zionism. It is our responsibility to penetrate and dissect this guile. If we really intend to liberate our people, we must get our truth, our tools, our concepts from our reality. You may be "big" on this blogg. But you shrink in the look of your people.

Why do you help the Teheran regime to monopolize shiia Islam, if the regime is as bad as you say? How can you accept to share the same interest with the regime in Tehran than?
I think you once said that your husband is a Christian (since you yourself have mentioned this, so I allow my self to mention it) should I "hate" your husband because Bush used the word Christian for personal gain? You see the madness of the "logic" in this religious sectarianism! But have you the will to see? I hate the ugly game that the regim of Iran is playing in Iraq, but to compare iran with israel requires a total insanity and blind hatred. There is nothing 'shiite' origin in this ugliness. The origion of this uglyness is a political one, you faind that in every will to power and personal gain and intresst. I hate al-Hakim almost more than everyting in this world, I say almost beucase I hate the fascist American barbarity and the Zionist Nazi barbarism more since al-Hakim is a direct product of London, the American Zionist barbarity and fascism. I hate Ali Sistani. I hate his face, that bears traces of all human reactionary and shamelessness. I hate them more than any other thing(except their creator, lord and slave master, the fascist, nazi american barbarity and the nazi fascist blood-thirsty Israel) on this eart, bu I refuce to hate this animals beucase they are shiits, I hate them beucase they are savage animals for whom no God, no Imam, no Hussein, no value, no shiia, no Ali has ever any single meaning in itself when this animals defend theire personal gain and naked intressts.
I will allways hate the fascist Green zon. In the world of the naked interests, in the world of the bloody political games and the will to power, in the bloody world of discourses, in the world of domination, subordination, in the world of personal gain there is no God, remmeber that, no invocation, no commandment , no mercy, no prophets, no imams, no Sunni, no Shiia, no Ali, no Omar, no Hussein, no faith, no Maawiya, no ayatollah, no religion, no ideals, no values, no Western so-called universal values, no Western so-called universal man , but only a single bloody particularism, only a single bloody moral relativism, only sadism, only celebrated mass murder, only unpunished crimes, only more hatred, more power, power, power, only strength, power, strength. The prospects you open are the prospects of the inevitable defeat and humiliation, the prospects of the collective national suicide. I say all this with sadness, with bitterness.
I say this because I see the dark clouds that start to move across Iraq and the Arab world, dark clouds in a time without backbone, clouds that no one knows what they hide. I say this with sorrow and gnawing anxiety. I say this because I see how our enemies succeeded, how they plan, how they think, how they draw their plans with meticulous accuracy.

But I know it! Your megalomania spares nothing. Your dirty goals are the personal renown, fame, celebrity , long applause and standing ovations in the white world, simply white recognitionm "Tank yoy dear..."Tank you dear..."
I can already imagine your disgusting mouth when it delivers all these servile thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your aim is paltry, petty, trifling; mean selfishness.
Personal interests above all. You have this in common with all the power-women and men. Nothing is new under this sky.
I wish all these "Anonymous" would show their true faces. This previous "speel" has left me dumbfounded. I don't think I've understood it...
Anyway, I just wanted to say to SELMA that her comment is PERFECT. Hugs, M.
Sinbad said…
When will all the Muslim leaders converge on one platform and have a unified stand. When will we stand up to the enemies?

Why the Arab leaders accept this brutal massacre. Why they fail time and time again.

The Arabs are blessed with everything Allah bestowed his blessings on the Arabs. Then why the Arabs have failed and as a result of their failures the whole Muslim society at large has failed.

The Arabs were born leaders and they were supposed to lead from the front and others were supposed to follow. Why the Arabs are the back benchers.

Why the Arab leadership has turned a blind eye to this cruel and barbaric acts of the Zionists in Palestine.

Where are the true Arab warriors like Omar Mukhthar- Khalid bin Walid -where is Hamza of today or can we really have another Saddam Hussein?

Is the entire Arab leadership become impotent?
Kali Manitou said…
About Me
I know I’ve been coming here and seeking nourishment
For a nihilist, this world happens to be refreshment
I’ve been freely spitting on all and everything
Instead of going out and finding a hot fling
Some people look down on me for having no aim
But it is not my interest to have fortune and fame
I could drink, party and or take some drug
Or entertain my rectum with a hunks plug
Instead I accept my state, a pure misery
I have too much nicotine in every artery
So what if I’m morbid and full of contradictions
Don’t you come up with hope and shiny predictions
As if there is an example of peace and brotherhood
Nobody around seems to be in a positive mood
Yes, I’m a house poet in an inconsequential scene
I can’t expect to be loved, neither am I too keen
It’s not hate that I preach; don’t wanna be mean
I am a hypocrite without soul, any faith and creed
I just wait for the moment that I’m freed
Be it divine intervention or simple death
I feel like Abel or Cain but definitely not Seth
So go on dwell in your convictions and endless hope
For a fool the joy is dancing on a slippery rope
Jami said…
I've been reading your blog for a long time...

I am young and foolish, but could not help but write today, after all of the death in Gaza.
I couldn't write when Iraq first fell, and I couldn't write even though the anger was welling up and funny enough it took a Johnny Cash song to get me going....the images of dead men in Gaza just made me numb....
Isn't this all overwhelming?

Thank you for writing. As a young Arab student it is comforting to hear a women who is wiser speaking this way.
Anonymous said…

ANY Iraqi/Arab in general who places sect above nationality, whether of his/her own will or from brainwashing, is an enemy to the Iraqi/Arab in general national identity and unity, THEREFORE an accomplice in the Zionist colonialist genocidal project of which Khomeinist IRAN is the eager and zealous ally of convenience, or muta'a ally, all over the Arabo-Muslim region.

You CANNOT ask the remaining suffering and heroic true (=NATIONALIST, not particularly Sunni, Christian, Shiite or fruitcake)) Iraqis like Layla to turn a blind eye on millions of dead, orphans, widows, exiled, the destruction, impoverishment, pollution, fragmentation of the strong and prosperous beacon of Arabism and anti-Zionism and pardon those collaborators (for a large part SHIITES) who allowed this to happen to run after backward, fanatical, murderous sectarian flags, just because they are "Iraqi", born of Iraqi parents who fled from Iraq when they were 2, speak Iraqi Arab with a Persian poison flavour to it, and once upon a time used to carry an Iraqi Baath card which they shamefully sullied by their savage whorish support of the driller-in-chief and regicide Moqtada Ibn Al-Kalb Ibn Al-Set'a wa Seeteen Kalb or other Zionist-Iranian monstruous creatures like the verbal diarrhoeic, deceitful, sectarian, all wind and no substance, Nasr-al-my ass of Ze Lebanon.

There is something called INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY. It's NOT Layla's fault now and it was NOT the glorious Martyred President's fault back in the days of the much-lamented (by Zionists such as Chomsky) so-called "persecution of the Shiites". It is not the true nationalist non-sectarian Iraqis' fault if many of those INDIVIDUALS who betrayed their nation happen to be Shiites. Layla NEVER said, and less than ever did Saddam Hussein with his firm untarnished humanistic beliefs, that EVERY Shiite individual is a dog. She only speaks out against that MAJORITY of idiotic and/or evil people (of any sect or race) who sold out the great non-sectarian egalitarian Iraq - and are individually RESPONSIBLE for such a crime regardless of the over-used "brainwashing", "I was obeying the orders", excuse.

Now take all of your goody-goody unrealistic fence-sitter's rhetoric, piss the hell off and let us celebrate this immense day, this historical watershed, this Anniversary of death and renaissance of the eternal Arab spirit, dignity and mission.



Hugs and kisses to you my dear Layla :-)
Anonymous said…

Very well said. Please take note that there were large peace rallies in Tel Aviv today. Many Israelis are horrified by the unfortunate loss of life that is ongoing.

I think Saddam had the right idea when he challenged Bush the coward to a duel before the Iraq War. Instead of innocent citizens bearing the brunt of their leaders' lack of leadership, let the leaders themselves fight it out. Unfortunately, most nations are led by cowards who only know how to send others to do their dirty work.
Anonymous said…
e said

Just a couple of remarks. I have read Anonymous and he is right.
You write
"There is something called INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY." It is just what the Anonymous is trying to say, namely individual responsibility. From some Arab "Sunni" countries USA invaded Iraq and killed 1,5 million Arabs. It has emerged that some "Sunni" Arab leaders gave Israel their consent to attack Gaza 28/1208. From the "Sunni" Arab country Egypt, Tzipora Malka "Tzipi" Livni threatened Gaza.
I can hardly understand the betrayal of those countries by sectarian glasses.
Much of what Layla Anwar writes is sectarian, unfortunately.

Anonymous said…
Bless you Layla, bless your rage. You are one of our hardiest fighters. Unless I am mistaken you know how to reach me for anything I can give.
It is not only the boys who will fight, old men like me, women like you will have an end to the evil.

Stupidly weeping, but I still can swing my axe and hit my mark.

A suggestion:
I may have missed your writing, but someone should tear apart the Angry pseud-Arab; there would be noone better than you

Anonymous said…
Benny From Israel,
Yes, you fascist Zionist, inhuman jews, you colonial, criminal pigs, you dare to talk about "Many Israelis are horrified," you liar, a majority of the colonial pigs in your vile Israel said on 28/12/08, when the Eastern European racist massacre of the children in Gaza began: "Finally!"
Write on Anwar's blog,
the blog of the Zionist and shameless sectarian liar Layla Anwar. Hitler was long more human than you Eastern European brutal, inhuman jews, diseases and dirty racist pigs, which has destroyed at least two Arab countries, Iraq and Palestine. Unfortunately, the Holocaust was a lie, alas!! The real Holocaust is the one you Eastern European jews created in Palestine and Iraq.

Layla Anwar said…
Al Ajmee Anonymous and his partner Noman...

So anonymous, you did not choke on your vomit yet ? Wallah what a pity!
Ya gawad, gawada, you are not even an Iraqi...spell Muqtada correctly are a give away.
Yalla go and produce your website about zionist layla fake piece of shit. I know where you are coming from. Your propaganda and that of Noman that other moron, is akin to the Zionist hasbara ...
Ya awlad al kalb, you keep denying and closing an eye on the FACT that America put in place a SECTARIAN Shiite shit government and that they all landed from Iran on American tanks.
Ya hypocrites, ya kharrawat, do you want me to give you the history of each single ibn ga7ba ajmee in the Iraqi puppet government ?

Well you know their names already...
And you call me sectarian ya awlad al sharmoota...

You and your fucking sect collaborated with the Americans and destroyed the last bastion of anti imperialism and anti zionism and you come and give me lessons ???

You and your fucking sectarian sect, are AS RACIST AS ANY ZIONIST, and have engaged in mass ethnic sectarian cleansing of Baghdad and the South..while your shits called the kurds have cleansed the North from all Arabs be it Sunnis or Christians..and you call me sectarian ?

You are WORSE than the Zionists, entu HUTHALA ya awlad al kalb.

And just because I give you a platform on my blog does not mean I can't kick your rotten asses away...

Ya Awlad al TAQQIYA from Qum...
Layla Anwar said…
Will reply to other comments later...
I needed to get the above pieces of shit in order first.
Thanks for your patience... mind you no one can compete with mine...
OK, am done with self congratulations...will come back later .

Till soon...
Bayou Girl said…
Great post on Gaza/Baghdad and the occupations. I linked to your blog - my visitors need to read what you write, although my own blog is new. You tell the truth. God Bless Iraq and Palestine! peace to you Layla!
Angel said…
Hi Layla

I watched the news in horror, couldn't believe what I was seeing, or hearing for that matter.

The Israeli soldiers were singing a song with words to this effect: "we are going to smash Palestine"

In the meantime, Iraq is forgotten again.
Anonymous said…
two husbands eh? the first a shiite nd the second a xtian, a whore is what you are.
your days are numbered, you zionist whore, the countdown has started.
Anonymous said…
forget to say, let your rotten saddam save you bitch
KM said…

Israel rams and apparently tries to sink a boat carrying relief supplies for Gazans.

Israel HATES truths from being exposed to the World. They prefer to play the innocent victim while murdering and blaming those they murder, in some form of twisted self righteousness.

They are not suffering for lack of medicine, food or water or lacking shelter and decent schools. These fucking zionist pig shits kill becus theyre zionists pig shits.

Claims of a 6 million holocaust my ass. Those claims are fucking bogus...and just asmuch as outright lies as Colin Powell before the UN folding up a glass tube claiming Iraq had tons of weapons of mass destruction ! Fucking Lies. All fucking American, Israeli & British Lies.

OH how I wish the President of Iraq could have been free to be allowed to speak in those fucking allied forces bullshit courtroom! The fucking truth would have come out ! Notice how the stage that doubled as a courtroom had NO evidence supporting the lies for the illegal invasion into Iraq! None !

Nuremberg trials of the Nazis. much bullshit was allowed as evidence and how much truth was denied entry as exhibits for the proceedings ?

Same lying bullshit with the 9/11 Commission regarding 9/11....evidence denied and evidence allowed......that fits the "official story"!

And here we have the same lying mother fuckers ! The oh so righteous Americans that IN FACT brought Nazis to the United States to learn the Nazi programs and technology. HA....pardon and employ NAZI war criminals. Why even go thru the antics of having a trial against the Nazis in the first place?

Oh thats right........somebody had to be "officially" declared as a worse offender and others officially claimed to be victors and other officially claimed to be victims.

I wish oil & gas could be stopped from entering Israel
KM said…
I hope somehow, good things come yer way Layla for this year.

Anonymous said…
This barbaric assault by the Israelis is the supreme crime against humanity. I have seen many images of bombed out buildings, devastated neighborhoods and bodies of young children being placed in untimely graves – all this carnage is involving Palestinians. The only recent images of damage and death suffered by Israelis that I have seen is one dead man at the bottom of a stairwell and a hole in the side of a wall. As a matter of fact, a White House spokesman complained that what was offensive is that “Israelis are having to spend a considerable amount of time in bomb shelters.” Also, I don’t believe that the Israelis are suffering from a shortage of food, energy and medical supplies as a result of a Palestinian blockade. What am I to do? Believe propaganda or my “lying eyes”? When I see death, grievous injuries and great suffering imposed on innocents who are, in effect, living as refugees in their own country, I maintain my humanity by speaking out against those despicable and inhumane monsters responsible.
Anonymous said…
Hizballah Exposing Israel and America - Gaza massacre
Anonymous said…
America's cowboy Christian preachers are teaching the American children to hate all Arabs and Muslims. "Jesus camp" on google and youtube - mind all the ugly White Christian hate.

Israelis White Rabbis are teaching their children to lie, steal and kill Palastinians.

Iran's mullas are teaching their death squads to hate all Shi and Sunni Muslims who refuse to worship their black and white turbans. (One day Iran will become a Muslim nation again, no mulla can stop that.)

All three clergy are the same man, the same religion and the same sect. Fear, Hate, Steal, Kill and Lie - ever since their forefather Cain murdered their uncle Able they have been killing their fellow humans for Fun and Profit.

America, Israel and Iran - united in hate, murder and lies - Iraq and Afghanistan are proof of that to anyone who cares to look past their brain washing.

KM said…

Remember how we 'spoke' briefly here on yer blog not too long ago about providing weapons to some Palestinians.

I cant recall exactly to who, or what was mentioned, as far as who was going to be doing the providing though.

Here's a related link.

I was on a website reading what Abdul-Aziz Al-Hakim was saying while inside the white-house on a recent visit. It comes across as very wierd that the US alleges to put sanctions on Iranian banks, but the Iranian president is warmly greeted by the shia in government positions in your country of Iraq. As you stated earlier, the Iranian president signed a number of trade agreements with Iraq.

More 'strangeness' are the kisses Bush received that you have already mentioned.

I also have a link that is written from a jew. In it, he states that in 1941 Hitler provided jews with means in which to leave Eastern Europe. The zionist leadership however flat out refused the destination Hitler offered and demanded their destination be Palestine.

Im aware of what Israel ( aided and allowed by the US ) is doing to the Palestinians this day I write.

We american citizens are responsible for our government. I am an american citizen. This makee me irresponsible.
I am sorry for being irresponsible and allowing all the many hells.

I am one. This World needs more american citizens to follow me but the fuck of it is, it should have been done long long time ago.

i believe we americans are arrogant failures and proud losers....amongst other things..and are going backward and not forward in experiencing this existence
Anonymous said…
*deep breath* I do love the smell of burning corpses in the morning. If those savages want to kill each other I say go ahead and get it over with. Stop all this half hearted efforts. Kill until there is no one left with a different point of view. kill! :) haha WWIII bitches! it's coming! I don't know about ya'll but I'm willing to bet that the western world is going to inflict an amazing amount of misery to what ever foolish backwards countries stands against them. Lets see how many shoes will be left once the napalm starts melting the very ground you walk on. WAR!!!! Yeehaw!! The meek shall inherit this Earth after all :)
KM said…

Anonymous said…

I hope You are allright, and that your silence is a sign of thoughtfulness or alike but not anything gruesome.

Anyhow, I like to make a comment.

I think Questions of Iraq's freedom is not about its ancestry, its thousands of the year of culture and tradition -- its ancestry consists of a multitude of different powers acting in the area through all these years -- but one of the modern state's and nations under international law.

That means to come to terms with today's criminal breaking of international and -- I suppose! -- National laws; the United States and their allies war crimes against Iraq and the guilt of the cooperating puppet regime.

How or if the resistance movement addresses as a necessity whether or not to liberate Iraq to a secular or a religious state in regard of the arisen situation with a lot of religious motives going on... is of no other states or peoples concern but their own.

Even if I personally think that it is no future in a confessional state to modern mankind, because their mindset of free choice is larger than rigid laws in the religious scriptures .

Another thing, you remember I talked to you about ... trying to make some of your blogwritings to a book..I want to present you for some publishers through a little selection from your blogs ..

So Could you make a selection of .. say.. 20 of the ones you find most important and personal from Laylas perspective?

And Maybe for your alement ..listen to the 4 CD collection from the tangofestival in Athens "Last tango in Athens" You get it from the pirate bay and also listen to "Pa´Bailar" by Bajofondo.

Take care

Anonymous said…
How do your psychology books characterise your hallucinations about men falling for you. Could it be that you are still trying to prove you are a woman ? face reality, that is if you want to regain your distorted mental and psychological balance for the rest of your life ; you are a shemale, there must be some latin name for your condition. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
Anonymous said…
From now on bitch you are my i love to humiliate that ugly head of yours placed on that DWAREDLY PROPORTIONATED BODY of yours. you spinister ugly whore. you are the wicked witch they use to scare children HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
I have defeated your soul and crushed your ugly soul with my shoes. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Anonymous said…

Fuck off,

Ya watiya ya mentyina ya bint ell garabee3. Matitkalmeesh 3la assyadik we assyad ahlik.

you will go through hell. I have seen you ya teez el erd.

You are bow legged with a nasty face bigger than your ass.

you will be scandalised all over the world and your bow legs will be broken,
I will desttroy you.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

Thank you very much for the wonderful blog.

But I guessss it is time now that you go off the net.

By the way, I would never want to tell you what those who are supposed to be your friends said about you. LOL

You know very well that Iam green which is Killing you;jealousy is burning you inside out. your black evil psychotic self has developed an internal self-defence mechanism aginst total internal collapse, because of your feeling so low, by projecting your dirt on me. You feel so bad because pople like me exist.

Admit it you are a defeated scat woman. Now that I ma devouring you like a dirty, scum worthless street shit, who of you manly friends would be man enough to protect you from my fangs stuck deep inside your rotten meat- whore.

Ya fashla, ya ghabiya- you are stealing my core ideas on your blog.

I've read your two recent posts about "green" and, beautiful, the last one on "hands" but I'm surprised that comments are not allowed. Is there a reason for this? or is your computer not working? Hugs, M.
KM said…

US helping Iran with Bushehr

where are you passion lady?

we've been paaaaaayshuuuuunt hoping you are 'well' and realise you need yer time too.

Layla Anwar said…
Hi Bayou girl and thanks for visiting and your comment and welcome to my blog. :-)
Layla Anwar said…

hey how are you ?
thank you for your words, I am glad I can be a source of inspiration for some...and a source of wrath for others...;-)
and the correction has been noted, I used 1974 as this is a date I can back with historical evidence. I know a little about Barazani's father political wanderings...but I could not confirm that he dealt with Israel as far back as the 1950's. So thank you for showing it.
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks and happy new year to you.
You are correct, we are bombarded with holocaust stuff day in and day out...but today and in the past 60 years, for those who care to open their EYES, they would easily see who is bombarding whom with real bombs, cluster bombs and napalm...last gory episode GAZA.

Regarding your second comment. Merche, not only do I have bad computer problems, but I really have NO MORE TIME to moderate comments. I will reintroduce comments once I have more time, but for now, I am afraid, readers will have to content themselves with just reading my posts and nodding in silence or wish to strangle me in silence too. :-)
Layla Anwar said…

thank you for the extracts from the Anne Frank diaries, very a propos considering what is happening in Palestine. And you are spot on when you mention the parallels between Aushwitz and Gaza.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous, sorry meant Warsaw but Aushwitz is applicable too. Am sure you will agree.
Layla Anwar said…
Hiya Little Deer,

I share your contempt but will extend it to the whole world...
Happy New Year.
Layla Anwar said…
Hey Urungu,

Happy new year and keep up the prose for 2009.
YES you are RIGHT, the late Martyr Saddam Hussein welcomed all palestinians...I find it very strange to say the least, that those who claim to be pro-palestinian and that includes the Iranians, FAIL, UTTERLY FAIL and deliberately so, to point this out.
The truth is always covered up with more jargon, cliches, and slogans....but where is the ACTION NOW ?????
Layla Anwar said…

Hello dear, everyone is very angry...boiling hot. Massacre after massacre, genocide after genocide, holocaust after holocaust...
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for your intelligent comment. Correct analysis...

As for evidence of Iran's involvement in Iraq, I can provide you with 1000000000 links. I am sorry I don't have the time for that right now. I would suggest you do two things. Read my other blog ARAB WOMAN NEWS, it has not been updated in a while. But there you will find PICTURES for PROOF, just click on view profile and scroll down to the blog bearing above name.

And you can also consult this blog, older posts where links are provided. Of course you can also read the Uruknet archives, if you have not done already so. It covers the Iranian involvement in Iraq by linking to various other bloggers and news articles.

Layla Anwar said…
Hello Captain Sinbad,

Impotency for Arab leaders only ?
The whole world is IMPOTENT.
Layla Anwar said…
Hello J,

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Why this numbness and inability to write ? You are an Arab, use your writing skills and give channel to your thoughts and feelings, am sure they are suffocating under this anasthesia you impose upon yourself...
Layla Anwar said…

great comment as usual.
Layla Anwar said…

My God, long time no see. Hope you are well. Thank you for a touching comment...Trust me if you ever come and visit this part of the world, you will see the rage painted all over the cities.
Take care dear Grettir,
Layla Anwar said…

you said : "All three clergy are the same man, the same religion and the same sect. Fear, Hate, Steal, Kill and Lie - ever since their forefather Cain murdered their uncle Able they have been killing their fellow humans for Fun and Profit"

I AGREE 100%. Is that why they lynched SECULARS ? A stumbling block in their way, I suppose !
Layla Anwar said…

one does not expect anything else from someone like constantly need to remind everyone what american "cowboys" are all about...Take heart, cowboy, we will never forget or forget what you are all about. I hope that should provide you some extra sensations for relishing the smell of burnt flesh !
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks for the links. LALOUPE was enquiring about those links so great of you for providing them. LALOUPE please read KM's comment with the links IRAN-US-IRAQ.

As for my passion, well KM it is here, but I also need to spend time for myself...don't you agree? I am passionate but not a machine!
Good "stuff" your way for 2009.
Layla Anwar said…
Hiya Angel,

Good insight! Have you also noticed the parallels ? When the war of aggression was taking place on lebanon, in 2006, there was virtually a black out of news from Iraq, where the most hideous sectarian cleansing was taking place. It is happening again while Gaza is under Israeli fire, however I noticed something else, whenever another war is being waged in lands of proximity like Lebanon or Gaza, the car bombs and the rest increases in Iraq. As if to remind the world, HEY WE ARE STILL UNDER OCCUPATION TOO !
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and thanks for your thoughtful comment as usual.
I don't watch American news unless absolutely necessary like CNN and the rest...I had the misfortune of watching of doing so, the other day and listening to those bastards one would think that it is GAZA that is attacking Israel with napalm and cluster bombs and imposing an ENMARGO on a suffering civilian population.

GROTESQUE is an under qualification. I honestly don't know how you guys over there, can put up reading and listening to this crap day in and day out....I would have gone crazy a long time ago!
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous re Hezbollah,

We are waiting for ACTION "dear", we don't need Hezbollah to expose the massacres, we already know of them. Yalla still waiting !
But in the meantime, please go and cook some slogans for me, I am hungry too !
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous re Hezbollah,

We are waiting for ACTION "dear", we don't need Hezbollah to expose the massacres, we already know of them. Yalla still waiting !
But in the meantime, please go and cook some slogans for me, I am hungry too !
Layla Anwar said…

Okay so I was married twice, what is the big fucking deal ? Once a shiite and once a christian, so what ?
But being the typical Arab, instead of concentrating on real issues, you chose to attack me on a personal level with death threats...

But let me ask you one question before am done with scum like you,
Am I more of a whore than your muta'a and sigheh women or less of a whore ? And am I more of a whore than all the whores you in all probabilities are so used to ?

I doubt it...Only ignorant cunts like you can come up with such garbage...

And by the way, you don't intimidate me, go and grow a real penis for a change.
Anonymous said…
Mayada Kharawy

3la allah ya bint In3aam Noury othmaan ashoofik fi masr. I will break every bone of your ugly decaying body.

I can supply my address(es) and all contact details. So let's see who of your Khadameed friends can save you.


we are the masters here ya bint al angaas ya 7'adama.

Hankti3lik as7aabik law 7d fata7 booko

yalla ya bint el khadameen yalli betsta7mi belteen
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Burnin,

Interesting points you raised.
If I understood you correctly, you are saying that whatever "ideological colors" the Resistance takes, it is basically their own business, however you don't agree that a "religion driven" resistance will allow adaptability to the "modern world" because of a "rigid mind frame".

Some valid points in general, regarding ALL nations based on "religious " ideas, and that includes ISRAEL. Not much criticisism is done on the RELIGIOUS NATURE of Israel though.

And the US and "its coalition of the willing" are not religious states as far as I know, (except for Iran as a collaborator), so how did a "non rigid secular mind frame" prevent genocides and massacres in the ARAB MUSLIM WORLD ?

Insofar as your second point regarding publishing, I will have to give it some thought and will contact you via other means.

Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous above, with all of your comments,

Seems to me you are yet another online psycho...
I checked Iraqi mojo's blog and you call yourself Youssef Mansour,

I do not know anyone called Y.Mansour, nor M.Kharawi nor any of the names you mentioned.
It is clear from your comments that you are a unwell and very sick and your accent makes me believe that you are an Egyptian that you are an Egyptian...your style is familiar to me...I have seen it on other arab blogs.

I believe you have been harassing other female bloggers, stalking them and threatening them, making up stories about them, under your different aliases...Hamid, Ivan, Youssef Mansour, while hiding your true identity that of AMRE EL-ABYAD.

It is obvious Amre that you are having another psychotic breakdown...Seek Help now!

A few links for comments sections comparing insult and threats style clearly point to you AMRE EL ABYAD


By the way your HAAAAAAAAAAAAA is a giveaway.
Anonymous said…
hehehehehehe, yep that's amre el isswid alright, his style is sooooooooooooo easy to spot. this guy is fuckin nuts, he invents stories and beleives them, poor shit,

somone oght to inform his parents and have him locked up.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
KM said…
Ha Typing numbers online is proof?

Layla Anwar said…
KM, tell me about it,
Layla Anwar said…
Amre El Abyad,

Come on boy, I know it is you Amre El Abyad.

Your cut and paste mails mean nothing, you spend your whole days and weeks on my blog... And you sit and edit and cut and paste and fabricate stories about people I have never heard of...
Someone really ought to put you in a strait jacket and inform your father and mother. I am sure he will not be too pleased.

Go get a life and a job, you are making a fool out of yourself poor cowardly boy. Being dumped so many times is hard I do understand...but face it poor boy, you are a laughing stock all over the net.

And cut and paste and edit and publish and copy as much as you like, I don't give a fuck about your psychotic stories. Everyone knows you are a raving psychopath. In and out of mental institutions.

And if you have such an obssessive crush on me, which I do understand fully, you surely missed your chance. Hahahahaha what a poor kid!
Anonymous said…

Have fun psychotherapist. your emails are being forwarded to the entire blogsphere
Layla Anwar said…
Amre El Abyad,

You got it wrong again, I am no psychotherapist, I am an MD...

Can't help it if you have been dumped by several women and you keep getting confused in your very sick head...besides Amre, why can't you admit to the whole WWW that you have a crush on me and can't get over it...? And that you are dying to know what I look like, what my exact details are, what my exact name is ?

Short of that you keep take bits and pieces from here and there, cut and paste and pretend that you know Ziltch poor boy...

Come on be a man, for once ?!

Nope, not possible with you...As I said you missed your chance and you are a sore cunt of a loser...

But please be my guest, do try harder...


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