The Nature of the Beast...

"Native Americans lived for scores of years in Chicago, on the shores of Lake Michigan...They lived peacefully until the year 1673 when a traveler and mapmaker by the name of Louis Joliet, accompanied by a French Jesuit monk named Jacques Marquette "discovered" Chicago. Soon thousands of colonists descended upon it just like ants on a pot of honey. During the hundred ensuing years the while colonists waged horrific genocidal wars, in the course of which they killed anywhere from five to twelve million Native Americans throughout North America. Anyone reading American history must pause at this paradox: the white colonists who killed millions of Indians and stole their lands and other possessions were, at the same time, extremely religious Christians. But this paradox is resolved once we learn about the prevalent views in that era. Many white colonists believed that " American Indians," even though they were, somehow, God's creatures, were not created in the spirit of Christ but rather in another imperfect and evil spirit. Others confidently asserted that they were like animals, creatures without a soul or conscience, hence they did not have the same value as white men. Thanks to those convenient theories, the colonists were able to kill as many Native Americans as they liked without any shadow of regret or feeling of guilt. No matter how horrific were the massacres they conducted all day long, it did not detract from the purity of their bedtime prayers every evening. The genocidal wars ended with a crushing victory for the founding fathers..."

Extract from the book Chicago by a great Egyptian writer, Alaa Al Aswany, p.1-2.

OK Alaa, if your sales go up, you will know why.
The introductory setting for the above took place in Chicago, year 1673.

An Arab city, 2008. A mail received from white Tracy, (a pretty fucked up name for starters) undoubtedly an American "female" - if such a thing still exists in the USA.

Transcribed word for word.

"It is obvious that your religion and beliefs are Hate filled! Can’t you feel your hatred? ~~That is not God given that is Human & Evil!
I pray for you to be loving and kind to everyone, we are all one!
Sisters and Brothers all of us, white, brown, yellow ….one big family under one God above!
No worries, Good will triumph!
May God Bless you with a Loving heart Sister! "

Tracy the "woman" from Amerikkka sent me this mail, knowing am an Iraqi.
After her country has murdered over one million of us, with impunity, turned 5 million of us into refugees, bombed our homes, destroyed our livelihoods, murdered our loved ones, our families, our president, tortured and raped us, maimed thousands of us, turned millions into widows and orphans, stole our wealth and resources, desecrated our temples, erased our history...while we were living peacefully minding our own business...

"Sister" Tracy writes in the year 2008. She writes as a good white Christian.

From Chicago 1673 to Baghdad 2008, has anything changed in America ?

Not really.

Do reflect on the nature of this unchanging, doomed, Beast. Reflect on it and its progenitors, France, England and the rest of the "civilized" West.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Fareed Al-Zaidi.


Anonymous said…
layla this was a great piece of insight and i can see why u dedicated a whole post to it
Anonymous said…
im a little busy, will offer more analysis and opinions in a bit
Anonymous said…
white people SUCK - and unfortunately i was born as one of them - thanx to all the gods that my neurons don't shoot off like all those other fuckers -
Anonymous said…
@layla, has anything changed in your beloved Irak, the craddle od civilization??!! From our correspondence, your ignorance of the facts, and your hatred for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, it is obvious that nothing has changed! But if you want to believe, it was not Turks, the ancestors of native American Indians, who could craddle you for a life time, it is YOUR problem!!
Black Elk
Anonymous said…
hahahahahahahahahahahahaha@ Nur,

you are so fucked up, it is almost hilarious. Come let me craddle you back to sanity ! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Anonymous said…
by the way,
what made you comment on native americans or american indians??!!! They're not ARAB!!! They were just fooled by the glory of gold, power and religion, just like YOU!!!! And let us not forget THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!
Anonymous said…
It is unbelievable that you can find it so hilarious, when what you live on is suffering!!??? And you can stick your sanity up your Layla Anwar ass!!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
dance me @ uncensored Layla Anwar.
Anonymous said…
In a similar vein, Angela Riedel has an excellent article here:

Western 'civilization' won't survive much longer unless we acknowledge and renounce our methodology of death and domination.
Anonymous said…
Layla is schizophrenic with at least 2 different personalities: harsh, virile and patriotic on ArabWomanBlues, wistfully romantic and individualist on Uncensored.
Anonymous said…
Had there been life on the Moon, the US space colonizers would certainly have eradicated it too...
KM said…

Yer claiming Turks are descendants of 'Native Americans'?

Another era of 'fine' American factual history is the Witch Hunts that took place here in America. What they did to those they caught and accused of being witches seems to be almost a precurser to waterboarding and other torture operations to try to get some kind of confession.

All done ofcourse by the religious christian fundamentalists seeking to drive out the 'un-godly' by un-godly means. Brings alot of truth into the saying- What I See In Me / I Hate In Thee.

I was looking over some Budhists sayings in a shop the other day. One said something along the lines of : The caterpillar surely thought it's life had come to an end right before it became a butterfly.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Layla. All the horrors and evil committed by the 'west' in the name of Christianity ... I think we know what Christ would have to say if He came down to earth and passed judgement... And He'd send Tracey to where she rightfully belongs - to Hell. What does she know about LOVE in order to preach to you?

I think Tracey the Preacher would find the following teachings of Jesus worth remembering and dwelling upon:

1. 'that which has Caesar on it, belongs to Caesar' - i.e., that which has IRAQ on it, belongs to IRAQ, so stop coveting and stealing what does not belong to you; then the Iraqis won't hate you;

2. 'remove the log from your eye before pointing out the splinter in your neighbour's' - i.e. you and yours have given Christianity a BAD name; work on that rather than pointing at Islam;

3. 'let who is without sin cast the first stone' - Tracey, before accusing Layla of (justified) hatred, try to figure out the cause for her hatred and anger: you are the cause (you and yours have destroyed the entire existence of the Iraqi people, not just for now but for generations to come - don't forget the cancer causing DU that you have generously distributed all over Iraq, while you're at it.) Does that demonstrate Love (Christ's Love?) Go to Hell, Tracey, with your pretence at being a 'good Christian'.

And I'm a Christian.

In solidarity, Layla.
Anonymous said…
And one more thing, Tracey - Christ is honoured by the Muslims and in the Holy Qu'ran; none of the blasphemous films on Christ were shown anywhere in the Arab world (they were all banned) - and where did they originate from???? The so-called 'Christian America'.

Double 'Go to hell', Tracey. Hypocrite.

Sorry, Layla, I detest these sanctimonious 'Christians' especially those who originate in Amerikkka (!!!!) more than anything else.
Anonymous said…
So Iraq under Saddam was "minding its own business", huh ?

Really ?

Check your memory.
bARABie said…
Shut up jewish maggot!
bARABie said…
jewish maggot squealed...

"So Iraq under Saddam was "minding its own business", huh ?

Really ?

Check your memory."

Compared to israhell, Iraq was a hermit when it came to interfering in everybody else's business.
Anonymous said…

Palestine was, is and will always be Iraq's "business" as it is ARAB land.

Go back to where you belong or die.
bARABie said…
I still can't believe a jewish maggot is squealing about minding one's own business.
This is the CUNTry that even spies on it's allies like the yanks.
This is a CUNTry that carries out terror against it's own allies, think lavon and liberty.

Shall i keep going ya maggot????

Something Little deer said which applies more to you ya jewish maggot....... "'remove the log from your eye before pointing out the splinter in your neighbour's'".
bARABie said…
And weren't those Scuds beautiful when they landed on jewish maggots.

Ah those were the days.
Anonymous said…
Scud of my ass you're no longer in a position to threaten us.

We evirated you. Without the beast Saddam your brave fighters are little more than screaming wet sissies.

Arab nationalism is kaputt!
bARABie said…
You know the native Indians did get their own back, eventually. :)

After the yanks had slaughtered the natives they ran out of people to kill, so in true murderous fashion, they turned on each other and started massacring one another. Now that would have been music to the natives ears, well it is to mine anyway. :)
Anonymous said…
And Barabitch, you did the right thing by closing your stupid blog. I'm pleased.
bARABie said…
"Arab nationalism is kaputt!"


Keep deluding yourself bitch.

As long as ONE Arab is alive, Arab nationalism EXISTS. :)

Burn on that ya maggot.
bARABie said…
"you did the right thing by closing your stupid blog."

Maybe i should re open JUST to piss a jewish maggot off.

Btw how the fuck do you test the "intelligence" of a fucking blog you dumb retard?
bARABie said…
""you did the right thing by closing your stupid blog."

Pity i couldn't close your mom's legs before that donkey raped her and she gave birth to you.
bARABie said…
The WORST kind of "human being" has to be a white jewish maggot supremacist like that maggot dentist i recently had the misfortune of visiting.

And lucky i don't have any gold fillings either.
Anonymous said…
We are "maggots" you "heroes" haven't been able to defeat in 70 years!!!

Nasser is dead. Saddam Hussein is dead. But hey we're still here!

How come, you may ask. I'll tell you. It's because we know very well who we are and what we want, while you Arabs know neither!

Please do keep barking on and on. It's music to our ears!

Anonymous said…
they can call it religion in the name of jesus christ or democracy ; but they use it just to hide the only thing they can do, they love to do ; kill, torture, murder ;
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla
Irish John here. What a burden religion is on the shoulders of humanity. If we could start by ridding the world of that first. What next?............ I firmly believe that one human is as fucked up as the next but I have to admit that Americans (and their whores the Israelis) are the worst. The world would not weep in their absence.
Anonymous said…
After the liberation, I suggest Paola Pisi of Uruknet should be awarded the Iraqi citizenship.
Gilbert Mercier said…
Interesting analogy between American Indians and Iraqis.
Good read.
Anonymous said…
The Insightful Layla:

In order to defeat the beast, you have to know the beast, its history and its past, its motivation, its paterns of thinking and its past war ruses.

I would like to remind eveyone that the genocide of the Native American population happend not only through guns but also by poisoned gifts. As a matter of fact the with measles infected blankets, given away to Native Americans, caused more deaths than the guns. So avoid the gifts as they are probably woven with electronic tracers and HF antena like the radioantenas in the windshields of modern cars.
Anonymous said…
Layla, what do you think of Qadhafi of Lybia expressing his "admiration" for Rice and calling her "my darling black African woman" ?
KM said…
Small pox also played a part in killing Native 'Indians'.
The phrase that was used. : "The only good Indian is a dead Indian", apparently was widely used. They were called heathens & hostiles..savages..uncivilzed animals, etc.

Many of the 'founding fathers' of the United States were slave owners and wealthy land owners ( hmm wonder where & how the land was acquired ), and even later US presidents seeked the extermination of them.

One can also go thru and look at past laws that were passed by the United States congress and how they seeked to destroy the native populations. One Act was the Indian Removal Act.

Manifest Destiny was the ever westward expansion of the US all the way to the Pacific Ocean. SO many treaties, one after the other, were sytematically broken by the US. They would tell them that as long as the sun rises & sets, this piece of land will be yours touse as you wish. Then later they would come back and say that now, move here, and THIS wil be yer land as long as the sun rises and sets. The tracts of land kept getting smaller and smaller and can be seen today by what are called Indian Reserves.

The timber companies moved in, railroads, cattle & sheep ranchers, farmers and of course gold seekers. Along with them came the Christian missionaries. These missionaries were sure a 'fine' piece of work and they are a story unto themselves.

Indians were not sterling examples of morality and the perfect environmentalists. Idont think any grouping of races can be. But to me, when these political types of recent years stand up there and give their speeches and claim that this country was founded upon freedoms, eqality, liberties and freedom of It was a campaign, enacted by actual laws passed by presidents & congress to commit genocide ( by its very definition )..and they are PROUD of This ???

So they gained control over the land, the People, the resources and set up their own ideas of how Life should be. They ran out of land and began to look at other countries. Places like Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska. Some are now actual US states and others are 'territories'. Other countries have just become bought out or threatened into falling under US dominance.

Its a virus and today it goes by the term of "spreading democracy" or having to go in and protect People from all the so called "terrorists" running around.

Today the Untied States sti has their military outposts that give 'protection' to their once again, so called "world wide interests", ( oil pipelines as one example ), they stil have the Christian missionaries going into far away places to "save" People from going to hell, still have presidents & congress establishing and passing laws that are used to empower themselves against People of different races, nationalities & cultures. Biological & chemical weapons are manufactured and stockpiled ( just in case Im guessing )...just in case they believe it is god's will to do such things. Corporate investors and those seeking to discover & find their own gols & fortunes move in. Same shit, different era.
KM said…
Manifest Destiny / Indian Removal Act.

This focuses just on 5 South Eastern Indian tribes. This was not the first and it wasn'nt to be the last
Deennaa said…
I'm coming to reply to this, as always, shining post. I have to go to work - unlike some of your stinking enemies with their rotten words here. Yes, I have something to say to your intelligent ones here - the name calling children who descend into their ugly mean spirited immaturity will get an eyefull but won't be able to understand for they are really dead in their brains & dead in their humanity. Trying to smarten up dumb is an exercise in futility. I'll be back soon. All love to you sister.

Anonymous said…
KM seems rather new to me.
The infiltration of anti-War movement by secret service types is a fact and some of them use the same terminology and phrasiology. KM makes me think of Dr. Allen.
Anonymous said…
"The People" who murdered the native Americans were certainly Not Christians, they were worshipers of the white priets and rabbis who went against the word of God in the Bible and Torah and will go to Hell for it. The white mans relgions is thou shall not murder white people, thou shall steal from white people - you know, like the Iranian mullas religion - and we should never blame their religons for it, just their satan worshiping clergy and the dumb white brutes will pay for it in full in hell.

"extremely religious Christians" - that is Christians who do not murder or steal, you must not include America's White European "Christians" in that catagory - they are minsters who worship a white satan, no more - their popes and priests call it "dominion" meaning more wealth and power to the church, against everything in their holy books - that satan worship is what drove them to murder the native Americans, and it is against the Bible.

You'll see it in the baby killing American and Israel "soldiers" - they havge no fear of God, only fear of some camera recording their actions - their religion is anything their white rabbis and priests tell them to do - not what the Bible says - and they have no intention of changeing it and can only change when God destroys them in the Armageddon the little white gods Rev. Pat Robertson, Parsley and Hagee preach each Sunday to their zionist sheep.

You have to understand AmeriKKKa by looking at their White clergy, their god is satan and they feel his love when they murder millions of people in Asia and starve millions in Africa - they will not apoligize, what they do they do for their beloved white gods and nothing you can say or do will change them.

I recomend you look at Sarah Palin's church - the pentacostals are just as in love with satan as the southeran baptists and the satan worshiping enavgelicals - they play with snakes and "talk in tougues" - all of them demanding more murder of non-White people around the world and terrefied that a non white president might lower the number of murders their satanic army, navy and airforce murder around the world.

They will be stoped, same as they were stoped along with the satan worshiping Persians 14 centuries ago - the current mullas in Iran are no different than the white rabbis and priests and will be flushed down history's toilet soon enough - just give it time and pray for the Peace they fear so much.
KM said…
ok an nonymous (above). I guess you caught me so I will tell you.

My forefathers came to this planet a long long time ago, They were a race of giants and came to earth for relationships with human women. The reptilain creatures are another creation and travel the universe and they are watching planet Eath too.

I however, was on a space craft that was over Russia nd they sent up 20 MIG interceptors after us and we dove into the Manchurian rift off the coast of Japan.

Another reason the Reptilian civilization has come to watch planet Earth is because they have an appetite for honey and are capturing Earth's honeybees to take back to their galaxy.

Kali Manitou said…
This is hilarious!!!!
The israeli dimwit is pleased and thinks Ariel Sharon (the fattest vegetable in the middle east) is more alive than Nassir. Nur thinks Ataturk and Sitting Bull are buddies, herself sitting in her own bullshit. Some ass thinks thAt christianity has something to offer to humanity while other asses agree that they'd love to annihilate each other.
Cute bunch...
Omar, a question: "hot sweet smelling breeding mare" is a compliment, is it?
I love this blog, keep up the good work, our Iraqi "hot sweet smelling breeding mare" that happens to be a thinking one.
bARABie said…
"By: Sandgroper
Saturday, 23 August 2008 6:19 PM
How did they all rally so fast at the Hospital?
The hospital rioters are all Lakemba Mosque Sunni Muslims who lika da Sharia law, not Aussie laws. We really need a royal commission into Lakemba Mosque Sunni Muslims and all Muslims in Australia.

The Lakemba Mosque Sunni Muslims have caused trouble since 1982 from that Mosque.

And why weren't they charged with Riot and Affray?????????

They certainly showed no respect for the sick and the staff in the hospital, and treated our Police as if they were total shit.

As for negroid Hilaly , what would you expect from a decendant of black slaves who follows a psychopaths delusional serial killers manual , the Koran.

By: Michael
Friday, 22 August 2008 7:27 PM
i've thought that the morons virtually rioting at the hospital should have been rioting instead at the homes of the cretins who dump their pal like rubbish outside a lifeline bin. awful people these muslims! their conduct.. attitude.. behaviour.. just absolutely awful... the dregs of humanity."

The above is just a SAMPLE of the comments from an Australian "news" site. The reason this was chosen is because i had a personal relationship with the shot robber.

As for the "rioting", here is what the HOSPITAL had said....

"News of the man's death spread rapidly through his local community, many of whom converged on the hospital last night, the hospital spokeswoman said.

No protest

But contrary to reports, they had not staged a protest, she said.

"There was definitely no protest. There was a large group of grieving relatives and friends, in excess of 100 people. The advice I have is that staff did not feel threatened at any time.''"

The point of the above being that whites are the MOST racist vile creatures that, to OUR misfortune, call themselves HUMAN.
That link is to the "news" site.
bARABie said…
Ok KM, i want what you just had. :)
KM said…
bARABie said…
Oh and these "people's" priests are sitting in jail for raping little boys while they denigrated another religion.


What was it that Little Deer said about a log and a splinter?

It's saddens me to think my country has been occupied by these retards for 200 years.

How the fuck can a race so vile and stupid rule ANYTHING????????
bARABie said…
"We evirated you. "

Ya jewish maggot, maybe you should learn ENGLISH instead of the shitbrew you squeal.
bARABie said…
omar said...

I must confess my pride suffered woof woof woof.....

You need to HAVE pride for pride to suffer but it is obvious from your comments you have no pride.
Anonymous said…
Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh looks like my lovely Ba3thi Jarabi moist cunt is ashamed of her past !

Censorship is futile. What you are and were just stinks through your posts.

Suck my Aryan dick sweetie.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Omar that there should be a differentiation between de evil mass murderers and the average subject of the dominion as they (including myself) are subjected to the same forces.
Anonymous said…
Saddam may have been Layla's first frontal fucker, but it was MOI who initiated her to anal sex.

She screamed like one possessed!!
Kali Manitou said…
They are called judeo-christians and white
they have some toys, drums and even kite
Their children are prostitudes, and embecilic dudes
and when one hear them talk about peace, one pukes
For sure, brotherhood and decency is not their element
when one thinks a whitey is a human, one has to repent....
Layla Anwar said…

am waiting...
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous re.white people,

I hope you understand and differentiate between the concept of "white" and the color white.
Layla Anwar said…
a dancer,

Are you a good dancer ?
Layla Anwar said…

hello and thanks for visiting and the link. Spot on.
Layla Anwar said…

sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, remember ?!
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous re.moon,

Yes of course, remember they planted their filthy flag made in China there...But Allah is Greatest.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

Thanks as always for reminding. So right, TRUE Christianity and the Teachings of Christ, peace and blessings upon him ARE NOT to be confused with the proselytized White version.

Bless you for all you do and your wonderful conributions. And please don't apologize, do have a go when and if necessary. They have weapons, we have words...and in the end the latter wins, always.
Layla Anwar said…

are you still sleeping with your gaz mask on ? hahahahahahahahaha.
You people are the most cowardly, lowly, paranoid, neurotic, mentally sick, arrogant sons of bitches around. Your end will be very ugly, made in your image. MARK MY WORDS. You know it and I know it. Keep running and keep hiding behind your are a paper tiger, not good enough to wipe one's ass with.
Layla Anwar said…

Good ones ! lol
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Irish John,

Thank you for your comment, Please read my reply to Little Deer.
I certainly have no more tears to weep should they disappear...Karma, karma and KARMA.
Layla Anwar said…
a suggestion,

I fully agree, and I would also add, I think she should be a minister, we will work together in the new liberated Iraq to truly reconstruct minds and hearts...
Layla Anwar said…
Gilbert Mercier,

Merci pour la visite. Had a look at your blog, would be interested to know what a Frenchman is doing in the US.
Layla Anwar said…

Khoda hafez.

You said :

"In order to defeat the beast, you have to know the beast, its history and its past, its motivation, its paterns of thinking and its past war ruses"

So true, expose and get to them.

The Israelis used the same tactics, throwing poisoned toys in Lebanon and they did worse things in Palestine when they injected women and men with stuff that will render them sterile for the rest of their lives...

Am afraid to tell you that Iran has done the same thing in Iraq. In 2003, it was a well known fact that candies and other products were exported to Iraq from Iran and they were all laced with poison. To the extent that some neighborhoods forbade anyone to buy anything coming from Ayran.

Indeed, know thy enemy.
Layla Anwar said…

You crack me up .......loooooooooooool
Layla Anwar said…
Omar 2.5 (not to be confused with ayyyyrian "omar".)

Great comment as usual. Please read some of my replies to anonymous and Little Deer. White is not to be taken literally.
Layla Anwar said…
ayrrrrian "Omar", my little bitch.

The reason I have been deleting your post, is out of mercy for you. We all know you are vulgar and very frustrated. And I surely know that you are dying to be my little slave... And I and you also know who possesses who here ;-)
Now run along my slut, and do what you do best...
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and nice to "see" you again.
Thank you for your comment. Indeed, deaf, dumb and blind - they make good

Bless you and yours.
Anonymous said…
"What I do best" is to fuck you from behind while you're riding your own dad.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

I nearly vomited my dinner on the keyboard reading this filth.

For God's sake, I understand you, like all Iraqis, have been brought up to be a tolerant, open-minded person, but there is a limit !

Free speech is for civilized humans; rabid, mangy, overheated dogs need MUZZLES.

You should not daign to answer this perverted sicko "Omar the Aryan" (Iranian?), he does not deserve your brilliant irony nor a space on the comment sections of this respectable blog.

God bless you and Iraq.
Kali Manitou said…
O-'omar the aryan' is a faggot but not quite a man
what's stuck in his behind is not just a pen.
His mother peddles ass, she can't stop passing gas
Have pity, folks! Whole familiy is quite a mess
His jewish granny is still a nympho, lives in a cave
sisters fools around drunk, in every suburban rave
omar soils himself often, think he needs a plug
his daddy is also retarded, all they want is a hug
Anonymous said…
Layla, what do you think of Al Qaida leader Al-Zawahiri accusing Iran of collaboration with the US in Iraq and Afghanistan in his last message ?

I thought Al Qaida was a false flag front for that very US-Iranian-Israeli alliance ?
Anonymous said…
Who rattled your cage, and who gives a dime (I'm bloody well sure, that is the currency you WORSHIP) about what you think??!! Let me tell you, not I!
Anonymous said…
@Deeeeeeeaannnnannananana, the American Indian,
Give us a clue of honor and tell us, was it Christopher Colombus or Americo Vespuci, who taught you how to distinguish between a shining post or a dull one??!!
Anonymous said…
Ascendents is the word! Give my regards to the Mrs.
Anonymous said…
Let me finish my tonight's "so called" spamming by these words....
I wish ALL NATIONS, a leader like Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, who had the courage, the will, the insight, to kick out the imperialist powers from our/his homeland!
Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK was and still IS, beyond wildest dreams!!!!!!!!!!
I joined, or let me say stumbled on this blog, by an article of RUMI, who chose to live and die in Anatolia, the land of the Turks, and IT HAS BEEN A TOTAL WASTE OF TİME!!!!!!
go dwindle on it!!!!!
Anonymous said…
and remember, it was me, who had invited you over for a cup of tea, or friendship/peace/integrity/descency, but NO, it HAD to be your BITTER/DISGRACEFUL cup of coffee! Go drink it yourself!!! I am in my homeland, at peace within my soul, and I pitty you, for what you are and where you are!!!
Anonymous said…
AND one more thing, ATATURK fed me pistachios and I licked his ICE-CREAM. OK, it was me, who had invited you over when I needed a buttfuck and I was lonely...nobody came So I kissed the picture MUSTAFA KEMAL. I imagined his strong hands spanking me...
I wish every nation would have a dickhead like ATATURK. He gave orders to kill bunch of innocent KURDS in Dersim, women and children and all, now we bleed like whores on menstruation everytime PKK kicks ass...
Yea, ATATURK he was the sweetest tit-squeezer ever. He was the gay lover of ismet inonu.
We call them "Haysiyetsiz ibneler", it means 'cute boys' in turkish. Thank you for listening to me guys. I feel depressed since Tayyip is fistfucking the country wherer I am peacefully licking pistachio ice-cream.
Anonymous said…
Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRKi still iS, beyond wildest dreams!!!!!!! Once he was buttfucking inonu for a long time and they couldn't reach climax. So Mustafa Kemal took his pistol and shot a round right next to ismet's ear. inonu relaxed his butt and they became happy beyond wildest dreams!!!!!!!
Too bad inonu was deaf in one ear after that.
Oh well, every Turk has a disability, look at me for example, I've been drinking for years, can't get laid at home since my husband found a Moldavian Natasha and my son is a retard. So when i say beyond wildest dreams, my dreams are nightmares... Wish I could find a black dick in incirlik, my neighbor Safiye found a big black dick in Adana, all i get is a rotten pistachio ice-cream.
Fuck all of you guys, i hate my life!
Anonymous said…
Do you think RUMI would make me sit on his lap?
I'm sure he would let me lick his ice-cream though...
Anonymous said…

Half-a-lie, half-a-lie, half-a-lie onwards

Into Baghdad rode the Six Hundred

They were told it would be a cakewalk

By a neo-Nazi who blundered.

No WMD to the right of them!

No WMD to the left of them!

Monstrous Lie-Machines

Volleyed and thunder'd.

Theirs not the valiant sword

Theirs the coward's waterboard

Gutless yank savaging

Raping and ravaging.

Onwards through fog and mist

Murdered the Receptionist

Brave British squaddies

After a few quick rum-toddies

Hear the Pipemajor's skirl

Rape the underage girl

Blair, Straw & Miliband

Give them all medals.

Honour the charge they made!

Of torturing not afraid

Ne'er shall the oil derricks fade!

GUTLESS six-hundred!!
Anonymous said…
Hey, this really look like and sounds like layla's blog!!!!!All the perverts are here!!!! Hayırlı ramazan to all of you, you sickos!!!!!
Anonymous said…
And layla,
I congratulate you for your contribution to............
Anonymous said…
the anonymous above,
who is so sick, and sooooooooooo afraid,that he cannot give his/I doubt......
what makes you think, that you have a word to say about rumi, ATATÜRK or nur??!!NUR
Anonymous said…
I know, layla encourages you, and provides you the space to speak in so much filth!!!!!Well, layla will be asking for mercy soon, when she realizes that Uncle Sam is no longer her Uncle, and Paola is no lopnger her niece!!!!
Anonymous said…
@anonymous above,
which part of the US were you raised, and WHO was your MOM??!!!
Anonymous said…
so haysiyetsiz,
that you have to use my name, to post your little winnie dick comments!!!!!! what IS YOUR NAME YOU ASSHOLE??!!! OR DID YOUR MOOOOOOOTHER FORGET TO GIVE YOU ONE????!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
so haysiyetsiz,
that you have to use my name, to post your little winnie dick comments!!!!!! what IS YOUR NAME YOU ASSHOLE??!!! OR DID YOUR MOOOOOOOTHER FORGET TO GIVE YOU ONE????!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
To the Israeli!
No, and one million times no!
Arabnationalism will never die, you the spokesman of the bloody sionizt brutality, you will take with you this dream in the grave.
There will be Arabnationalism to the extreme end.
The Zionist barbarism will not be forever. You colonial fachists and mass murderer, you are thieves and liars, for you the truth means nothing, continue with it, it's a mistake for the benefit of us Arabs, and it will come one day, you brutal racists, when you will pay for your lies and your self-delusion in the Middle East, you mass murderer, you would not exist without the barbaric western regimes. Not a single day you would be able to stand in the Middle East. And remeber: The last word is still not said and your racist and murderous "State" will remain a satanic parenthesis in our beloved history.
Your cowardly racist sonofabitch, you murderer, you are going to disappear the day the U.S. power reduces. And the generation that will com will never accept our Arab inaction and defeatism.

You are nothing but a despicable servant to the brutal regimes of Western interest, in spite of your lies. Yes, you are nothing but a group of cold-blooded servants of the United States and the rest of Vestern imperialism.
How long can you engage in this State of murder and lies?
All of the colored world know who you are. Not only that, the whole of the western nations are about to discover your bloody essence and reality, your big lies.

A Arabnationalist forever.
Anonymous said…
@anonymous above,
so haysiyetsiz,
that you have to use my name, I congratulate you for no longer mentioning pistachios, and PKK is no longer what you think, that you have few assholes to say "dur yolcu" and kiss Nur's nurlu ass whenever about rumi, ATATÜRK or nur, i get mad.
very mad.
why you say i drink, i never drink. As a matter of fact, the last thing i drunk was melted pistachio ice-cream that Ataturk dropped in my mouth. Ohhh, sweet old days.
i kiss you!
Anonymous said…
Hey you dickhead, since you are talking about incirlik and Adana and stuff, you must be an American soldier, stationed in Turkey. Don't think all of us are like the whores you met in incirlik. I rarely sleep with tourists!! only for good 'bak-$i$', and then i try to avoid black dudes. This NUR has nice firm tits and high standards, you stupid fuck.
Stop using my name for your stupid ramblings, otherwise I tell my DEPPRESSED MOOOOOOOTHER, AND SO PERVERTED FAAAAAAATHER.
Deennaa said…
Hi Layla! I absolutely love your blog & trust me, learn alot from your brilliant writing and observations. Yours is one of my most favorite. I've collected alot of these blogs & have a special file for them. Contrast & compare! BTW: to this "anonymous" NUR here's what I have to say to you little girl: I don't know. Do you really think you will be able to understand the answer to the question you asked me? I mean, aside from the fact that you are hysterical and shrill (I'm imagining a wild crazy eyed lunatic, you can't spell. People who are in hysterics won't hear a word you say to them. Really dear. But just in case you slip into a moment of clarity, I'll tell you how I distinguish between a shining post and a dull one - You are the perfect example to use as a dull one as you make no sense at all. You're trying to hard to compete with Layla & let me tell you honey, it can't be done. You don't "shine" in intelligence, command of the language or written word (I'm sure you talk like you post(write ;-) ANNNNND, most importantly, you apparently have lost your own humanity in all that hatred and rage of your own - in other words chickie (or dude-no one really knows hiding behind your cyber screen) in other words, there is a real lack there in your heart of hearts - Listen. I've got that ability to discern between shining and dull because, clearly, YOU and all the ones like you (manymanymanymanymanymanymany, infinitum ad nauseum) like you, as I was saying, are so damnable DULL and people like Layla(who are diamonds in the rough, one in a billion, magnificently brilliant, and excruciatingly HONEST,etc.,etc.) as I was saying, people like Layla are simply incomparable and that means, well, if you put yourself next to her, it give REAL MEANING to the difference between SHINING and DULL.

For the life of me, why do you go there sweetie? Oh, before I forget. Its "Amerigo" Vespuci, not "Americo". You must have thought you were making a play on words. Being clever. That sort of thing, but listen crustie, you just made yourself look "DULL" which is almost the meaning of "Dullard" and taken further, uh, no offense, but kind of retarded. But I really think you are too hysterical right now to take this all in.

Most of the "dullards" here who can only be like "attack dogs" just show your true selves. You don't make any impression other than, oooooooh stink! (holding my nose)and no lasting impression but the overall one of "skip that post. Just another white rant." Now listen to Layla on that "white" meaning ok?
By "white rant" I mean, seeing how nasty you can write thinking that you're realllllly doing some damage by your filthy little rants. Thinking that "wow!" I really put her (them, whoever)down good, when all you did was show your stupidity to the ultimate degree. Nothing more can be expected or hoped to be learned by you. You remain as you are: STUPID, mean-spirited and jealous little creatures without a hint of human intelligence, empathy, sympathy, understanding, or, and this is important, POWER TO PERSUADE OR MAKE ANY LASTING IMPRESSION. I repeat - you can never ever smarten up dumbness.

Layla knows you who fit that shoe. You don't get it.

A couple of comments need to be corrected. If you don't live with "the PEOPLE", don't PRESUME to know who and what they are more than they themselves do; i.e., if any human grouping on planet earth could be called near perfect environmentalists and possess morality of the same(defined not in your white judeo-christian mindsets, it is definitely our Native Indigenous peoples who were on the continent you whites named "america" for tens of thousands of years before you even got your cretinous feet plodding and swaggering upon OUR LAND. Read your historical descriptions of what OUR LAND looked like when you thrust your unwelcome selves upon our shores. READ IT! Now, let me remind your so very animalistic (no offense to the precious animals) SHORT TERM MEMORY - that we had been here EONS. ICE AGES. I believe the word used over and over for OUR LAND you crashed in upon, that word "PRISTINE". Get off your phoney high horse asses and look that up. Since you love competition so crazily, let me contrast and compare! you've been here slashing, murdering, lying, thieving, cheating, squatting, colonizing and OCCUPYING OUR LAND for little over 500 years - not even a breath in our longevity here - and what do we see YOU HAVE DONE MORALLY & ENVIRONMENTALLY in that breath of time? All rivers from east to west are polluted and one dare not drink from this water in the raw. Pollution in cities and country and town. Everything is brown & dirty. Look just at your cities. Full of concrete and steel. Oh I know how much you love that lifeless stuff. Its what you crave: LIFELESS. You have destroyed animals to near extinction here. Bears, wolves, coyotes, lynx, cougars, our magnificent Bison (Buffalo for you who THINK you think) and on and on and on. There isn't anyplace anywhere you will not leave your plastic bottles, beer bottles, dirty diapers, condoms, trash, trash, trash, trash. Every gully, little stream, creek, and even the beauty of desert is maimed & dying where ever it is you take your nasty selves. Your crime & criminality is rampant. Anyone who does their research knows that america has the highest number of psychopath's in the ENTIRE WORLD. Hmm. That comes from your very beginning. Each succeeding generation getting it passed down to the next until now, where you white people have put the entire world at risk for complete destruction. You and your cohorts and you cohorts KNOW WHO YOU ARE! I have the complete impression that you are anti-LIFE and pro-DEATH & DESTRUCTION. But oh, you will whine in your massive Denials "you are hateful. you are negative." Yeah, you damned right. THANKS FOR INTRODUCING ME TO THAT GRAND CHARACTERISTIC! Don't you know little minded ones - when YOU lob the first shot, expect a REACTION! FACE UP TO IT. BE ACCOUNTABLE! You generation of vipers. Heard that somewhere before did you? Yeah some of you did who claim to know "christianity", but you didn't apply it to yourselves. FOOLS.

My last commentary on the environment & its drastic impact you whites HERE have done to it only leads to one conclusion for me and my peoples: you were never at home in nature. You feared the natural. Which can be stretched out into you feared TRUTH, BEAUTY, OPENNESS and in a word you became unreal. I call most of you PHONY. So therefore, you are untrustworthy. Can NOT be trusted to be real. Can not be trusted to be HONEST. Can not be trusted to LOVE - a twisted twisted peoples.

You have no real history. That's why you do not know what you have destroyed in my people and in Layla's people. You are haters and cultural enviests. If you had started out in honesty and true decency - if you had started out in gentleness and kindness and tolerance - if you would have been without guile & pretense, maybe... maybe you would not have so many people hate YOU. But I am forgetting. You don't show any ability to KNOW YOURSELVES. I conclude that american whites do not know WHO THEY ARE nor will they search into that dark dark heart of heartless heart. You will forever be the slayers of others - without remorse.

I will go into morality at another time. It too, will take a few words & this is overlong - a novella eh Layla ;-) ok ok

Also, the one who said christianity did not kill us also made a false statement. I REALLY DO have a novella for that one. Coming soon. Again, if you have not lived the life of "the PEOPLE", be careful of what you say as fact. It WILL be disputed. This one deserves another post and I will deliver.

Thank you (tsaen'an seh'gue")for letting me share in your space & may your Ramadan be excellent my sister Layla. Ma'asalama for now.
Anonymous said…
Your reckless hate towards the West only serves to spur the West's ignorance and dislike towards you.

Consider your words carefully.
Anonymous said…
For Deennaa;

Though you claim not to be a racist on your blog coverpage, the above post says quite the opposite. And it certainly does not endeavor love for "all of God's creatures."

Contradiction makes for poor character and speaks ill of your noble people.
Anonymous said…
christianity as a religion was not started by jesus pbuh but the imagination of paulwho in the begining tortured the followers of christ as he was an ambitious man and wanted to rise in the jewish sect however when his girlfriend ran to rome he became an enemy of rome and started to convert the gentiles although jesus had clearly said he had come to the jews and not to the gentiles but in order to convert the pagan greeks who had anumber of gods he made jesus into 3 gods and said he was inspired by jesus the lord on his way to damascus now this deciever changed what jesus taught In order to please the greeks and pagan romans he allowed the meat of swine and forbid the gentiles to circumcise their children and changed the sabbath into sunday Sun was the god of the pagans and celebrated the birth of christ on 25 dec which again was a pagan cermony Paul decided that anyone believing that jesus died on the cross for mankind sins he will attain salvation so all the rapist and murders in usa prisions should be released because they have attained salvation he also taught that every child is born in sin because Adam sinned so we all are responsible for his sins However pauls lord 3 in 1 was scared of the roman soldiers with swords and running away from them THIS IS THE LORD AND GOD of bush and christians and bush says the lord comes to him in dreams and tells him to exterminate the muslims WE MUSLIMS believe jesus pbuh to be a messenger of allah and our lord is the master of the universe who when he wants anything done saya BE and it is THERE is a verse in the quran for the likes of Paul and Bush and allah says that thes people lie when they say they have been inspired such people are the rightfull owenrs of the fire
Deennaa said…
For anonymous Nur - Do you know the meaning of "patronizing"? Its ALWAYS insulting to the one being patronized and ALWAYS unwelcome. There is nothing added nor learned from one who patronizes another. Apparently you are the pot calling the kettle black.
You, I repeat, are the real hater and real racist. Look again at all your commentary. It reeks with hate, jealousy, and petty-ness. WHY do you attack TRUTH? What is your REAL motives here. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU REALLY!

Take all of your commentary and look at it on this page - what a BIG PICTURE of you emerges. Sleazy is another word that comes to mind. Erroneous in your statements. American Indians did not "come from" Turks. We are much older than this... I truly think you are off your medication and quite mentally ill. LOOK AT ALL YOUR POSTS.

The whites - of which you are one - made up the terminology of "racist" and also made up its follow-up term "reverse racist", of which you ATTEMPT to ascribe to me. This terminology is your way of covering up YOUR acts of racism. I REPEAT: don't LOB THE FIRST SHOT and not expect to get a volley coming back to you! But I digress. You just simply cannot understand the basics of your enmity. You cannot understand the basics of YOUR HATE - you cannot decipher truth of WHAT AND WHO YOU ARE through the smoke and mirrors of your infantile emotionality - an immaturity that is a BLACK HOLE in the universe.

You don't understand the layers upon layers of your poisonous thoughts that result in your poisonous actions. You open your mouth and one has to step back from the stench that pours forth so as not to become contaminated. Those who come near to you or step forth into your vility will be drenched in your pollution. No one in their RIGHT MIND would stay around that for long - only dullards - stupid and dim witted would be your companions.

By the way, you using the word "noble" to describe my people gave you away completely. Don't you do your research? NO, I know you didn't. You are exactly what I said you are.

Simply, you don't read for any understanding or contemplation - you know, ABSTRACT thinking. You show here that you don't think at all. You simply are like a screaming child trying to get attention. You are actually worse. The rest of the wording that goes with that word "noble" in regards to my peoples is "noble SAVAGE". WE KNOW THE TERMINOLOGY OF HATE.

So don't try that slimy white patronization on THIS Dene. (Go look up Dene lazy one). And don't try that reeking "reverse racism" crap with me.

You're out of your league girl. Patronize someone who CAN be patronized!

In the end of the matter, your posts are schizophrenic. You know. Mentally ill.

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