The Uncensored Anger Manifesto-Part IV

This unending sequel to I, II & III contains foul language. You don't like it ? Tough!
I have been way too polite with you lot so far - Enough is enough.

I read that the criminal you voted for not once but twice and don't give me this crap about your rigged elections - this is your screwed democracy and this is not my problem and you voted TWICE for a bastard, criminal, thug , so shut up and don't you interrupt because I have heaps to tell you...

So this bastard of yours wants 3 trillion dollars for his war efforts in Iraq.
Four years down the line and your fucked up country with its equally fucked up military has not managed to control and seize a country the size of California.
You can stuff your flags right where the sun does not shine for starters.

Three trillion dollars to kill more innocent,poor people who have done absolutely nothing to you. Nor they nor their President Saddam Hussein nor his government.

And dont'you give me the crap about your upholding a dictator.
For us he was a saint not a dictator and when you could not get him through years and years of inflicting misery and starvation through your smart criminal sanctions, you got us and him with your filthy smart bombs...And tell that shitty anti-war "liberal" "progressive" reps of yours that you did not uphold him in power, the people of Iraq did, by hook or by crook...and however much you hate it.

So get off your high sham pedestals for you are nothing and deserve nothing but the utmost contempt and get that truth right into your thick little skulls, skulls numbed with drugs, junk food, violence and trashy soap operas and of course...dollars.

Those same dollars that you will be spending on killing us some more.
A study , and only a fucked up country like yours would produce such a study, estimated that the cost of killing one single Iraqi is 2.40 Dollars.
This is what our lives are worth in your filthy calculating minds and in your shameless eyes.
So three trillion dollars divided by 2.40 and you would be finishing us all off.
This is what you are - a people who get high on blood and murder.
You make money out of killing in reality and in films and that is the only thing you can produce.
Just look at your disgusting hollywood and your cocaine addict stars,that is all you know in life and that is all that life will dish out to you.
The same way you have treated others, you will be treated. I can assure you that. Nothing goes unaccounted for in this life or in the one after, even though you have no one above auditing you but there is One that will not miss a single act. This is my promise to you.

Getting back to dollars, your green lord.
What happened to the 12 billion dollars you stole? And they were not 12 billion they were over 20 billion dollars that you stole from Iraq and the plan was to use this sum for "our liberation."
Twenty billion dollars that we got in exchange for "oil for food."
Just look at this sentence alone - "Oil for food program."
What a despicable sentence coming from a despicable people. This sentence is what describes you best. It encapsulates everything you stand for ... ugly, ugly lot.
You give us your oil and we will give you food . And the message behind it, we will just feed you with your own oil. Just feed you, like you feed your pets but then you took us on a leash too like dogs (remember Abu Ghraib - you sons of bitches) but I am reserving as special treat for you on that subject,later.
I will not leave anything out, you can trust me on this one .

Liberating us with our money and our own blood. What a hideous lot you are . Sickening, truly sickening. I can't even begin to tell you how much I despise you. You rolled into Iraq with your crusading motto of Infinite Justice and my motto for you is Infinite Contempt . And you deserve nothing else. Nothing else at all.
And I don't want to read any of your patronizing, condenscending comments about how I should show you compassion. Fuck that.
Again, this is what your arrogance is all about. You ask the victim to show the perpetrator compassion and you come and say lamely, "I am sorry for what my country did to yours."
Sorry , you are sorry ?

You have destroyed us, you have destroyed our homes, our families, our livelihood, you have destroyed our country for ever, for generations to come and you say you are sorry and be expected to be off the hook that easily ?
You think you assuaged your guilt for 3 seconds? Is that it ?
You raped and killed a whole people for no reason at all and you are sorry?

Fuck you and fuck your "am sorry". I don't want your sorry faces and sentences.
I want my loved ones back. I want my relatives who are rotting in your camps and being tortured back, I want Omar back, I want little Hassan back, I want Nabil back, I want my home back, I want Iraq's wealth and treasures back ...I want JUSTICE.
And the 3 million Iraqis dead that you killed and their relatives want Justice and the 3.7 million displaced because of you, want Justice .... You are sorry my ass.

I know how you lot live. If someone dents your car or takes one extra penny from you or you burn your lips on some crappy cup of instant coffee, you whine that your rights have been usurped and you sue and make millions. But then you go with impunity and unscrupulously steal other people's wealth and livelihood, strip them of their rights,rape them ,massacre them and you install puppets who are in your own image, as filthy and as corrupt as you are. And you have the audacity to say you are the greatest nation on earth ?

These 20 billion dollars that your administration stole and which are unaccounted for were the livelihood of millions of people, their rationing to eat and survive thanks to your oil for food program against the Tyrant.

The Tyrant ? Who is the Tyrant here you sons of whores, who exactly is the Tyrant?
Your heinous "left" along with your equally heinous "right" moan:
" oh he gassed his people" and what did you do ? You burned us alive.
"Oh he displaced his people" and what did you do? Conduct mass genocide and mass exodus.
"Oh he did not respect minorities" and what did you do? "Clean out" the whole of Iraq along sectarian lines and kill all minorities by starving them, bombing them, raping them....
And you have the audacity to keep pointing the finger at a dead man.
A tyrant huh ? what hypocritical sons of bitches you are.

You are the tyrants, your minds are tyrannical, your minds are terroristic, your minds are psychopathic,your minds are sadistic.Your are the tyrants indeed. Tyranny runs in your veins along with your arrogance and ignorance.

You are one hell of a sick nation, that feeds onto others like some parasite.
6 % of the world population that feeds on over 40 % of the world resources.
Ignorant, apathetic, obese, spoiled, indifferent, arrogant, stupid, shallow, hollow, violent, neurotic, sadistic, perverted, superficial, ugly, evil lot.

You starved , killed, maimed , raped, traumatized a whole people, a whole nation with roots that dates thousands of years compared to your limited history of not more than 200 years , 200 years of a society made of smelly drunk white cowboys, slave traders and ex convicts. Yes this is what you are.
And for what? So you can continue being the apathetic, shallow, hollow, obese, psychopathic, ignorant, indifferent, arrogant, stupid , superficial, sadistic, perverted, violent, neurotic,ugly, evil lot that you are.
This is your curse.Enjoy it.

There is not one people you have come across that you have not destroyed or forced to liken you in character or behavior.
You destroyed the Native Americans, these noble people who have more wisdom than all of your race put together.
You destroyed the Africans whom you brought to your country chained and starved.
You destroyed the Asians whom you nuked senselessly and napalmed and more examples abound through history and they have not ceased...
They have not ceased because you have not changed . You have remained the uncivilized, primitive, uncultured, arrogant, haughty, greedy, covetous, gluttonous, people that you have always been. This is why it has not ceased.

It is not about oil. You love barking like rabid dogs and blaming the "neo-cons".
You keep using that word like a moronic parrot. The neo-cons are part and parcel of you. The neo-cons are a product of who you are, of your fabric, of your psyche, of your society to which you have blindly contributed like sheep.
Stop blaming your neo-cons and start looking at yourselves because this is where it all began.... Right inside of you. Yes you.

Getting back to dollars. When Baghdad was occupied forcefully, when Baghdad was penetrated violently, when you have raped Baghdad and the rest of Iraq, your government for which you voted twice, set up a so called CPA-a coalition provisional authority.
Many gangsters came to the Green Zone representing you and your CPA and you hired thieves like yourselves from the "locals" and you trained them in the art of perfection.
In the art of perfect stealing, raping and murdering...
Back in 2003, 364 million dollars in cash were found. Part of Iraq's wealth.
A special aicraft transported these 364 million dollars to New York to be "counted".

Someone I know very well asked, following a press interview, one of your CPA representatives who was in charge of "reconstruction projects" and who was an ex salsa dance teacher before he joined your"respectable" government of criminals.He asked him what happened to the 364 million dollars in cash. Your salsa teacher smiled and replied "It is still being counted." My friend pressed more and said "It's been 6 months!", the salsa thug's face grew stern and said:"You don't ask questions, you should be grateful." And it was our money, Iraqi money.

Well I ask questions and am not grateful you mother fuckers. I want to know where Iraq's money went? I want to know who took it and I want all of you criminals tried for theft, embezzlement, rape, slaughter, destruction and mass genocide...
Yes this is what I eagerly want, this is what I yearn for, what I long for ...
I want to see you all, the lowly USA, convicted and shamed in this life and in the hereafter for crimes against humanity, crimes you have conducted since your inception till this very day...That is my ardent desire.

And my last wish for you, is that those 3 trillion dollars bring about your bankruptcy, your down fall, your end. Money is your weak point and this is where you will get hit hardest. Of this I am certain.

Al-Sahaf, the Iraqi ex minister of Information did not lie when he said Iraq is going to be your quagmire and your graveyard.
Iraq will be your moral, financial, political and physical graveyard.
Civilization started here in the Land of the Tigris and the Euphrates and this land will bring you down to your knees.
This land will finally liberate you from your phoniness, your deceitfulness,your deceptiveness,your sum your ugly shadow self.
It will liberate you from your spiritual bankruptcy. You will be able to be born again as a true people for a change.
You need to be eternally grateful to us and bow in humility and awe, for we are paying for your true liberation with our own lives.
Mark my words and say to yourselves, an Arab woman told me so.
But in the meantime, am not done with you yet...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Rafa Nasiri.


Anonymous said…
Good one !
Anonymous said…

Very beautifully written. You literally put words into my mouth for what I wanted to express to all 'the good, the bad and the ugly americans' - they are all the same. One way or the other, they all have the same trait - all glorifying that they are, were or once was a great nation/people. In a nutshell, you described them as they are - a bunch of horseshit!

A Muslim Sister
Anonymous said…
Bravo! Someone has to say it.
Anonymous said…
Your Anger is beautiful. Tough times require tough talk to break through the phony rhetoric of the liars and war criminals whose propaganda deserves all the hard words we can muster.
Bless you.
Anonymous said…
after that little diabtre, im glad my parents moved to uk and not usa
Anonymous said…
Layla Oh Layla,

What suffering you must be going through! I can feel your pain across the oceans here in Australia.

An Australia who should be ashamed of itself for the support it has given to the Great Satan, an
Australia who has a Prime Minister who blindly follows the devil called George W Bush and his
criminal Mafia.

I agree with EVERYTHING that you say, please keep punching away even if you feel that you are
not getting anywhere.

You and humanity has no alternative. And I don’t simply mean you and your beloved Iraq, I mean the
WHOLE of human kind.

May God bless you and keep you going my dear Layla
Anonymous said…
My Dear Muslim Sister,

Let me start off by saying I love you and that "not" all americans, wish bad upon your peoples nor want to take from you.

I too feel their is an evil person that is leading my country. But let me be the first to say I knew we were in a pile of buffalo shit when he gained control of my country. Trust me when I say it runs in the blood of this evil one and his greedy followers.

I can not say I am sorry for I have not done anything to your people, but I can feel sorry about what has happened to your peoples, for it already happened to mine.

My dear Sister may your God and my Great Spirit be with you always.

Savage American Warrior

Anonymous said…
that bought a tear to my eye
Anonymous said…
ps. cant wait for the next part...i take it eminem was yo inspiration.....but u cud hav done without the poncy title
annie said…
And my last wish for you, is that those 3 trillion dollars bring about your bankruptcy, your down fall, your end. Money is your weak point and this is where you will get hit hardest. Of this I am certain.

i agree the only thing that will stop the criminals running my country is a total financial breakdown. i would rather live in a poor starving country than one that goes about the world to massacre innocent people. hasten the day when the superpower is on its knees w/only the strength of its lowliest worker.
cjenn said…
I'm new this this blog, so I hope you will be patient.

I understand Chalabi may have some idea where some of the money went--
he is here and runs with a group from the Washington Institute ect.
They want to "build" and "do business". Wonder where they got the $$$. We know.

I just have this problem--its very hard--to explain that the people who brought the slaves were Jews from Amsterdam + with the conversos...Wall St. was the first thing they built.

I think that the people who were brought here to work in factories--
Eastern Europeans, Irish, Mexican Americans --are extremely guilty of not being able to undestand what is going on past the overlay of propaganda. But this country is run, as far as I can see, by Jews.
They have all positions of power.
Whether they are on the Left or far Right. (most are Far Right--)

To explain further: I live in a very pretty town that has a lot of neighborhoods where there are dark streets, run down houses, drugs.
Jews don't live there.
There are "other" places which are quiet, well maintained, with equisite small and much larger homes--some over 100 years old. This is where the Jews live. They also run all businesses. They have all government jobs.

The above blogger stated she would rather live in a "poor starving country" than one that goes about the world causing war and destruction". Its not the "SUPERPOWER".....its the take-over of the government and the military industrial by Jews which leads us further and further into wars. Certainly, they find enough poor (low income) Americans to enlist and follow orders..but look at the Generals and 'top military people'. Look at their names!

I understand that Americans can be very stupid and lack ability to figure things out. These are the same kind of people they took during the Civil War--and used as cannon fodder. The same people who were sent to Vietnam.

There is a very large class of people (NOT the Neo-cons or the Lobby)....who are running this country. Some have more involvement in the military or political aspect. But they have one thing in common: they are Jewish.

I find it interesting that they traded with Arabs for tens of thousands of years, but when the money became the medium--they switch allegiences to Christians--preferable Protestants.
Thereafter they ran the government of Europe, lent money to produce slave ships, and lived in luxury on the suffering of Africans. 400 years! Then they decided that they didn't need slaves--too much trouble--plus they had their eye on building up the factories of the North--thus they helped finance the Civil War. Following that, they "discovered" most of the gold in California and built their mansions in San Francisco.

Then there was WWI. WWII, Korea, Vietnam. Now, the Middle East Asia
and Iraq.

It isn't "all Americans". Granted they are dense. They don't even understand their own enslavement.
Thus, in the U.S., most people don't recognize Jews as distinctly different. And it is almost illegal to says things like this.

But that is the truth. All knowledge, learning, science, building and development, finance--
well you know who does that.
And of course, they see Islam as an
enemy. It doesn't matter if its a Jewish grandmother in Florida or a Jewish teacher in California--most want to believe that there is some enemy out there--"terrorists".

Its so frightening because we can't talk about the real causes of the U.S. dependence on the military-industrial.

You can't talk to anyone. They think you are a "racist". They won't listen. The "Left" claims to be anti-war, but they are very soft on their fellow Jews.

I see Americans every day who are dirt-poor. Their children live in run down houses. They won't even graduate from High School.
We are not part of the plans for this country. The blood and money is being sucked out--for the profits of some.

I think you have to call it what it is.

Finally, I like your blog.
I'm glad I found it.

Layla Anwar said…
Hi Cjenn, I think your country has been taken over by the Jewish lobby and it trickles down to all aspects of your society. It is a problem for the US (even though americans don't seem to think of it that way) but the ones who are paying the price of the oestrich american public stand is us in Iraq and elsewhere in the ME.
Anonymous said…
Rhetoric and innuendo do not trump fact. Ever! Any of you ever have an actual debate? All I see here is purile, infantile whining. You and your admirers appear to have an aggregate IQ of no more than double digits. Why don't you obtain a *real* education and try again? Here's a hint, since being leftists you won't have learned any of this in school - Start with critical thinking and follow up with logic and semantics. If you're at all intellectually honest, you'll move beyond your current mode and actually start to learn and appreciate life for how it really is!
Anonymous said…
Honestly, while you have every right to gripe, by lumping all Americans together you're being quite hypocritical. Not all of us are the same, just as not all Muslims are terrorists (right?).

Another thing... perhaps it isn't just with the neocons as you say, but with all of us Americans that the problem lies. By the same logic, is it safe to assume that it isn't just with radical Islam that the problem lies, but with all of Islam itself?

Try not to make blanket statements. That 3 trillion dollars you speak of... its actually 8 trillion in debt, and the US should be able to manage that without too many problems once Bush leaves office.
Anonymous said…
It seems you don't read the news on a daily basis. Bush has asked for an extra 3 trillion dollars as part of his defense budget for EYE RAQ.
Moreover it seems you have missed the jist of what I wrote. That does not surprise me one bit. Your reply is not only a deja vu stale one but also lacks much imagination.
Good day.
Anonymous said…
To the Anonymous above Layla, who speaks about 'critical thinking'. What kind of 'critical thinking' are you suggesting when all the facts are staring us in the face? And you have the nerve to suggest that people here are intellectually dishonest? Your comments actually point to what you pitfully lack. If you don't like what you read here, you are free to go to the thousands of others which will provide you with what you are looking for - LIES.

And to the Anonymous below the above Anonymous - I don't think Layla is being hypocritical at all. In fact, millions the world over share her view, quite correctly, and this is no 'blanket statement' about Americans - it is a fact. Bottom line is that the Muslims (or terrorists as you suggest) did not invade America and destroy it - it's the other way round, so WHO are the terrorists? You would not have the moral authority to refer to Muslims as 'terrorists', either as individuals or collectively, but the world has every right to make a blanket statement about Americans - after all, a sovereign country has been destroyed and millions of its people have been killed, maimed and made homeless in Americans' names, BY Americans on THEIR sovereign MUSLIM LAND. How much more accurate does one need to be?

And we wait with bated breath for America 'to manage' the trillions of dollars of debt - how? Plunder another helpless country of its resources, perhaps?
Anonymous said…
I live in the US, and I'm not particularly proud of that. I did not vote for Bush, I admit I didn't vote at all, because I know the polls are rigged (I should have voted anyway). I would never have voted for Bush, and most wouldn't, and I believe most didn't. The ones who did are suffering from mind control that keeps us, as you said, eating junk food, taking drugs, watching violent TV and trashy soap operas. I don't do any of those things, but here is my profile:

Ignorant - yes
apathetic - yes
obese - no
spoiled - yes, I have food and shelter, and some toys.
indifferent - no
arrogant - no
stupid - probably
shallow - only a little
hollow - maybe--I wish I were filled with the Spirit of God in all moments
violent - no
neurotic - I don't think so
sadistic - no
perverted - no
superficial - I try not to be
ugly - depends in whose opinion
evil - no

We ask for compassion for our apparent apathy because we are sick and ignorant, overworked, and dumbed down intentionally by this government that you despise. I am too ignorant to despise those horrible nasty US government "people" that team up with other governments--the governments against the good peoples of the world, to weaken us, so that they may stay in power. I try to ignore them and "think positive and stay in joy" as our ET friends suggest, to help anchor the Light on Earth. But meanwhile, I long for those who are temporarily in power to be cast out of their ill gotten positions, and for some honest people of Spirit/Love and Wisdom to take their place as soon as God will allow it, in all countries on this good Earth.

I live here in middle class America, and I can tell you that we are all sick, I mean physically ill in one way or another. Many of our health problems are nebulous and difficult to identify, treat, or figure out just why we have them. Our government keeps many diseases alive deliberately, and people are addicted to the junk food we are fed, and through flu shots and other means, new diseases are added to the population. Furthermore, there are massive chemical campaigns to weaken us. Harmful pesticides and herbicides, doctor's drugs, food additives, artificial sweeteners known to make people ill are routinely approved by the FDA, while anything that can help people is blocked or downplayed. Planes fly overhead daily, billowing trails of unknown chemicals causing unknown ailments. People don't feel well. We are apathetic because we are slogging along, sick with this or that, and frequently depressed, trying to make it through another day. And the goal of the government is that we should spend our time either struggling at our jobs, or recovering in our homes in front of the TV.

I did not personally harm any of your loved ones, and it sickens me to be in a country where anyone would or could have done such things as I have only begun to hear about, since I don't have a TV (TV is one of the methods of mind control here). Yet I am trapped here in this country, on this ailing planet. I am a 41 year old woman with diabetes for 21 years, which takes its toll on me--I've watched cures for this disease arrive and then mysteriously disappear. That has also happened with cancer and certainly all of the other high-death-and-suffering diseases. It's population control, and it weakens us as well.

If you think the US government is so evil (and it is), do not doubt that they are doing the same basic thing to us, only they have to do it more discreetly.

Thank you for hearing me, and thank you for writing your truth--we all need to hear it.
Anonymous said…
This is a disgusting, pathetic, and weak diatribe of someone so unable to believe certain facts, that they have constructed a "great evil" to blame their situation upon.

Much as the ancient greeks blamed their gods for rains, floods, fires, and death, so too does the author look for an acceptable scapegoat on which to heap their woes.

You will likely live in ignorance and die in obscurity.

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