Stand in line and place your Bets.

I was told today that the figure for the number of dead in Iraq is a 40% increase on last month.
Who wants to bid more ?
Imagine you are in an auction , and don't get all politically correct with me now (it did not help much in the past). Imagine you are at Sothebys or Christies and the bald guy on a commission is shouting:
" Last bid , 1 ,2, 3, who says more ? ".
You don't like this one , it's too morbid for you ?Let me give you another one .
Imagine yourself in a casino , you are gambling . Roulette, Black Jack and Slot Machines . How much do you want to bet that this figure will increase next month. Jackpot?
You don't like this one either ? Never mind then, let me put it to you crudely now .
Queue up and wait for your turn and place your bets .
We have two sorts of body bags . White or Black , which do you prefer?
We may run out of those plastics soon , so you may have to do without them. I hope you don't mind the feel of mud on your skin . If you promise to be nice, we may find a piece of something to wrap you in . Possibly a worn out blanket , but we can't guarantee anything.
Coffins are out of fashion, besides we don't have the wood .
Just opt for the most ecological way . Ashes to Ashes , dust to dust . Let mother earth do its job.
If you are claustrophobic , we can throw you in deep waters . Maybe a fisherman will find you maybe not . Want to bet ?
If you are religious , you might get a quick religious rite guaranteeing your way straight up to heaven .
But then I cannot vouch for it .
If the odds are in your favor , then you might get away with a few limbs torn away .
But again, don't count on rehabilitation .
If you are chronically ill, take my advice stay away . You are already considered dead . We have no time for lukewarm gamblers.
We mean business here , serious business. No faint of heart should engage.
It takes guts . Win or lose all . There is no middle path . And the stakes are high.
Your turn now . How much more , How many more ?
Are you ready to bid ? One time , two times, three times ... It's all your's now.
Are you ready to place your bets ? One , two, three... Congratulations, you have won !

Painting : Iraqi Artist Shahin Ali Dahir .


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