Defiant , I stand.

I am sick and tired of listening to Iraqis whine about "their " failed government. Whine about how they have been duped by fake elections and false hopes, cursing the hour they agreed know what !
I am sick and tired of the crocodile tears and the "oh those poor Iraqis,who can blame them" line.
I am sick and tired of - let's atone in public , now that we know the truth- tirade.
Liars and Deceivers.
You knew the Truth all along .
The Truth was out there right in front of your very eyes whilst you were sitting in Baghdad, Teheran, some dump in the U.S , Amman, London or God knows where else.
The Truth was on every single lamp post in Baghdad . The Truth was in Firdaus Square, the Truth was marked in bright red colors on American tanks when they rolled into your "darling "city for which you whimper now.

I noticed you have stopped parroting the "Saddam this, Saddam that" broken record. A little "démodé " perhaps ? Or have the 1000 times worse horrors finally caught up with a member of your loved ones ?

It seems you regret having voted - how very noble of you . I will give you a prize for that. A medal for your "unwavering" patriotism .
But vote, you did . You voted when your country was and still is ILLEGALLY occupied by the most ruthless power in the World.
You still went ahead and cast your name in some dusty ballot box and shouted Halleluja to your so called democracy.
Some of you even composed an Iraqi Version of " We shall overcome." But you changed the tense and renamed it : "We have overcome."
You called it the "New Iraq" song. And you sang and you danced to the tune.
You were almost drunk with joy. And so proud of your victory against so called "tyranny" only to have the most brutal tyrants rule over you now .
You argued, you were finally liberated because "they" allowed you a cell phone, a satellite dish and the choice of a 100 worthless newspapers . You thought , this is it , you "finally" got it right this time.
You jumped and applauded like a bunch of monkeys , ecstatic at the sight of someone throwing a couple of crumbs your way .
And now, you sit and lament and wait for more "pity" crumbs to be thrown your way and hopefully some other "benevolent hand" to come and rescue you from your self inflicted misery. A misery you brought not only onto yourselves but onto all of your people, a people you supposedly care for, so much.
Yes you did vote indeed and exercised your "democratic rights" under the vigilant eye of your occupier and his henchmen. What derision !

I tell you : You sold your country along with the Green Zone hookers. You are a partner in crime and nothing will absolve you. You are as responsible as the perfidious thugs you voted for.
Hypocrites , this what you are. A bunch of profiteering, opportunistic hypocrites.
You kept moaning about Saddam Hussein. " He is a dic-ta-tor " you would cry in front of your Western friends and amongst your "clan". When, in fact,you had your own petty little agendas safely tucked away.
And now just look at the results . Now you have a 1000 "dic-ta-tors" shedding your blood "left right and center." Slaughtering you and your "New Iraq" like sheep.

Don't expect me to have sympathy for you, I have none whatsoever. You voted, you bear IT .

The Battle for Freedom in Iraq is the Mother of all Battles .
As for you, shameless lot, you know who you are. Mother of all Shame.

Painting : Iraqi Female Artist , Betool Fekeiki


Anonymous said…
1) The priority for Iraqis is to demand the IMMEDIATE and UNCONDITIONAL departure of the coalition troops and their foreign mercenaries and contractors.

2) Replacing the existing government with a technochrat government composed of expert personalities in their fields

3) Application of compulsory military service and recall the professional officers of the disbanded Iraqi Army to form the new Iraqi army, replace the existing one which is made of the Kurdish and Shiite militias, namely the Peshmerga and the Badr brigades.

4) Disallow the fromation of any political party based on ethnicity or sectarian affiliations.

5) Cancel the referendum on Kerkuk, planned for December 2007, to prevent the expected ethnic explosion in the North of Iraq and suggest the power sharing between Turkmens, Arabs and Kurds for governing not only Kerkuk province but all the provinces forming the north of Iraq: Mosul, Kerkuk, Erbil, Duhok and Suleymaniya where these communities have shared interests.

6) Involve the neighbouring countries by making them guarantors for the integrity, safety and the reconstruction of Iraq.

7) Just compensation of the Iraqi people by the invaders and occupiers of Iraq: the U.S., U.K. and Australia for the deaths of at least 650.000 INNOCENT IRAQI CIVILIANS and for the reconstruction of the infrastructure of Iraq which they destroyed during their invasion and occupation of IRAQ.

see following petition:

A woman who loves Iraq
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Zig ,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me . I do agree with a lot of what you say - however I have a few stumbling blocks when it comes to your totally absolving Iraqis of ANY responsibility in the occupation.
Have you forgotten the Chalabis, Talabanis , Barazanis and the rest. The list is tediously long.
Whatever the failings of Saddam were and am sure he had quite a few, do you think that in itself would justify the treacherous role that some Iraqis have ?
And even though I think Saddam was no perfect ruler, he was not more imperfect than the rest of the world wide dictators. Iraq in the 80's was really on its way from so called "underdevelopment" into becoming a full fledged industrial, technological society. It had an excellent educational system, an excellent medical system, a fully developed infrastructre, a high female participation in the work force ...etc...
Saddam used to repeat that there was a "conspiracy" against Iraq. I used to shrug it off as another delusional paranoid utterance. But, now I have to admit that his vision was 100 % correct. Iraq had to be broken by 1) Israel/US , 2)by Iran and 3) by the rest of the gulf countries .
How can you absolve Iraqis who actually participated in the so called interim govt and voted ? How can you absolve Iraqis who have their loyalties to the US, Iran or Israel like the kurds for instance.
I think it is imperative for Iraqis to take responsibility for their share in all of this mess. They could have played it differently.
They could have resisted from day 1 on a massive scale, then sort out their differences later. Nut no, they chose the sectarian card handed to them by the US/Israel and Iran.
I will add some more thoughts later on the "civil war" thing.
Am glad you enjoy Iraqi artwork.They are truly pioneers in the ME .
Layla Anwar said…
Woman who loves Iraq.

I find myself agreeing with all of your points. Iraq absolutely needs to regain its Sovereignty. How can that happen when the rift between Iraqis has becoming so glaringly evident?
One hopes that the current bloodshed will re-unite them in a common vision under one flag.
Layla Anwar said…
Thanks for the link to the petition , will sign it and forward it .
Anonymous said…
a few stumbling blocks

Hi Layla...

I like that phrase, it reminds me of Paul's saying

"But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;"

1 Corinthians 1:23

Don't know, it's the first thing that came to my mind!

Layla Anwar said…
Hi Orbitz,

Could it be that Iraq is crucified now and left bleeding to death?
When is the resurection ?
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Zig ,

I disagree with you there. If Iraqis really loved Iraq - they would have not cooperated with the occupation.
They did what the Wester powers did: Equate Saddam with Iraq. Equate one man and one regime with Iraq.
Now there is no regime left.Fine.But there is NO STATE left either. And the state is by definition above personalities and individuals.
I agree with you on the last paragraph in which you mentioned that the years following GulfWar1 and the sanctions weakened the Iraqi will. They needed a breather and yes you are right on this point. But honestly how can you excuse those Iraqis when it was the US who instigated Gulf War1 and the sanctions and they knew it !
I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing. The ONLY thing that gives me Hope is the Iraqi Resistance. Thse people are true to their ideals.
By the way, thank you for the very potent and powerful photos you left on your blog. The grief seems to be infinite.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,
Every morning the first thing I do is rush to my pc to check your latest artful writing..I either post a comment right away or re-read your work during the course of the day again and again, then post a comment. On this particular one, I somehow needed more time. Not because it was not as excellent as the previous ones, nor because I disagree, but simply because, as you rightly said in your reply to one of the comments above, I too have mixed feelings; at least about certain aspects of this issue.
What I do not have doubts or confusions about however are those so called Iraqis who encouraged, lied about, condoned, applauded,helped and thanked the occupation forces, all under the banner of nationalism , freedom, democracy,blah ,blah ,blah..My only consolation (however little it is for now) is that their true face has been exposed(for those who couldn't see beyond the mask..and unfortunately there were quite a few...)to show that they are nothing but blood thirsty low life money mongers, thugs, thiefs, opportunistic hypocrits with loyalties to nothing more than the highest bidder...In short they are the devil's servants, and believe me even the devil one day will turn against them, he knows scum when he sees it, he just uses it for his dirty work first.(wa al 3iyathu bilAllah).
I just hope they get to read your words before they get trashed in the dustbin of history..
Layla Anwar said…
Dearest T,

I think we will be forming the mutual compliment's society
I see that you have it in you to write as well. We NEED more truthful voices . So please start something.
God bless xxx
landsker said…
Hello Layla,
Might I offer my respect to your words, and to advise you that I have added your blog to my *links*.
I trust this will be o.k., may I also offer you my hopes that soon, some peace will return to your lives and homes.
May your hearts find the spirit to continue.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi landsker , Thank you .
I checked your site and you linked my blog under the heading a "Lady from the Middle East". Was that deliberate? My blog's name is
"An Arab Woman Blues" and during my anger throes , am no Lady.

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