UPDATE 2 - 22 February 2010

I said I will update this post on a regular basis to give you an overview and a foretaste of what is actually happening now in Iraq, in "preparation " for the "upcoming elections".

And even if you are not interested, I shall jot down everything I know and I hear -- for the record. And I am doing so because this is my notebook registering your crimes, for the whole world to see and read...

Let's start with the Dead shall we ? I have no time to write an essay, I will give just headlines...

- 30 dead today in different parts of Iraq - Baghdad, Tikrit,  Kirkuk, Mosul, what follows is not included in the reported 30 dead.

- several sectarian murders by the Katem - the silencer gun the favorite weapon of the Shiite Militas. namely 3 in Adhamiya, ordinary people, gunned down early in the morning. 1 Academic gunned down in his car. a family of 8 in East Baghdad, including all the children, found beheaded, another family of 4 in Baghdad gunned down by the silencer, and another 4 women gunned down by the silencer...
Regarding the killing and the beheading of the family of 8 mentioned above, I just read an article by the BBC stating that the family was a Shia family. This information is NOT correct. Brig. General Qassem Atta said all the above deaths by gunning were done by "unknown" gunmen. Usually Qassem Atta blames "Al-Qaeda and Saddamists" for everything but not this time round....Iraqi police showed the silencer guns and some stolen goods but no more info from any other Arabic source including the Iraqi police and the Brigadier General who pronounced himself publicly on the matter.So where did the BBC get the sect affiliation info from ?

- 70 corpses found in the South, gunned down by the silencer - the Katem.

- political candidates who are not favored by Iran and the Shiite parties are receiving regular death threats and there is a CAMPAIGN OF PHYSICAL LIQUIDATION ORGANIZED BY THE IRANIAN QUDS FORCE.

- 5 mortars fell in the Green Zone.

- a group of lawyers are presenting in Brussels a list of not less of 16 names, related to the Shiite parties and their militias responsible for sectarian mass killings, following the discovery of  mass graves in :

* Sadr City
* Taji
* Basra where a mass grave of 300 people was found, mainly women and 100 children.

News from the Provinces

 Kirkuk : A mishmash of political alliance, Arabs and Turkmen, Turkmen and Kurds, changing all the time. 498 candidates competing for 12 seats. All the residents interviewed said they don't care who wins what, they just want basic services running.  I will get back to that point when I'll cover the other provinces.

Mosul : apart from people being gunned down, all the residents in Mosul say they are fed up with the corrupt sectarian government. Everyone is blaming the corruption on the Shiite parties and some expressed outrage and anger that Iraq the richest country in oil, and they can't get a job or food. Their situation is very dire indeed. One guy said he wanted to apply for a job in the ministry of oil and he was asked to pay 2000 dollars for his application to be reviewed ! But will have more on the subject of corruption further down the line...

Suleymaniya : Strong conflicts within the Kurdish Regional Government KRG. The  Peshmergas, the Kurdish militia armed and trained by Israel has organized protests this evening in Suleymaniya, wanting to strip Jalal Talabani of his powers .-- a move most likely orchestrated by his now rival Massoud Barazani.

Salaheddin: public services like water/electricity/hospitals/schools are functioning at only 12% of their capacities and this per the governor of the province. The rate of unemployment in that province is 80%.
All the residents complain of endemic corruption of the central government and the Shiite parties in particular.

Diwanya : ALERT : there is absolutely no water there. Agriculture produce has plummeted to less than 10%, while the yearly average is 50%. The people of Diwaniya said that they had not washed in 3 weeks. and the little water that is given to them is for drinking and cooking. Some women were washing their clothes in sewage water. The residents also said they are discriminated against because Najaf next door is regularly receiving  water and is not knowing any water shortages. They are asking the government to forget about the sect of the people of Diwaniya and just give them water on a humanitarian basis. Pictures show a totally drought  --of the land, the water pipes, wells, and water analysts blame it on the dams built illegally by Iran and Turkey..


- Tafsirat prison - a general hunger strike by the inmates and they set the place on fire, protesting abuses and inhumane detention conditions, unfair detention and no trials

- another picture from another prison shows a cell of not less than 50 men all held up together. Some were crying in front of the camera, asking what their charges were, they have been there for years. They were being visited by the Sunni puppet Tareq Al Hashimi who looked at them from behind the bars...and they are still behind those bars with no trial.

- another piece of information you will not read about in your press of my foot - there are 400 secret prisons in Iraq and the number of secret detainees is 100'000.


- While electoral candidates all preach about fighting corruption, all the residents interviewed in different parts of Iraq, say that the corruption is endemic and needs a radical revolution. The most corrupt ministries are the ministries of Trade - Finance- Electricity and Oil. The total in dollars for 2009 alone from these ministries is 78 BILLION dollars.

- another little story - the Shiite Marjaiyah has taken over the chicken market - ie. the only chicken you can find in Baghdad is manufactured by companies owned by the Shiite Marjiah of Nejaf and Kerbala. Marjaiyah means the Shiite theological council. Residents in Baghdad said they trust the dead chicken and if they can vote for them dead chicken they would.

- and last but not least  Ahmed Chalabi appeared on Al Arabyia TV in a interview with Souhair Al Kayssi, and she grilled him even though he was very rude, that is expected from such a low class scum. I will be reserving a post on this interview. Stay tuned.

Conclusion and a brief analysis of the above :

There is an upsurge of sectarian violence in Iraq and everyone is expecting another round of ethnic/sectarian cleansing.  We are preparing ourselves for the worst to come. Bill Gates said that the Iraqi elections should go as planned however if sectarian conflict breaks out, there might be a need to keep the US troops longer and beyond their deadline. US General Odierno added that he's hoping to pull 50'000 US shits by September 2010, but he was not quite sure about it...either.

Sources for all the above information : Al-Sharqiya TV, Al-Arabiya TV, Al-Jazeera Arabic TV (which has the worst coverage by the way. If you understand the Doha-Tehran economic and political ties, you will understand why. There's a video on Al Jazeera English about those sacred ties and they explain much of Al-Jazeera's biases)


UPDATE 1 --  12 February 2010

As I said, I will be updating this post on a regular basis.
As expected and as mentioned in the lines below, the latest news state that Salih Al-Mutlag of the Iraqiiya Alliance has been banned from participating in the elections. I really hope he gets out of Iraq  before being murdered.

He and Dhafir Al-Aini both Sunnis have been barred from the elections on charges of Baathism.

That is most strange really because Al Mutlaq left the Baath party back in the 70's. And Iyad Alllawi, a secular Shiite who served as PM during Bremer's time and who is also running on the Iraqiiya list was also a Baathist in the 70's and left the party. How come he was allowed to stay ?

Furthermore, Salih Al-Mutlag ran for the first round of elections in 2005, and ran in the provincial elections. I even remember in 2005, someone approached me and asked me to vote for his list. Of course,  I refused to vote for anyone since I do not believe in the electoral process under US/Iranian occupation.

I really believe that the Arab Sunnis and secular forces of Iraq are really in a tight spot now, in particular the Sunnis. If they don't participate in the elections, the sectarian Shiite parties of Iran will have it all for themselves along with the Kurds and this is exactly what is asked for and wanted.

Some say that this may trigger another round of serious sectarian violence and I say this is exactly what is also aimed at because only then can the Americans stay on a little longer and the full partition plan of Iraq into 3 statelets can be turned into an official reality.

So far there has been resistance to this plan either in armed struggle or through peaceful means by joining the political process but it seems to me that the government of Nouri Al-Maliki and his sectarian Shiite parties from Iran are feeling pretty squeezed and desperate to retain their status quo and by implication retain Iran's grip over "liberated" Iraq.

I also received this info right now. 

Ahmadinejad of Iran has publicly stated, that he will not allow the return of any " Batthists", meaning that he is treating Iraq as one of his principalities and at the same time J.Biden stating that Iraq is going to be America's success. 

I am also told that thousands of Iraqis are fleeing by car to Jordan and Syria as they are being chased out of their homes...

Also am told from inside Baghdad that they are expecting lots more" bloodshed and flames... and that Salih al Mutlag has become a National Hero "... and that many arrests and killings have taken place Thursday with the "Katim" the silencer gun...seems it's their favorite weapon these days.

Furthermore Al-Lami and Chalabi sat with the Appelates Judges for 7 hours today  to have Al-Mutlag banned upon direct orders from Ahmadinejad.

Thanks Um Al Ward for some of the info.


 11 February 2010

I have urgent news.

Yesterday, 10th February 2010 in various districts of Baghdad, 25 Baathists have been gunned down with silencers, silent guns by the Badr Brigades of Ammar Al-Hakeem (ISCI) of Iran.

Sunni areas in Baghdad are being evacuated.:  Amiriya is practically empty now, people are getting very scared because a lot of the men are being arrested.

Again yesterday at 6.30 pm, 12 Baathists have been arrested in Sammara by Badr Brigades.

Warning : A massive campaign of liquidation and/or arrest has started by the Iranian trained, backed and funded Shiite death squads. As promised by Nouri Al-Maliki.when he said " any Baathist will be meeting his/her black fate ". 

We are expecting more bloodshed of Sunnis/and seculars under the pretext of a Baathist witch hunt.

Furthermore, following my post on the Iraqi elections, it seems that there are frantic attempts to overturn the decision about allowing the barred candidates to participate. Several of whom are already under heavy threats and as for others (I can't give names now), warrants for their arrests are being issued. Many of us are hoping that they are not killed in the meantime...

Also Kuwait and Iran are in cohort in banning the secular forces in Iraq. This is sure information.

I will update this post whenever I have more news.

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