October 15, 2008


Christ is crucified daily in Iraq, daily.

Nails and thorns from all sides, in the Iraqi Body, the Innocent Iraqi Body.

Hammered deeply into every part...Romans and Pharisees...Judas, and the like...
They are called sectarian Shiites(and most of them have proved to be hypocrites) Kurds, Americans and Brits, Iranians and Zionist Jews.

Every day they claim more victims, more crucifixions...

No Iraqi has been spared. Sunnis, Yezidis, Turkmen, Sabeans, Shabak, and Christians...

The Christians of Iraq are one of the oldest, most ancient Christian communities in the whole of the Middle East.

And go and tell your Shiites, that Nejaf used to be the oldest Church in the world and that the 12 Imams are none but the 12 Apostles. And if a Mahdi is to return, it is none other but the Messiah. Bunch of ignorant fools.

Chaldeans and Assyrians constitute the bulk of the Christians of Iraq. They are Iraqis through and through, from time immemorial...They are one of the main arteries, veins, of this bleeding Iraqi heart. An essential aorta. A primordial piece of what used to be the most beautiful mosaic of ethnicities and sects, cohabiting peacefully for centuries...

This last week has witnessed the most brutal violent persecution against our brothers and sisters in Faith.

Over 3'000 Iraqi Christian families have been forcibly evicted from their homes in Mosul. Mosul was known to have an equal number of Christians and Muslims, who have peacefully coexisted and intermarried for years and years.

Contrary to other Arab countries where Christian minorities exist, like in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan or Palestine, intermarriage between Christians and Muslims was common in Iraq. I am a living proof.

Good God, I can't believe what you sub humans have done to Iraq and its different sects...

What is this irony of history, where under a fundamentalist christian occupation, a "born again" occupation, the true Christians are persecuted. What is this ? Will someone explain it to me for God's sake !

Cockburn and Co, and we all know what they stand for today, were quick to blame Al-Qaeda, and fundamentalist Islam. But Cockburn and Co being the hypocrites that they are, another subgroup of Pharisees, failed to tell you the truth, as usual.

The ones who have been driving out the Iraqi Christians from Mosul are none other than your "wonderful" Kurds.

That bunch of fascist, chauvinistic, racist, zionistic pieces of shits that you cried over... stating that they are sooooo oppressed and persecuted. And you invented stories that you ended up believing and now the Christians of Iraq are driven out in thousands by none other than the Kurds.

What have you got to say to that one ?

Today, a communiqué from the Assyrian community confirms that the ones who are persecuting the Iraqi Christians of Mosul are none than your fucking Kurds. The same was reported by the blogger Roads to Iraq. Now go and tell your Cockburn and Chomsky...

Since 2003, the Christians of Iraq have had their churches destroyed, their shops burned down, their families threatened, murdered and exiled...

So what have you got to say, you bunch of bastards ?

What have you got to say to the irrefutable fact that the Christians of Iraq prior to your so called dirty "liberation" where the most protected group in Iraq.

Now you come and talk about Muslim fundamentalism persecuting the Christians of Iraq ? You bad faithed bastards.

You are the ones who are persecuting the Christians of Iraq. You and your scum called Iran and Israel via their proxies of dirty Shiites and dirty Kurds.

You are the ones, you Americans and filthy Brits, you are the ones who are persecuting Christ and you are the ones who crucify him daily.

Turn the other cheek ? Ha! All I want to do is smash your criminal, ugly faces, your hypocritical faces, your lying faces, your deceitful faces...

Turn the other cheek ? You fucking bastards, I have no cheek to turn. I want you mother fuckers to be nailed, with no hope of "salvation" or "resurrection" ever !

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Yussra Al-Obaidi.