October 31, 2008

A Hopeless Case.

This is probably the most "politically incorrect" post ever...I care not. I have stopped caring ages ago -- about your sensitivities. I have become a callous bitch insofar as you are concerned.

I have very limited access to the net and this is not my computer either. For those who want to bear with me, please do so...As for others, fuck you and fuck off.

Geez that sounds so simple right? Yes right.

I am in some neighboring "Arab" country.

We were gathered in some "happening" place. The atmosphere looked cordial. Here comes the blue eyed thing. He is from Israel. He introduced himself and kissed my hand. What the fuck for? I don't need anyone from there kissing my hand. I let him do it, let him savor even for a few moments -- a true Semite.

He is from the West, originally. I say originally because most of these people have invented their origins... He lives in Israel -- horror of horrors.

He went into that familiar litany of peace and tolerance. I recalled to him that Abraham was from Kufa, the land of Ur and that he, on the other hand, was from some Western God forsaken place. He had no business being here, there.

He tried explaining to me in the all too familiar neurosis that has characterized his " people" that he had God given rights to this land.

I, keeping my gracious demeanor and yes I am very capable of it when necessary providing it fulfills my objectives, reminded him that his roots were somewhere else...

I also reminded him that Jews took refuge amongst the "Aghabs" in Al-Andalus.

He brushed it off, typical of his "race". Typical of his "affiliation and his tribe."

We spoke for a couple of hours. The conversation was tense, very tense. And I had to keep reminding him of historicity. Insofar as true Semites were concerned, he simply could not measure up...

I even dropped the name of Gilad Atzmon, he nodded his head with disapproval --stating that he was aware of the "character."

We spoke, trying to keep it as courteous as humanly possible. I am not sure we succeeded. He still kissed my hand in reverence before excusing himself, but it really was a very dry kiss - a motion. I am not even sure why he bothered going through it, seeing that he hated me so much. But maybe that is typical of his folks. A deep seated hypocritical lie that they justify like any other psychopath around.

My Palestinian friends -- and I don't have many left, since they were forcibly kicked out or killed in the new "liberated" Iraq by none other than the Americans and the Iranians. I tell you, "your enemy" is a cunning, deceitful, son of a bitch. Peace is an almost impossibility with these folks.

But then, let me remind you of your closer enemy- the one who is very close, whom you applauded and danced for...He is no less cunning. And at least with the former, he knows how to kiss hands when necessary...

A video of stolen Land/lands by the Jews can be watched here with the Hava Nagila -- to give them a good "patriotic" conscience. So they can rejoice in the land of milk and honey with "no people", with the blessings of Elohim. Ha!