October 23, 2008

Insane Limits...

Limits ? What limits... I know no limits.

I stretch my left arm and I touch Ishtar,

I stretch my right arm and Hammurabi welcomes me.

What limits are you talking about ?

I draw breath and strength from my roots...

Every time the world shrinks around me, I look back...And my arm longs back 7'000 years...back, ago...

Every time life becomes too tight, I look back and I have Abundance before me. I have gold, rubies and diamonds...

Every time I feel dry like a barren land, I draw back and Genius springs before me.

I stick my head in the Land and I draw Oxygen...I draw Force and I draw Power...I draw Energy.

So what limits are you talking about ?

An old Willow that will not bend ? Welcome the weeping Willow.

I welcome the weeping Willow, the black Widow, that lays in me...I embrace her and kiss her. I touch her and hold her up with pride.

Others have done the same...

Our stories are so similar. Our predator is also the same -- no cause for surprise.

You have set no limits, and I have none. Your limits are mine.

How far shall you go, and how far shall I follow ?

How far can you go and far will I allow you ?

Like my forefathers, I stretch the limits... I bring them close like some stifling frontier, or push them far away...I am Queen, King in my homeland. You are not.

You are an unwanted "guest" in my territory.

I have become very territorial by the way, I sniff my territory like some primate...like some animal. An animal true to itself.

I don't really care how long it takes. Time is not measurable in months or years...contrary to what you believe. Time is really immaterial. We have invented Time and we can stop it too...or stretch it to the limits.

We don't go by your calendar either. Days, nights, weeks, months...they flow...
You hold onto them, you try to control Time, Days and Nights, we don't...They serve us. We don't serve them.

My weapons are Patience and Knowledge. Yours is a cheap bullet. There lies all the difference.

I have the Gods, the Spirits and the Ancestors on my side, you have no one...

I have the Book and History on my side, you are just the Wild West...

I am certain of my/our imminent Victory, you are scared...You are forever scared.

Tracked like a wild beast.. You don't trust the "natives" but you were never someone to be trusted...you will always remain scared and this is where my strength lies -- in your Fear.

I have no Fear. I know that Justice and Truth are on my side. I fear not.

I think to myself, how long will it take ? Two, ten, or twenty years ? Does not matter.

The scorched earth is my cover. That earth that you spat, pissed on and desecrated...that poor Earth that swallowed its dead, out of mercy.

The dead...How can I ever forget the dead ?

Merciful, scorched Earth...that took them to her bosom, like some generous Mother...A brown, burnt blanket, but a Mother nonetheless.

Like the millions of mothers you have left with no shelter, begging for a scorched earth to swallow them...And the millions of orphans longing for a lost, swallowed mother...

How can all of this go unaccounted for ? Impossible, simply impossible.

I am Insomnia. I am the wakeful Eye...I will bug you for as long as I am alive.

I will poke you out of your slumber, I will nag you, I will fight you and combat you and I will track you...until...

Until the limits of Insanity...


Painting : Iraqi female artist, Nadia Mohammed Yass.