October 22, 2008

How Sensitive...

I am very touched...truly touched. I have goose bumps all over, am so touched...

Finally, the puppy "Rachet", was saved from the flames of burning Baghdad by one of your brave boys - Sergeant Gwen Beberg.

Gwen is a hero. He saved puppy dog "Rachet" in extremis, from a dump of a garbage that was set on fire...Saved him from the bubonic plague and the cholera , from the imposed junk of our lives...

On Sunday, brave Gwen took his last flight out, to Minnesota and thanks to over 10'000 signatures, through an online petition, brave Gwen was able to adopt "Rachet" and give him the American green card. "Rachet" will now become a "civilized" American citizen.

And needless to say, the mounting pressure on the American Department of Defense, thanks to your generous hearts, signatures and petition, was not able to refuse "Rachet" as a new fellow citizen of the United States of America.

This has been a great learning experience in your morality. How humane and how empathetic...Such sensitivity, such grace and such a heart.

So refined in its senses, so delicate, so altruistic...I am overwhelmed, I am flabbergasted, I am simply in awe.

Doves of Freedom. Dove of Peace. Doves of Love. Gracious doves...How touched I am.

I had just completed on my other Uncensored blog, a very short post on "Sensitivity", accompanied by a piece of fine Jazz. I am very tempted to dedicate it to you as well, for all your efforts.

Damn, what an effect you have on me. The goose bumps, the quivers, the tremblings, the shivers...How bashfully sensitive...

P.S: It's a pity, Brigitte Bardot did not have a say in it this time round...That would have completed the Western "sharing and caring experience."

How Insensitive (Insensatez) - Stan Getz - Astrud Gilberto -

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Buthaina Abdelrahman.