July 26, 2008

A (great) Disappointment & a Question Mark.

I've been asked many a times, through this blog, what are my EXACT thoughts on the Iraqi Resistance.

My standard reply has always been the same unwavering one - Resistance against a foreign Occupation (dual as in the case of Iraq) is the legitimate right of every people.

That means that if tomorrow, the US is invaded and illegally occupied by a foreign power - I will put aside my deep dislike for you lot and will say that the American people have a right to resist any form of illegal occupation. My heart will probably rejoice that you are being made to taste what you inflicted on others, but I will place my principles above my personal/collective story. Right is right.

Of course I will try to find legal loopholes by which the invasion and occupation of your country can be justified...Mind you, I will not need to search far for these legal gaps, since you have proven over and over again, not to be a state of law, positing yourselves above the Law. Clearly, the same is applicable to (not so) Great Britain.

Getting back to the Resistance issue.

Not only have I not wavered in my support for the Iraqi Resistance, but I also, throughout my posts, took great pains in asking the reader to differentiate between Al-Qaeda in Iraq, which is nothing but a terror organization funded by the Israeli, American and Iranian secret services, and between the legitimate Resistance.

I also took great pains in differentiating between the so-called resistance of Muqtada Al-Sadr (the idol of Ccckburn, Rosen, Wallerstein, the anti-war clowns and of course pro-Iran Shia revivalist "revolutionaries" (hahaha) to name a few) and that of the true Iraqi Resistance who fought the occupation from Day 1.

I have not ceased to point out that Muqtada Al-Sadr has been involved in the political process under occupation, has upheld the puppet governments under occupation (like that of Al-Jaafari and Al-Maliki), has been personally involved in the lynching of the legitimate President of Iraq - Saddam Hussein, was/is one of the masterminds (alongside the Americans and other Iranian militias like Badr and Dawa) in the MASSIVE ETHNIC CLEANSING OF IRAQ. That his Mahdi army is inculpated in the most hideous of tortures, in gang rapes, in mutilations, in displacement...and in Death. I have repeated over and over that the ministries run by his men are known to be the most sectarian, brutal, criminal hell holes (very much like those of the ministry of Interior totally run by Iran). I said it over and over until I was blue in the face that Muqtada Al-Sadr is a special card used by Iran when necessary, when convenient. I said that this guy besides being a psychopathic murderer is also a political joke -- that his lack of education, depth of analysis, and political mic macs bear no weight in any true Resistance movement. I also said that Hezbollah's support for Muqtada Al-Sadr and his movement renders Hezbollah even more dubious - past its patriotic rhetoric, and de facto points to the true Iranian sectarian nature of any political Shiite movement - Hezbollah included.

And it did not stop there.

It also took me many hours and sleepless nights, to translate whenever I could, to the point of utter physical and mental exhaustion -- interviews and articles by some factions of the Iraqi Resistance, making them available in English. And am no professional translator either.

I also mentioned that the true Iraqi Resistance is made up of many political factions and that it is incumbent on anyone who stands against the Occupation, to support it. I heavily criticized the anti-war buffoons, the Left (hahaha) in general, and the Arab Left (hahaha) in particular, for failing to do so.

I also pointed out that the True Iraqi Resistance was the only one that kept resisting, that it had no support whatsoever from any outside country, (like Muqtada Al-Sadr), and that what it achieved in 5 years, fighting the mightiest power on earth, ALONE -- is nothing but short of a miracle.

On a side note, but still related. I was also asked on numerous occasions to give my exact thoughts on the Resistance wing led by Izzat Al-Durri. And I was specifically asked to give my comments on his last speech which can be read here.

Today I will reply to your questions.

Before doing so, let me reiterate what I've been stating for the past two years. This is not a disclaimer by the way, it is just FACT.

I was never and will never be part of any political group or party. Be it Baath or ANYTHING ELSE. The way I am constituted makes it impossible for me to join any collectivity. Blame it on some faulty psychological wiring, if that pleases you more...

Having said that, I also expressed some admiration for the achievements of the Baath ideology in practice and tried to illustrate this by writing about Iraq's developmental/ infrastructural leap in a short period of time (20 years), its commitment to its people - in matters of education, health, gender rights, culture...its pan-Arab vision and its unconditional support for Arab struggles, with the Palestinian cause as its spearhead.

I have also not hid my admiration for Saddam Hussein whom I still consider a great Leader, a Visionary and a Martyr and Hero. And I reiterate what I have always alluded to in the past - I still believe he was ahead of his times and that the Iraqis did not really deserve him. But then that is not the problem of Saddam Hussein, that is the historical problem of the Iraqis. Ahl Al-Shiqaq wal Nifaq - The people of Division and Hypocrisy - with a few exceptions, of course.

But let me also say, just because I think the majority of Iraqis are that way, that should NOT be translated into stopping the fight or not standing by my people. Remember what I said about Principles above personal likes or dislikes.

Of course, you are wondering by now, with all this lengthy introduction, what point is she trying to make ? Don't worry, it's coming...

My great disappointment was mainly prompted by two things.

1) parts of Izzat Al-Durri speech.


2) the publication of an article on the 1920 Revolutionary Brigade website.

Assuming of course that Izzat Al-Durri is still alive (a thing I have my own reservations about), how can it be possible that the Supreme Commander of Jihad and Liberation, on the one hand says and I quote :

"I tell them all that our homeland is occupied, invaded by the US imperialists and the international Zionism, backed by the Safawi Khomeinism.. They have destroyed our homeland, they murdered our people, they displaced it, scattered it and they continue to destroy, to divide, to murder and to displace in the daylight and in front of the world eyes and ears."

and, on the other hand, states "Our Army is not also al Qaida which allowed you to slaughter its men, and it is neither the Mahdi army which convinced you through its backward style to liquidate it, militarily, with my due respect and my profound love and my pride for everyone who combat you on the soil of Iraq to liberate Iraq."

Izzat al-Durri's main criticism of the Mahdi Army is that it liquidated itself easily. He then says he extends his respect and profound love and pride to everyone who combats...

Is Izzat Al-Durri extending his profound love and respect to one of the murderers of Saddam Hussein by any chance ? Or is he extending his love and respect to one of the main ethnic cleansers of Iraq ? Or maybe he is extending his profound love and admiration for Muqtada Al-Sadr who never failed to repeat that he will liquidate any remaining Baathist on earth, after having (him and the other Iranian militias) liquidated over 130'000 Baathists till this very day.

These are valid questions and not that am expecting a reply from anyone, but I have every right to raise them. Either Al-Durri, who was one of Saddam's trusted aides, has made a 180 political turn and taken up the path of Naqshabandi Sufi Love, or this speech is not written by him but by some who have infiltrated the Baath and the Resistance, and have been co-opted with a clear Iranian, Shiite, sectarian agenda. And yes, the Mahdi army is clearly a sectarian shiite movement -- backed, funded and armed by Iran - to murder Iraqis. Iraqi ex-army officers, Iraqi academics and scientists. Iraqi women, in particular Sunnis. Iraqi gays. Iraqi children. Iraqi men...and Iraqi Baathists.

The other article, published in March 08, on the 1920 RB site - A Resistance site.

An article by Sami Ramadan on the Basra fights. Sami Ramadani is an ad-hoc, vehement, zealous supporter of the chief sectarian Driller of Baghdad and Lyncher of President Saddam Hussein - Muqtada Al-Sadr. Besides, Sami Ramadani has nothing but praise for Iran.

How can the 1920 RB site publish this grotesque bullshit by a man who supports the murderer of the HEAD of the Resistance, Saddam Hussein ?!

How can the 1920 RB site, on the one hand lash out at Muqtada Al-Sadr calling him a charlatan and a murderer -- which he is, and still publish this crap ?

Either, some factions of the Resistance have also been co-opted by Iran, or everyone has gone raving mad and have lost all vision.

We Iraqis, who are anti DUAL occupation, who believe in a secular state, are progressives, are anti-sectarianism, are anti-Iranian Khomeinism...Us Iraqis, who are hanging by a thread, who have nested our precarious hopes and pinned our trust in the hands of the Resistance...NEED to know. It is our right to know!

And until anyone from the above, comes up with clear answers and intelligent justifications (and no justifications can be logical in this instance), I will say to you that Saddam Hussein has sacrificed his life in vain. And maybe I should take up knitting instead...

Painting: the late Iraqi female artist, Layla Al-Attar, murdered by US bombs in 1993.