July 18, 2008

Mission Accomplished...for now.

A friend just returned from Baghdad. He said that people stopped asking each other the usual "How are you and how is your family". Greetings start with "Do you have any electricity?"

He also said that neighborhoods have totally been transformed. For instance an up-scale neighborhood like Al-Mansur is now populated with riff raff shroog, in other words sectarian whores who falsify their diplomas and get governmental posts with titles like "doctor" when in fact they have not even completed secondary schooling. Only 2% of the original inhabitants of let's say Al-Mansur remained there. All the others have fled or been killed, leaving in their place the rot of the new Iraq, the new Zionists who go by the name of sectarian Shiites. My friend said he felt like a stranger in his own neighborhood, where he was born and raised.

As I've mentioned before, on more than one occasion, the Shiites revivalists are the most chauvinistic, sectarian, bastards you can come across. Not only have they engaged in the plundering, pillaging of the Iraqi state, but they have also wiped out all Iraqis who stand against their Iranian project for Iraq.

I have also mentioned on numerous occasions, that prisons are full of Sunni Iraqis, both men and women. Rape and Torture are the norm against Sunnis. The mass graves that are being unearthed till this very day are mass graves of Sunnis and the good majority of those who fled to neighboring countries such as Jordan and Syria are Sunnis - Sunni Arabs.

Today the majority of Shiites whatever their geographical location have been co-opted by the Iranian ideology and have placed their loyalties above their country, above their humanity...and their only allegiance is to their twisted, sick and perverted ideology of political Shiism - which when you get to the nitty gritty of it, is nothing but Khomeinism, even though some try to convince you otherwise.

And of course they will play their broken record, very similar to that of the lamenting tribal Jews of how persecuted they have been. A grotesque lie that had no foundation in Iraq.

Always remember that the majority of Shiites abide by the philosophy that the ends justify the means. Or is it the other way round ? Does not matter, the means and the ends are both hideous. An eerie reminiscence of Zionist Jews. Hence the(not so) strange fascination between both tribal groups. Something I will write about in the coming weeks...

I remember a 75 years old Iraqi who was kidnapped, and imprisoned in some sectarian Shiite dungeon, with hundreds of others, tortured in the most hideous of ways, and when he managed to get out alive I remember him saying " Even the Jews would not do this to us." I suppose Israelis treated S.Kuntar, a prisoner of war, much better than the way Sunnis are treated in Shiite ruled Iraqi prisons.

In fact the Sunni population of Baghdad alone, has dwindled down from 43% to less than 20% because of sectarian cleansing, exile and imprisonment. A genocide within a genocide that none of you bastards ever address.

In secular Iraq, we did not know each other's sects. FACT. We intermarried and we, at least Sunnis believed that Shiites were our brothers. But to no avail.

Racism, chauvinism and sectarianism of the fascist kind is ingrained, embedded in Shiite thought. They are like those Jews who consider their sect/religion as a race. Most Americans don't even know that Shiites are supposedly Muslims. They believe that Shiism is a different religion.

An American friend wrote to me recently and said that several years ago he was listening to a radio program in the US and some army guy was saying that the "only legitimate Muslims in Iraq are the Shiites." That was way before the occupation.

The Zionist who rule America are the ones who devised the sectarian and ethnic partition of Iraq. And the only ones who are racist and disloyal enough to carry out this plan to its minutest details were/are the sectarian Shiites of Iraq. Israel and the US understand very well that Shiism as it stands today is their only ally against any form of Arab nationalism. Because the Americans and the Israelis understand very well the depth of a dividing sectarianism ingrained in Shiite ideology. Shiism is a useful ideology for the American Zionist plan. And by correlation, the mother of all chauvinism and sectarianism - Iran as it stands today, is considered - under the table - as a priceless ally in fulfilling the American-Zionist plan. The plan of erasing any form of Arab Identity. Any form of anti-American, anti-Zionist, Arab nationalism.

Hence it comes as no surprise that the hard core Zionist theoreticians of the Iraqi occupation were the strongest advocates of Shiites rights. Another post will be dedicated to this vermin.

And it also comes as no surprise that for the past 5 years, the anti-war movement has been promoting Iran by fabricating stories about an "imminent attack" on it, diverting attention from the real scene of the crime - Iraq.

Iran has played a primordial, crucial role in providing the logistics in terms of militias, government players, arms and funds in the destruction of the Iraqi state and in erasing its Arab identity. It is thanks to Iran and to all of its proxies be it its militias of the Dawa, of Chalabi the crook/spy, or of Hakeem the fascist or Sadr the chief driller that the US was able to invade and occupy Iraq - in the 21st century!

While the Arab sheep, in particular, the so-called leftists of my butt, are jumping from joy to the so-called defeat of Israel at the hands of the Hezb of God - from Iran, they forget to look at the hard facts that I have mentioned above. And they deliberately forget to acknowledge that the US and Iran today, are engaging in OFFICIAL talks be it on the nuclear issue or in establishing diplomatic representations in their respective countries.

What was under the table in Iraq is today up front, public...only the fucked up Arabs, the left and the anti-war clowns refuse to see it.

Add to the above, the peace talks between Syria and Israel, the prisoner swap between Israel and Lebanon and you will get a fuller picture.

And I say to you these "peace talks" in whatever form they may appear, were only made possible by the total DESTRUCTION of the only true ANTI-IMPERIALIST, ANTI-ZIONIST country that remained in the ARAB world - IRAQ under SADDAM HUSSEIN.

All the above would have not been possible without occupying IRAQ and murdering its legitimate president. Only those of you, deceptive ones in TOTAL bad faith will deny that. It is so bloody obvious to anyone with a modicum of a conscience.

I, therefore, don't care much for your divine victories nor for the ignorant, debased, with a limited vision, hungry for more slogans - Arabs.

Eat your slogans, you fucking idiots. My country is gone and that does not seem to bother you. My country is gone and Iran and America/Israel are signing peace deals all over the place and you still drink and eat slogans - fuck you.

May what happened to us happen to all of you. And if need be, all over again. Let Iran and Israel rule you until you tie your own ropes around your necks and choke yourselves with your slogans.

In the context of all the above, the puppet dictatorship -- Iranian/American government that is currently ruling Iraq, is not concerned about the plight of its citizens, nor about the absence of water or electricity, nor about its 5 million refugees, nor about its gross human rights violations...

Instead Maliki, the Dawa pimp from Iran, is distributing bundles of dollars to Shiites only, to gain their love and respect. And he will gain their love and respect. This is how one gains them, it seems. Easily sold and easily bought.

But the most ironic part, is that what is on the Iranian/American dictatorship priority list is a new flag.

Now that they have erased our stars and colors, they have extended a tender, a bid, a contest/competition for artists and designers to come up with a new Iraqi flag.

Since the Iraqis, for the most part are absent or subdued into a sheepish silence, and since Arabs are celebrating divine victories from Qum crowned by peace deals, a friend of mine, an Italian, designed one for the new Iraq. Paola Pisi, editor of Uruknet proudly presents her design.

I think this design should be the new flag for Iraq. But not only Iraq, but also Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Pakistan - wherever Shiites exist. These countries will be facing the Iraqi predicament soon, they might as well adopt the new design now and spare themselves bloodshed, Iraqi style.

So I urge you to present Paola's design to the Iranian-American government of occupied Iraq. She really hopes she will win the competition.

Come to think of it, I think Paola should be given the Iraqi nationality once Iraq is truly liberated. She has shown more insight, devotion, dedication, loyalty, integrity and commitment to the Iraqi and Arab cause than of all those Arab wankers combined.

And I must admit, I also have a non altruistic motive behind nominating Paola, the Italian. I am hoping she will encourage the import of first class Italian shoes in particular high heels to Iraq, as opposed to the cheap Iranian rubber slippers that are saturating Baghdad's markets.

And besides, true Iraqis have wasted all their shoes throwing them in the dirty face of the Iranian and American occupiers, we could do with some good quality stuff for a change, in our new truly liberated Iraq.

And before I forget - Happy 17th of July, the day of our glorious Revolution.
An ARAB revolution against backwardness, sectarianism, injustice and oppression.

Look forward, with great hope to a united, free, and dignified Arab Iraq. True Iraqis will never become the slaves of America, Iran or anyone else. I promise you that.
The mission is accomplished for now only...but not for ever. We will rise again and again and again...I know Her.

Long live Iraq, its true women and men and Long live the Iraqi Resistance.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Haleem Kasim "The Bomb", 2007.
Flag Design : Paola Pisi, Editor of Uruknet.