July 14, 2008


Ya'nee what the fuck is happening to the world ? I can't believe my eyes.

The President of Sudan is charged with Genocide in Darfur and Bush and the American scum are let off the hook ?

Over 1 million dead, 3 million maimed for life, 3 million widows, 5 million orphans, 5 million refugees, over 150'000 detainees, homes destroyed, massive ethnic cleansing, unprecedented torture and rape in the history of mankind, summary executions and arrests, billions of dollars stolen, antiquities and oil plundered, an economy in shambles, a 70% unemployement rate, walled ghettoes, use of illegal weapons - DU, napalm, White Phosphorus, Cluster bombs, thousands of tons of bombs, robotic weapons, phyiscal deformities, use of Iranian militias, drills, physical mutilation, desecrating religious sites, pissing on corpses, arresting and imprisoning children, sodomizing kids, raping and burning women alive,insults, humiliation and slurs of Iraqis in their own country, on their own turf...and more...and more --all under an ILLEGAL OCCUPATION, not to mention the dungeon called Guantanamo...

And they are let off the hook ?

The Americans are worse than the Mongol's invasion, worse than the Spanish Inquisition, worse than Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy... And they are let off the hook ? Just like that ???!!!

Fucking hell, how can that be ?

I swear, the world needs a massive, humongous TSUNAMI.

Thank God am not God - I would have wiped ALL of you motherfuckers off the face of this earth. Or come to think of it, it's a great pity am not.