July 24, 2008

For Your Eyes Only Part II - A Bridge to Nowhere...

This is a sequel to Part I, in case you've missed it. It can be read/watched HERE.

The so-called civilized West, always prides itself on this notion -- "bridges of understanding." I was conned, I believed in the lie too. Until...

Yesterday I met up with Manal. I had not seen her in ages. She told me that her residency permit will not be renewed and she and her family will have to return to Baghdad. No options. Her home which she described in the minutest details, from the kitchen to the bedrooms, is now occupied by armed Shiites. Her brother tried finding a solution through lawyers and governmental offices, to no avail.

"They are armed ya Layla. They took all our furniture, all our belongings, everything we worked for. The fruits of a lifetime's labor..."

Manal has a university degree in architecture, she now works in the black as a junior "hafafa", i.e her job consists of waxing the ladies in a beauty salon, while dreaming of home...

Her family was told that they could rent a small house down the same street where they lived before being occupied. Manal says she will never return and live in the same neighborhood, passing by her own home and not being able to approach and enter its front door. She said "we've been injured enough, we don't need more insults."

There are thousands sharing Manal's predicament. And some are much worse off than her.

What is this silence when it comes to "liberated" Iraqi refugees ? What is this vile silence, o' "honorable civilized" people of "bridges of understanding"!

A 45mn documentary is available for viewing if you pay 1 sterling pound. Typical British. This documentary has been abridged to a 5 mn video scoop, for free, to give you a foretaste of 3 refugee women in Syria. Embedding has been disabled, but you can watch it HERE.

However if you insist on watching our whole misery, then you need to pay 1 sterling pound.

You will notice that one of the women is cooking by candlelight in Syria. She can't afford electricity. What irony! No electricity in Baghdad and no electricity in Amman and Damascus. The other woman can't return because she is married to a Sunni. The third was kidnapped and she is traumatized for life... I leave you to watch it.

Another video, HERE is about IDP's (internally displaced) who sought refuge in a hospital in Fallujah and set up tent there, an abandoned hospital, like everything else in Iraq -abandoned...

And the last video HERE is about an Iraqi family, the woman is a medical doctor, living on the streets of India!

They say : "Ye shall know them by the fruits of their labor"

And by God, we have seen your labor and us, Iraqi refugees (5 million) are its fruits.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Qais Al-Sindy, 2007.