July 14, 2008

For Your Eyes Only - Part I

Nothing beats living pictures, sight and sound...Nothing beats the Truth you are about to witness. Nothing beats your hideous, heinous, barbaric crimes...

The Video Link below is a must see. It does not allow any embedding, so I am not able to post it here on this blog. But do click on IT HERE.

You will be taken to the other side of the world. To a world of monsters, monsters of your own doing.

The Title ? Iraq Deformities / Fallujah- July 2008. Thanks to YOUR Weapons of Mass of Destruction. Yes, we found the weapons. They were and are still used by YOU in IRAQ.

And I don't want to receive any comments, mails or the like telling me that you could not bring yourself to watch it, because of your extra sensitivity.

We are living it, you bastards. So you watch it NOW. Just as you watched our lives being destroyed...