The Caliph Omar - A recommendation.

This post is a message and an invitation to watch the historical Ramadan series, aired on Arabic TVs all over and which deal with the advent of Islam in 7th century Arabia, and recounts the story of one of the Caliphs - Omar (may God be pleased with him)

The detailed historical research that has gone into making these episodes is priceless.

It starts off BEFORE the advent of the Islamic message as revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (Peace & Blessings be upon him) and covers the Meccan and Hijra (exile /exodus) period to Medina until the prophet's death and after.

 It gives excellent background information on pre-Islamic 7th century Arabia ; on the customs, traditions, belief system, tribal and clan system of the early Arabs...and the rest...

I can't recommend it enough and am pleased to say that MBC the producer of this series have actually subtitled the early episodes into English and will do so for the remaining ones. This is a must for non Arabic speakers interested in Islam and good for the lazy ones who can't be bothered to read about the advent of Islam yet still hold opinions about it.

You can watch them HERE  with the English subtitles. Please bookmark this page and check for future subtitled episodes.

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