Open Chapters in Dungeons...

I am starting to sound like some old woman - you know, the one who keeps repeating the same story and everyone around nods their head in politeness and once she turns her back, they raise their eyebrows as if to say --- yeah it's her again, she's at it again !

Well yes, am at it again. Why shouldn't I ? What has changed for me to change that "broken record"?

How many of you can live a "normal" life not knowing what has happened to the people you care for ?!

I still don't know where O. is and if he's still alive. It's a big mystery. Why can't anyone tell us ? What is this Freedom where you simply disappear and no one knows anything about your whereabouts ? Is he dead, is he alive, where is he, what happened, if dead where is his body, in which mass grave, who saw him last, in which prison, was he badly tortured, how did he die, did he die, can we keep hope, can we still wait some more, can anyone tell us anything ? these are questions I live with daily...

I still want to know what happened to O. I need closure, I need to close a chapter, a story, I need to add it to the list of victims of Freedom and Democracy...I need to know. This not knowing is driving us sounds rather expedient, matter of fact, kind of - let's get on with it...we have no options...we must get on with it. But we still need to close chapters. Excuse me if that bothers you, if that's too much of a demanding exigent request, but yes, we're willing to face death, as long as we can close chapters...or maybe that's too much to ask? Maybe we're not allowed that basic thing...maybe we're supposed to stay in a limbo forever...suspended in between life and death like some purgatory for unknown sins...or maybe the sin of his name - O. for Omar.

I finally managed to get news from K. We now know in which dungeon he's been taken to again, again, and fucking again. K. was detained by the Americans, then transferred to the Shia forces - in both instances he was badly tortured, but when I met him last time, after his first release, he told me that the Shia forces were worse than the Americans. He was electrocuted in his private parts and his wrist went paralyzed from hanging from a hook. He's over 65 years old.

When he was released the first time, after much bribes and extortion money, he kept sleeping in different locations so that his Mukhber - the spy who receives a commission from the government - does not arrest him again.

Two months ago, K.was arrested again, and we did not know his whereabouts...finally we received news via a janitor. He's been tortured again, electrocuted again in his private parts and again they are demanding extortion money to release him - 50'000 dollars.

Again there are no charges against him - his only crime - he's a Sunni Arab.

That means that Sunni Arabs will always be preys for this sectarian Shia government. No matter how much money we're willing to secure for his release, they will always find another excuse to arrest, and torture one of us.

Their message is clear - they want us all out of the country...they are telling us you don't belong here..they are telling us -- we will keep on making your life hell...

K's family refuses to leave. They say -- this is our country. K. will probably not survive this second round of torture/punishment for being a Sunni Arab. Still, the family is obstinate.

They said to me - We are here to stay.

Like open chapters in secret dungeons...

Further reading to confirm the above -- since most of you are lazy ignorant cynics who can't be bothered to read and are gullible enough to only believe your own press - so read that : Iraqi's Sunnis view Justice system as cudgel.

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