On a Friday Night.

I know you guys (and gals) make a big deal out of Friday nights.
"Hey the weekend is here, thank God it's Friday" line, I have heard it once too many.

Friday night and you go and get pissed drunk out of your brains or have some cozy tete a tete with your date, or invite some friends over for a party...
While I have to sit here on a Friday night and report your own horrors back to you.
Hope this will not spoil your "mood" though.

I have lost yet another relative this week. He lives in Amil district. He has 4 kids and is in his 20's. He walked to his front door and the American air raids bombed his house. As a matter of fact they bombed a whole row of houses and around 20 men of his age died.
Now as am typing this, the Mahdi Army of Muqtada Shit has encircled the Amil district and it is now under siege.

His brother, early 20's was praying in the mosque. He was detained by the Americans who beat him up so bad they broke all his ribs. They finally released him not finding any evidence of his involvement in any "illegal" activities.

The Ameriya district is under curfew. The "Al-Qaeda" has been waging a war against the Members of the Resistance. Killing imams in the mosques and shooting members of the Resistance in cold blood. Al Ameriya is encircled now by the Mahdi, the Iraqi forces and the Americans. Note the parrallel development in Al Amil and you will understand a piece of the puzzle which is no longer a puzzle for me.

In Adhamiya, snipers have squatted rooftops of buildings, in Omar Street next to Antar Square. No one can pass through there and anyone who dares is killed in cold blood. People cannot leave Adhamiya and if they are forced to go out to get food, they need to borrow a much longer route and as dangerous.

There is virtually no electricity. I mean none in all the above neighborhoods and others, including the whole of Karradah. Forget about water. Some are using generators but the price of gaz has gone up to 4 $ a liter, (16'000 dinars) and the tanks of paraffin (used a lot in Iraq) has gone up to 30'000 dinars (around 16$) which is enormous when the average salary is 100$ a month if you are lucky enough to have a job, that is.

I also heard that Iran is exporting oil and refined oil products to Iraq and are sold on the Baghdadi market. But "Iranian" oil is not the only thing Baghdadis are forced to buy. Try getting a pair of shoes - Impossible. All you can find are piles and piles of ugly plastic slippers made guess where? Iran of course. A war of slippers perhaps?

And before I sign off and wish you a lovely weekend, I don't want to forget this other piece of info.
"Official" figures from the "Iraqi" government put the number of Iraqi civilians killed for the month of May to 2'000.

Nice figure no? Now go and enjoy your friggin Friday night.

Oh and I forgot, over 200 men bearing the name of Omar have been killed by the Mahdi and Co criminals. Someone found a whole line of Omars lying next to a mosque, around 12 of them with a tag saying "My name is Omar and now am dead."
Seems that the turn for the Bakrs has arrived. Cousin Amal and her only son Bakr have fled to Syria.
Cheers again!

Painting : Iraqi artist, Saadi Al Kaabi.


Layla Anwar said…
Hi everyone, I have tried to fix the blog display. Some of you have had problems with viewing it. Please tell me if you encounter the same problem again. Seems I have been hacked once more.
Anonymous said…
Hate is contagious... All though I had been muslim for many years I do not pretend to understand the inner workings of what is happening between the sheite, suni and american forces there other than war. Or why Al'queada is killing Omars??? What I can see is that amidst the chaos it becomes difficult if not impossible to see the forest from the trees where you are. Snipers on roof tops, bodies multiplying, reports of family members dead or missing... In the middle of all that it appears hate would become second nature...
I can only imagine how alone you must feel even amoungst your neighbors...
Know this... Your words are being heard they found there way to me and I care. Know that you are not alone. I'm not just talking about myself and the millions of others across the planet who are opposed to this travesty. But most importantly God is with you and mashallah you along with the rest of your brethren and sistren will make it through this... Be safe.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry to say, that for me at least, it is still the same.

I have not been able to read the last two posts to your blogs, :(.

I hope this mess does not stress you out anymore than than what you have to deal with as it is Layla, really.

Or maybe it is a healthy alternative/distraction to the madness in which you live in,;)???

Your words are valuable to me.

I hope you are able to fix the problem.

Can you change the wall paper to something lighter? I see a dark brown print, with dark blue lettering. Even the red lettering for 'comments' is difficult to read with the dark brown background.

Be well and take care.
Anonymous said…

Americans have learned well in the art of killing by what ever is called for. The Indians in American history was treated no better. Keeping them in hiding until they and their people become hungery enough to leave their hopefuly save place.

But when the children go so long and their eyes swell from crying with acking in their bellies what can you do? Nothing but get shoot like a setting duck. I ask you what kind of man does that? Brave? Fearless? Heros?

What then type of person or animal would do this? Would it be a God loving person? Would it be a person that has children of their own? Just tell me what then kind of person is it?

I fear no man, but these are not men they are sickened and lost souls.

Anonymous said…
It's blue writing on a dark brown background. Can't read it.
Anonymous said…
Dear Leyla,

My most heartfelt condolences at the tragic death of your relative.

I share your anger at the apathy and lack of mobilization in the West to denounce the crimes of the Anglo-Saxon-Zionist gang in Iraq.

We all know that BEFORE the occupation there were no sectarian assassinations in Iraq.

The Sunnis and Shias are all Iraqis and the sooner they stop playing the game of the occupiers the better.

RESPECT for one another and RECONCILIATION is an absolute necessity if Iraqis want to kick out the foreigners and maintain the unity of Iraq.

There is little chance they will be able to defeat their common enemy soon if they (Iraqi Shias and Sunnis) do not join their efforts in a unified Iraqi Resistance Movement.
G.Gar said…
I'm very worried about this fighting between the resistance and al-queda.

The resistance men will be exposed like this!?

Also, that might wear down the resistance, unless it is handled wisely.

Again, I'm sure the boys will go through it just like they did with tougher situations.
Anonymous said…
Blog appears fine to me. No font or background problems.
Since some people can read it, while others can't, maybe you should run a little test by posting the link in a chat room and asking people if they can see it. You'd get more people, a quicker response and a wider (location) range. ie Europe, America.
At the least it will narrow the possibility of problems.

If your computer has been hacked, you wouldn't see the blog. If the blog was hacked, none of us would see it (I delete cookies often).
So it could be a problem with the browser settings of people who can't see it.

"Shrine" art is very nice, while the Friday art looks like the "Wailing Wall".
Hmmm...got a little bit of zionism in you?

Angel said…
It's looking good to me.

Have you bought a new computer?

Friday nights and the "thank God it's Friday" crowd usually end up at the Pub. I don't join in, I work on Saturday's as well. If I didn't do Saturday, I still wouldn't join in. I don't seem to fit, somehow. I stand on the outer and wonder if these people think of anything else, apart from themselves and their puffed up opinions. I am sure most of them don't.

There are the 'pretend' to know about Iraq crowd, saying Iraq would collapse now, if America left. What do you think Layla? Are they keeping any sort of peace at all?

I am sorry to hear of your Omars. Thank God I do not have one.
I can't see it. I can read it in RSS? feed or whatever its called though.
LostHere said…
My input...
I don't see your blog if I use Mozila browser, as I always do, but I just go to Windows Explorer and Have not problems at all with it. Same computer diferent browsers... so I guess the problem has to be something to do with the browser settings. I will explore that in the future; but again, most people provably will be able to read you by using Explorer... Another "freedon of choice" example? hehe!
Anonymous said…
I've not had any problem reading your blog or the comments, Layla, just to let you know.

My deepest sympathy on the loss of your cousin...and the daily loss of all innocent Iraqis.

Like another poster said earlier, ALL Iraqis desperately need to unite - I don't know how this will be done, but some form of reconciliation needs to urgently take place. Otherwise, Iraqis are walking right into the snare of the filthy occupiers of Iraq.

However this turns out, and Iraq will live through this, but I hope that all those who were involved in this highest of crimes against humanity never find a moment of peace for the rest of their lives - this goes for all the leaders who planned this crime, all the soldiers who carried out their orders without question (despite seeing first-hand that they were sent to Iraq on the basis of lies - but then, again, they are not really intelligent are they, just like their leaders); all the Iraqis who have turned traitor to their motherland; all the neighbours of Iraq who helped so this crime could be carried out. May the souls of those who have gone needlessly forever haunt every moment of these people's lives. They deserve nothing less.
Layla Anwar said…
Re-Technical problem.
Thanks lost here. I think you are correct.
If someone is using Mozilla Firefox, then my blog is not displayed properly. It is with Internet Explorer though. I suggest you change browsers. I cannot use Firefox as this is NOT my computer and I don't want to start messing around with it.
So please bear with it and with me.
Layla Anwar said…
A woman who loves Iraq, Little Deer, Robin, Kyle,Savage, Angel - Thank you for your show of sympathy. Grief has become like a second skin. I am sick and tired of it and would love to shed that one soon.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello,You are right to be worried.
Imagine whom the Resistance is fighting now: The US, The Iranian Militias and Al Qaeda...
Remember what I told you in my previous comments to you. Well this is exactly what am talking about.
I personally believe it will take a MIRACLE of DIivine proportions. 3 Fronts facing the Resistance. They may reach the status of a supermen if they are capable of fighting them all. May God make them Victorious. Ameen.
Layla Anwar said…

Regarding your question on the last post. You can say what you like here...As long as you don't start hurling insults at me that is :-)
Remember I was touched by the little fairy of Democracy . hahahaha.
Upon another note, you mentioned that you liked cooking and that you were of spanish origins. Let me ask you something maybe you can help me on it. Do I need seafood to make a paella or can it be done with chicken alone? And the recipe plz. I know it is not related to Iraq but these are my little pleasures in life and I intend to keep them.
Layla Anwar said…

Can you use like proper english instead of IMHO. What on earth does that stand for?
Wailing wall huh- Why did your heart miss a beat or two at the thought of it?
Actually it is the wall built by the good Americans in Adhamiya. May remind you of the wailing wall though, it is as zionistic as this latter.
Layla Anwar said…

The sooner the americans leave the better. Not only them but they should take with them the following: The Iranian militias they brought in, the Mossad in the North, and the big bad wolf Al Qaeda who was non existent in Iraq before "their visiting" us.
Anonymous said…
I like your style of delivery here. It realy made the point. I hope things improve for you soon.
Anonymous said…
I like totally figured since you’re so long in tooth, you’d know what the abbreviation was for. Sorry dude!
IMHO=In My Humble Opinion.
As for the wall, I like didn’t realize that it was like wicked high and like wicked long. All those people are like lined up like soldiers too. I don’t like that painting.

I like totally hope I passed the English 101 blog class this time. As for the art, I like flunk it every time.

ed said…
Hello Layla,I'm using safari with a mac and also not able to read the blog.A problem for sure with the background and the font used.Hope it gets sorted soon,missing your blogs.
Anonymous said…
looks fine to me,too
Anonymous said…
Just came across this very apt translation on the ICH website and thought other posters may like to read it:

Who Are you? What Are You? - 1922

“Who are you? What are you to rule over people?
As if the sun and the moon are in your fists?
Are you the light of the sky? Or its creator?
Running the galaxy and destiny?
Or has your god met his master in you
So he abandoned his power and killed himself?
So you went around exploiting people
With sword, and money if the sword got broken
Dividing the earth into square meters
With what it contains inside
You rob some people of their wealth
Giving it to others,
And those who complain are fed loam
You cut down the plants in orchards,
To burn wood, or collect fruits
And dividing people into herds
Slaughtering whomever you pick,
And keeping others
As if people are machines you operate
Or as if the fountain of existence came out of your palm
Who are you, what are you, oh, son of the West
Who orders me around?
And I am not allowed to turn you down?
Did God create you from his breath,
And me from stone?
So leave the mission of
Civilizing me and elevating me,
To whoever sees what you do not see
Who are you what are you to rule over people?

Mikha’il Nu`aymah
(Arabic writer)
G.Gar said…
Salam Layla

I have just remebered you! check out the following article:


your analysis is just like your writings and your paintings, simply amazing.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

I love Micheal Nuaima, Great poem. Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…
Amre Al Abyad,

Please check this link and what this blogger has to say. He seems to move along the same lines.


Syria is being framed and Iran will watch. Trust me on that one.
Best regards to you ya Amre.
Montag said…
The Wall reminds me immediately of "The Wall"...the Rock one from the past.

It reminds me of a future-possible film "The Wall of Rock" starring Jack Black where all the problems of Iraq are settled by a band competition.

I read all the comments.

Long of tooth (...or LOT)

Hmmm....as opposed to "tender of nail"...and "(finger)nail" changes into another type of "nail" which reminds me that I am "musammar" or nailed to the spot with disbelief as I watch your extended family become decimate...

AT which point I fear that I may treat your tragedy as yet another entertainment rather than a moral journey into - (and, I hope, out of) - the Inferno.
Anonymous said…
shut it montag
G.Gar said…
Salam Layla

I checked the article. It makes very good sense. And I trust you on that as wel many other things:)

Have you heared the news coming out every now then about rumors of Syrian Israeli peace talks? I think that they support our lines. Syrian regime might be sensing danger and is trying to cruise off the deep waters.

La nasser gheira Allah
Anonymous said…
shut it

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