Brothel politics...

Many send me emails and leave comments insulting me.
The typical classics, variations on the same theme go like this :
"Bitch, hag, old cunt, fuck you, fuck your family, fuck Iraq, eat shit and die...
You are a zionist, a mossad agent, a CIA agent, a sellout, a Baathist whore, an Arab whore, a cock sucking whore, a Wahabi whore, a Saddam whore..." ad infinitum.

Then, there are threats : "We know who you are, we will get you, count your days, we will fuck you, you can no longer hide...etc..."

None actually really move me.
Only yesterday, I received yet another one which I found slightly interesting.
It said: "You dirty whore, you miss Saddam. Fuck you"...
Now I can relate to that one.

No, it is not the fuck bit. We all know by now that men who repeat the word fuck too often, usually fail to deliver...Nor the whore bit, I find that rather over used...
What resonated within was " You miss Saddam". That last bit touched me.

As a matter of fact, I do miss Saddam.

Again, no, it has nothing to do with a father figure fixation...
Neither it has anything to do with belonging to a political party.
Actually, I have never been a member of any political party and I am not sure any political party would want me as a member either.

Faithful to the Marx philosophy, no not Karl but Groucho who said " I would never want to belong to a club that would accept me as a member" or something along those lines...

Am too independent in my head and therefore perceived as too unruly to belong to anything or to anyone.

I am not even a Saddamist. I am not sure what a Saddamist means anyways.
Bush and Al-Maliki first coined this term, so it can't be all too bright.
Can it now?

But yes I do miss Saddam and I wish he were still alive. I wish he was still ruling Iraq.

Someone from Latin America wrote to me once, asking me to describe what Iraq was like in the 80's , prior to the embargo and the sanctions.
So I wrote back a fairly long email, giving this person details of what Iraq was like.
I touched upon nearly every aspect of Iraqi society. Infrastructure, agriculture, health care, education, women's position, the arts, sports...
I re-read what I wrote several times and thought to myself, goodness, we were really in many aspects a "developed" country. And that, despite a long war with our wonderful neighbor, Iran.

So yes I do miss Saddam. As a matter of fact, I will even go further and state unequivocally that I wished that Saddam was still ruling not only Iraq but the whole of the Arab speaking world. Because I can assure, that if that had happened, you would no longer have something called "occupied" Palestine...Palestine would have been free by now.

But getting back to the "whore" business...
You see in the whore business there are many kinds of whores.
There are the obvious ones and the not so obvious ones, i.e the hidden ones.

Now the obvious whores of the Brothel are there for all to see, it is clear cut.
For instance in the Iraqi brothel, you have whores likes Sistani, Muqtada al Sadr, Al Maliki, Hakeem and Co - These are the whores for Iran.
Then you have Talabani, Barazani, Zebari etc... These are the whores for Israel
And both categories pimp for America.

We call them swinger whores...and swinger pimps...You know what I mean. Right?

In the Middle East Brothel, you also have several categories of whores...
For instance, there are whores for Iran, like Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and you have whores for Israel like Al Saud, Abdallah, the Al- Gulf sheikhs, Mubarak, Seniora, Abu Mazen...etc

You also have undecided whores, like Ghaddafi...

On a regional level, you also have whores. The Iran whore, the Turkey whore...and I will leave it to you to figure out who their ultimate pimps are.

So you see when you call a simple female blogger like myself a whore, you are really missing the bigger picture.

The whore business is a complex one. Multi layered. And each whore is someone else's pimp and so and so forth... Yes, Brothel politics are a complicated story.

And the real pimps are the ones who reap the most benefit and profit. Politically, economically, strategically, geographically...etc

But the whore story does not stop here...You also have the "Left" whore...And her pimps are none other than her "intellectuals", who in turn are whores for even "higher" intellectuals...

So yes, I do miss Saddam.
I miss the man who kept the unity of Iraq. Who developed it. Who respected women (unlike your pimps).Who stood by the Palestinians throughout and protected them. Who did not waver to the Americans, Iranians or Israelis. Who stood by what he believed in. Who died with dignity and courage...

So if all the above makes me a Saddam whore, then so be it.
At least I have not also sold it to the Americans, Israelis, or Iranians and have not sold it to the "Left" or what is left of the "Left" (if the Left still exists that is.)

All honors to him and to me.

So next time, you call me a whore, do remember which brothel YOU have emerged from.
Have a great Sunday.

Painting: Egyptian artist, George Bahgory.


Anonymous said…
Layla, this is brilliant! One can actually picture this line-up of the REAL whores you have listed. Well done!

Actually, I have been thinking of President Saddam Hussein very much over the past few days, and, like you, wishing he was with us. Especially when we are seeing whores selling off their nations: Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, to mention a few - just to gain favour with the brothel owners who have occupied Middle Eastern lands.

May the soul of President Saddam Hussein rest in peace, and may we get to witness the architects of his murder being brought to justice.
Zaidan said…
Excellent post.

I miss Saddam because under him Iraq was Iraq. Yes, yes, torture and political repression, but now you find why it existed.

Because the shruug of Qum and Madinat Saddam had to be locked in their cages. Animals.

Put it to a vote. Ask Iraqis if they are willing to have stability and a unified nation provided there is political repression. See what they say.

I want democracy and a one-person, one-vote system of governance. I want respect of different opinion.

But such a socio-political environment is not borne by an invasion and occupation. Not in a million years.

Now, Iran is laughing at the Iraqis who say they are free. Hahahah ...

Imagine, there are nearly 5 million Iraqis begging in Arab and foreign capitals.

There are nearly 2 million displaced within Iraq itself.

Life has become extremely cheap in Iraq. Iraqis are pitied.

I do pity the new Levis generation of Iraqis who do not remember the 70s and 80s and only grew up during the sanctions and early 21st century.

They only see Friends and Seinfeld and believe that America is going to turn them into Chandler and Monica.

So, yes, I miss Saddam, because during his time Iraqis could go out for coffee, women were not killed for failing to wear the hijab.

Artists, singers, actors, musicians, teachers, doctors were all respected. All would innovate.

Now they are hunted down.

You like elections? This is what your pathetic elections have gotten you.

Choke on it. Choke on the new Iraq.
Anonymous said…
i think it is obvious u miss him a lot layla anwar.........u always seem to break out in bouts of idolation of him every other day
Anonymous said…
layla maim pas u havent told us who's whore saddam hussein was! we all know he was america's whore before the kuwait invasion, but what about after that......
Zaidan said…
How Antonio Taguba, who investigated the Abu Ghraib scandal, became one of its casualties.
By Seymour M. Hersh
25 Jun 2007

I learned from Taguba that the first wave of materials included descriptions of the sexual humiliation of a father with his son, who were both detainees.

Several of these images, including one of an Iraqi woman detainee baring her breasts, have since surfaced; others have not. (Taguba’s report noted that photographs and videos were being held by the C.I.D. because of ongoing criminal investigations and their "extremely sensitive nature.")

Taguba said that he saw "a video of a male American soldier in uniform sodomizing a female detainee."

The video was not made public in any of the subsequent court proceedings, nor has there been any public government mention of it.
Shahid said…
Wonderful table-turning post.

A true voice of independence, cogent as ever.

Much respect!
Anonymous said…
Are you a christian? You seem to come up with your best writings on a Sunday. It's an anomoly for a muslim to be inspired on the christian day of worship, more so than on Friday (muslims). I think the holy spirit dwells within you, but a muslim isn't supposed to have the 'holy spirit' within. It's freakish how many times this has happened. I think your intention to use Sunday as a sarcastic platform is back-firing on you.

Anonymous said…

I miss Saddam,and I do not feel he was any mans whore. I think he did what he had to do to keep peace in his peoples country. Did I agree with everything he did, no. But, at least when he was in power everyone knew where they stood.

It's nice to see that you don't let others with slanted view move you in the wrong way. For these people are sitting with nothing but shit in their pants and their smell gives them away.

I also can relate to being what you say as a loner and not needing any party to belong. Being a "biker" I don't need anyone to ride with or protect my ass, for I protect my own.

Yes Layla your no whore but you are one bad ass chick. I love you sister. Keep up the good work of telling us the truth.

Anonymous said…
jr, it's you who are a cia whore and mole into this blog.

go read up some iraqi history or better still consult a psychiatrist, and leave layla anwar in peace and the president martyr in the glory of heaven.

thank you.
G.Gar said…
Salam Layla

Morally and spirtually ill ( weak) people have a tendency to pin down their deficiencies on those whom they know deep down that they are better. Thus they feel comfortable by either convincing themselves that it is the other who is down and dirty while it is them who have the traits they envy or they might be more constent, and are simply trying to bring down the good ,so it is all the same.

Bottom of th line, the words of those who try to ply you are actually stars on your temple.

"In gaa't al mathamahto min naqisin fahiya med7ton":))

Take care princess
Anonymous said…
That sad little woman Barabie is still thundering from her pulpit against the "traitor" Layla Anwar and the "Zionistic" Uruknet web site.

Some kind soul should take mercy on her and take her to the nearest nut-house.
Angel said…
Hello Layla,

An excellent piece. I would think the majority of Iraqi's and Palestinians are in total agreement with you.

I think you may have some hacking going on again. I can read the blog, but not the comments.
Unknown said…
Dear Layla,

The occupation may have the upper hand in terms of equipment and machinery, but they will never have the will or the heart of the Resistance that was embodied in the person of President Saddam (rest in peace lion of Babylon)

Saddam is dead but his spirit lives on in the heroic men and women who lay their lives in fighting the occupation and its collaborators...

Until the day we celebrate our victory over the occupation, we will then remember our heroes and honour them as they deserve to be honoured.
Anonymous said…
layla when i swore at u it had nothing to do with your political stop the hag and bitch remarks can safely be deleted
Frank Partisan said…
Very heartfelt post.

I believe Iraq needs a secular, non-nationalist socialist movement uniting against Islamism and imperialism.


Your blog doesn't show properly in Firefox (like before)

Re Saddam(RIP)
IMHO he was One in a Million and very sadly missed.
Anonymous said…
Top Twenty

The best 20 bombs attack against USA army in Iraq

Two thumbs up!

Great action. The actors do their own stunts. The soundtrack is all voice, no instruments but only haunting voices.

You have to see this flick! (copy paste the below url into your browser...

Ahl al-Sunna wal-Jama'a ( Ansar Al-Sunnah) (Group of the Followers of the Sunnah)
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla, I want to share a little story with you. I think you'll relate, and hopefully it will bring you a smile.

I used to call myself "Cabiria" online. You'll probably recognize it as the name of the prostitute in the Fellini film, "The Nights of Cabiria." At the time, one of the posters would affectionately refer to me as "Fellini's whore." When I thanked her for the compliment, the others, who were ignorant of Fellini and his masterwork, couldn't fathom why I would be pleased and proud to be called Fellini's whore, in the same way that people who are ignorant of Saddam can't begin to comprehend why you would take the same pride at what is meant as an insult.

Believe it or not, I actually chose the name (this was in the mid-90s) because of the suffering of Iraqis under U.S. backed U.N. sanctions, which I knew then were meant to break the spirit of all Iraqis to pressure them to overthrow Saddam. This weighed heavily on my heart at the time, so choosing the name Cabiria was my way of sending out a prayer into the ethos. My prayer was that the spirit of the Iraqi people would be as indomitable as Cabiria's, and that in the end, they would smile as she did, for despite everything she had suffered, all the betrayals and injustices inflicted upon her, her spirit was unbroken.

I'm happy to see that my prayer was answered in you (I don't know about other Iraqis I'm said to say). Your spirit prevails over the enemies of your people, and when they try to insult you by calling you "Saddam's whore" you stand proudly and smile and say "thank you."

I'm smiling with you, Layla.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

Welcome to the Brothel politics...
I used to believe that one can mix ethics and politics...or that politics are based on least this is what I was taught...
If there is anything that has made a revolution in my beliefs it is the occupation of Iraq. Karl Marx did not manage it, nor did his followers, but the occupation has.
There are no ethics in politics.
Best to you.
Layla Anwar said…

What I really like about you is simple and straightforward...
You say what needs to be said in a frugal amount of words and they are effective.
Again you said it all.
Layla Anwar said…
Shahid,hello and thanks for visiting my blog.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Crane,

Holy spirit in arabic is Ruh al Quds...
One of the attributs or divine names for Allah is "al Quddus"...
I do not think the "holy spirit" has a preferential day...:)
Layla Anwar said…
Hi angel, I do not know what is wrong with my blog again!.
Kindly let me know if you still have problems viewing it.
Much appreciated.
Layla Anwar said…

Being a biker, have you read Zen and the art of Motorcycle maintenance?
If yes, kindly tell me what can I do to stay Zen...even if I do not own a bike.
Layla Anwar said…
renegade eye,

I am not sure what these terms mean anymore...
I thought I knew their definitions. I need a new dictionary post occupation dictionary...Could you help me on that one please?
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Layth,

You have a wonderful way of saying things...
You remind me of when I was in my 20's...I was visiting a sacred place in Iraq and I thought to myself, they can bomb everything but they cannot bomb our beliefs or will...And years later, I see it printed black on white. And THAT gives me hope.
Layla Anwar said…
Janice, hello.
I am not sure of these ongoing technical problems...
I did not fix it the first time around and I do not know what is happening this time around.
I guess I will have to write back to again !
I am fond of Saddam Hussein. Something about him, beyond being a president, beyond being a leader...Something about Saddam...
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Diana, "Cabiria",

I must admit, your comment has touched me deeply.
I know exactly what you mean, by using "Cabiria"...
I think you also understand. It is a "woman thing"...It goes beyond words.
Anonymous said…
"Something about Saddam"

His knowing about us .. and ahead of us .. and his believing in us .. in spite of all ..

On a more "epidermic" level .. I shall miss his hauntingly endearing smile .. and the overpowering life instinct his presence radiated all around ..

Oh God .. take care of our fierce and tender lion .. as he took care of us .. if you can ..

Keep the flame alive, sister ..
Anonymous said…
Very well written. I was actually remarkably upset about Hussein's botched hanging. Bush is a war criminal of the highest order.

I feel the same way you do, but I feel it towards Adolf Hitler and the morality he stood for before the Judeo-American yoke of tyranny descended upon my homeland of Europe. Of course people judge me and call me names like "Nazi" but that is moot. They are historically ignorant and they have ascribed to Jewish lies; the same lies that coerced the American sadists into murdering Hussein and his two sons, as well as decimating the nation of Iraq.

The Americans, as far as I am concerned, have forfeited their right to exist as a people. They are nothing more than supremacist killers and sadists.
Anonymous said…
JR is secretly in love with Layla but too shy to propose to her.
Anonymous said…
Layla Dear,
FAR be it from me to point out something to you that I hope to goodness you just missed. Did you check the link for weronika? Since you moderate as many do, the LAST thing I would want for you is to start getting crap over allowing that person to have her link here. In fact, if "weronika" is in Europe OR the US, that site is illegal. But the material on that link is HORRENDOUS in praise of Hitler. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me but I could have sworn I saw a comment by "weronica" praising Hitler posted.
Anyways dear, it's SOULY out of my concern for you not getting flack out of it that I comment here. I would NOT want you blocked here in the US.
Be safe dear one, and keep screaming, but rest your head softly at night knowing through you all voices of those suffering in Iraq are been heard. Blessings and masalama.
Anonymous said…
I had to laugh at the comment by Almond above!!! Jr, is that true?!!! Actually, seeing that you're often striving to be 'first' on the comments section, with so many other scattered comments, I wonder....!!!

And I agree with Nostalgic - I, too, miss very much President Saddam's smile - he was a man with charisma. Compare those two bumbling buffoons, Blair and Bush....

By the way, it's on the news that Blair may become the Middle East envoy for the 'Quartet' - perhaps this butcher and war criminal wants to decimate completely the peoples of the Middle East.... God forbid.
Layla Anwar said…
A note to the reader,

Kindly tell me if you are still experiencing problems with the blog...Seems they will not let go of me.
For firefox users, please switch to internet explorer...otherwise you would not see the blog.
I have a lot to say these head is whirling with so much new info...but I have no and only limited access...Will try to say more tomorrow.
Layla Anwar said…

I do not agree with Weronika. And I also tremendously dislike the fact that she associate my lastest post with Hitler...
Saddam was NOT Hitler and I have absolutely NO sympathy for Nazis or Fascists...Hitler and POST Hitler...
I chose to publish her comment..because If I accept people from America coming with "Fuck Iraq " and "Let it burn"...I truly do not see why I should not accept someone who comes overtly with her own stuff...which is nothing but a continuation of the same of what I have received in the past.

Hitler is ALIVE and LIVES in the WHITE HOUSE....

So If I am going to be banned in America, then maybe they should start starting banning the real nazis...ISRAEL AND THE U.S and its fascist ALLY Iran.
Anonymous said…
Layla, did you read an article by Dr. Paul Craig Robert? what do you think of it?

Here is the link.
Anonymous said…
Layla, I agree with what you said. All I can say is this: I wish there were a whore like you in every Arab family. Had we been raised by a great woman(whore) like you we would be in a much better state.
You must be a dagger in those miscreants scum bags. You should be proud of yourself for making your point heard.
I'm proud of you and keep up the good fight.
I like your description of the Arab political whores. I disagree with Gaddafi title. I think he decided to be the whore of whoever gives more attention... Other than that you are on target.
I wish I know how I can get you a pc. I have an extra one.
LostHere said…
Wow! Layla
I can't understand how can anyone post anything in your post that compares their "love" for Hitler with your love for Saddam... regardless of how they feel, and I won't go there, it is just completely out of place. What a nerve!

I also read in the news what little deer mentioned about the possibility of Blair becoming Bush's "ambasador of peace" in the Middle East. Are this people so delusional? Do they even have an idea of what peace means?

AGHHHH! They make me puke!

Thank you for your posts Layla, they have been very passionate. You definitely know how to express yourself in a very vivid way.

By the way, yes there are problems to view your blog with Firefox...
Anonymous said…
Layla you have branded all the leaders in the Middle East as pimps or whores. Since Saddam is no more- who did you have in mind to replace these people. The leader who was truly decent and good for Iraq was Abdul Karim Qassim. Someone like him maybe???
Anonymous said…
It looks incredibly funny to me that a woman who cares so much about women abuse almost worships a man whose son has raped hordes of Iraqi women without remorse or restraint. it is ironic that this man has lived in glory both in his life and death and we are always the losers. you are despicable lady.
Layla Anwar said…
Brave Anonymous,

If there is anyone despicable around here it is you.
Seems you do not have one ounce of truth in your bones. Uday did not rape hordes of women and whatever wrong he did he got his punishment.
Now american soldiers rape hordes of women and that is a fact and the Sadr militias rape hordes of women and that is another fact, but since you come across as such as despicable sell out, you obviously make no reference to disgust me .
Layla Anwar said…
Brave Anonymous,

If there is anyone despicable around here it is you.
Seems you do not have one ounce of truth in your bones. Uday did not rape hordes of women and whatever wrong he did he got his punishment.
Now american soldiers rape hordes of women and that is a fact and the Sadr militias rape hordes of women and that is another fact, but since you come across as such as despicable sell out, you obviously make no reference to disgust me .
Anonymous said…

My deer sister, I have not read the book, but did look over it a little. I will tell you a few things I picked up on it tho.

It talks about the division of life and the world "things" as we know it and is something we all do. It tells us that we are aware of everything but are unconscious of them unless they are unusual or predispose us.

But, there are so many things that it would overwhelm our minds with useless things, so we will pick out a few things and call it our world.

Once our world is put together, we cut it into parts. This discrimination, then divids our world into parts, being the useful and useless.

To us everyting looks the same at a glance, but the more we look at it we find the difference of these things. Then we will seperate these things into piles of likes and dislikes with its classifications never ending.

In this division there are two ways of dividing, one a classical and the other a romantic. Both are valid ways, tho both are irreconcilable to each other.

The urgent things in our lives do not violate either the classical or romantic view but, the understanding will unite them. To miss out or reject either one is like missing out of a Buddha way of life.

This is like when an analytic view is applied to experiences, something is alway killed. Just as the analytical knowledge to pilot a path, we find we have lost the beauty of the path.

But, instead of dwelling on what we have killed, it is important to see the beauty we have created, and to see the process as a kind of a death-birth.

No one sees the ghosts others pursue, but the more and more others see or get a glimpses at it in bad moments and it calls itself rationality but with the appearance of incoherance and meaningless and make most everyday acts seem slightly mad because their irrelevance to anything else.

To me Layla, we must look at both the classical and the romantic view points to reach a balance of true happiness or at least a chance of it. If you like and it would help I can get in a little deeper for you.

Here for you always, take care!
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Jew,

1) Would you mind change your nickname into "Iraqi citizen of Jewish faith" ?

Just to reassure us that you are aware of the fact that it is merely a faith .. and NOT a nationality ..

2) "The leader who was truly decent and good for Iraq was Abdul Karim Qassim"

Who, that DESPOT ?? !!

Dear .. I am afraid that you got Iraqi historical figures a little bit muddled up in your mind ..
Anonymous said…
Anon, were you raped by Uday?

Because that is all you seem to want to talk about.

Feels like maybe you were, because you ignore everything else.

If that is true, then am sorry, that should have never happened to you.

But innocent Iraqis are not responsible for what happened to you, brother.

Take strength from God. Do not let your anger condemn innocent Iraqis as you have done.

Stop hating Iraqis. Stop calling for the rape of Iraq's women because you were raped by Uday.

May God heal your broken heart.
Anonymous said…
To Lioness
1) Would you mind change your nickname into "Iraqi citizen of Jewish faith" ?
Yes I would mind. Mainly because I am no longer an Iraqi citizen. Perhaps Iraqi Refugee of the Jewish Faith would be more appropriate - or - Tinkerbell..

2) "The leader who was truly decent and good for Iraq was Abdul Karim Qassim"

Who, that DESPOT ?? !!
At least he died a pauper in a humble military uniform with no assets whatsoever and no innumerable palaces to his name.
Zaidan said…
Iraqi Jew is a fine term for me.

So when did you leave Iraq? Email me am interested to hear more.
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Jew,

Citizenship is a state of mind before being a legal right .. nothing and no one can ever take it from you ..

But then, given the choice of your nickname, you might have never really felt an Iraqi citizen so much as a "Babylonian captive" ..

When in the world will you all grow up and stop believing in fairy tales ..
Anonymous said…
More to Iraqi Jew:

The "innumerable palaces" you puritanically thunder against were the Palaces of the People, state-owned, not President Saddam Hussein's private propriety.

If you are envious and wish to have something of such unparalleled architectural splendor built for your own, then instead of mooning over the despot Qassim or the "Promised Land" (promised by my ass) you had better roll up your sleeves and start working hard to make lots of money.

We will be waiting for your housewarming invitations with bated breath.
Anonymous said…
"The "innumerable palaces" you puritanically thunder against were the Palaces of the People, state-owned, not President Saddam Hussein's private propriety"

You're right if you consider his and his sons's cronies as 'the people of Iraq'

"If you are envious and wish to have something of such unparalleled architectural splendor built for your own.."

Give me a break! Those unparalleled acrchitecural splendors were nothing but ostentatious nouveau riche marble and gold plated edifices which have no redeeming value and will have no historical significance in the future. you can see them on a smaller scale in almost every city in the world built by people who have suddenly come into huge amounts of money.

I am not mooning over Qassem. I still think he was a good Iraqi leader and given a chance would have proved it.

"instead of mooning over the despot Qassim or the "Promised Land" who mentioned the Promised Land? As usual you bring other politics into this..
And please don't lecture me about working hard to make lots of money-this is patronising - especially when the implication is to make money to have a 'saddam palace'. What an insult.

"But then, given the choice of your nickname, you might have never really felt an Iraqi citizen so much as a "Babylonian captive" ..

I was an Iraqi citizen but obviously was not considered so by the consecutive rulers... you are right about the word 'captive' because we were not allowed passports to leave.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous who commented on Brave Anonymous,

If I were you, I would not drag the Almighty into such a petty, vulgar case of galloping mythomania.

He is already having enough hassle from all those fools, Zionists, Christian fundies, Khomeinists, etc. etc. a lot more etc., who keep shamelessly using His name as a hidden code for "will to power" and His revelations as a moral legitimation of whatever hubristic wet dream of global hegemony comes to reawaken their lethargic minds and senses ..
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Jew,

"who mentioned the Promised Land? As usual you bring other politics into this."

The "Promised Land" does not belong to the realm of "politics", but to that of MYTHOLOGY.

The sooner you and your co-religionists resign yourselves to this "grim" reality, the sooner you will be able to live in peace and love with the rest of mankind.
Anonymous said…
".....were nothing but ostentatious nouveau riche marble and gold plated edifices which...."

"...revelations as a moral legitimation of whatever hubristic wet dream of global hegemony comes to reawaken their lethargic minds ..."


yawwwwwwwnnnnnnn.........a couple of poncy little numpties trying to sound clever.......its enough to send anyone to sleep
Anonymous said…

Good night !

Please make an effort not to dream of Camilla AGAIN.

That poor long-suffering mother of yours is starting to get fed up of having to change your sheets each and every morning ..
Anonymous said…
To the Iraqi jEW,
You remind me of the chinese proverb. The snake cannot walk in a straight line, even if it were put inside a bamboo.
Psychologists say you must hate yourself first to hate someone else. The conventional wisdom tells us not to shit where you eat...
Over and over again, your type of people showed only that, that you shit where you eat. You are incapable of making HONEST LIVING. To mention few of your wicked actions, in recent history you brought a lot of killing and miserey to tens of millions of innocent people in Russia, Germany and through out Europe. And today you are engaged in a genocide of Palestinians and Iraqis and the more you kill the more you seem to enjoy life and the more you want to kill. And today in Africa and in Latin America where is Diamond, gold, oil or wealth, there is a genocide carring your insignia. Every time you see people other than your face and your type instantly you conspire to kill that person. That because deep down inside, you feel inadquate and you don't belong to the same human species. And deep down you hate yourself. You will never be satisfied until you kill every human being on this planet, and then you'll start killing each other untill one of you left. But it will never happen. Your beloved Ben Gourion said after you stole Plaestine, " we will conquer Arabia, india China and we will conquer the world." That is how you think. Sooner or later the world will know your game plan and the world will finish what Herr Hitler didn't.
Jerusalem was conquered and abondoned by you 7 times. And you are going to abandon it again, for you are only loyal to money and killing.
Today with all the money and weapons the USA has given you, it has been had by you, the Zionists disguised under the name neoconservatives. Today you are destroying a once was agreat country, and the American people are slowly waking up. And if you stop once for a second and ask youself, why wherever we go they want to kill us? When the American finally decide to fix their country, none of you will be around to say Hitler was an angel. Einestein was right. Einestein said, "the creation of the state of Israel will be a disaster for all world jewish people and it will be a diaster for the world." I now see his wisdom cleare than ever. After 9/11 the whole world sympathised with the Americans. The Zionist (Neocons) couldn't tolerate that. The zionist managed to turn the whole world against the USA. Today Russia's Putin realised the game. Two weeks ago in Germany, he said what is going on and his missiles be retargted at all European cities. Thanx to the Zionists.
When the Spanish reconquesta took place and you were given an ultimatum, to convert or leave, only the Arabs took you with open arm. What a mistake! And today you gang up with the very people who supposedly killed your people against the Arabs, those who welcomed and offered you shelter and a decent life. You always bite off the hand it feeds you and you always shit where you eat.
And that is your type and that is history and that is your heritage. You are loyal to no one. And you are only loyal to your own as long as there is money to be made.

This is your mission in life:
You always SHIT WHERE YOU EAT and a snake connot walk straigh even if you put it in a bamboo.
Anonymous said…
To whom it may concern:

Sorry for the little "transgression" I allowed myself today ...

The fact is ... I tremendously miss you and your words ...

I am using a borrowed pc from Copenhagen where I have been in the last days. I will be moving again tomorrow and I am not sure if I will have a chance to connect again until I return home.

Please let me find an e-mail from you in my mail box as a gift of welcome back.

I think of you day and night ...


"Little Girl" ...
Anonymous said…
Lioness you have shown your true colors. Go to this web site - your hero is on the front screen:
Anonymous said…
to JR you're right - that sentence did come out as pretentious and pompous...
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Jew,

My hero is Saddam Hussein, the Lion of Arabism, not that frustrated little dauber who persecuted the patriots among the European Jews on behalf of his Zionist backers.

Go read up on some history and try to feel an Iraqi and a citizen of the future Arab Nation above everything else, instead of mooning over the despot Qassem, the "Promised Land" (again, promised by my ass) and your swinging inferiority/superiority complex.

Good luck.
Anonymous said…
Lioness why don't you write proper English instead of this flowery rubbish?
Anonymous said…
Because I am a flower of a girl :) and, thank God, not English.

I must disconnect now. You are so damn lucky that I will have to be away from writing for a few days.

Fare thee well, o Pharisee.
Anonymous said…
Lioness you are a flower of a girl and very modest I'm sure. Now why don't you put your money where your flowery mouth is and go to Iraq and help the resistance re-instate the Saddam Tikriti clan. Preferably by strapping a bomb to your chest.
Zaidan said…
Dammit! Must you ALWAYS attack Jews?

It is a weak, petty, self-defeating argument. Jew this and Jew that.

Enough. Iraqi Jews are as much a fabric of Iraq as all the other ethnicities.

During the Iraq-Iran war I remember Iraqi jews on national television donating to the war cause.

Maybe the were "asked" to do it, maybe the weren't. But there they were.

Iraqi Jew, you don't do yourself any favors either with the "strap a bomb" quip.

That is not what the Iraqi resistance is about.

Nor is it about restoring the Tikritis to power. Thanks, but no thanks.

Saddam is dead but the resistance fights on and on and on. Bodybags a-flowing stateside.

So, are they fighting for Saddam?

Furthermore, the Baath party precedes Saddam and will likely outlast Saddam's great, grand-children.

Screw Tikrit, this is about ALL Iraq.
Anonymous said…
"Truth about Iraqis":

One thing are the Jews who are loyal to their countries; quite a different thing are the Zionists who believe in the "from the Nile to the Euphrates" bullshit and are willing to take other people's lands, rights and lifes in its name.

As far as I can gather from his/her comments, it seems to me that "Iraqi Jew" belongs, or was lured into belonging, to the latter cathegory.
Anonymous said…
To the above commentator:

You will never know which way I have been "lured".. that is not the point. I am as much a refugee and displaced from my homeland as you will ever be - and before you say I usurped your house I can tell you I did not settle in Israel. My children also have been denied their homeland and their heritage but the difference is I have moved on - I did not stay in a hole wallowing in self-pity and blaming everyone around me.

why don't you read this from The Guardian:
Anonymous said…
palestine is arab,
as everyone can see from Iraqi Jew's comment you hit the nail on the head: (s)he is just another hubristic zionazi barbarian - no surprise as the vast majority of the worldwide Jewry belongs to this category.
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Zionist,

I don't stay in a hole, but feet and spirit firmly rooted in Arab land.

Nor do I wallow in self-pity, in the fangs of your lap dogs Fatah and the lap dogs of your closet buddy Iran Hamas dog-fighting to your orgasmic delight.

Quite the opposite: my fellow sufferers and I are more confident and determined than ever and secretly starting to lay the table for the Liberation Banquet.

Unlike the generous but naive and improvident Abd an-Nasser, President Saddam Hussein took good care to leave lions behind him.

Soon the defenders of Palestine will have done away with the Yanks and their tails in Iraq, and then...

...tremble, Israhell.
Anonymous said…
to above commentator: where have I heard all this before? Talk Talk Talk!!
Anonymous said…
"where have I heard all this before?"

In some "premonitory dream", à la Pharaoh ?

ALL imperialistic powers are doomed to fall.
Anonymous said…
Im not a Saddamist , im not even an iraqi but i must say Iraq under saddam was a lot better than todays iraq where illettracy will probably be the same as in Somalia.

Saddam Hussein almost Eradicated Illettracy and was congratulated by the UNESCO in 1982 (google) same for the Health care and had good reports from the Health organisation . he had the best health care (free ) in the Arab world most gulf people used to visit Iraq for health care . it had the most subsidized Books and the largest numbers of readers in the Arab world too.
women had their rights and freedom compared to most arab countries. women had degrees in the 1940s when saudi Allowed women to study only in the 1980s ..
Many Iraqi scientists are women including Nuclear technology.
iraq unfortunately was determined to do its own thing and not be subjected to American decisions and control and for that it had to pay , it had to be destroyed to submission (like most of the arab world full of cowards who call themselves men )

iraq had to be destroyed to the stone age and hardly anyone goes to school for fear of bombs or kidnapping or lack of transport .
women are no longer able to wear western clothes like before they have to wear a black burqua , it has become very sectarian , the christians have fled to syria and jordan , most University professors have been killed or fled (who would want all the teachers in iraq , teachers of the future generations to be killed but Evil Israel ?)

iraq is no more. and the traitors in the green zone are not concerned they are making lots of money , crumbs after the US vultures .
and the rest of the iraqis are suffering from the effects of Depleted uranium and will slowly face an uncertain future of cancer and breathing problems .

to those iraqis who supported this invasion i say : FUck you morons .
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 23rd of June

Did you know that Jews caused the occupation of ALgeria in the late 1800s by FRANCE ? you did not know that did you ? :)

rich Jews in Algeria Busnach and Bacri Family were bankers and Wheat Merchants . they supplied french armies with wheat for some time , then when France was banckrupt and its economy Down Mr Busnach and bacri wanted their invoices to be paid . the Leader of Algeria at the time Hussein Dey paid them half the money but they wanted ALL thier money and things got ugly between Hussein Dey and France and the Occupation began and destroyed Algeria and plundered it and burnt all its forets (to find the insurgency) and left millions illettrate and Algeria only got its independence in 1962

(google =Busnach Bacri Fan AFFair)
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry for what that sorry president and administration of my country has done to yours... We too are beginning to lose our freedoms at this moron's hands! Another Hitler is what he is... Who will realize that we are a world family and not enemies. We are all responsible for this sub human monster that denies free speech and the dignity of life to independent countries far from our shores, and calling it defending ours... It is insane business corporations that are running this insane mess. They ruin the world in the name of greed an avarice... Nothing the people do seems to work here short of obeying the constitution, Bush even viscerated that rule of order... Love, Light, and Blessings, A World Brother...
john k. riggs said…
Miss Layla, I am deeply saddened by this sick war and the torture and destruction. I continue daily to do everything in My power to stop this war. I can not take up arms to fight My own government as that would take Me down to the level of these villians. But I promise You many folks and myself are dedicating our lives to fight against this war and the suffering it brings.I hope You continue to write, the world must hear of the injustice. I pray GOD will bless You, Your friend and distant supporter, John Riggs

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