50 Degrees in the Shade.

This is what the thermometer read. To be more precise it read 48.5 C. And do not quibble with me over 1.5 degrees. One and half degrees more or less, it is too much.

Scorching sun, suffocating heat, a dried out people...

Not a drop of water. The Sunni areas are worst hit. No water and no electricity. Sadr City on the other hand has both.

No water to wash, no water to cool, no water to cook, no water to clean, no water to drink... No Water. Simply no water. And it's too much.

As I have mentioned time and time again in my previous posts, the ministries in charge of Water, Electricity, Works, Health...are in the hands of the sectarian Iranians.

And I repeat what I have said before namely that this is a DELIBERATE policy on their part to engage in a genocide against Iraqis and Iraqi sunnis in particular.
A genocide within a grander genocide conducted by the Zionists Americans.

(On a side note but as important. Seems according to the Washington Post, the CIA produced in August 2002 a six page report stating the following:
The worst case scenario for the Iraqi invasion are:
- the division and total partition of Iraq along sectarian-ethnic lines.
- the very high possibility of a long civil-sectarian war.
- the increase of terrorism in general and terroristic attacks against the U.S in particular.
- the increasing hatred of America and Americans worldwide.

The American government went ahead and invaded Iraq 7 months later. Trust zionists and most of them are zionist jews, for conducting your affairs. DUMB Americans.)

But you don't believe me. Maybe you are secretly wishing to see us ALL dead, thus fullfilling Bremer's injunction "Let's bring them down to 5 million". Maybe this is what you really want deep down.

Rejoice then. Because the following pieces of news will undoubtedly arouse you to the point of climax.

I called Madeleine (christian). "Where is Hanna. I cannot reach him."
"Hanna? You must be joking. We are being displaced en masse. "
In Arabic she said "Al Tahjeer be filis" (meaning our exile is done so cheaply, so easily)...adding "It's too much."

Altaf's twin baby boys have disentery. She cannot leave the house. She lives in Ameriya. She says: " They are drying out, they look emasculated. Someone help me please. They are dying and I can do nothing. It's too much..."

You must also be pleased to hear that there are several outbreaks of cholera and typhoid in Baghdad and as usual the worst hit are children. They are drying out with fever...And that is too much.

Maybe I should send you a picture of a child frothing at the mouth so you will believe me. But knowing your sort, you would probably use it on some porn site, like you have done with the pictures of Iraqi mutilated bodies. And that is simply too much.

In other Sunni areas, cases are being reported of a "strange, severe eye inflammation" caused by explosions of "something that smells really bad". The eyes swell and those affected can no longer see. It is too much.

Several cases of AIDS, and Hepatitis B & C (usually sexually transmitted). And that is too much.

In Karradah, a mixed area, inhabitants took to the streets in a demonstration. Braving mortar bombs, car explosions, the lack of water, the 50C heat and shouted :
"We are drying out. Our children are dying. Someone, somewhere, do something. That is enough. It is too much..."

I have given up hope in American, British...mass mobilizations to change anything.
They are a pathetic, dishonest, hopeless lot. Forget their vows of solidarity, it is all Bullshit.

I have given up hope in the Arab masses. Give them a narguileh (hubble bubble) and a semi-naked singer Haifah Wehbeh style (lebanese-permanently semi naked singer) and they will sell their own mother.

I do have an inkling of hope left in the Iraqis though.

No, not the sectarian sons of bitches (Allawi, Chalabi, Sadr, Maliki, Jaber, Rubaie, Jaafari, Hakeem, Sistani...) kissing Iranian/American ass in the Green Zone.

Neither the so called Nationalist Iraqis of Al Mutlak and Co, who keep barking like dogs and then go and bite their own tails later.

Nor in any M.P, whose average salary is 30'000 dollars per month/tax free. Not mentionning other fringe benefits, % on commissions, nor the dollars of wheeling and dealing...

Nor the chauvinistic sell out Kurds with their pathetic flag waving folk dances and their archaic-in the process of being modernised by the Israeli Mossad- peshmergas.

And certainly not in their arms/drug dealer M.Barazani and definitely not in their buffon, bend over, "President" J.Talabani. (One would have thought with all this bending over to the Israelis and Americans, this clown would have lost a few pounds by now. But seems not. He is making a special trip to Mayo clinic in Rochester.US. Maybe they will be more effective there.)

Nor in the "First Lady" of Iraq - Horo Talabani, sitting with Tzibi Livni discussing " security issues" in the M.E. (see the wonderful picture here)

My only hope is in the Iraqis who took to the streets a few days ago. Sunnis and Shias together, braving it all, shouting "IT'S TOO MUCH"

And I want to have hope in you too. You Iraqis, inside, outside, wherever you are.
I say to you : MOVE.
Do anything but do something. Enough of your slumbering mental lethargy.
Scream, hurl, shout...IT'S TOO MUCH.

Leave those Green Zone whores. Turn your back on them. Walk away from them - Whoever they are. And shout out loud: It's too much.

Forget your sect, your tribe, your clan, your religion, your ethnicity, your family line...
Forget the politics of the Ifs, Buts, Who is who, Where and When...And shout: It's too much.

Iraq is in the grips of the Triangle of Satan. Iraq is dying.
Iraq is dying.
Do not stand there and watch. Watch until she finally expires her last breaths. MOVE.
Do not stand there until you rush to her burial. By then she will be gone. MOVE.

Move in the heat. Move in the dryness. Move under 50C. Move in the Grief. Move in the Tears. MOVE.
Iraq is dying, Iraq is thirsty. You are her Water.
Turn up the heat. Make it 100C. Make it 200C. Make it a roaring Hell of screams and shout together : IT'S TOO MUCH.

Move. Act. NOW. And give her something to drink.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Sadiq Toma.


Anonymous said…
Oh Layla - I feel your pain and desperation so deeply....and, yet, today, your post gives me HOPE. Just the bit about Shi'a and Sunni getting together and shouting 'it's too much', which compensates for the lack of water, electricity, etc.

To ALL Iraqis who come to this beautiful site - please, please, please - heed Layla's words, and get together as ONE. Forget about differences and past hurts - you have lived together harmoniously for centuries - is that not worth the effort? If you do, all the barbarians on your land can do NOTHING. They feed off your differences, which is the only thing that gives these cowards strength. This tactic is as old as history, and the trade- mark of imperialists. Don't give these animals the satisfaction.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
arggghhhhhhhhhh stop it.........IT'S TOO MUCH!!
Anonymous said…
stop u bastards........this is just TOO MUCH!!!!
Anonymous said…
wow that haifah wehbe is a one sexy little minx.........thanks for the heads up layla!!
Anonymous said…
but back to the important issue at hand, namely that of iraqis being slowly strangulated to death, its just simply TOO MUCH!! lets hope & pray iraqis can get their act together pronto and kick all the scum out
Unknown said…
Indeed, words of wisdom...The only way Iraq can be free is if all its decent people stand-up and say NO to the filthy occupation and its stooges.
Anonymous said…
"Tzibi Livni" Ha Ha Ha was that intentional or a misprint?
Montag said…
I trust you are not addressing the people of the USA to "get a move on", because we are far to busy and far too occupied with other, weightier issues.

We must run a presidential beauty pageant as well as keep up with Paris Hilton.

If you think the fact that this war was born from lies and dishonor bothers us, you are mistaken. We have a tradition going all the way back to the Spanish-American War at least of wars born of lies.

The Spanish-American thing gave us the Philipines. The Philipines had an insurgency which lasted quite a while in the 1920s. MacArthur himself fought against these insurgents.

So if you think that the people of the USA either (1) learn from history, or (2) give a rip, you are terribly mistaken.
Layla Anwar said…

Move was not addressed to the "wonderful" people of the U.S.A. They have moved enough. Don't you think?
Good to read you.
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi Jew,

As you may well know, we beoble of the Middle East have terriple time bronouncing the P's.
I guess that answers your question.
Anonymous said…
hi layla!!!
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

Thank you for your bravery and honesty and humor. You are not just a hero of Iraqis. You are a hero of humanity. Truth will prevail in the end.

Layla, I want to confess something anonymously here and I would like to see if anyone identifies with me.

I am an American. Male. 40+ years old. I was an American patriot. Republican even. Conservative. A believer in the US constitution and Bill of Rights.

Layla, all of my patriotism is gone now. Swept away by my study of our REAL history. The history of empire is not pretty. The powerful always abuse. Rome was the same. Egypt the same. A bunch of elites thwart the will of a large underclass and steal and rape and abuse and exploit for as long and as cheap and as much as possible. We began with the Indians of North America and we continue now with Iraqis in Middle East.

Layla, I am strongly against my government and against all consolitation of power, all consolidation of religion, money, everything. When I see consolidation I see temptation to abuse, and this temptation always wins over flesh and people are always too weak to give someone else a fair deal. The powerful are weak in the soul and they desecrate themselves with their power. But Layla, they also fall. And God's (Allah'S) truth always prevails and makes the wise look foolish and makes the weak look strong.

Bless you and keep the faith.

Many of us love you and you do a lot of good.
Anonymous said…
That's really funny, Layla!!!!

I see Jr. is back - was he in detention, Layla?!!!!
Layla Anwar said…
Layth , you can say that again and again.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi jr,
you are too much !!!
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Anonymous.

Thank you.
Thank you for your kinds words and thank you for sharing your path.
Your sort give ME HOPE.
Bless you.
Anonymous said…
im sorry layla but what with the anniversary of the 1967 war, and the fighting in lebanon and now the cyclone in oman it all just got TOO MUCH for me.....but ive calmed down now so its ok
LostHere said…
I would like to comment on your post Layla, but what can one say?
How can one say anything that it's not said with your expression
One has too heavy of a heart to say anything...
Yes, the USA has much practice at dehumanizing and raping other people, other cultures, and obviously it is using all its pass experience in Iraq...
But it is not only the USA that bothers me... What really bothers me is the so called international community playing dead... the proverbial five Chinese monkeys shutting their respective senses. It's really too much!

I must say to you Layla, that you are a stronger soul that I will ever be, because how can you possible have some HOPE?
Myself, I feel drained, without any hope at all. Not just for Iraq, but for so much of humanity that happen to call home a part of this earth that is coveted by others... and it's not only the natural resources, although hydrocarbons are wealth building to some elites, but the imperial designs of others...

This week everything I normally read, periodicals, etc. have a lot of writings and essays about the 40 years since the 1967 war of Israel. Sure, different views of the legacy of said victory and what not, but no one writes clearly about the continual warpath of Zionism to this very day. Sure, they write about the consequences to both Israel and the Palestinian people, but nothing else about anyone else… like Israel is not involved in Iraq or Lebanon, or Syria? Like Israel is not the cause for the USA to have invaded Iraq? Pleaseee!
And to think that in my youth I admired the resolution of the new state of Israel and their capacity to create a nation only on their own determination… I am so glad I kept on growing and informing myself!

My solidarity with you and all the oppressed people in occupied lands.

Anonymous said…
I've got goose bumps, too, Layla, with your recent news....

It's the ONLY route out of this mess, Layla..

In my prayers and in solidarity.
Layla Anwar said…
lost here,

Hi and thank you. Do not despair. Truth will ALWAYS prevail in the end.
I am curious as to your change of heart vis a vis the "nation"...
How did that come about, if you do not mind sharing.
LostHere said…
Does truth really always prevails?
I don't know, sometimes the truth comes about later on as a historical fact, but...

What I do agree with you is that those who resist injustice will some day prevail... in the meantime is nothing but suffering.

There is nothing to share really, it come about in an organic way, after all, that ugliness that you talk about on your new post is there for everyone to see. I would dare say, it is impossible not to see...

I was 16 when I planned to spend a summer volunteering at a Kibbutz; it was the collective or socialist concept that attracted me more than anything else.
As you can imagine the Palestinian people ware non existing in my education and the Arabs were not the good guys... well, the flow of life took me to a monastery that that was being repopulated by a "renegade" socialist priest... That summer turned into two years and it was an awakening of my social senses.
Fast forwards twenty years and I was quite aware of the oppression that Palestinians were living... Fast forwards another twenty and I can't stand the ugliness and carnage that it's being perpetrated in the name of the jewish people (by some Jews mainly, I must add).
And that's it in a nutshell.

Now, I must admit that I don't have anything against anyone individually or any people collectively, be it Jews, Islamics, Christians, etc. there is enough ugly history for all of them collectively and enough beauty in all of them individually... it's not my place to judge, but it is my place to be truthful to myself, and doing so, I will agree with you that there is a lot of UGLINESS showing in this so called chosen.
Unknown said…
MY God!!!
Anonymous said…
You dirty whore, you miss Saddam. FUCK YOU.
Anonymous said…
OI.............there is no need for such disgusting languange. and if you wish to swear, plz do so on the latest thread

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