The Uncensored Anger Manifesto - Part V.

The Uncensored Anger Manifesto part V or you may call it the "Hot Bed".
The rules have not changed : If you don't like it...move on.
As for others, who tolerate my "bad" language, you will undoubtedly agree with me that Part V is long overdue.

I have been unable to reach Radhee for the past 3 days.
He lives in a hot spot in Baghdad. A hot bed, a hot "soooneee" bed...
Have you ever wondered why they call it a "hot bed"?

For me, the whole of Iraq is a hot bed...a burning bed, a inflammed spot...that will devastate you, once and for all. You motherfuckers.

They blew the Sarafiya bridge up and now they are constructing a wall to separate the "sooneees from the shiites".
They can't even pronounce the damn word.
They would not know what a sunni or a shia is...just as they can't tell their ass from a hole in the ground.

But,I have news for you. There is nothing to tell, you fucking idiots.
We have intermarried and lived together as ONE for hundreds of years...until the self flagellating hypocrites from Qum took over backed by your shits called the brave boys.

And your brave boys...Don't make me laugh please.
Most of them have not been in an airplane in their lives...Hence they join their army. Free travel.
I kind of miss Juba, the sniper of Baghdad...really.

So what happens if someone is married to a sunni or a shia, will they fuck across a wall...? Like mind fuck across the sectarian wall that you have erected ? Or should they get an authorization from the Al Sadr rapists, or from Maliki the dual ass licker or maybe from your smelly ugly "brave boys"?

Since you cannot erect anything else, you erect walls...
A sign of your impotence maybe?
Which reminds me of your anglo-saxon brothers, the Brits. They "sexed up" the lies about WMD's. The word "sexed up" was used on a daily basis in your media prior to the "liberation". Must have been a real turn on, bombing an innocent country.
What can one expect from rapists but this kind of thrill?

So what's the story of hotbeds and erected walls?
Something missing in your bedrooms maybe...a misplaced sexual frustration transposed across the ocean?
The judeo-christian mind set must have had you right below the belly...

And now we have the enlightened "experts" on Iraq, telling us that soooneees were favored in the the detriment of others.
Bang your heads against the wall like your jewish brethren...and keep talking to that wall.

A wall in Palestine and a wall in Baghdad...And you fuckers are so stupid, you can't even see the similarities...and those of you who do see...Oh well, Ahmadimidget has promised you some inflatable dolls, more inflatable dolls to tintillate your fantasies...
But do me a favor, don't use the real sufferings of the Iraqis to balloon your plastic dolls will you?

Where are your holy Gurus of the "left"? The ones you submit to like moronic idiots, incapable of formulating an independent thought by yourselves. Another case of radical impotence.
Bring them in now with a new mantra, that you can repeat ad hoc till you reach your ultimate vertical stand up with your inflatables.

You know something, I am into my forties and I absolutely love it. Except you mother fuckers have spoiled it for me. For the time being at least...

I mean here I am in my forties and am supposed to enjoy the maturity and the pay offs and you come with your filthy ways and agendas and fuck the whole thing up...
Who will you make it up for me now you assholes?

I am never going to be 40 again you motherfuckers...and countless others will never be 30, 15, 5 or 1 again either...

And instead of just savoring the experience, I am here writing about your failed erections...and your substitute erected walls instead.

Getting back to Radhee, he is more important than you, pile of shit.
As I said, he lives in the "hot bed"...and I still cannot get through to him.

I wake up every day and wonder, who is dead who is alive today...
I wonder will I be alive or dead today...and how much more can I take without imploding, exploding.
But you want me to explode and you want me to implode. This is your aim.

And I tell you, I am here to stay to remind you of your impotence and your failure.

Not only have you failed like your jewish zionist neurotic complexed frigid friends who erect walls in the name of Zion covering up for their fake divine orgasms, you are also defeated you motherfuckers...DEFEATED.
You may want to erect a hundred are already history.
And tell your friends from EYE RAN, that they are defeated too.
No intellectually honest person buys the Iranian shit anymore, except those who hanker after plastic dolls.

My oh my, dual occupations. Nay, triple occupations. Nay, quadruple occupations. And they are mighty hard. But true Iraqis are hard hard as your walls.

You know hard? That thing you cannot get, so you build cement instead...

And I still can't get over the fact, you are incapable of pronouncing the damn words correctly...Mediocrity is your motto.

You absolutely adore mediocrity. You love it, thrive on it and revel in it.
Mediocrity is safe. Very safe. And you America are a mediocre people.

I don't give a fuck about your technological progress, nor about your discoveries, or your so called scientific advancements.

In my eyes, you have always been and remain mediocre...
You lost the essential and this is what matters most but it seems not to matter to you.
No, wait, I take that back.
What matters most, you never had.

You simply don't have it in you. And those who have managed to retain it, find it, safeguard it, feel like aliens amongst the rest of you...
But that is not my problem. I have shown enough solidarity in my life.
Jumping on the bandwagon...I have done my share.

Now it is your turn.

But what do I see instead ?
I see some half assed pussies crying over the brave rapist boys.
The rapists of Falluja, Mahmoudiah, Abu Ghraib and Baghdad...

I came across one of your boys two days ago...He was pumped up like a peacock but in my eyes he had no feathers. What have you got to say to that?
An all muscle featherless limp peacock.

But hey, I must remain objective here...

You love objectivity don't you? When it suits you and suits your interests.
But in my eyes, he was the ugliest motherfucker I have ever seen in my life.
God, I miss Juba, the sniper of Baghdad.

Wait a second here. Your crimes know no bounds.
What have you done to me? I no longer recognize myself.

And all I wanted was to spend my 40's in relative serenity...

And I still cannot reach Radhee in the "hot bed" of your "undoing".

Painting: Iraqi artist, Rafa Al-Nasiri, "Poetics".


LostHere said…
How can you talk about failed erections, and technological progress without connecting the dots?
See, technology has given them Viagra, L...? something, and I am sure a few other "enhancers". They are all over the TV, I just don't bother to watch it (well actually I run away from it).

Anyway Layla, all I will say is WOW!

I just got home from working, 14hours today, but reading you makes my soul dance... I just wish your anger was for something a lot lest painful to so many people.

How wonderful would have been for you to share your forties with all your loved ones.
To share your poetry with all the people fortunate enougth to hear it...

Alas, that is not so!

Anger is good, I guess.
Layla Anwar said…
lost here,

thanks, you make me smile:-)
Angel said…

Anger brings out a certain something in a writer, and as losthere said, you make my heart sing.

'Eye Raq' has been done to death, literally. "They" (morons) are so busy arguing about what should be done with their bloody mess, they have forgotten the people. They ignore the wishes of the people.

I don't know if they are deaf or dumb or both. I just know that is pisses me off when I hear them say "how are we going to fix Eye Raq?"

I keep telling them, you can't fix it, just leave. They say to just leave is not a solution. Idiots, every last one of them.

Keep writing Layla.
Anonymous said…
Well said!

As for the vulgarity, doesn't offend me one bit. I can't stand political correctness.
For those who can't handle someone else' opinion, unless it's sugar coated and wrapped in plastic..crawl under a rock.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Anonymous said…
The above compliments say it all, Layla, and I can add one more - your anger makes Hope surge in my heart.

As Angel says above, they think that leaving is not a solution and are digging their heels in. They just refuse to read the writing on the wall. I believe that the day is soon coming when Eye Raq will send them off with their tails between their legs - those who manage to get out. Vietnam will seem like ABC. What a sight that will be to the entire world!

Keep up the great work.
Anonymous said…
Orgasms, erections, fucking...

... description of the war or some pent up venting of the person talking?

I liked the other anger manifestos much better. They were more about the subject and less about the person talking.
Anonymous said…
not upto your usual standards im afraid all seems a little contrived....i guess anger mustve gotten the better of u
Anonymous said…
"He was pumped up like a peacock but in my eyes he had no feathers. What have you got to say to that?"

very strange
Anonymous said…
i think it may be a good time to call an end to the "manifesto"......its run its course
Hi Layla,

I think your reference to Maliki being a "dual ass licker" was a bit strong.

I think maybe we could referr to him as a one mans Soddom and Ghomorrah if you will, a cheap rayon frabric that brings one out in a rash, a slimy slitherring sucubus, a concubine, a cheap whore.

Of course though, the present Iraqi government may really have erection problems, after all how could anyone get it up in the "hot bed" of a parliament, which has been so hot recently, that it was positively orgasmic.

all best,
Anonymous said…
i have a confession , i was brought up in a strict conservative family that does not swear , and when i learnt English i did not learn swear words, and everytime i hear the Fword i cringe i just dont feel comfortable . But suprise , i have never liked the f word like today reading your article , it feels better than a swear or a bad word, it feels more than that it feels the pain , the despair , the disgust inside you . Layla . you made me like the Fword , i cant believe it .

Unebelievable article that should be printed elsewhere to be appreciated by more people . bravo LAYLA you do write some good articles .
Anonymous said…
A well-needed anger manifesto, long overdue indeed. Not only are they mediocre, they fail to see their own mediocrity because all they see is themselves.

Write on.

I would like to ask why you say you "miss juba," who said he isn't currently operating? Have I missed a piece of news about him? Anyway, there are many snipers where he came from- let them strike fear into the defeated occupier.
Anonymous said…
also can u tone down the sexual innuendo a little....
Anonymous said…
"God, I miss Juba, the sniper of Baghdad."

i hate to tell u dis but i think he is a made up character
Anonymous said…
i forgot to add......u make my heart dance as well
G.Gar said…
salamte wa salam al3raq lanah Ayotha al 7orah al 3arabiya:)

You have to be angry and every Iraqi must be angry. That's how Iraq is going to be saved!

Fuck them all both the pigs and the Persians.You have always been there and will always be but they will not.........

Civilsation is not about being persistent enough to accumulate experiences and rely on knowledge passed down to animals by their ancestors, in order to develop smart bombs and precision target weapons . Instead, it is a refined, evolved and CLEAN emotional and mental state.

Thanx layla for being there your sincere words are inspirational
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous, oh brave anonymous...
Are you trying to shame me by any chance? Am I supposed to feel mortified now? Can you suggest the nearest confession booth? Or did the "sexualized" language offend your puritanism?
Are you as offended by the 1 million Iraqis dead, or the 4 million in exile, or the millions with no shelter, food, electricity and water?
Are you offended by the construction of walls dividing iraqis into sects?
Most likely not...But my open anger offends you..HA!
Layla Anwar said…

why don't you ask your tony blair to stop sexing up the "war" as the best thing that the Brits did since Waterloo ? Since you seem to be so smart!
Anonymous said…
im not a brit...and thus he is not my tony blair.....and i dont even know anything abt waterloo!!!! (except for the abba song of course)
Anonymous said…
at least the post lived up to the title of the most certainly turned the air blue
Anonymous said…
Cheney: Iraq pullout would hurt Israel

A U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq would be damaging to Israel, Dick Cheney said.

"We must consider, as well, just what a precipitous withdrawal would mean to our other efforts in the war on terror, to our interests in the broader Middle East, and to Israel," the U.S. vice president said over the weekend to a Republican Jewish Coalition leadership gathering in Latana, Fla.

"Commentators enjoy pointing out mistakes through 20/20 hindsight. But the biggest mistake of all can be seen in advance: A sudden withdrawal of our coalition would dissipate much of the effort that has gone into fighting the global war on terror, and result in chaos and mounting danger. And for the sake of our own security, we will not stand by and let it happen," Cheney said. He has a similar message earlier this month to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual policy forum.

Sorry, "Big Dick" but this is the United States of America, not the United States of Israel. Even if what you say is true--hard to say, since you have told and keep telling so many LIES--then shouldn't you and your fellow travelers at places like AIPAC thought of that problem before you initiated an illegal and immoral war against Iraq?

Wasn't that one of the primary reasons you helped sell this obscene war against Iraq, so that our "friends" in the area would be safe?

Anyone with half a brain--ditto heads not included--knew then that the "friend" you were referring to is Israel. Cheney, YOU sold this continuing criminal enterprise known as the war against Iraq to benefit your friends in Israel. Now that the war, along with most everything else the corrupt Bush administration has handled, is starting to implode, now you're saying that American soldiers and Iraqi civilians have to keep on fighting and dying to help Israel?

What an abomination.

Cheney, just how many more American soldiers and Iraqi civilians are you willing to send to the slaughterhouse in order to "benefit Israel?"
LostHere said…
It seems to me Greg,
that Israel has been in it from the beginning, or more likely from the planing stages. From Sept. 11 to now, there seems to be only two countries that benefits from the chaos (carnage, really) and they are Israel and Iran. One other big beneficiary of course is "big capital" and that usually have a US American name, but has no country really.

In a past thread little deer talked about the "stolen land" that forms much of the US. It is been years since I see a great similarity between the "formation" of this country, the USA, and the country of Israel. It's by occupying and warfare mainly, but also through economic subjugation (I think they called something gentler, alliances or something like that) they intend to form the national boundaries disregarding and decimating the native inhabitants... Or who knows, perhaps, giving enough time, the USA will become the Jewish nation, keeping of course their "promised land" as the nation of Israel (summer homes, spiritual retreats,etc.). Domestic labor seems to be plentiful and inexpensive there, albeit a tad unruly now, but I am sure they have plans to overcome that.
Anonymous said…
i dont think cheney reads this blog
Layla Anwar said…
jr, seems to me you have a love/hate relationship with me and this blog...
About time you sort out your seem to be on a roller coaster...any psychological issues per chance?
Anonymous said…
r u offering to council me layla???
Anonymous said…
no....i never hated u!!!....i was just a little pissed off with stuff thats all...i think ure great
Anonymous said…
in fact i think this blog is great too...except the comments section which is full of crap
Anonymous said…
re phsycological issues...this is fairly common amongst pple of high intellect so nothing to worry abt on that score
Anonymous said…
Wonderful and amazing as usual Layla. You are like the greek Goddess of justice and retribution:
Layla Anwar said…

I need someone to council me...Got enough on my plate.
I am feel very relieved about your "high intellect". Does that explain your insults in email form which now blocked by the way.?!
Layla Anwar said…
Thanks Anonymous,

Except am not getting justice and no retribution so far...
All am getting is ads for viagra in my inbox after this manifesto...
I better hurry up and write something else totally unrelated.
Anonymous said…
it sure does.... when a person of immense intelligence gets pissed off then the result can be very unpretty
Anonymous said…
though thankfully i am well balanced individual so this only happens once in a while
Anonymous said…
im off 2 bed now.....all this talk is making me sleepy...gdnite
Angel said…
Maybe we should be calling it the United States of Iraq?

Bush has set up withdrawl dates, except they are not really withdrawing. There are still going to be troops training Iraqi's and others protecting permanent bases.

There is no such thing as freedom. We are all chained to one thing or another. The US is locked tight in Eye-Raq. Anyone got a key?
Anonymous said…
These are my favorites!

The occaisional outburst that shows a darker side ;)

And I feel you Layla. Your anger.
It goes beyond rage.....
You get lost in it.

The confusion.

The senses become alive.
Then die. Or go away. Or something....

Keep writing Layla.
Their gonna keep fighting...
USA is going to keep fighting, and they should not even be there.
Iraq is going to keep fighting, and they should rightly do so.
The innocence lost is devastating.

Just keep writing about it.

Survive, stay safe.
Anonymous said…
I have came again to read the writings of Layla and I see that you are quit consumed by your sickness.
You honestly need IMMEDIATE help. I suggest you call a local clinic or counselor.

But since you are most likely NOT going to do that, I have no choice but to re-up your therapy sessions.

You begin by knocking Laylas blog and her writings.
That's not nice JR.
Don't be rude and abusive like your own government who trains cameras on its own people in the streets.
And the comment about the peacock was meant as a euphanism. I know that is a long word for you. It means in comparison. Layla was comparing the man to a peacock as he puffed up his chest so as to appear manly, but had no feathers as he was simply a "naked" little brainwashed boy in a foriegn land.
You must learn to disassociate the word cock with the word pea.
That would be part of your dyslexia I am supposing.

Do you know what you call a female peacock?
A peacunt!

Oh JR.
We must laugh.
Laugh away your pain and smile.
Be a friend to people and not a burdon like you are to your mother whom you live with.

I can see as well, by the use of your referring to tony blair as "not yours", that you are in a jealous state. Are you jealous because you would like to sleep with tony blair. Maybe lick his testicles for him?
JR. you need to answer me.
Is this what you feel?
I have told you, your government must not affect and obsess you the way it does. It is consuming you.
You cannot concern yourself with what they do.
I know they are filthy and cowardly.
But you don't have to be like them.

Now for this delusion of higher intelect that you have....
I must insist that you stop smoking marijuanna.
You are developing delusions FAR beyond reality, and I am sure it is adding to your paranoia and depression as well as the mood swings.
And I am sure it must stink up the house of your mother whom you live with.

Do you come to read Layla before or after you begin your pornographic explorations on the internet?

You need to answer me JR.

We want you to be a well and productive citizen.

Anonymous said…
I wonder if Maliki feels no sense of shame, the traitor that he is. He has committed so many crimes during his illegal tenure, and now, he's been told to sit down and be quiet by his bosses - his comments that the building of the PRISON WALL IN BAGHDAD should be halted have been withdrawn according to the news. Does he have no self-respect to sell his country to barbarians before the entire world?

How can this disgusting man with no backbone claim to be IRAQI, when all he sees (if he does, at all) is the terrible suffering of 'his' people all around him, and persistently goes on to make it worse? What does this obnoxious man feel when he sees thousands and thousands of displaced and dead Iraqis? But I guess he's only there because he's been propped by the gangsters from across the ocean. Does he think he will ever be forgiven by Iraqis?

All Iraqi traitors deserve to have their noses rubbed in the ground. Pathetic human beings. They are worse than the mad men from across the oceans because they have sold out their land and their people for a handful of disgusting dollars and the short-lived thrill of power.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

He is propped up by the Americans and the IRANIANS. Please read the latest statement on uruknet about the wall...
And this link
The official language in Baghdad will soon become it already is in Basrah and Nejef and kerbala.
Iranian occupation is as criminal as american occupation.
Anonymous said…
Ya’know what concerns me about blogs and the response sections? It’s not the people who talk all the time. It’s the freaks who don’t say anything for weeks, then come out with a stream of twisted bullshit, that worries me. I realize postings on this blog can be blocked.
Even still, there are some serious creeps floating around these sites. For instance, I was surprised to see 36 postings to the A.M. V, only to find out JR, has numerous postings, ONE thought at a time! Talk about whacked?! This guy is probably a leading candidate for a frontal lobotomy. Better yet, maybe he already had one. It would certainly explain a lot. Then it goes to the other extreme with the Greg Bacon character.
This guy definitely has no life. Anyone who can write a ‘manifesto’ in a comment section is sure to be on a “most wanted list” somewhere. Then of course there is ‘losthere’, who appears to be, well LOST. And last but not least; Fatima, who completely confuses me. She (assuming)doesn't seem capable of saying anything condescending. It's not bad, just seems out of place amongst the other split-tongued vermin.

Anonymous said…
anon u numbskull i dont know wot language u use but wot u call "euphanism" does NOT mean 'in comparison'.....u dipstick
Anonymous said…
u clearly r a muppet of the highest order anon and a fag 2 boot......n plz keep your gay fantasies off this board
Anonymous said…
"The official language in Baghdad will soon become persian"

i think that is a little melodramatic
Anonymous said…
anon u pin-pricked little arsewipe your pathetic attempts to initiate sexual conversations arnd your own gay fantasies r all 2 transparent and r futile so i suggest u give that aspect up
Anonymous said…
prop u hooknosed little cocksucker if ure not 2 careful im goin 2 smack u so hard itll put your nose back into shape
Anonymous said…
Oh Layla, in addition to all the horrors around you, you have to put up with some really weird people who visit your blogsite. This Jr takes the cake, and, as Prop mentioned about, it's one thought at a time. I get the feeling that he is about 10 or 12 years old. Really weird. How do you put up with it? Just tells you about the condition of the mad world outside...

And Jr., you can respond all you want to this. You are a nonentity - the vulgar and obscene words you post indicate there is something desperately wrong with you.
Anonymous said…
"little deer" as long as ure not whinging i dont give a toss wot u say
Layla Anwar said…

If you read correctly, I did say that J.Solaghr was the ex minister of interior now in charge of Treasury...
Tell me something JR, is there anything else you do besides hacking and being obnoxious?
Anonymous said…
there is no one by the name of solaghr!! the only search result on google by that name turns up with your blog u daft bint
Anonymous said…
n there was no need 4 that obnoxious comment u hag
Anonymous said…
n jst u answer your question, yes theres a lot more i do besides the 2 things mentioned but i wont be telling u wot if u start being a hag again
Layla Anwar said…

one more abuse from you through hacking or insults and I will BAN you from this site and many others...
You have been warned!
Anonymous said…
i hope ure not going thru one your autocratic phases again layla anwar
Shahid said…
subhanallah Lalyla, what an absolutely awe-inspiring post. Ignore the comments about your use of language. If the Zionist/Crusader bastards can abuse your country, feel free to abuse their language, I know *I* do, it's about all we have, and we might even lose that before too long.

A guttural cry from deep, unfettered, unlike the Iraqi nation, this is what the West needs to be reading.
Anonymous said…
In Britain, we held rallies, tens of thousands took to the streets in protest at the slaughter in Iraq. We, like so many cattle, were ignored.

Impotent, powerless, all that is left for me to say is, sister, we never wanted this. Or opinions were never asked for, our cries of rage ignored. From the bottom of my aching heart, I'm sorry. So very sorry.
Anonymous said…
Is there anything more impotent than a clueless bitter middle-aged woman ranting and raving on a blog almost nobody reads?


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