Sleep in Peace.

Did you know that the 28th of March was the 7th International Sleeping Day?
Yet another "special day" was celebrated by a cozy nap "en masse" in the rustic French town, Bordeaux.
A photo depicted dozens of people lying on their ritualistic little pillows specially carried for the occasion , marking the day with a wonderful collective siesta.

Who said the Arab world is behind in innovations?
We too had our special day of sleep and it coincidentally took place the same day as the collective snooze in Bordeaux. However, ours was called the Arab Summit.

For those of you who don't know what the Arab summit is, I will give you a brief description.
Heads of states, Excellencies, Ambassadors, Royalties, gather every few years to discuss the same agendas except at each Summit, you can be sure that the "Arab condition" has worsened.
The reason is quite simple. "They" are either catatonically asleep or in some profound "reverie".
Does not really matter, the end result is always the same - No results.

A good example was Jalal Talabani, our kurdish peshmerga turned buffoon, the president of the New Iraq. He was in full oneiric vagary himself.
Jalal Talabani corpulently collapsed in one of these opulent golden armchairs, flushed rosy cheeks, blushing with puerile excitement at the wonderful developments taking place in Iraq.
He stated unequivocally that the "liberation" of Iraq was the "best thing" that happened since the last Arab summit in 2002.

His indicators of overall wellness of the Iraqi population rested on the following:
- salaries have increased "substantially" from 150 $ to 250 $. Of course he forgot to mention two other indicators, namely over 150% inflation and an unemployement rate around 75%.
- there is a democratically elected government and of course he forgot to mention that his government ministries are made up of death squads and torture militias.
- that Iraq was now an open market economy and all the signs of an economic boom were looming on the horizon (no joke). And again our buffoon forgot to mention that Iraq is now considered the second most corrupt country in the world after Bangladesh.

I am sure Arab countries are already coveting Bangladesh ranking as no.1.
They will compete for first position in next year's survey and am certain the "ambitious Iraqi government" will win the top prize as the most corrrupt in the world.

His Excellency, Amr Moussa, the Ambassador of the Arab Leg - sorry meant League, having proclaimed the peace process dead a few months back, revived it.
The Pharaonic high priest who previously embalmed mummies suddenly gave them the secret elixir of life. Who said we can't resuscitate the dead ?!

"Al Rayess" Hosny Mubarak assured us on the other hand, that the region could not handle more turmoil and another war. No shit?
Al Rayess also forgot to mention that he (as well as the Saudi monarch) were the first to agree to the Coalition of the Brave Farts bombing of Baghdad on condition that this time around Saddam Hussein be removed from power.

H.M of the Hashemite Kingdom had his speech composed by Buckingham palace and Downing street whilst his charming wife was touring Oxford and mobilizing opinions against poverty.
I am terribly touched now...I am even a little teary.

Talking about tears, that reminds me of the Lebanese Government.
Two delegations were sent instead of one, each representing a faction. Fortunately however, they managed to deliver one speech instead of two saving Fuad Seniora more shedding of tears...

Syria's President Bashar al Capone al Assad was there too.
They tried embracing him back into the Arab bosom and he looked rather spaced out trying to figure out if his arms were wide enough to embrace the Arabs and the Persians simultaneously. Typical Syrian thinking...I was hoping he would surprise us with something slightly new this time around. But alas, nothing.

As for the Palestinian "freedom fighter" Abbas, he was all smiles. He walked in and out as if he had just won a poker game except his deck of cards were left behind with Olmert.

"Al Kaid" The Colonel, M.Al Qaddafi was absent and am not even sure he was missed.
After having rushed to destroy his WMD's as per the strict orders from Washington, he afforded himself the luxury of yet another white suit, mao style collar on which was pinned a striking green jade color map of somewhere. The African Continent? Palestine? Iraq? Lybia? Go figure...
The important thing is that the brooch was hanging there on his chest along with his slogans...
And in his typical megalomaniac fashion he kept looking from the corner of his eyes upwards as if awaiting further instructions....

Now His Majesty, King Abdullah, the Monarch of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Don't you just love those long titles?) dared call the Iraq occupation "illegal".
Oh thank you your Highness. After 4 years of total destruction - I hope you did not lose too much sleep over it.
In any event, he was quickly reprimanded by the White House for erring from the herd's line.
But let us give the Saudis the benefit of the doubt. They did affirm that Israel may not be interested in peace after all. It only took the Saudis 48 years and 90% of Palestinian land occupied to realize that. Behind their times per chance?
Not really, since they too had joined al Rayess of Egypt in showering the American cowboys with money, logistics and blessings, profusely thanking their uncle Bush for finally delivering the long awaited promise. Regime change in Iraq.

After all, they are your moderate buddies. Their women are not allowed to drive, but they are moderate. So good to know that.
And no one can accuse them of not being true feminists. They do take orders from a woman and are eager to serve, please and satisfy...always. Ask Condi Rice.

As for the rest of the Gulf States, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Yemen - lots of yawns interrupted by kisses.
By the way seems that a prominent Qatari Emir has purchased a beautiful property in the southern part of Tel Aviv. A small detail "en passant".

Let me see who else was there... Ah right. Sudan, Turkey (sitting far away from the buffoon) and a representative from Iran. His mind was sailing in different waters though.

Meanwhile in Iraq...

Over 350 dead in less than a week and over 500 injured. The militias are back in full swing on a drill and kill rampage...

I,too wanted to have my Arab summit so I spent the whole day on the phone...calling relatives to wish them a happy Mawled Nabawee.(the Prophet Mohamed's Birthday celebration).

Spoke to Radhee. Remember Radhee? The man who got sacked from his job by his Sadrist boss.
Radhee lives in a very "sooooneeeee" neighborhood.

- Radheee, happy Mawled
- Thanks but it was on Friday.
- It was on Saturday.
- Depends on which neighborhood you live in.
- So how is the neighborhood?
- What neighborhood? You mean the Ghost Town?
All shops are closed, all pharmacies are closed, no one can leave the house, no groceries...I am running out of medication, heart medication, hypertension medication, asthma medication and it is getting worse from the sewage, the dust and the mortar explosions...I have no aspirin left, I have nothing left... Kamel's wife sits all day in the kitchen talking to herself, I think she has gone crazy...
"They" came again two days ago...searching. They said: how come you speak good English? I said I learned it from the days of the British. They offered that I "work" for them, they said I looked "smart". I told them I used to be smart, I was a chartered accountant, now am a taxi driver. They left promising to come back again. May God have mercy on us...

And I who thought that "sooneeees" were moderates? Did you not say so at the Arab summit?

Called Auntie Sameera, she babbles on as usual, pauses, catches her breath and rants some more...
- Oh by the way, "they" came again this morning.
- Again?
- But they were polite, they kept saying sorrrry, soorrrry
- And?
- Nothing, but...
- But what auntie Sameera?
- They walked into the living room (auntie has two of them) and said why do you have two living rooms? When did you buy this furniture? I said to them I've had this living room since 1973, we have no visitors, can't you see the dust? Well it looks brand new to me Ma'am was his reply...
Layla , by Allah tell me , what does my living room have to do with the security crackdown?
I am going crazy...Everytime they come, Randa screams for a whole week and you know Wafa'a has not one but two frozen shoulders from the tension...Do you have any Valium or Voltarene? Can't find any...

Called Zakariah.

- So what do you think of the Arab summit?
- What Arab summit? Come and see my condition first then talk to me about the Arab summit.
- But Talabani said there is an economic boom?
- An economic boom huh ? The only "booms" are his own farts and the explosions near my house...

Called Sahar.

- They are so lucky Layla.
- Who is ?
- The cats and the dogs in the least they can roam freely and no one shoots at them...

Called Munir.

- Do you have ducks I can borrow?
- Munir what ducks? Are you ok?
- Am serious, I want to rear ducks.
- Munir, you have no water to flush your toilet, let alone rear ducks...
- Who said? I have a beautiful pond right in front of my house and give it a couple of days and it will turn into a lake...
- Ah a pond!
- Yes the sewage has turned into a huge pond, so do you have ducks or not?
- Will "they" allow it?
- I guess you are right, I may get arrested for animal rights abuse...

Meanwhile in Northern Gaza.

300 people have fled from the sewage floods which killed two elderly women in their 70's, two toddlers and one teen age girl, injuring 35 others and destroying 100 homes.

Between occupied Iraq and its floods and occupied Palestine and its floods, who said there is no Arab unity ?!

You can go to sleep now, joining the lot from Bordeaux and Riyadh, but before you leave, let me offer you this poem as a lullaby.
It was written by the famous Iraqi poet M.Al-Risafi during Her majesty's colonial rule in Iraq in the 30's and is entitled :

"Freedom as understood by the occupiers"

"People, do not speak
speaking is forbidden.
Sleep, sleep, and do not awaken
victory is only for those
who are asleep.
Postpone in advance
whatever you are supposed to do
and leave behind all understanding
for it is best that you do not understand.
Take root in your ignorance
for it is evil that you become learned men.
As for politics, leave it aside
lest you regret..."

Nite Nite

Painting: Iraqi artist, AbdelAmeer Alwan.


Anonymous said…
Please allow me to "bloviate" on the "economic boom" that Talabani is promoting.

Imagine there is a brisk market in assault rifles and RPG's.
After all, us Amerikans like to strut around, thumping our chests and bragging about how we'd shot anyone that would invade our house.
So, it seems natural that Iraqi's would do the same when some murderous thugs invaded their home.

If some sadistic thugs kicked down your front door, raped your wife and daughter, then shot your uncle and abducted your children, all the while ransacking your home, then wouldn't a sane person arm themselve against these homicidal mainiacs?
Especially when you consider the fact that this same group of maniacs said they needed to get some more ammo, but they promised to be right back.

Imagine that the undertaking business is rather brisk.
So many lifeless bodies turning up on an hourly basis must surely be one of the economic engines Talabini speaks of.
Just think of the business in related industries, like flowers and grave digging.

Not to mention the market in water purifiers and generators.
Only having electricty for two hours a day gives on the impetus to go out and find a way to supply power to keep at least some of the food you've managed to find edible.
Oh, did i mention how lively the market is for drinking water?
See, and you thought that not having electricity or drinking water was some type of crime. Actually, just ask Talabani and his crew, who somehow manage to live in air condition comfort with plenty of fresh water and food. That is, if you can make it past his heavily armed guards and militia.

Oh, almost forgot to mention: Silly me.
What about the economic activity around the medical business?
Since the Amerikans were thoughtful enough to blow to hell and gone Iraq's hospitals, any wounded now have to fend for themselves.
Look at all the economic booming going on with regards to gauze, antibiotics, bandages, meds, etc.

But if you are seriously injured, you can play the much fun game of "Dodge the Amerikan Sniper Bullets."
This starts when you realize your injuries are way beyond layman's help and you try and make it somewhere to get at least a bit of medical care.
That's when the "Sniper" game kicks in and you're the main player... oops, i mean target.
If you make it safely to a hospital, there's always the perilous trip back.
And if you do get shot trying to get to a hospital, then it's back to the economic cycle outlined above.
Yes, you'll be part of the last boom you'll ever hear.
Seriously, i think that both Talabani and the neocons current favorite darling, Senator John McCain, should both be told to go out and wander around Baghdad alone, without any guards or troops protecting them for a couple of hours.
Then, report back on what they found.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Greg, this is good - Very good.
So true. The bottled water imported from Kuwait and Iran has boomed...Generators from the same countries is an expanding market. Iraqis rush to buy a generator when they can afford one that is.
Except sometimes there are fuel shortages and the generators collapse.
I am not sure about the flowers business...but undertakers are definitely prospering.
As for medication, a lot of generics produced god knows where, and they simply don't work. Iranian products have floded the market as well as third rate syrian goods.
Medication are emptied of their contents/ no joke. Are expired sometimes and sometimes are just a placebo sold for exorbitant prices.
A disaster...
Anonymous said…
Layla, you forgot the most important event in the Arab summit...Offering peace with Israel. That was the main theme in Riyadh and the media even boasted that for the first time an Israeli was given a visa to enter Saudi Arabia (she was with the press core traveling with UN secretary Pokemon).

The comment about Iraq being occupied was just a diversion for the masses so they would not see the move as traitorous (coordinated with Condolesa no doubt).

Layla Anwar said…
Layth, my bad... I assumed people knew that the Arab summit was about offering peace to Israel.
The arabs offering peace not Israel the belligerent offering peace...I just love arab generosity don't you?
Anonymous said…

I have been working on this for a few days and I hope you enjoy it. This comes from my heart to a very special Arab lady I know as Layla.


Lady Layla

This lady has made my life worth living and my mind grow with visions of reality. Although her writing has grabed my soul, what she says my heart already knows.


The Heart of Layla

Layla, you are always on my mind,
for all the thoughts you leave behind.
And what you say I may sometimes cry,
other times you leave me with joyful eyes.

At times you've left my heart feel the fear,
but you've always made everything so clear.
You made me think of land and past events,
of what white people done with no consent.

You put sun light on the white mans lie,
and you've regrown truth back to our skies.
Without your writing few would know,
of the pain and the sorrow in our soul.

As our years of tears they will go by,
in our hearts our people will never die.
With all the lives these white men took,
the spirit of our people they never shook.

Her heart beats like a drum in the night,
reminding us never to give up the fight.
For in this heart of Layla we know,
the truth of all matters will always glow.


Layla, you are the song in my heart. I love you my sister and don't ever let them put out your light. Are you working on a book yet? I know you can't do anything yet but when this bull shit is all over I think a book of truth is what the world will need and who better then you.

With love your true american brother,

Anonymous said…
Assalaamualaikum Layla,

Through all the tears and heartbreaks, you still have that wonderful sense of humor. I burst out laughing reading this article. Well done.

Sadia (A Muslim Sister)
Anonymous said…
I can only imagine, visualize in my minds eye, the stories you tell Layla. Aided by the pictures and videos I have seenon the internet and the "news"
But I can picture it all and it is absolutely just disgusting.
I can easily see how the conditions would lead you and/or any person from Iraq to loose their temper in a volitile way.

As I have mentioned before, I had several friends who "served" in Vietnam and Korea. They told me of first hand war experiences.
And yes.....war is hell.
Sometimes I wonder if the dead are not better off. Surely in a better place. I say this because I am aware, and have theories as well as proof, that the Iraqi occupation is just the tip of the iceburg. It is only a matter of time before more conflicts break out in other locations of the world.
And USA being one of them.

I did look at that Kirwin web page where he used your manifesto.
In his writing he mentioned the NWO (New World Order). That is what I believe is currently taking place.
Here in USA rumor is rampant about the formation of "The North American Union". A move to make everything from Canada to the southern most point of South America into one place. And as a person who lives in USA you would have to be blind NOT to see it. America is SATURATED with every race from every corner of the globe, the politicians promote the devide and conquer theory among the many different peoples here. They tell you that they are working to stop it, but that is a lie, they promote it.
They have also sent BILLIONS of jobs overseas to cheaper labor. Leaving USA with no good paying jobs. Thus deviding once again, the wealthy and the poor.
There is SO much more to it all than just the occupation of Iraq.
I do seriously believe that as tension escalates we are looking into the eyes of a third world war.

Terribly negative to think about but reality is what it is....

We on this blog can continue to communicate about it though.
At least until we are forced into hiding and remaining in our homes like the people of Iraq are NOW forced to do.

I seriously do not even think USA is going to make until the next presidential "election"......which is only next year!

God bless us ALL.
Anonymous said…
your sarcastic wit is par excellence and cracks me up!

Anonymous said…
Jews are incapable of any but a one-sided discussion. Their concerns are made to occupy every minute of our lives. Would we care about them if they weren't directing our army overseas, and stealing money out of our pockets as fast as their pincers can snap? No. We wouldn't. They'd just be an abnormally small and ugly race of critters, but we wouldn't talk about them much. The problem is not the rest of the world, THE PROBLEM IS THE JEW.
Anonymous said…
what a motley bunch of characters........its not da same without saddam the tubby little tyke though.....his presence will be sorely missed
Anonymous said…
" the Ambassador of the Arab Leg - sorry meant League"........

i don't get this bit
Anonymous said…
i really think yemen need to start putting their weight about.......if they got down to it i think they cud emerge as one of the leading countries in da world
Anonymous said…
"representative from Iran. His mind was sailing in different waters though."

i got this bit though
Anonymous said…
"I am going crazy...Everytime they come, Randa screams for a whole week and you know Wafa'a has not one but two frozen shoulders from the tension...Do you have any Valium or Voltarene? Can't find any..."

i hope u didnt put da phone on her.........the poor woman sounds like she cud with sum help....or sum valium at least
Anonymous said…
"- So what do you think of the Arab summit?
- What Arab summit? Come and see my condition first then talk to me about the Arab summit.
- But Talabani said there is an economic boom?"

i take it u were playing da devils advocate?
Anonymous said…
"Called Sahar.

- They are so lucky Layla.
- Who is ?
- The cats and the dogs in the least they can roam freely and no one shoots at them..." afraid this one has definitely gone a bit loopy
Anonymous said…
"Called Munir.

- Do you have ducks I can borrow?
- Munir what ducks? Are you ok?
- Am serious, I want to rear ducks.
- Munir, you have no water to flush your toilet, let alone rear ducks...
- Who said? I have a beautiful pond right in front of my house and give it a couple of days and it will turn into a lake...
- Ah a pond!
- Yes the sewage has turned into a huge pond, so do you have ducks or not?
- Will "they" allow it?
- I guess you are right, I may get arrested for animal rights abuse..."

what a strange man!!! i can only assume he is an eccentric of sum description
Anonymous said…
i dont really c da point of poetry........its just a load of nonsense if u ask me.....but each to their own
Anonymous said…
i say gregory old chap, dat was a rather biting post, touche
Anonymous said…

Nice wrap up of the summit...thanks.

Talabani representing Iraq? Disgraceful.

Did you Read Izzat Ibrahim Al Duri’s letter to the Arab Summit? It was posted at urknet.

So there was some REAL Iraqi representation at the just came in the form of a letter...

Anwar on the Saudis...

“They do take orders from a woman and are eager to serve, please and satisfy...always. Ask Condi Rice.”


That is bloody hilarious. I’m sorry but that is really good material. That never crossed my mind.
Anonymous said…
LOL...If we keep up this rate of "generosity" there won't be any of us left on the planet.

landsker said…
Chocran, Layla, for your humour.
Amidst all the hulabaloo concerning Iraq and the possible invasion of Iran, little mention of how at the tip of the Arab community a wonderful bridge is being built.
The bridge is better named as a rail tunnel, from Southern Spain to Northern Morocco.
Of course Morocco is also preparing herself, like Turkey, to join the E.U..
The Americans make no comment.

By the way, some gossip:
It is said that the american fleet is poised to help the Israelis in their bombing of Iran.
The ships and men have been ready for several months, but unless they attack within a week or so, their food, fuel and morale will all be depleted.
If they attack, the Iranians will sink their age-old rusted relics, and the price of oil will rise, and the dollar will fall. as will the american government.
If they sail away, then the dollar will fall, as will the american government.

The gossip reckons they will sail away, and return to America, to help overthrow the current regime.
It`s just a rumour, at the moment.

When the tunnel is built, under the straights of Hercules, then one will be able to travel direct, from Fes to Finland, or from Rabat to Russia.
One hopes that by then Iraq will be rid of her invaders.
Salam, Salut,
Layla Anwar said…
Brother SAW,

Many thanks for your poem...I am touched.
Bless you.
Like most of Layla's post, predictable, emotional and lacking analysis, layla suffers from the ignorance saddam forced upon his people as a head of state. We don;t hate you Layla, we'll save our disgust for those who manufactured your subjectivity. here is a movie for you and those Saddam lovers.

it is called SADDA: AMERICA'S BEST ENEMY. it is not the Iranians or or the Syrian's fault that the sunni world has been in the back pocket of Anglosaxon Imperialism.

If it wasn't for Iran playing its REAL & RIGHTFUL role as the defender of all muslim, shie and sunni, there would be no fake gesture by corrupt Sunni Arab leadership and the Jordian race traitor royals to call Iraq's occupation illegal.

If it wasnt for Iran lebanon would have become reoccupied last year, we all know that, now don;t come back and say that hezbollah provoked Israel, because 1- you are lying, we know Israel had a 2-year plan for attacking Lebanon, and 2- you will sound like those Zionists you pretended to dislike. to your commentators: don't be racist, UN chief is not POKEMAN and Jews this and Jews that can only create more hatred. learn to distinguish between those who support Israel and those Jews who don't support it and fight it. otherwise you'll be seen and called an anti semite, maybe you are?
Layla Anwar said…

welcome back with your usual nonsense...
If it was not for Iran, Iraq would still be flourishing with its people, a whole people, undrilled and untortured.
If it was not for your precious Iran, the shia would not be funded to kill their brethren and if it was not for Iran , Basrah and the southern parts of Iraq would still be ARAB and if it was not for Iran, Najaf and Kerbala real estate would not be 90% owned by Iranians and if it was not for Iran, the President of Iraq would not have been lynched in the typical chauvinistic sectarian Iranian way under the benevolent eye of the Iranian ambassador present at the execution.And if it was not for Iran, we would not have a corrupt govt of mullahs and death squads and militias terrorizing the iraqi people...
Your precious Iran is AS criminal as the Great Satan USA you supposedly are fighting.
Enough of your rotten persian chauvinistic hypocrisy and deceit.
It took someone as brave and as full of integrity as Saddam Hussein to keep your barbarity at bay...
Now do me a favor, don't visit my blog anymore. I have had enough of you lot.
Layla Anwar said…
and you dababase you little hypocrite have no lessons to give me in political distinctions!
Now buzz off.
Anonymous said…
I see today that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has released the british military hostages.
As a the UK.

Obviously Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is indeed the yellow punk pussy marshmello that I thought he was.

It is indeed disgraceful to see a man cower and bow down all the while proposing excuses for his infantile actions.
Marking himself as nothing more than another player in this game.
Another player who is in no way different than the others, who can all categorically be labled as liars, thieves, cowards and simply the filth of the earth.

Not fit for the air that they breathe nor the dirt they are to be buried in.
Anonymous said…

It is now obvious by your multiple polluting posts that lack of concentration is playing a part in your disturbance.
Perhaps this is why you remain impotent.
If you try to remain focused on a beautiful female partner then perhaps you could progress in your recovery. But so long as you choose to follow in the footsteps of your beloved "prince" Charles and fantasize about women while having relations with transgender individuals like "Camilla" you are simply spinning your wheels and going nowhere.

For todays session I suggest that you pull yourself (no, not litterally) AWAY from your internet pornography habit and go again for a walk. Try to be brave and know that it is not your society that hates you or labels you because of your ways, it is you who hates yourself for the shame and guilt that you continually pour into you own soul.

Go out for a stroll and simply try to mingle with actual, real flesh and blood women.
Don't be afraid of them.
Just try to initiate conversation and perhaps make a friend.
Do it to celebrate the release of your beloved military heros from Iran.
You owe them, as well as yourself, that much respect.
For you are every bit as much as a hero as they are.

Robin said…
Ahelen Layla,
This just out on video for you and your reader's pleasure
Lawrence Wilkerson in the Tegenlicht documentary ‘The Israel Lobby. Portrait of a Great Taboo: the Power of the Israel Lobby in the United States’ As you most likely recall, Lawrence Wilkerson was an aide to Colin Powell, that shifty character that went before the UN with his little vile selling the war on your country. We ALL (those who have even ONE ounce of sense) know who was behind it.
Blessings to you always dear Layla and ALWAYS know you are heard and taken into our hearts.
Anonymous said…
wow..this post went weird real fast.
dabadoo and Jr; you two clearly have psych issues. Go back to your rubber room!

Dizzy said…
A response to Controlled by Hatred:

Well, it is obvious that you clearly are. The real problem is not any nationality or religion, but the ones in charge. Yes, the government of Israel is very devious and hateful and needs to be changed, and it is sad to say, many of the Jewish population around the world has fallen prey to their psycopathic indoctrination. However, the real problem is not ordinary Jewish, Muslim, or Christian citizens, but their lack of knowledge of what is really happening. Those in charge are ruthless; what is occurring today in Iraq their consciences would just as easily allow them to enact tomorrow on citizens of their own nation. I highly recommend reading Political Ponerology by Andrew Lobaczewski (available from Red Pill Press) to give insight on this matter.
Anonymous said…
Ahmadman, I tend to look at it from a different perspective. Rather than look like a coward and bowing to the thugs from the west, President Ahmedinajad stands tall today. He hasn't treated any of the Brits the way their own leaders have treated Iraqis or the people at Guantanamo. He hasn't demonstrated any of the barbarism we see from either the U.K. or the U.S. I think this is a great plus for the Middle East....

On a slightly different note, and I think you will understand, Layla. On many articles regarding the showing of the Brits on Iranian TV, and the hue and cry from the U.S. and U.K. about this, there are comments (well meaning, I am sure) about the occupiers doing the same thing to Iraqis and also to the people held at Guantanamo. While I do not dispute this, I haven't read ONE article refer to the showing of the legitimate PRESIDENT of Iraq in several very humiliating 'news' items: the President being searched for lice by a barbarian; the President being shown in his underwear. In fact, one could see the glee in that infantile moron in the White House after these pictures were shown. President Saddam Hussein's courage in the final moments were not meant to be shown to the world - that came out quite by accident and was not script written by the occupiers. So what are people complaining about the TV appearance of 15 stupid Brits who should not be there in the first place, neither in Iraq nor in Iran? Knowing their narcisstic character, they are bound to capitalise on this with interviews and books now!!!!
Anonymous said…
piss off tired of watching junk like this
Anonymous said…
u 2 anon.............ure pissing me off
Anonymous said…
FUCK OFF AHMADMAN U PIECE OF SHIT...............i am getting sick n tired off all this stupid tripe
Anonymous said…
dadabase i agree with your sentiments
Anonymous said…
just to reiterate, sum very pertinents points there dadabase
dear layla: i will visit your site and test your limits of freedom. for you to equate Iran with America just shows your lack of perspective and a basic understanding of scale. Iran wants to do the same thing that saddam was not able to do, because saddam was pretending to do it, but iran is actually doing it, and that is called MUSLIM UNITY. I have family in Baghdad, Sunni Family, I dont get my information about saddam from the western media. Even the worse days under khomeini were 100 times better than an average saddam year in power. i feel you layla, your people, the sunni people have no real leaders. show me ONE REAL LEADER, one real leader in the whole of sunni world, except mahatir, and he had to resign and also he is a good friend of Iran, show me one sunni arab leader except asad and mashaal/hanya (hammas) who stand up to the western imperilaism and EFFECTIVELY fight it? and we all know who pays the bills for that right?

im glad Iran is buying that real estate and not israelis, Im glad iran is buying that real estate and not some americans. i am not a fan of khomeini, but the day saddam attacked iran, he made this long speech to iraqi people and warn them that saddam leadership is a catastrophe for everyone. he said, first of all the iraqi people will suffer for decades to come because of this man. then he said that even the west will not be able to capitalize n its agent:saddam, because he is not even a good and reliable dictator/servant of the west, at last, i remember clearly as a kid listening, he said saddam wont even be good to himself and his family.

how does it sound in terms of a prediction?

muslim unity around the GENUINE rejection of colonilaism.

Anonymous said…
Obfuscatory clouds of foul smelling dark liquid are emitted by cephalopods to disgust and disconcert their enemies while they skedaddle backwards toward their hidey-holes. As with octopuses, so with jews. The minute their behavior produces the inevitable response, they squirt great gouts of ink! What can't be hidden from anyone who thinks straight is that the common denominator in "anti-Semitism" is the behavior of the jew.
Anonymous said…

Are you OK? You haven't posted anything in a couple of days and not only do i miss reading your mighty fine prose, your absence has me a bit worried??

greg bacon
Anonymous said…
This may create some backlash but in my experience this statement rings true. I heard it a while back and could relate:

Resentment is like taking poison, hoping the other guy dies.

Wish I could remember where I heard it. Also...the eleventh commandment should be "do not stand idly by"

Anonymous said…
Little Deer,

I can see your point of view.

Ahmedinajad will stand even taller when he begins to accept only Euro as payment for Iranian oil.

This will be his proudest moment as he does indeed stand tall...and defiant against the oil barons of the world.

But indeed it will be sorrowful as well...when the barons retaliate with war and not words in order to fight for the black gold they desparately lust for.

Blood for oil.

No different from what they have done in Iraq.
Anonymous said…

Again you show severe lack of concentration.
As I have told you before, this can only be stopped when you focus and concentrate on being a gentleman and not an obnoxious foul mouthed deviant like the "royal" family who represent you.
Again as I have said, you must stop letting the immoral and deviant ways of your monarchy affect you.
IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT that Charles chooses to be with a transgender individual. Nor is Elizebeths lesbianism of importance to your life.
As I have told you before, if you stop your concern with their private lives you may regain control of your little wille and shed yourself of your impotency problem.
Feeding your internet pornography habit IS NOT goin to help you.

And I do not have intent to "piss you off".

I am your friend, and I care enough to help you through your illness.
Unlike your "royal" family or your mother whom you live with.
Yes. Your mother cares about you, but she is not helping with your sickness. Only adding to it I am afraid.

Now, just sit back and breath deeply.
Take a nap.
And we will continue your therapy again next time so long as you continue to show signs of sickness.
Our goal is for you to someday be well.

And someday, with my help, you will be!

Ta deary.
Anonymous said…
greg bacon u pillock who do u think is moderating the comments
Anonymous said…
anon ure a fag.........n i have nothing to do with fags...sorry
Anonymous said…
controlled by hatred u freak what the hell r u babbling on about????.........sum real tossers on this msg board lately
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer, hello...
You said : "He hasn't treated any of the Brits the way their own leaders have treated Iraqis or the people at Guantanamo"

In comparison to the Iranian treatment of Iraqis ? Or in comparison to the Anglo American treatment of Iraqis ?

I think that is a fair question to ask...And please let us not lose perspective here.
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous you said:

"Resentment is like taking poison, hoping the other guy dies."

I invite you to trade places and let me see you turn the other cheek...
Layla Anwar said…

Just because you babble does not forcibly mean that I read...I will keep posting your comments until I test the limits of your idiotic propaganda...
Layla Anwar said…

Ahmadinajad standing tall on the dead bodies of Iraqis...Yes too true.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Greg, thanks for asking.
My computer crashed thanks to wonderful people called hackers and virus senders...
I have been using a friend's computer and that too crashed...
So am using another friend's computer and if need be I will crawl on four to get a to keyboard.
Beware hackers are in our midst.
Anonymous said…
Again you use multiple posts and make reference to homosexuality.
I can see now that transgender relations are the only kind you are interested in.
You refer to me as "fag" because again it is the subliminal shame you harbor inside yourself for being homosexual.
Since we have now established that you are indeed homosexual, I will know better how to continue your therapy.
Please continue to post here because I can sense that it is your way of reaching out for help.
And I promise.
EVERY TIME you post, I will be here to help you and reply accordingly.

For now just rest your mind.

I will be watching you.
richard said…
The truth is hard medicine.Lately a woman told me she hears of preachers teaching hate. I wonder if this is the hate that makes people think freedon fighters are battling terrorist in Iraq.
I talk about Islam and other religions in my soon to be published book,

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