Death in the Ghetto...

My friend's mother Nadia, passed away in the "sooneee" Ghetto. A dark, sad story.
Auntie was not feeling well. She had some breathing problems. They kept saying allergies due to pollution.

They lived in an encircled neighborhood. I will refrain from naming it from fear of retribution for Nadia and her family.

No one can leave this neighborhood or enter it without any authorization from either the "iraqi guards" or the americans. Both iraqi guards and the americans represent the occupation forces. The dual American/Iranian occupation of Baghdad.

This neighborhood has been neglected for over 2 years.
The persians in charge of the ministry of works and construction, water and electricty as well as the municipality refuse to unblock any funds for the reconstruction and the collecting of garbage in the sunni areas. The worst hit areas are Al Adhamiya,Al Amel, Haifa,and al Ameriya...

These neighborhoods are part of a deliberate policy where water and electricity do not reach, where piles of garbage have become mountains, where basic necessities are not found...
Where trying to get to a hospital is impossible, where doctors refuse to pay a visit...

The criminals in charge of this Ministry of Works and Construction and the Treasury report to none other than the iranian Jawad Solaghr. Remember that son of a bitch?
He was minister of the Interior. Remember that Ministry that had offices as Persian torture chambers? And still does...(will say more later when I get to the passport stories). Same guy!

I had mentioned in one of my previous posts that these neighborhoods are littered with putrefied cadavers. I also said that kids stumble upon them when playing...and that no one is allowed to bury them.
Anyone approaching these corpses would be shot at by snipers. We are talking about human bodies here...Do remember will you?
These bodies are to remain lying in the streets as a reminder to anyone who dares fight the DUAL American/Iranian occupation.

Actually it is more than a dual occupation but let us limit ourselves to this one for the time being - the other two, the great (hahaha) british and the israeli zionist in the North through the poor oppressed kurds (another hahaha).

In this Sunni neighborhood, the garbage was getting too much. Mountains of it.
The garbage dump contained human corpses too and the skeletons of a few stray dogs...

The inhabitants decided to take matters in hand, the stench was unbearable...
According to Nadia, they used something, a "gaz" to vaporise this mountain of "rubbish" then set it on fire...

Nadia's mum lived very close to this natural cremator.
There was no way of leaving, not only was she unable to walk out, there were also rumors that the neighborhood was targeted by mortars...she stayed put. Besides who can make it beyond the american check points and the militias? Besides she did not have an authorization to leave the area...

They burned the whole thing...A couple of hours later, Nadia's mom face turned blue and she left...

Some of her children could not come and say goodbye, they lived in a "predominantly shia" area.
Too dangerous. Checkpoints would ask them where they are heading and their true sunni identity would be revealed...
Some of her other children are stranded in nearby countries because their names are too sunni...They too were unable to hug their mom and say a final goodbye.

Nadia is in pieces...
She was even more devastated when the men of the family (what is left of them that is) courageously decided to bury her mum. The funeral and getting to the graveyard is as dangerous as leaving the neighborhood. Many people don't make it back. Nadia managed a faint smile when they returned safely from burying the dead.

She cries and cries...
And those around her keep telling her stop crying, your mother "r'tahat".
"Raha" means rest, "yertah" means to rest, "r'tahat" means she finally got some rest...

They would repeat that sentence with a glint of envy in their eyes...and Nadia cries some more. She says: " Death is our destiny, I do not dispute the fact that she is the way she died that hurts most..."

On Palestinian Pundit, there is a picture of the people of Adhamiya saying "we refuse to become like the Palestinians" (with reference to the new built wall - the brilliant zionist idea of the triple agent (israeli, iranian and american) Chalabi.
Chalabi in charge of the de-baathification process....
De-baathification means the torturing, slaughtering and ghettoization of sunnis.
Just another facet of the american - iranian ZIONIST occupation.

The wall is nothing but a natural logical conclusion of that process...
The people of Adhamiya are known for their resistance...
But they refuse to realize that they are indeed the new Palestinians.
And I would go a little further and say that they are also the "new" Jews of the 21st century.

The Iraqis and the Palestinians of the Diaspora, the Iraqis inside occupied Iraq and the Palestinians inside occupied Palestine - A people behind walls... are the new Jews of the 21st century.
I leave it to your good guess who the "new" nazis and fascists are...

How many more occupations and ghettos would it take for your brave "left" to realize this fact?
The fact of triple occupations - The Israeli, American, and Iranian.
Or am I talking to a fucking brick wall here?

And I, who thought heard you say that holocaust revisionism is anti-semitic and that anti- semitism is a crime!?
Seems you have not desisted from your zionist aryan ways.

As for us, we will keep having more deaths in the ghettos, to the envy of those left behind...

And all of that, behind Your Walls.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Dr.A.Al Bashir.


Anonymous said…
these triple agents n quadruple occupations r doing my head in
Anonymous said…
who is Jawad Solaghr?? nothing on google..
Anonymous said…
My heart aches for Nadia. Her poor mother...there's no words, Layla. May her soul rest in eternal peace and my deepest sympathy to Nadia, who already has enough to deal with.

Those who are constructing walls in Baghdad now are prisoners of their own despicable evil. How much further down will man stoop?
G.Gar said…

There is absolutely no way whatsoever Iraq would be a new Palestine. It has become clear that Americans are leaving. But the question is what is next?

The heroic resistance of Iraqis is reshaping the middle east and i wouldn't be exaggerating if I say the entire internaional system!

the men of Iraq are taking Americans, Zionists, Iranians and traitors and winning...........(the survival and continuity of Iraq is a universal law)

Do the Texas buffalo boys want to divide Iraq? that would mean an Iran client state in the south.

Iranians are pro israel and pro western their government is pro-Israel but i think Israel is against their Nuclear programme because that would give an excuse to Egypt and some other Arab countries to reactivate their frozen projects

What about Arab leaders? do they care about Iraqis? of course not. However, they are aware of the dangers a persiansed (Islamised for the masses who would only learn about the Iranian evil when it is too late) Iraq would mean.

If the Americans withdraw without any arrangements, that would be the greatest Arab victory in 1000 years and would definetly boost the sooooni Islam they are fighting!

The key word is Iraqis and Iraqis, keep up the good work teach the ugly zionists and yanks the lesson of their lifetime and don't let anyone divide you. What about the Arab Iraqi shiites ? (i mean the enlightened ones heeee) and their cleriks El-Moaieyed and Fadil Allah.

As for Nadiya's Mother she is a mother to all Arabs like all our mothers in Iraq. May god bless her soul

Very sad :(

Re Holocaust Revisionism I don't believe the Jews re their "Holocaust"

They lie about everything else so...

If that makes me "anti-semitic."

So be it
Echo said…
The close-minded, archaic ideology of a few has led to the exquisite pain and unspeakable anguish of masses, and will, one way or another, lead to an explosion of a new, tolerant ideology.

An ideological boom that will shake every soul down to its core, and make it question the most fundamental aspects of its beliefs. And it will inevitably lead an age of maturity much much more befitting to our station as human beings. And that minority of dogs that are holding the masses back with their ever-thinning duct-tape will be completely forgotten.

This is not because it would be a nice event to have. But because its a necessity in this suddenly acceleratively progressive world. A firm foundation is needed for this worlds already machinating progress, and one way or another, that firm foundation will be set.

My hearts with you, Layla :)
Sorry that all I can do is write. maybe one day, that'll change.

Layla Anwar said…
Salam Amre,

Sure there are patriotic Iraqi-Arab shias...and who are anti occupation.
I have deliberately refused the word shia..except in one instance...referring to a "predominantly shia" area - re using a term that has become very vogue in mainstream media.
Your analysis of Iran and Israel is spot on as usual. It is the nuclear prog that bothers them not the fact that they are occupying Iraq.
The paralysis and impotence of the Arab leaders is so glaring, I don't even bother to mention it but only in comical form because they are a bunch of paid out clowns...
You are correct in your assessment when you say that the resistance has reshaped the ME or at least has put serious brakes into the american zionist persian plan...
I pray that they will last in the face of so much evil...
Layla Anwar said…

The holocaust I was making reference to was the Iraqi holocaust, and the revisionism I mentioned was the revisionism concerning the Iraqi genocide and the anti semitism - arabs are semites so are Iraqis...
Anonymous said…
Powerful words.

"The close-minded, archaic ideology of a few has led to the exquisite pain and unspeakable anguish of masses, and will, one way or another, lead to an explosion of a new, tolerant ideology."

Bravo. My sentiments exactly.

"the Iraqi holocaust"

My god.
I never really thought of it that way.
Very ugly.
The crimes man will commit against himself and others like and unlike him.

Powerful points made here.

Good post.

Sorry my mistake
Anonymous said…
Whatever the mainstream media tell us about Iran Israel US, I have believed they are same, our history tells us more about Iranians and their behaviours.

One thing need to be addressed here, from where Iranians got their nuclear equipments? We all know that Iraq was under 13 years of sanction and all those black market company whom accuse selling nuclear devices to Iraq before 1991 under severance , after 2003 some of them if not all of them got charged for exporting and selling nuclear devices to Saddam, and they got charged one two of them in Germany.
So back to my wonder any one have any idea from where Iranians got those devises?

I believe its just fake and its scenario set to milking those stupid damming Sheikhs in the gulf those they done know whatsoever what’s going on they just searching and running after women and hunting and Red knights in US, London or Israel as Qatari Sheikhs family was spending holiday in Israel when Israel launch war against Lebanon.

Did you remember that “Iraqi Nuclear scientist " (العبقري الإيراني الخبيث والكريه") “Hussein al-Shahristani “ who surprisingly become an Iraq Petrol specialist and strategist, he worked with Iranian nuclear facilities for two years after he flee Iraqi prison with help of Mossad “He claimed that a Palestinian guy helped his to flee from prison, and you know Pakistan and their Mossad penetration with them” so Hussein al-Shahristani from 1991 till 2003 each time jumped on BBC and US media saying Iraq close to produce Nuclear bomb with Using 5MW Russian nuclear reactors if he really had very little knowledge of nuclear physics this obsolete reactor with this capacity needs 100s of years to get some thing to make, but his hatred to Iraq and Iraqi and hid slavery to foreigners he keep like Parrot with his lies, surprisingly he never did say any word about Iran capability he worked with them two years, or even US did asked him of he did not jumped to BBC and other western media to tell the world what Iran about.

So my final word with this Iran Nuclear dream, is to scare those funny sheikhs and make them “pee on themselves” to spend billions of dollars to justifying their lies and their wasting the nation money, we all know Saudis contract 71Billion in Al-Yamama project, waste of money, also that 21 billion Electronic fence with Iraq, also many arms deals with Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, also, that’s not enough now they like to sale them nuclear reactor for peaceful use what a joke did they have those smart guys to deal with this technology? What about the waist from it?

Imagine Jordan looking for Nuclear project, we all know Jordan that poor (just go out Amman and see the poverty all round Jordan cities) that Abdullah jerk looking for Nuclear Reactor….

So pleas give me a break it’s all about petrol dollar hunting from those ugly sheiks and princes those Bas…..
Layla Anwar said…

Echoes is a good writer.
Thanks and am glad you can now see that an iraqi holocaust has in fact been taking place since 1991 - the years of the sanctions for 13 years, preceded by Desert Storm Gulf War 1, culminating with Operation Freedom aka Gulf War II and ending up with a 5 year occupation.
During Gulf WarI, around 100'000 iraqis died, during the sanction years,another 1 million, and since operation freedom, 1 million died- god only knows how many are injured and did not survive, around 1 million orphans, around one million widowsm, 4 million in exile both internally and externally displaced and now those remaining are in ghettos.
Please also remember that during the Iran -Iraq war, Iraq also lost 1 million.
I leave it to you to add up.
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous 2

I was actually thinking this morning about the Iran nuclear issue.
Surely Iran will not be targeting the US as a continent with it.
Highly unlikely that it will target Israel with it due to geographical proximity - that will mean its own death too. Moreover Iran and Israel and contrary to current held beliefs are NOT staunch enemies. Forget the bravado and the lip service.
You are absolutely RIGH, the nuke prog is to MILK the house of Saud and the other puppets to the bone... Bring about their total bankruptcy and suck their oil.
Through endless armaments deal.
It is interesting to monitor how the world will react to Jordan and Egypt wanting some nuclear prog for generating energy...
The other points you made about the Iraqi nuclear scientist - which had totally elapsed me are very poignant.
Great Comment!!! Thank you.
G.Gar said…
On the Irani nuclear project, it also might be about the Iranian government attempts to consolidate their position in Iran where the pro-Israel population are growing steadily weary of the Satanic mullahs regime.

As for saudi sheiks and likes. I dont think they need to be milked, they are milking on themselves everyday:)

Jordan lacks the necessary infrastructure.

Egypt needs a nuclear to break away from American pressure and to counter the Israeli bulliness in the region. The only probem regarding Egypt is POLITCAL WILL.

whether the prospected nuclear project in Egypt is real or just some power station, depends on who has got the power in Egypt. And tha happens to be a big mystery that is extremely difficult to resolve and a redline Egyptians are not allowed to talk about
Anonymous said…
where the pro-Israel population are growing steadily weary of the Satanic mullahs regime.

I disagree?
Did you remember "الدجال" Khomeini? Did you remember those MILLIONS of Iranians welcomed him? Did you remember Western media how painted him at that time and how Shah Iran was airlifted from Iran by US Embassy from Tehran “as Rambo Mission”?

Then did you hear about Iran contra? Did you know some weapons delivered to Iran during 1981 war were direct come from Israel?

Another one, Shah Iran in his late years “I think in late 60s” starts to clean Iranian Language from Arab verses and words!! But then some how that project stopped, when Khomeini daja’al came with other Mullah they done that very well.

And now who is killing Iraqis? Who is killing military commanders, who killing Iraqi military pilotes? Who is killing the Iraqi scientists? Simple on Israel+ Iran.

Egypt needs a nuclear to break away from American pressure and to counter the Israeli bulliness in the region.

With due respect is this a joke?

Husseini will be throwing out with a week if US aid stopped today, do you know that?
Another thing, most of the high value and fertilised land especially in Aleksandra strips are owned by US/US companies and Egyptians are working like Blake slavery to produce in those farms, ask some Egyptians and you will know more.

US/ Israel have more to worry about Egypt that Egypt poppet mane sitting on the power for life time as he said and preparing his son afterward with NO DOMOCRACY set and conditioned each time USAID should be given to any country.

Please hear this Iraqi brave woman telling here daily life in Iraq.

Naba Saleem Hamid is a professor of biology at the University of Baghdad. Educated in Iraq and in England, Dr Hamid sees herself as a non-political person who refused to join the Baath Party during the Saddam Hussein regime. On a visit to California, she describes the conditions in Iraq before the war and how life has charged in her country since the US invasion of 2003. Producers: John Odam & Andy Trimlett
Anonymous said…
"Foreign companies shouldn't sign any contract that isn't through the federal government and the Oil Ministry," Hussain al-Shahristani said in a statement. "Any contract that is signed without the knowledge of the federal government is illegal."

Look who is talking about the law and legality of a state of poppots,Mullahs, killers thugs and looters

The speaker of Kurdistan's parliament, Adnan al-Mufti, said oil deals already signed by the Kurdish administration are legal under the Iraqi constitution
Anonymous said…
واأسفاه على وطن يرمونه حجرا ويرمي لهم رطبا

في المزاد وقفت أرى عجبا...

يبيعون كل شئ الدين والحطبا....

ولم استغرب بضاعتهم فهم اشياؤهم ندبا...

حتى جاء صائحهم يحمل لنا طلبا...

من يشتري وطنا ؟......أنهكته دماء بنيه فصار محطما خربا؟

قلت من؟ .... قالوا العراق ... فأجهش صاحبي ومادت اوداجه غضبا..

فقلت: بكم تبيعونه ؟ قالوا ... بنخلة تحمل لنا رطبا..

قلت ....! ألم يكن به نخل وماؤه جاوز الحجبا...

ألم يكن فيه الرافدان خيرهما جاوز الركبا ؟

قالوا بلى ..... لكن فيه اناس اظلّمت بصيرتهم

فخانوا عهده ...فأهلكوا ...فلم يبق منهم
غير السيف والتربا

ذبحوا حتى الامام به وبغوا فداسوا ضمائرهم وصيروا أمرهم عجبا

قلت به أحفاد الرشيد؟ قالوا...بلى

قلت به بعض من صلاح الدين؟

قلت جدهم كان الامام على؟ قالوا بلى

قلت لديهم أئمة اهل البيت؟ ومقام أبراهيم.....!

وقبر سلمان وصحبه النجبا؟ قالوا بلى

قلت أبلى الله سريرتهم ... واوقدهم نارا صاروا لها حطبا

يا شمس... من علَّم اهلي بالبصرة الحقد واللعبا؟؟

يابدر ابكي لنائحتي... فانا عراقي أستحي من فعل مغتصبي

يبكي العراق على أخياره.... زمنا مغصوب يبكي من غصبا

السياب يطوي صحائفه ويلعن كل تأريخ أمته.. ويلغي كل ما كتبا

اليوم قد اعلن التتار عودته... وصار لزاما علينا أن نرتدي حجبا

لا صيَّر الله ارضا تقطع أثدائها.. وتسقي أبنائها السم مضطربا

فوا أسفاه على وطني... يرمونه حجرا... ويرمي لهم

فوا أسفا على عراق يذبح بسيف بنيه

وفي صدره جرح بات ملتهبا

الدكتور محمد الداوود
Anonymous said…
I wish I could read the above comment :(
Anonymous said…
فضيحة مخابراتية للبريطانيين يتناقلها ابناء البصرة وتحذير من اشتعال البصرة !!

" يتداول اهل البصرة ومنذ يوم امس خبرا يقول ان نائبا من حزب اسلامي ، ومسؤول اداري في المحافظة من حزب اخر ، تربطهما صلة قرابة قوية ولكنهما ينتميان الى تنظيمين معاد كل واحد منهما للاخر .
اجتمعا في دار قريب لهما وهو من رؤوس القوم في عشيرتهما ، وكان البرود بينها في الجلسة واضحا للحضور ، فسعى كبير القوم ، ان يصلح بينهما فانجر الحديث بينهما الى كشف كل واحد عما في نفسه وما يعلمه من مخططات كل طرف ضد الطرف الاخر ، وكانت المفاجأة الكبرى عندما قال النائب : " هناك معلومات موثقة لدي بانكم تريدون قتلي !! "
فرد الاخر عليه وبدهشة : " انتم تخططون ضدنا وتريدون قتلنا ..!! وقتلي انا تحديدا ومعلوماتنا بهذا الصدد موثقة " !!
فاندهش كبير العشيرة من هذا الحديث والاتهام وقال لهما " ما معقوله انت تقول انك تريد قتلي وانت الاخر تقول هو الذي يريد قتلي !! فما هو الدليل "؟!
فرد احدهم قائلا : "ان القوات البريطانية اوصلت الينا تحذيرا بانني ساتعرض للاغتيال وانهم وجدوا اسمي على قائمة كانت بحوزة احد اعضاء حزب ابن عمي هذا "!!
فما ان سمع الاخر سند الاتهام حتى قال له : " انا لاادري كم هو كلامك صحيح ، ولكن الصحيح هو ان قيادتنا استلمت تقريرا سريا من القوات البريطانية تؤكد بان اسمي على قائمة مرشحة للاغتيال عثر عليها بحوزة احد المعتقلين لديها "!!
وهنا كانت دهشة الجميع من كان حاضرا هذه المشادة ومن ثم المصارحة ، وتساءلوا، هل يعقل ان يكون كل واحد من هذين القريبين مخدوعا بتقارير مزورة ..؟!!
هنا صاح " كبير العشيرة " : " ياجماعة والله انتم مساكين وهذه المعلومات مادام مصدرها واحدا فانها دليل على ان جهة واحدة تريد الفتنة بين الاخوة والاهل وبين ابناء المذهب الواحد وبين ابناء المدينة الواحدة وبين ابناء الوطن الواحد "!!"
Anonymous said…
Today, 28th April, is the 70th birthday of the only leader, President Saddam Hussein, who has always told the truth but who was a victim, together with his nation, of despicable lies and greed originating from the U.K.,the U.S. and Australia, all three responsible for the ultimate crime, his murder. The mendacity of the leaders of these nations will go down in history books and will not prevent monuments and memorials going up in his name in the future. It is only a matter of time when the world and his own people (those who betrayed him) will realise the terrible wrong that has been done.

Rest in peace, dear President Saddam Hussein. You will live long in our hearts and our memories. You showed the world the true meaning of nationalism by paying the ultimate price with your life. May the perpetrators of this unforgivable crime be brought to justice.
G.Gar said…
Anonymous thanx for the youtube link, i will try to circulate it as much as possible.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

Great of you to remember and thanks for reminding us, me...
May he rest in Eternal Peace, he is a true Hero. And his memory shall live on however much some hate it !
G.Gar said…
Sadam Hussien was a man of principal dedicated to the progress and development of Iraq.

He is indeed the pride of Arabs! Unfortunately Arabs like to lose. So, it will take them ages to realise the value of such a man.

The way he died and the way he lived from 1958 to 2006 dedicated to Arabism and the lost pride of his nation confirm my opinion
Anonymous said…
im sorry but sadam was a big fat chauvinistic pig who ate one too many pork pies and killed one too many pple
Anonymous said…
little deer your obsequiousness get more sickening by the day u sycophantic cretin
Anonymous said…
The "Saddam is Evil" meme is one aspect of this war that can never be questioned, according to jr. and his warmongering ilk. It is obvious by the vitriol any positive mention of Saddam invokes, that this is what holds the whole rational for war together. Strip them of it and they will stand naked for the world to see that the emperor has no clothes.
Anonymous said…
Your brain, Jr., needs some spring cleaning. Why does President Saddam Hussein bother you so? As far as I know, EVERY Iraqi is wishing for the days when they lived in PEACE AND HARMONY under his rule. As for all fairy tales about him being a 'dictator', 'evil', etc., etc., all of which has been mouthed by the stupid Brit and American leaders (to suit their own wicked goals), it is President Saddam who kept HIS country together. Those dissidents who had to leave were the ones who were the slave boys of the west. I don't think there is one Iraqi who would swear that his/her life was bad if he/she did not get involved in the politics of Iraq. And would you say that those two spawns of the devil who head the above countries are not EVIL???????? There is no comparison, but I guess what you have between your ears cannot take that.

Sorry mate, I refuse to accept something just because Britain and America say so. That, in case you don't know, is an independent mind. what would you say about your moron, Blair???????
Anonymous said…
diana grow up........i am not of the warmongering ilk u idiotic slag
Anonymous said…
saddam had some of his own people killed.........FACT

no matter how u try to justify it, that act makes him a big fat moron in my book......n rest assured, no tears shall be shed in my household for this dispicable man

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