Just a little "Gossip" ...

This week was full of little pieces of "gossip". I like to call it "oral narrative historiography" not gossip.
But call it what you will...
Rumors, gossip, grapevine news, off the wires...does not matter...it's juicy and fits perfectly well into the overall picture...

The American ambassador, Khalilzad visited "Kurdistan" today. He was joyfully watching some kurdish folk dance and the american flag was waving next to the kurdish one in a tranquil pastoral scenery.
Everyone looked very happy and content. Mission accomplished.

I wonder why I have not read anyone from the "left" accusing Barazani or Talabani of being CIA agents propped by the American government? Ah, I remember they were oppressed...
Well,thought I would mention it "en passant"...just a detail, really.

Talking about the kurds again. My relative Mona came by for a cup of tea.
Mona is half kurdish, half arab. We talked about various subjects.
One of them, Kamel and Omar...and the discussion drifted to the first day of the invasion.
Mona revealed something to me she had not mentioned to me in past discussions. Namely, during the first week of the invasion, in the Hay al Dhubat, where she was visiting a friend, she saw with her own two eyes, 3 tanks. 2 kuwaitis and 1 american followed by a couple of humvees and around 30 iraqis brought in buses from Madinat Al Thawra (now known as the illuminated Sadr City).
She stopped and watched what they were doing.

A new multi speciality clinic had just opened next to her friend's house.
The guys from Sadr city protected by the Kuwaitis and the Americans went on a looting spree, stealing dental and surgical equipment which they have no use for, lab ustensils, ophthalmological machines and the like...
They then proceeded to smash them to pieces, tearing whatever they could tear apart...
Mona was surprised to see Kuwaitis there. Only today she learned that 48% of the Kuwaiti population is Shia too and very pro-Iran.

Still on Kuwait, another piece of gossip.
Fifi Abdo, the famous Egyptian belly dancer said in an interview the following:

" Listen darling, I am no politician. I was born a belly dancer and will die as a belly dancer...but I tell you one thing for Truth's sake, one highly prominent member of the Sheikh al Sabah family told me personally...of course darling I cannot reveal his exact name...but he said to me: We pay money for every Iraqi killed..."

I choose to believe Fifi Abdo the belly dancer over Bush and his stooges in the Gulf and in Kuwait. Mind you, this piece did not surprise me at all.
One saudi "diplomat" told me a few months before the 2003 invasion "we, saudis will not have peace until we see one dead in every single Iraqi family and the first dead one will have to be Saddam and his own..."

Back to Mona, she then gives me another story and she swears she saw it with her own eyes.
She saw again a couple of american tanks and a bunch of Iraqis from "illuminated" Sadr city.
This latter were trying to break into Baghdad Technology University.
The gates were locked with thick metal chains. The americans facilitated the job...They just rolled with their tanks into the gates, smashing them down...
Our brave iraqis then went onto another destruction rampage, looting the university, smashing all the furniture and computers, burning the books...

-What do you think is the reason behind all of this Mona?
-It is clear, they wanted to destroy Iraq and all the educated classes and take us back to the dark ages...That is also why they killed so many academics. You know I did not fear the Americans...my biggest fear during the first week of the invasion was Iran..I knew Iran was involved in all of this...and I am sure the Mossad was too.
- of course the Mossad was and is still involved. It is common knowledge in Baghdad.

Then our discussion moved to the Kurds.

-He did oppress kurds though...
-Who built Sulaymania University and the whole academic curriculum was in kurdish?
-Hmm... the previous regime, Saddam did
-Who forced secondary school students in Baghdad to learn kurdish as a second language?
- Well, yes, true...the previous regime.
- Was there forced arabization ?
- No of course not...a lot of my kurdish relatives cannot speak arabic.
- Where are the alleged mass graves of Al Anfal?
- Hmm, they are there...
- Where there? Who saw them?
- Well, they said they were there...but I also heard recently Iran used chemicals too.
It's a little too late now...Why did they not tell us this before? (referring to Halabja)
- Who else gave autonomy rule to the kurds apart from Iraq? Iran? Turkey? Syria?
- No, no other country did...

I further confronted her with M.Barazani and Talabani's peshemergas being trained by the Mossad, Iran and the CIA. She could not refute it. Since it is not only common
knowledge but Massood Barazani himself never denied it and confirmed his secret agreements with the CIA back in the 70's.

- So why don't you call them CIA and Mossad agents as well?
She still could not answer me ... Oh well, just another detail.

At that point, Mona finished her tea quickly and left...I don't think I will be seeing Mona again. Not for quite some time at least.

An eventful week indeed. Uncle Zayd came by.
Now Uncle Zayd is well over 70 years old and he is known to be a walking encyclopedia.
He knows everything that needs to be known about "who is who" in Baghdad.
He can give you in an instant the full personal resume of X, tracing X's lineage from his ancestry till this very day.
Uncle Zayd is a very learned man and I usually listen to him intently when he talks...
Except he has this annoying habit of speaking in such a low voice, one has to practically sit in his lap to hear him...apart from this detail...when Uncle Zayd talks, I am full ears.

More tea was served and I don't know how but the discussion took a sudden bifurcation and landed on Muqtada al Sadr, Chubby checkers and his drill boys.
I remember now, it was Kamel's dissapearance that pushed the conversation in that direction...

Now the exciting bits. I nearly fell off my chair when I heard this.
Chubby checkers was never a mullah and had hardly studied theology.
Now Uncle Zayd is an old man and he has been around...and this is what he had to say.

" Muqtada's father was killed by the Iranians...They had this long conflict in the Hawza's amongst themselves. The Iranian wing of the Hawza (theological authority) wanted Qum to become the point of all ultimate reference (Marja'iah) whilst Muqtada's father and his branch believed that Najaf should remain the ultimate Marja'iah - Basically a clerical conflict...When Muqtada's father was killed...Muqtada had nothing to do with religion per se...He used to be a football addict, a street boy, a bully and a thug, hated reading or studying and was considered a spoiled brat by everyone...
When he became orphaned, Saddam took pity on him and spoiled him even more with gifts...Now he has become a mullah...How? Only Allah knows...I have studied law all my life and I still do not consider myself a judge..."

Aha! That explains Chubby Checkers hatred for football... Relieving his guilty conscience for all the days he wasted in the streets banging that ball instead of studying...and that also explains the nature of his disciples, the drills boys...
And to think that he is considered the great anti-imperialist, anti-occupation force in today's Iraq is beyond comical...
Incidentally, the number of tortured, drilled bodies has shot up from 7-15 bodies a day dumped in various parts of the city to 30-40 a day...
Seems Chubby and his drill boys have made a comeback after some intensive training in both Iran and Kurdistan...Oh well, yet another detail.

Now for another piece...

Ammar al Hakim, the golden child. Son of Al Hakim, the daddy of the Badr Brigades of the Ministry of Interior, the leader of Iraq's Islamic revolutionary Council, referred to as "your eminence" by Bush. The one who came from Teheran after 25 years of "exile" and is now considered a leading role player in the "new Iraqi democracy".

Remember him? Oh Good.
Well, Ammar is his son. The one who was a bit roughed by the americans upon his return from Iran. Yeah that's him.
Seems that Ammar al Hakim has turned Basrah into his own personal market playground.
He trades the oil with whomsoever he wants, selling it, giving it away, making contracts...and of course collecting the cash with absolutely no accountability...

And one more ...

It seems that satellite pictures of Basrah after the invasion showed a pipeline that was non existent in pre-invasion satellite pictures of that same area.
So the story goes, a special pipeline has been constructed since the invasion to pump oil for free...in order to pay the costs of "operation freedom", i.e to cover the costs of our liberation.

So Iraqis are paying with their own blood and oil for their "liberating" death.
How about that for a new juicy piece of gossip for the coming week?

Do keep me informed if you hear more like the ones above and you are very welcome to drop by for a cup of tea as well...
And do check Fifi Abdo, the belly dancer...she is a mighty good dancer too.
Or maybe check with Al-Sabah family, they may be able to give you more details on her undulations...and on the american-iranian-israeli agenda for the region.
And if that fails, you can always contact the Saudi diplomat, he must be gleeing with satisfaction by now.
A bientot.

P.S: I just remembered something else that completely slipped my mind.
Mona was talking about one of her best friends, a communist. She said:
"I have seen a lot in my life, but a communist supporting the american invasion and occupation, this I have never seen."
It is true, a few communists, actually more than a few, did vote for Allawi during the first round of our "free" elections. Oh well, yet another detail.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Shakir Al-Alousi.


Layla Anwar said…
This is a comment I received from a very civilized "girl" called Veronica.
Basically a crass combo of zionism and americanism. Good for a bash though.
I immensely enjoyed bashing her on a previous entry. So please feel free to do the same.
I will keep her for laughs till I am done with her...

"Look, whatever you think of me, Iraq is not yours, you and all your Ba'athists friends are rotting in hell with Saddam, keep dreaming you'll have Iraq back, you will now have to kiss Shia ass, Kurdish ass, and you know something ? I am happy for that, everytime I read how upset you are on these blogs, it makes me and a lot more people happy.
Now, I have started my blog, and because I would like to have comedy in my text, I am going to start quoting you and your little dog Barbie too. I hope this is ok with you, if not, you can rot with Saddam anyway heh.
For every strange idiot like you, there are a billion common sense blogs out there. It doesn't matter if you publish what I say or not, the important thing is, you read it, too late !.
But please, keep responding to my posts, and I'll be happy to embarrass you again and again. It's not that hard to do, really ! hehehe"
Iraqi Mojo said…
woof woof.
Anonymous said…
Clearly this person is an idiot. She cannot take Iraqi dignity, never! Not in a million years of occupation could you steal Iraqi dignity. It is a God damn shame that people cannot see truth, and cannot recognise facts. I won’t even bother to think of who this idiot is or where it comes from.

The Americans were expelled from Vietnam and they will be expelled from Iraq, plain and simple. It WILL end and the true Iraqi people will end it...it may take another four years, five, six, ten or more but it will end in American humiliation.

P.S. Layla, did you get a look at that document I sent you? Or is that simply common knowledge?
Anonymous said…
The original name for the Iraq war plan was:

It had to be changed 3-5 days later because they noticed the acronym of the 3 words was OIL.
Anonymous said…
Veronica, please, be a good little golden heifer and do me, Layla, Barbie, and the little more that is left of our Homo Sapiens Sapiens endangered species, a big big favor:

Anonymous said…
Salam Layla,

You know why the Kuwaitis have this "burning" hatred? It is because they are cowards, and the only way for cowards to deal with their shame is to murder everyone who ever witnessed their crime or saw their impotence (like the scum US marines who had to murder the family of Abeer Janabi and set her alight to hide the shame of what they did).

Kuwait was the main reason behind the embargo/seige and subsequent invasion which murdered nearly 3 million Iraqis (and still counting). The Kuwaitis know that this slaughter was a direct result of their lies/deception in instigating economic hostilities against Iraq at the end of the Iran-Iraq at the request of their puppet master the US.

This is the same type of genocidal hatred the european scum settlers feel towards the native Americans (or what is left of them) and the same hatred the scum zionsists feel towards the Palestinans.

The hatred of criminal cowards towards their victims.

LostHere said…
Gossip, rumors... here often are called news; but I have a question for you
Did you personally seen any kuwaiti tanks in Iraq in the beginning of the invasion?. I know they call it "coalition of the willing", and I am sure Kuwait was more than wiling, but the story just sounds far fetched.

Repression, like beauty, it seems to be more in the eye of the beholder... Were Kurdish Iraqies repressed by Saddam? Are Kurdish Turks repressed by Turkey? same for all other nations that happen to have Kurdish population? In that same line of questioning, were the Iraqi Shia repressed? and if so, ware they repressed for being Shia or was it, not the sect what was repressed, but their theology base involvement on politics? their atempt to influence a secular nation with religion based ideologies?
My point here, questions perhaps, is that any group unable to pursue their agendas could feel itself to be repressed, but should any ideology, culture, history or ethnic memory, be able to challenge the unity of a country?
Are the Basque in my country repressed by the Spanish and French governments? I say hardly, but again... in the eye of the beholder.

One other thing, irrelevant to anyone really, but I am glad to be exposed to the art that accompany your great posts. It is interesting that only because of this tragic war I am getting exposed to some of the art and music of Iraq. The music especially has me fascinated... and the interesting thing is that I hear the same kind of passion, earthy, sad, defiant, and full of life, coming from an oud as I do coming from your writings. Certainly emotionally touching.
Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

Actually, this scum Veronica has done you a great service! You are, obviously, touching a raw nerve with your TRUTH, so all she can do is hit back with her vitriolic garbage which pass for comments. She mentions that you are reading her comments, but forgets that she's reading yours too!!!!

Do keep her on - we need some humour in our lives! Go crawl under the rock you came from, Veronica. Your blog must be filled with dumb visitors like you. HOW, may we know, have you embarrassed Layla, you hopeless clown??????
LostHere said…
I was reading an article and here is what it said about the dead of Muqtada's father, in contrast to uncle Zayd's claims. I quote (paste)

"Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr, top cleric at Najaf, a respected scholar of Islamic economics and banking, and a fervent defender of the ideas of Iran's Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution, was killed by Saddam Hussein's regime in 1980. During Saddam's hanging late last year, cries of "Long live Muhammad Baqir Sadr!" were heard being chanted by some of the Shi'ite executioners. Muhammad Baqir's nephew, Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr, founder of the Sadr movement, was assassinated in 1999 by order of Saddam's elder son Uday."
Please do check the article if you haven't yet, it is an interesting analysis (like you need that, right?). http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/IC21Ak03.html
I was also reading another article, this one on the New Yorker, about realities in Iraq and how american collaborators have been betrayed. If interested here is the link.
Anonymous said…
layla is that u in da picture???
Layla Anwar said…

I think the invasion of Kuwait was a huge political blunder...
I know the Kuwaitis were up to some major wheeling and dealing but I still believe that Saddam could have handled it differently..
Iraq had just come out from 8 years of war with Iran and it was the unwisest thing to do...
What are your views on that matter?
Layla Anwar said…
Jr- yeah that's me in the picture!!! like I would post my self portrait here...!
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks for the links...
There are two versions of Muqtada's father death.
One says it was the previous regime who killed him and another version says it was the Iranians.
Some even say that Muqtada was given gifts by Saddam as this latter took pity on the spoiled brat.
Honestly, I do not think the Shias were repressed. 33 out of the 52 wanted were Iraqi Shias...
It is clear that the previous regime did not want an islamic state iranian style in Baghdad...No one can deny that.
As for the kurds, I want to know how they were repressed...None have managed to convince me yet.
Layla Anwar said…
continued...The kurds wanted and still want a seperate independent state in Kurdistan... Why partition Iraq? The kurds had a state for 1 year only in 1945 in IRAN and it lasted 1 Year only !
Layla Anwar said…
losthere, sorry am so pressed with time was unable to answer all your points...
Am glad you like Iraqi art- I am hooked on it personally.
Do you know of any good spanish art I can look up?
If you like Iraqi music and oud in particular, may I strongly recommend the following
Munir Bashir a oud genius
his son Omar Bashir who has followed in his father's footsteps
I believe you can easily find their cd's online.
check www.maqam.com
Layla Anwar said…
matthew, am sorry have not had the time but will definitely do so...
I found something by Tariq aziz on Iran..do let me know if you want it
Layla Anwar said…
Dear little Deer and Juliette,

Thank you...I have not seen Veronica since...you must have done a great job! :-)
Anonymous said…
It is good to see you back.
And seemingly polite I might add!

Our therapy sessions must have certainly did you some good.

I am still here.
And I will continue to treat your mental illness if need be.

But so far, you do seem to be doing much better!
Anonymous said…
Salam Layla,

Ah, the luxury of hindsight. We can talk about the Kuwait issue and call it a political blunder, but the reality is that to make a fair judgement you have to put yourself in the shoes of the Iraqi government at that period in time.

Iraq had just walked out of a bloody and costly 8 year conflict which left close to a million dead, drained the country's resources, and wreaked havoc on the stability and economy of a great nation.

Now, what happened just as soon as the conflict with Iran ended and Iraq was trying to put back together its economy and infrastructure was that Kuwait began flooding the market with oil in violation of its OPEC quota, causing the dropp of Iraq's revenue to US$ 7Bn - barely the amount of its debt service payments. This attack by Kuwait (and the UAE) went on until 1990 costing Iraq an estimated US$ 28Bn is lost revenue. Add to this, the fact that Kuwait had been slant drilling into Iraq's Rumailah oilfield siphoning billions of $ worth of Iraqis national assets.

Now, what did Iraq do during these long and hard 2 years? Did they attack Kuwait, did they bomb them, did they asssinate their leaders? No, Iraq held meeting after meeting with the Arab leaugue and the Arab nations to press Kuwait and the UAE to stop their economic warfare. In-fact, at an OPEC meeting in July 1990, Kuwait, under pressure from other Arab states, agreed to reduce its oil output in-line with the agreed quotas. However, less than 2 months after this meeting, Kuwait had gone back to over production.

Add to all this, the calling by Kuwait on loans made to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war which caused a credit downgrading for the soverign debt of Iraq.

During this time, Iraq began a public military build-up with direct reference to Kuwait and that if the Kuwaiti agression against Iraq did not cease, then military force will be used to return to the status quo. Prior to the Arab summit meeting held in July Saddam stated that he would not use force if this matter was resolved, however, the Emir of Kuwait refused to attend this summit and sent a low level delegation instead.

On August 2nd Iraqi troops entered Kuwait.

Now, after reading all of the above. Tell me what YOU would have done differently?

Saddam waited 2 full years before taking the military option...He exhasted negotiation which went on until 3 days before the military attack...He exahsted the diplomatic option.

Now, from the view of the Iraqi government, had Saddam not acted, you can be sure that Iraq would have imploded under the weight of the economic warfare that was being waged...Not being able to pay salaries, having a currenly devalue, having high inflation, having your ability to raise new debt blocked...All these factors, along with the manjor factor that is the Iranian covert activity and desire to destroy Iraq would have easily spilled into civil unrest and a destruction of the nation.

Not taking action was never an option...It was a matter of do or die.

Layla Anwar said…
Salam Layth,

I agree that the Kuwaitis are cowards etc...and yes they were fully present at the american invasion and cheered it.
I also agree that Kuwait would have done anything to see an american occupation of Iraq by Uncle Bush...as they call him.
I don't care about the kuwaitis as
My point was/is that Iraq as you rightly argued had just come out from a 8 years war. The army moral was not at its best.The soldiers were tired and rightly so..on all levels.
Syria occupied Lebanon, but managed to do it with some lebanese consent...at least on the surface. Don't you think the Iraqi govt could have handled the crisis differently?
Saddam Hussein was a very intelligent man. He knew politics and he knew the players...
Did he really think he could simply go into kuwait and the americans will let him off the hook so simply?
Unless of course the other arab regimes gave him the green light
i.e egypt and saudi arabia???
I would not deduce from April Gaspie one sentence "that arab matters were an internal affair" to be a green light from the Americans.
Of course what is done is done...and hindsight is indeed a luxury...still this whole kuwait episode leaves me perplexed.
Anonymous said…
Layla, may I ask you to shed some light on what on earth has come over Barabie ?

I like her as a person and used to value her opinion greatly, but now...lashing ill founded, gratuitous "anathemas" at the Uruknet editor, a heroine of the Media freedom fighting, to whom every Iraq lover and truth seeker in general should be only too grateful, come on...it is neither reasonable nor dignified on her part, wouldn't you think ?

In my opinion, we all fellow siders should make it a mission of keeping united and not derailing from the common line of thought; otherwise, we would risk playing the enemy's notorious "divide et impera" game...on the arms as on the words battlefields...

I hope our reckless friend will do some research on the site, come to realize how unfair she has been in her judgement and find the humility to apologize, not only to Mrs. Pisi but also to her own blog's disappointed aficionados.

Keep up the good work, a salute of profound admiration for your priceless commitment to the cause...and do pardon my "tea call" style inquisiviteness !

Anonymous said…
Good cartoon:

Anonymous said…
thanks a lot, but I certainly don't need any apologize from a person whom I don't know. Of course Barabie is free to write what she likes. And maybe Barabie's readers agree with her. I haven't the slightest idea why she chose to made a campaign against uruknet (now she posted another blog entry against our website), because as i told you I don't know her: i run two or three articles of her's because Layla pointed out them to me. But no problem at all: everyone can think what he wants.

However both Layla and i replied to
barabie, but she today deleted our comments from her blog. You can read them on google cache :

Warmest regards and thanks again,


Original blog entry by barabie with comments

uruknet publishes zionist propaganda.
You tell me after reading the following.
Link is here.
Here are SOME zionist articles Paolo from uruknet asked for.



OK. I am a zionist because I posted this article by Kristoff:

I believed to have run it because even kristoff wrote;
The U.S. dismantled Iraq’s army, broke the Baath Party and helped
install a pro-Iranian government in Baghdad. If Iran’s ayatollahs had written the script, they couldn’t have done better — so maybe they did write the script ...

And instaed I posted it because I am a zionist.

Just out of curiosity, which are the other pieces of zionist propaganda we "continue publishing"?

Paola Pisi
paola pisi | Homepage | 25.03.07 - 7:19 am | #


Barabie did you call Paola Pisi a zionist !!!!!!!?????
What is all this about?
Layla Anwar | 25.03.07 - 8:09 am | #


continue publishing zionist propaganda???? Where so and when so?
Uruknet publishes as many articles for the palestinians as for the iraqis...
I think you are wrong on this one barabie and I don't think you have a right to call paola a zionist either...she has done more for iraqis than iraqis themselves...
Layla Anwar | 25.03.07 - 8:12 am | #


Layla i have never called her a zionist, please don't put words into my mouth.
I said and it's there on the blog as well, "I removed uruknet because they continue PUBLISHING zionist propaganda". They are two different things Layla.

Paola i said "continue" which yes means more than once, most of my articles which were deconstructed came from uruknet.
bARABie | Homepage | 25.03.07 - 11:41 am | #


Layla please show me when i called Paola a zionist?
bARABie | Homepage | 25.03.07 - 11:42 am | #


whether Paolo is aware of the damage caused by publishing these idiots or not is another story, not one i can answer only Paolo.
bARABie | Homepage | 25.03.07 - 11:43 am | #


Layla if i didn't think uruknet was one of the best i would not have linked to them in the first place but after so many articles appearing which came from shadowy figures. Like this one which links to cIA as an example.
http:// washingtonbureau.typepad....the_morgue.html
bARABie | Homepage | 25.03.07 - 11:46 am | #


Actually Layla the only person calling Paola a zionist is Paola.

"OK. I am a zionist because I posted this article by Kristoff:"
bARABie | Homepage | 25.03.07 - 11:48 am | #


Paolo if it wasn't a losing battle i would deconstruct the kristoff article to show you the subliminal messages the rat is trying to get across.
bARABie | Homepage | 25.03.07 - 11:51 am | #


Barabie, Paola is the editor of Uruknet. And when you say they are publishing zionist propaganda and continue to do so...you are really accusing her of being a zionist...
And Uruknet is a news sourcea and it publishes from the NY times, the BBC, Reuters, alternative press, blogs,Globalresearch,counterpunch,middle eastonlines, ahram weekly, guardian, timesonline,washingtonpost,latimes, afp news, mc clatchy, iraqi sites, palestinian blogs,...

And you can deconstruct kristoff as much as you like...what he said about the Americans destroying Iraq and propping up a regime being pro iran is totally true.

I still think your accusation is ill founded and shameful.
Layla Anwar | 25.03.07 - 1:28 pm | #


Sorry if you find me stating FACTS "ill founded" and "SHAMEFUL" but the facts are uruknet publish articles continually from zionists, now if you take that as me calling Paolo a zionist, then there is nothing i can say but good luck with that.
bARABie | Homepage | 25.03.07 - 2:34 pm | #


"what he said about the Americans destroying Iraq and propping up a regime being pro iran is totally true."

Layla don't twist things around, i thought you had more morals than that.
kristoff, cockburn and numerous others do pay lip service to the Arabs/Muslims but that does not change the fact they are zionists.
My point is there is no way haaretz/nyt/washington times so on would publish articles by Arabs/Muslims supporting Arabs/Muslims but uruk sees fit to do so.
You want to read articles by the same swine murdering your people, you go right ahead but don't tell me i am "SHAMEFUL" for not wanting to.
Also how dare you call me "SHAMEFUL". YA ABI SHOUM.
bARABie | Homepage | 25.03.07 - 2:38 pm | #


"NY times, the BBC, Reuters, alternative press, blogs,Globalresearch,counterpunch,middle eastonlines, ahram weekly, guardian, timesonline,washingtonpost,latimes, afp news, mc clatchy, iraqi sites, palestinian blogs,..."

Maybe you should read your own post. How MANY of the above are zionists?
You prove my point better than i do.
bARABie | Homepage | 25.03.07 - 2:39 pm


Thanks a lot for the links. I still don't understand why those articles are pieces of zionist propaganda, but this is another question and probably I am too stupid (or too zionist).

By the way, my name is Paola, not Paolo: I am a woman. And the picture of President Saddam Hussein you posted here
http://barabie.blogspot.com/2007...ssein- said.html is photoshopped: Saddam didn't wear earrings.


paola pisi | Homepage | 25.03.07 - 8:44 pm | #


Paola, first my apologies about how i spelt your name. I know you are a female, i was not spelling your name that way to indicate i thought you were male, just an honest mistake. For that i apologize.

The point you raise about Saddam's pic is a very good and RELEVANT one, relevant to this thread.
I have obviously made a mistake in putting that pic up (thank you for pointing out btw), who knows that pic may have been "photoshopped" by a zionist. By me putting that pic up does not make ME a zionist.
But it does make me someone who publishes zionist propaganda. That in itself does NOT make me a zionist but it does make me someone WHO PUBLISHES ZIONIST PROPAGANDA.
Please you and Layla understand English better.
bARABie | Homepage | 25.03.07 - 10:49 pm | #


Barabie, please be serious. If I claim that a website "continue publishing zionist propaganda", I mean that it is a zionist website.
And usually people who run zionist websites are themselves zionist (in the opposit case, they are skizophrenic ).

You of course posted unintentionally the doctored Saddam's pictures, whilst i read the articles i run: so if I run zionist propaganda, I do it intentionally.

And it wasn't enough to write that you removed the link to uruknet because
we "continue publishing zionist propaganda", now you posted a blog entry titled "Uruknet publishes zionist propaganda".
And maybe do you maintain that this is a friendly criticism? It is a heavy and slandering attack, and you well know it is. In order to probe that we spread "zionist propaganda", you
posted even the link to an uruknet's article on the shortage of safe water in iraq and the risk of cholera http://www.uruknet.info/?p=m3159...&hd=&size=1& l=e. Only God knows why it is a zionist piece. Maybe we have the magical power to turn everything into zionist propaganda, even the news about shortage of drinking water.

Why did you choose to attack in such a slandering way just uruknet? I don't know the reply, and however it is your business, not mine.
But please, now don't joke and don't pretend to have made a fair criticism.
paola pisi | Homepage | 26.03.07 - 2:17 am | #


Paola, for the record, i do NOT think you are a zionist and have NEVER called you one. I realize English is a second language for you and Layla.
"And usually people who run zionist websites are themselves zionist". Notice you use the word "usually"? Meaning NOT ALWAYS, so even people who "run zionist websites" are not always zionists. Point being you yourself admit that one doesn't have to be a zionist to post zionist literature.
As for me posting an entry titled "uruknet publishes zionist propaganda, that was in reply to your saying i called you a zionist and Layla's charming abuse.
In regards to the cholera article, as i said obviously English is not your first language. Do you know what subliminal messages are? Honestly if this was worth it, i would sit there and show you numerous ways zionist twist things when they write.
I personally think what you are doing is a great but not necessarily fair.
There are plenty of zionist sites those zionist you publish can get published.
Re only attacking uruknet, i only linked to uruknet, if there others i linked to and i discovered the same about them, i would have done the exact same thing.
Saying things like "i am a zionist" or "i am stupid" to me because of what i said was ridiculous. Layla telling me i am shameful for exercising my rights is shameful of her. Just disgusting.
bARABie | Homepage | 26.03.07 - 5:40 am | #


Barabie, so I run a zionist website but i am not a zionist, because I am not able to understand what I post. Wonderful.
However you too have some difficulties with english, because Layla didn't write that you are shameful: she wrote "I still think your accusation is ill founded and shameful. " It is quite different. Of course you exercise your rights by claiming that uruknet is a zionist website, and other people exercise their rights by writing that your accusation (not you) is shameful.
paola pisi | Homepage | 26.03.07 - 6:29 am | #


"Barabie, so I run a zionist website but i am not a zionist," This is getting no where. I NEVER SAID YOU RUN A ZIONIST WEBSITE. damn. Maybe if you were sitting here you would understand my frustration at your lack of knowledge in English and i am being nice btw.

As for Layla, why twist things Paola?
Just for you,

I think you are wrong on this one barabie and I don't think you have a right to call paola a zionist either...she has done more for iraqis than iraqis themselves...
Layla Anwar | 25.03.07 - 8:12 am | #

You conveniently take only one comment and twist in to your liking. What i linked to was before the statement you linked to but whatever. This is getting boring.
Anonymous | 26.03.07 - 7:14 am | #


twist "it" to your liking.
Anonymous | 26.03.07 - 7:15 am | #


Oh Paola if you want to talk about "shame", would the Netherlands ring a bell to a certain someone?
Anonymous | 26.03.07 - 7:16 am | #


anon above is me.
bARABie | 26.03.07 - 7:17 am | #


Oh Paola if you want to talk about "shame", would the Netherlands ring a bell to a certain someone? ??????
I don't understand your hint, I'm an italian, i never went to Netherlands and i'm really bored. Think what you like and good luck.
paola pisi | Homepage | 26.03.07 - 9:21 am | #
Anonymous said…
Ohh..i didn`t know that UAE were also involved in it ???
I remember Sheikh Zayed always said how he feels pain about what happened in Iraq.And Sheikh Muhammed bin Rashid al Maktoum said that Iraq is heart of arab world and he wants all Arab countries to be united one day in great Arab state.Of course he can`t be openely against US but i believe he and Sheikh Zayed were never like these dogs al Sabahs.
Anonymous said…
If you flip over the rock of American foreign policy of the past century, this is what crawls out ...
invasions ...bombings..overthrowing
governments ... suppressing movements for social change ... assassinating political leaders ... perverting elections ... manipulating labor unions ...
manufacturing "news" ... death squads ... torture ... biological warfare ... depleted uranium ... drug trafficking ... mercenaries

From : Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II.
by William Blum

www.killinghope.org Well worth checking out.

Here's one small bit from "Operation Desert Slaughter, Part I"--my term--from the book regarding Kuwait.

"Although the official Washington version of events presented Iraq's occupation of neighboring Kuwait as an arbitrary and unwarranted aggression, Kuwait had actually been a district of Iraq, under Ottoman rule, up to the First World War. After the war, to exert leverage against the abundantly oil-rich Iraq, the British Colonial Office established tiny Kuwait as a separate territorial entity, in the process cutting off most of Iraq's access to the Persian Gulf...
The reaction to all this by the world's only remaining superpower and self-appointed global policeman became the subject of intense analysis and controversy after Iraq actually invaded.
Had Washington given Iraq a green light to invade? Was there, at a minimum, the absence of a flashing red light? The controversy was fueled by incidents such as the following:
19 July: Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney stated that the American commitment made during the Iran-Iraq war to come to Kuwait's defense if it were attacked was still valid. The same point was made by Paul Wolfowitz, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, at a private luncheon with Arab ambassadors. (Ironically, Kuwait had been allied with Iraq and feared an attack from Iran.) Later, Cheney's remark was downplayed by his own spokesman, Pete Williams, who explained that the secretary had spoken with "some degree of liberty". Cheney was then told by the White House: "You're committing us to war we might not want to fight", and advised pointedly that from then on,statements on Iraq would be made by the White House and State Department.

Cheney and Wolfowitz, two of the usual suspects, mass murderers and war criminals still on the loose and directly responsible for "Operation Desert Slaughter, Part II."

On the morning of 9/11, i was resting on my couch, after having spent the previous 24 hours at work as a firefighter/medic.
The phone rang and woke me from my slumber. On the other end, my brother, usually calm and collected, was going on and on about the Twin Towers being attacked and if i had seen the coverage?
What did i think? Told him that i had been sleeping and hadn't seen the TV footage, but that it sounded like to me that the CIA was up to it's old tricks.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for a good post Layla.

"That explains Chubby Checkers hatred for football..."

Now I finaly understand why he had the view that footbal was haram ; )

Thanks for reminding me of the pipeline.

Keep up the great work you to Layla!

Best Regards
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Nadia and thanks...
It seems that chubby checkers was a billiardo addict too...
I don't know if he gave a fatwa on billiard or not yet....
What a sad bunch.
Layla Anwar said…

Am afraid I have no reply to your question.
You read the comments that Paola kindly posted here and you tell me what went wrong...if you can...
Because am personally clueless...
All I read were vile accusations.
Iraqi Mojo said…
Paola i don't appreciate people lying, i most certainly did not take the post of but have made it shorter on the blog, you click on it and you will find it is all still there. here i will do your work for and give you the link.


Second line says "link is here", you click on that and you will find the whole post, please don't tell lies about me. I have nothing to be ashamed of, like i posted after a post in response to julliete, if i make mistakes i apologize, exactly like i did with your name but i don't apologize for stating facts. Truth must hurt if you are getting so upset. As for layla, i understand why she is upset, i mean she did recommend me to you and for that layla, i apologize. if me stating facts gets up your nose Paola, there is nothing i can say to help except good luck with that.
Iraqi Mojo said…
Ok Paola, first my apologies about the comments but that was an honest mistake which i was not even aware of until i read your comment. Somehow the comments of that post have disappeard, so thanks to you i have copied them from here and posted them.
second, it was only the comments from "

Thanks a lot for the links. I still don't understand why those articles are pieces of zionist propaganda, but this is another question and probably I am too stupid (or too zionist)." down
Iraqi Mojo said…
It's "shameful" you would call them "accusations" but not as "shameful" as you calling facts "vile". Does that translate into you thinking ALL facts are "vile" or just the ones you don't like? Interesting. You all you have done is nothing but name call from the beginning of this saga, i honestly thought you had more integrity than that but obviously again i was mistaken. Good luck with warped take on reality if that is the case.
Anonymous said…

To myself, you seem to be overwhelmed with emotionalism and self-righteousness and dangerously superficial in your "take on reality".

Reality is not all either black or white, as the Zionist Empire psychopuritanical ideologues would have it, and there is something in this vale of tears called TACTICS, editorial one in this case, which is by definition always quite well distinct and distinguishable from the overall strategical picture.

Personally, I have read the articles you pointed out over and over again, but in all fairness found nothing even just "subliminally" propagandistic for the enemy side.

However, as I acknowledge my limited and fallible human nature and don't "venerate" my own personal feelings or opinions as the absolute truth, I invite you to demonstrate the soundness of your arguments by "de-Zionizing" one of the allegedly "guilty" articles.

Because accusing without explaining and convicting without bringing evidence would just be a typical ZIONISTIC, besides childish, attitude to take on your part...

Take care of yourself, calm your nerves, refresh your fuming brain, have trust in the heroic Iraqi national resistance and the forces of good fighting for our cause everywhere, rejoice at the approach of victory, and above all, for heaven's sake, try to take the tragi-comedy of life with a little bit more IRONY, as our superlative "Arab Wonder Woman" teaches us how at every flamboyant post.

Good luck and looking forward to your deconstruction.

Anonymous said…

people need to have an aim in life, and so barabie at last found her mission: slandering uruknet.
Whilst most of the so-called anti-war websites run only iranian and sadrist (and zionist, of course) propaganda, that lady attacks countinuosly just
uruknet. And only uruknet.
Now she posted this blog entry:

Did i post Chomsky's articles? Never: on the contrary I run dozens of articles claiming that Chomsky is a zionist.
Did I post Avnery's pieces? Yes, I did. I published articles strongly criticizing Avnery, but I posted also some articles by him.
Lately I posted this one: http://www.uruknet.info/?p=m31642&hd=&size=1&l=e (three days ago). I imagine that according that lady this article is the evidence that i run a
zionsit website. No comment indeed.

Juliette, I thank you again, but I will never write again about this boring topic. I don't care a fig for Mrs. Barabie, and she can post on her own website what she likes, even that I am a cannibal and that I eat palestinian and iraqi babies. This is her problem, not mine.

Best regards,

Iraqi Mojo said…
"Did i post Chomsky's articles? Never: on the contrary I run dozens of articles claiming that Chomsky is a zionist.
Did I post Avnery's pieces? Yes, I did. I published articles strongly criticizing Avnery, but I posted also some articles by him.
Lately I posted this one: http://www.uruknet.info/?p=m31642&hd=&size=1&l=e (three days ago). I imagine that according that lady this article is the evidence that i run a
zionsit website. No comment indeed.

Juliette, I thank you again, but I will never write again about this boring topic. I don't care a fig for Mrs. Barabie, and she can post on her own website what she likes, even that I am a cannibal and that I eat palestinian and iraqi babies."

You seriously have a problem with the English language. The article i published specifically talks about avnery although it does mention chomsky but the INTENT of the article is avnery. Now if you publish articles by him and even if it was ONLY by him, you would still be PUBLISHING zionist propaganda. You can justify it whichever way you want but at the end of the day, you are still PUBLISHING articles by zionists. What is so hard for you all to understand about that?
Everyone knows kristoff is a zionist but you posted an article by him, according to you based on two lines of his article. As for me basing my judgement as you say on maybe just the avnery article, how preposterous of you. I have given you numerous links and mention at least three authors by name but you conveniently choose only one.
I base my judgement soley on fairness and truth and if you and others can't accept that, that is your problem but don't tell lies about me and don't twist the truth.

Julliette, i believe i have deconstructered enough articles run by uruk and my latest post is also confirmation of what i have been saying.
They publish not only kristoff, avnery, cockburn but lol the bbc and a few others. If you people enjoy licking ass just to get published, good luck to you but don't forget people are dying for your vanity.
Iraqi Mojo said…
"emotionalism and self-righteousness and dangerously superficial in your "take on reality"
"a typical ZIONISTIC, besides childish, attitude to take on your part."
"refresh your fuming brain,"

And then you come with

Take care of yourself"

Just great Juliette (sorry about spelling your name wrong before).
Iraqi Mojo said…
"I don't care a fig for Mrs. Barabie, and she can post on her own website what she likes, even that I am a cannibal and that I eat palestinian and iraqi babies."

First the feeling is mutual.
Second, if you did "eat palestinian and iraqi babies" then i most certainly WILL post you are a "cannibal" and more but as i have no PROOF, unlike the proof i have you post zionist propaganda, then i won't post something unfounded.
Iraqi Mojo said…
"I don't care a fig for Mrs. Barabie,"

Out of curiosity, if you "don't care a fig", why do you keep visiting my blog? Interesting.
Anonymous said…
Dear Paola,

I completely agree with you about declaring the "incident" closed.

Indeed there are quite a few matters pending around that are FAR MORE serious and deserving our attention and action upon than Mrs. Barabie's "March Hare" syndrome.

I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said…

There is no contradiction between my criticism and my wishing you well; quite the opposite...

Grow up, little pest, and stop wasting your talent and passion on stupid and harmful "civil war of words".

End discussion.

bARABie said…
juliette you stupid ho, a discussion usually involves more than one person, in this a ho like you and myself, so you TELLING me when i should "end discussion" is laughable. As for your name calling, if you give it, be prepared to receive it. As for being a pest, have you looked in the mirror lately, you are absolutely disgusting and deplorable. tfou. Btw idiot, i consider this "matter" to be extremely important you stupid ho, as this you stupid ho is what is killing people, MY PEOPLE, so ho i have not JUST a right but a DUTY to uncover zionists like paola. Go fuck yourself and the conversation from MY END is finished with YOU. Although i WILL continue to expose the zionist actions of paola and her stupid horde like juliette the ho.
As i have previously said, people are dying for your vanity, you disgusting ho.
Truth is far more important than your shameful vanity. again TFOU.
bARABie said…
btw juliette just like a zionist would you manage to twist the truth. "name calling", which you did, is NOT criticism but derogatory foul unfounded abuse. Does this site only attract idiots who can't speak English properly? Or does it just attract zionists? Either way TFOU.
Anonymous said…
TFOU TFOU TFOU... Barabie you will run out of saliva. Very bad for your dental health. Stop spitting at everyone you don't agree with.
Why has Uruknet included on their website posts from Molly and CSS's blog (Meanwhile in Palestine and Iraq)? Esp as neither of them is keen on President Saddam Hussein(RIP) ?? As far as I can recall Molly was practically in raptures at his assasination.
Iraqi Mojo said…
Janice if they include avnery, cockburn, kristoff and the likes, does it surprise you they include articles from closet zionist nobodies?
Anonymous said…
Yes the Kuwaiti's are cowards and scum, they do not deserve to live, let us kill them all off and wipe them off the face of the earth.
They do not deserve to be on this earth, they will all be choked and every last breath denied them.

So should the UAE people, they will all be exterminated, none should live.

The Saudi's as well, all to the chopping blocks, off with their heads.

Who else to kill... must kill..... oh yeah, the iranians, lets kill them all..... everyone one of 'em....the devil worshippers...

hmmm....who next... the syrians with their imposter baathist regime.... cheap imposters must die!!

lets see now... who else.... WHat about the vampires of the Tigris and Euphrates... They who have built dams and sucked our precious water, the veins of Iraq.. Turkey must be wiped off the map.... they will all die, drown everyone one of 'em....

After that, we will form a committee to see who to kill next.
Anonymous said…
janice, barabie..........y dont u 2 go fuck off and play with each other
Anonymous said…
Interesting! :-)

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