Forty Days Already ...

Forty days since you have been physically gone. It still feels like yesterday, the first day of the Eid.
Your spirit lives on...

This Video is in your memory.

For Arab Viewers this Video is in Arabic with the President of Iraq Saddam Hussein making a Du'aa, an invocation.

And another one here with a poem in dialectical Arabic composed by a Palestinian from occupied Palestine.

And this one here in Iraqi and Kurdish dialect for my true Iraqi brothers and sisters.

And the last one here for the dumb americans and co.

PS: The puppet said we are not allowed to

Video 1 showing: by KSM 199- Saddam the King.
Video 2 : SITHFE - The Eid Invocation./ King Saddam 2.
Video 3: by zzoo1- Never Forget You.
Video 4: by eeo1akk- Umm Al Maarik.
Video 5: eeo1akk- You can't touch this.


Anonymous said…
A great man !
Echo said…
Sorry this is so stupid..I'm not good with poems.I wrote it a few days ago, and I didnt know what to do with it..I think this might be a good place to leave it.


He stopped smiling.
He just
And nobody noticed.
And then they killed him.

The evil dictator became a martyr,
a dignified hero

They took away his smile
Long before they took his life.

I don’t dispute that he made mistakes.
And that he murdered many.
But if he was so evil,
Then why does my heart cry so exquisitely for him?

Whether “evil”, or “good”,
For the great, there will always be great suffering.

Salutations, old man.
Anonymous said…
You put it very beautifully, Echo:

"If he was so evil,
Why does my heart cry so exquisitively for him?"

I believe that many around the world share your sentiment.

Rest in Peace, President Saddam Hussein. There are many who will miss you forever.

May I put a link to your blog on mine?

Re Saddam he was/is a hero as far as I'm concerned
Anonymous said…
Rest in Peace, dear President Saddam Hussein. I cried the day when barbarians killed you and i still cry.You will always live in our hearts. Great arab leader!I`m sure the victory is close ,Great Iraqi people will liberate beautiful Iraq from this filth and you will be proud of your great people once again.
Echo said…
Thank you, Little Deer :)
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

Iraq and the Arab world have lost their Leader.

I too cried when President Saddam Hussein was executed, I felt sick, I felt hatred against his executioners.

One of the reasons the U.S. executed him is to humiliate the Iraqis, and I mean ALL IRAQIS.

Can I ask why you left out the Turkmens when you write: "In Iraqi and Kurdish dialect for my true Iraqi brothers and sisters"?

I would like to remind you that the Turkmens are true Iraqi patriots.

Turkmens have not collaborated with the Anglo-American invaders/occupiers!

Turkmens want the foreign troops to leave immediately and unconditionally.

Turkmens want Kerkuk to be an Iraqi city, they do not want it to be annexed to the Autonomous region of Talabani and Barzani.

Turkmens want a sovereign and united Iraq.

I believe too many concessions were made to Mustafa Barzani by the Iraqi central government - to the detriment of the Turkmens - and what did they get in return from the Kurds?

Are you aware that since April 2003 the Kurdish parties have brought over 600.000 Kurds who are not originally from Kerkuk into the city (some of them were brought from Iran, Syria and Turkey and were given forged identity cards) to change its demographics in view of the referendum? If Kurds are are allowed to grab Kerkuk they will proclaim their independence.

Are you aware that Kurds are now threatening Turkmens and even blowing up their houses in Kerkuk?

Are you aware that they want to expulse all the Arabs who were brought to Kerkuk province in the eighties?

Are you aware that the peshmerga are imprisoning Turkmens and Arabs in their jails in the north of Iraq which are as bad as Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib?

Are you aware that Turkmens and Arabs in Kerkuk are demonstrating together against the forced expulsions of non-Kurds from Kerkuk by the peshmerga?

A woman who loves Iraq
Anonymous said…
i read in the guardian saddam used to oppress kurds and killed a load of em........what do u have to say abt that??

also, wat do u hav 2 say abt the fact he was a western lackey up until the invasion of kuwait?????
Anonymous said…
RIP,DEAR SADDAM.Layla,please see this video.It`s very beautiful,called Baghdad. I think you will like it.Take care.
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Woman who loves Iraq.
All your points are valid and I apologize for not including the Turkmens too. The only reason is because the song in the 4th video had kurdish dialect in it. When I say true Iraqis , I mean ALL TRUE Iraqis whatever their ethnicity or sect.
I am aware of the huge crisis about to get totally out of hand in Kirkuk and the displacement process. I am actually very angry at the kurds for that amongst other things. It is a pity they have opted for treason. The najority of them that is.
Layla Anwar said…
jr : I am aware of the continuous demonization process that took place before and after the illegal occupation and right up to this day against Saddam Hussein (may he rest in peace).
Tie the knots and see for yourself how this demonization process has fullfilled its double objective
1) illegally occupy iraq
2) continue in the occupation.
For more on the false allegations please refer to the numerous articles from different authors and press on
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous above,

Many thanks for a beautiful beautiful video with a lovely song.
I have not been able to find any good pictures of Baghdad and of Iraq but this video managed to put together some pre occupation pictures of the beautiful city Baghdad.
Layla Anwar said…
lady bird, this is
Anonymous said…
Your last Manifesto was extremely volatile.
But I want you to know that your anger is something I both understand and respect.
When my own emotions go unchecked and I am proviked my own response is often with a tongue as sharp as any butcher knife and words which intend to relay truth and meaning but as hurtful as possible.

I would suppose it is because I hurt inside. In my heart and soul. Similar to you.

I have had an event in my life just today that has caused a great deal of worry and make for a harder life.
I am not complaining here.
Only relaying information.
I will not elaborate on the incident but will say it was state and federally manufactured.
MY government FUCKING ME!

This is where I feel you.
Your rage...
Your intensity...

No, I am not in "literal" war.
But I am in MY story, I am suffering and so are so many, like the countless number of Iraqi's, who have done nothing.

To me it is all as simple as right and wrong.

But to the world and my own government it is a game.

And as I mentioned before, I am extremely tired of being all apologies.

But for now, I am only one man.

But things change and things grow.
Someday maybe I be more.
Someday maybe people will unite and mobilize for the change AND preservation of not only our country but our fucking lives as well.

They controll our media, they control our finances, they control how we conduct our day to day lives. And it is growing worse all the time.
Again I am not complaining, just stating facts.
America used to not be a bad place to live (so to speak) but now it is "the new millinium" and I promise you and all who read that speaking for at least 75% of society, this place is going to hell literally.
They are forcing most people (75% or more statistacly) into poverty and basically slavery. People must work both man and wife just to fucking shop at "The Dollar Store".
You have heard of Wal Mart I am sure? Well shopping at fucking Wal Mart is a luxury for most of the brain washed, lets spend what little we have, dumb ass's.

As I said. My own government has fucked me today and betrayed me and let me down.
I fell you.

I wish I could change things, and maybe will someday for what good I can do.

It's ALL fucked up.

The whole world has lost its mind.

I sort of feel better now....

Peace layla,
God bless and stay safe.

You already know how I feel about President Saddam (may he rest in peace).
Anonymous said…
Baghdad might be historic, but it really wasn that beautiful of a city. It is mostly dry patchy dessert!!!! and yes Palm trees everywhere, but there is no true green serenic beauty in it, other than its historic significance. I am just being honest
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous - yeah a patchy desert in which a river flows...very accurate description indeed..!! duh! for your honesty.
Anonymous said…
ike u knob jockey i am getting a little tired of hearing abt your miserable life......plz start your own blog n put this crap there....n stop using "fuck" all the loses its effect after abt the millionth time

layla, saddam was a moustachioed maniac who killed loadsa people....and this was said WAYYYYYYYYYYY before even the first gulf war so it wasnt part of a demonisation process. although he evidently did a lot for his country, that doesnt exclude the FACT that he was a MURDERER......... maybe it is time u ackowledged this fact.

Anonymous said…
To anonymous above Layla, who refers to Baghdad as a 'dry patchy desert'. Obviously, you were not very observant, if you noticed only 'dry patchy desert'. Baghdad may not have the skyscrapers and glitter that other major (uninvaded) cities may have, but it has what others don't - despite the broken infrastruction and destroyed buildings, it resonates with the beautiful spirit of the Iraqi people, something you won't find anywhere in the world. Which is what a city should be - unlike the many cold and heartless cities around the world.

Long live Baghdad and long live Iraq. You are both beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Jr., if President Saddam Hussein was a 'murderer' as you claim, then what would you call Bush and Blair, who have crossed oceans to kill millions of innocent Iraqis? And, to go a little further, name ONE leader anywhere in the world, who does not punish dissent within his country? We already know that the figures of 'murdered' Iraqis by the President have been highly inflated by the occupiers. Why was Iraq not destroyed prior to the occupation? Why did ALL Iraqis live in peace before the occupation?

And why, oh why does President Saddam Hussein's moustache bother you so much??????????k
Anonymous said…
So you been to every city in the world to make that generalization? I do admit that as a whole American cities are cold hearted places. However with that said the country is always a warmer place. Most cities are cold, people are just there to make money and get on with their individualistic lifestyle. Cities are a western phenomenon. Old world countries were always based on the rural nuclear family, all close net and city is the anti rural living. Its just the case Baghdad wasn't allowed to catch up to the other cities do to war. I also do admit, a people who face war and adversity are as a whole happier on the outside as a people who always have it easy. However I will bet you anything that if allowed Baghdad would join the same cold trend that other cities of the world have faced. As a city grows, more competetion and more individualism gives rise to colder attitudes. All you need to do is compare any city in the world to what it was 30-40-50-60 years ago and there is no denying the trend towards individualism and cold heartedness, they are linked. I do not care what culture you have. The cities growth and modernazation and westernazation, vis technology and media and everything else will change you. All you need to do is see how middle eastern imigrants in the USA act. They act so damn snobby its not even funny. They are so susciptable to the pitfalls of individualism and capitalism its not even funny.
Anonymous said…
a river does flow through it and yes it was a great thing 1000 B.C. however now we have something called plumbing and, cities can rise up in places with no rivers and agricultural produce can be loaded on trucks and delivered thousands of miles away. The river although beautiful serves more of a functional purpose. The fact is Baghdad has a very flat terrain. I personally do not like flatness it makes things boring, and the constant dust in the sky really starts pissing you off. Now the northern regions of kurdistan, which are more mountanous and vary more widly in climate. Now you are talking!!!! I am sorry but its just like Cairo or any other major cities of Egypt. yes you have the Nile and great its a river but man the city gets boring quick. Climate change is pratically nill, and its dry and arid. I like more diverse geographic features. Lebanon on the other hand is awesome. there is a reason people love visiting Lebanon
Anonymous said…
Rest in peace Lion of Iraq...You will never be forgotton.

Layla: you have the strength and determination of our father Abraham...May you continue to be a thorn in the eye of the occupation until the liberation is at hand.

Anonymous said…
Welcome to lets worship Saddam 101,my name is Layla Anwar and I will be your instructor. The major part of this class will be devoted to showing pictures of Saddam in various settings wearing various outfits. I think you will enjoy it. So lets get the slide show started
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous above....Saddam is a HERO, he lived and died as a HERO and a MARTYR and this you will never be able to swallow because because this is something you will never become .

As for you JR, your ignorance is getting tedious.
A Leader , a president like Saddam Hussein who preferred to go to the gallows and not accept a deal dished out by the Americans, a man who prefered to sacrifice his own personal life instead of saving it for the sake of His country is nothing and I mean nothing but a HERO.
The murderers are your from your lot race with or without mustaches.

As for you above, Narco Polo geographer or is it Marco?
Captain CRook.Even the fact that we might love and admire our own cities bugs you...stay in your hell hole the USA and don't visit us ever again. You are not welcomed.

Sincere Regards
Layla Anwar.
Anonymous said…
Layla, Little Deer and all

From the heart of Savage,

Poem by Barbara LaBarbera;

- Broken Wing -

"One day a little bird fell to the ground.
No one was looking, no one around.
So still,not making a sound,
but it's small body I found

The little bird had a broken wing
and could no longer sing.
It had fallen from a tree
and I thought it a lot like me.

I took it into my care,
my home to share.
It's wounds to tend
until it could mend.

The bird's wing was broken
as was my spirit with words unspoken...
and this we both could feel.
But together we begain to heal.

The bird first began to sing
and such joy did it bring.
Our souls became as one,
as to each other we clung.

I knew in my heart
One day we must part.
There would come a day
when the bird would fly away.

Now the bird is gone
but I still hear his song.
We will never really be apart
for he lives within my heart.

But one winter so cold
guess who came back so bold
and made a grand show
with a song's melody only I would know.

In my heart his memory had burned
and now he had returned!
Not long did he stay
for when I wasn't looking he flew away!

For now you see,
we both are free.
Over mountain, sea and land,
God holds us in His hand."


In life we are often parted with ones we love but as this poem tells us, and just as in life they will always be with us for they live in our hearts.

My love goes out to my Borthers and Sisters who have lost their Leader but remember he still lives in your hearts as you are with my heart.

I would be in hopes that we can all come together with open hearts, hands and minds so our spirit doesn't become hard that our spirit pays for what others have done.

Let us come together my friends!

Anonymous said…
"jr said...
i read in the guardian saddam used to oppress kurds and killed a load of em........what do u have to say abt that??

You know, the hubris and ignorance of people like jr never fails to amaze me.

Your ameriKKKa used to oppress Black people and killed a load of them. Your ameriKKKa exterminated an entire race of indigineous people, took their land, and called it america. Yet you still cling to the mistaken belief that you are a noble country. The world is full of examples of americunt nobility. You need to STFU.

It was only because of massive civil disobedience that amerikKKa grudgingly gave Black people the right to sit at the same counter as a white man and eat, the right to enter through the front doors of restaurants and clubs...imagine the great Lena Horne and the incomparable Sammy Davis Jr. having to enter clubs through the back doors in order to perform. Imagine a 14-year old boy being mutilated and killed for looking at a white woman. Imagine a Black man being dragged to death behind a truck for the crime of being Black in your morally superior ameriKKKa.

americunts dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing hundreds of thousands of non-combatants...they just wanted to test their new toys. Remember the fire-bombing of the beautiful city of Dresden? How about the wanton killing of women and children at Waco, in TexASS? I could give you numerous examples of americunt "nobility" while all you can do is parrot the usual drivel "Saddam killed blah blah." Your country is no shining example and has no right to illegally invade sovereign nations and kill their leaders after humiliating them and having them tried in kangaroo courts. Your country has no right to steal oil from the Middle East.

Iraq will be the downfall of ameriKKKa. You cannot win, no matter how many bombs you drop. You cannot kill the soul of a proud people. You cannot silence Layla. She has more strength than any Cobra helicopter, Abrams tank, or F16, cowardly dropping cluster bombs on innocent people from thousands of feet brave you are.

The problem with americans is their lack of long-term memory. They forget little things like the massacre of Native Americans, the Iran-Contra affair, the Vietnam debacle, the Katrina spectacle, where thousands of americans were ignored in the midst of a tremendous disaster simply because they were black and poor.

Your country is sick. You have no right to judge anybody's country. You need to clean up your own backyard. You need to respect other cultures as they are, and stop trying to make them over in the image of your McCulture. There is more soul in any square inch of Iraq than in any of your cities full of anonymous strangers. You cannot imagine the depth of the crime you have committed against Iraq. You have raped the very soul of a nation, a culture, a people with more depth than you will ever know.

May Allah have mercy on you and grant you true understanding, Insha'Allah.
Anonymous said… not an american u moron

clearly bush and blair are responsible for far more deaths that saddam......but that doesnt exclude the fact saddam was also responsible for a lot of deaths.......hence he was a murderer (as are bush,blair etc)

and layla u slag just cos i dont agree wit u doesnt make me ignorant

thanks fo listening
Anonymous said…
Bless you, Savage, for bringing Peace and Beauty to this site. The poem is beautiful. Thank you.

Abdullah, you have touched every horrible act committed by the Americans - thank you. And, yet, they have the gall to come here and call the LEGITIMATE President of Iraq a 'murderer'. I'm sure many of the posters have no clue about the location of Iraq, its history, culture, religion or language. As you said: 'Clean up your own backyard'. There's so much cleaning to do, it will take generations, and then some. Most likely, Iraq will be your downfall, and the world will celebrate. You are a despicable people, from the very moment when your forefathers stepped on that land and STOLE it from the Native American Indians. Perhaps it's time you all went to them and learnt what it is like to have a soul and a conscience.
Anonymous said…

My brother of another nation you are so right. It makes you wonder how they can even look at anyone for things they do. My native brothers and sisters are still being put and keep down after all these years by the white man, they will not change their evilness.

My friend their day will come and when it does who will help or care.
Their life will be like their money worthless.

The Great Spirit that watches over all will see to it. The evil one will die a bad death one of begging not like your Great Leader of your nation.

Peace be with you my brother.

Savage American Warrior

Anonymous said…
Also do not forget the little thing called the first coup d'etat orchestrated by US intelligence in 1953. the overthrow of the legitimate, democratically elected president of Iran, and the installment of the puppet cia backed shah of Iran, which is a direct cause of the Islamic revolution and 30 years of misery hatred, and suppression by the mullahs of Iran
Anonymous said…
Not trying to be cruel at all, but isn't Iraq the hell hole????? I mean even your beloved "Saint" Saddam mockingly asked the exectioner "you mean the hell that is Iraq?" Wow what a long way from the man who had dreams of anexing southern Iran and reaching Tehran in 5 days and beheading the whole Iranian nation. He was watching too many god father movies!!!!! what a joke. Atleast if you want to talk about a dictator who had big huge balls talk about Hitler who was fighiting a multi front war against the whole world. Saddams only claim to fame is fighting a bunch of fanatical mullahs, and even then he couldnt do jack shit!!!! Even with the aid of US arms shipments and soviet migs , he still couldn't tackle the mullahs, he had to resort to chemical attacks against Iranian troops, and even then they wouldnt back down!!!! what a joke. This is the arab hope< this crack pot dictator with a beer belly??? and a mustache!!! Enjoy it Arabs that is what you deserve. Oh by the way loved your republican guards, they all disappeared when the US troops got near Baghdad, and here we all thought they would atleast put up a bloody fight. Compare that with the Siege of Leningrad, The bravery of the city's defenders was an important symbol of the Soviet will to resist — in the first few weeks of the war, the British had been so disheartened by the collapse of the Soviet armies, they thought a German victory was all but inevitable. However what happened with your Baghdad, the city of lions, they all turned into scared dogs!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
To Anonymous above: You are pathetic. You sit in the comfort of your room and attempt to give a lesson in history? You say 'we' thought the Republican Guard would 'put up a bloody fight'. I suggest you look at this from the perspective of 'false' strength. Look at the fire power of the invaders of Iraq... all your attacks are from a distance, and if anyone is cowardly, it is your people. How about REAL man to man combat on the ground, equal weapons? The lily-livered invaders would stand no chance. They are stuck within the confines of their bases and too cowardly to go out, unless in their tanks and with much support. Have you not heard the old saying 'Welcome to my parlour,' said the spider to the fly? Why is it that YOUR brave and wonderful people have not managed to gain an INCH of Iraq to this day? Because the LIONS of Baghdad are scared DOGS??????

The man with the 'beer belly and moustache' will go down in history as a HERO and a REAL MAN, unlike the chimpanzee who represents you. And if he called Iraq a 'hell', he was referring to what Iraq has become today, thanks to the 'brave' invaders from the west - with all the 'intelligence' you attempt to portray on this site, I would have thought this would have occurred to you by now?
Anonymous said…
And one more thing to Historian Anonymous. It would be worth your while if you went back and studied what was done to Iraq and Iraqis during the 13+ years of sanctions. Do try to study this history as well so that you have a balanced perspective. This invasion was put in place LONG before it actually happened. Iraq was completely weakened through crippling sanctions (which, by the way, killed half a million innocent children) - the invaders made sure of that. It's only for that reason that the 'scared dogs Republican Guard' could do nothing - they had NOTHING. This was not the case with the 'historical facts' about the defenders of Leningrad, that you are quoting.

However, the bottom line is that Iraq was invaded and occupied on the basis of LIES, LIES AND LIES. So you have no right to sit there and criticise its LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT or its people. I wonder how much COURAGE you would have if faced with the same situation?
Anonymous said…
President Saddam Hussein had great dreams and great ambitions for Iraq and the Arab world, but the anglo-american-zionists did not want his ambitions to materialize. Now in his place they put a despicable opportunist and thief:,,2009128,00.html

How can this collaborator who welcomes the zionists/mossad inside Iraq to train his militias in order to fight against the IRAQI RESISTANCE represent the Iraqi people?

It's a nightmare!
Anonymous said…
Idiot, The SU military invaded Baghdad. Baghdad is home to 7 million or more people!!!! If the peopel of your so called brave nation were united and loved your so called lion of a leader, they would have each and every single one put up a fight. they would have resisted tooth and nail. However the republican gaurds dissapeared and the people didnt sem to mind!!!! I did not see a seige of Baghdad like a siege of Leningrad. What do you think the Germans were? They were the super power of the 40's and third world style russia put up a fierce resistance and wouldn't let them seige leningrad What do you think that means? your brave Iraqis are either not that brave ro they could give a rats as about Saddam falling. It doesnt matter now, it did matter then, then they could have made a strong statemtn by forcefully opposing any invasion of Baghdad. So please do not romanticize about you pathetic baathist fascist leader who was nothing more than a CIA asset for 20 years. Then when he thought he was a lion he got chopped down to reality, and his "ELITE" repulican gaurds didnt even do shit!!!!. Now after so many fallujas and opprseive behavior you have an insurgency. Howeve the Americans had to take a nast ass shit on your contry before you could even get the insergency rolling. There was no pride in your leader or your country to resist from day 1 . So fuck you you dog arab
Layla Anwar said…
A woman who loves Iraq. thanks for the link on the thief, mossad/cia agent Talabani.
Anonymous said…
anonymous said:

"If the peopel of your so called brave nation were united and loved your so called lion of a leader, they would have each and every single one put up a fight. they would have resisted tooth and nail.

...dude, the only reason the americans are still in Iraq is because they go into battle with body armor and massive air support. If a single shot is fired at them, they call in the frigging air force and level the entire area. As it stands, they have over 30,000 wounded, many of whom would have been dead without body armor.

There have been studies done that show that the american public cannot tolerate a casualty rate that affects more than eight percent of their population. That is why you have all those mercenaries in Iraq earning a thousand dollars a day. Their deaths don't count.

Tell you what, let's make it more like Leningrad, OK...take away the body armor and the air support, and let the americans come in and fight house to house, street by street...not like they're doing now, where they call in the bombers as soon as they meet any resistance.

Fact: the americans will only "fight" when they have massive superiority and the country they are fighting is weak. Witness the current backing down against the other "axis of evil", North Korea. There would be huge american casualties in any conflict with North Korea. They will leave that one alone. They will probably leave Iran alone also, except for a cowardly bombing from a distance, or an even more cowardly sneak nuclear attack. They will never put troops on the ground in Iran.

BTW, regardless of what your personal opinion is, the facts are that the US illegally invaded a sovereign nation, destroyed its infrastructure, committed war crimes against its people, raped its women, pillaged its treasures, and killed hundreds of thousands of non-combatants. The "victors" then set up a kangaroo court and had the country's president hanged on a day that has huge religious significance...akin to hanging the Pope on Good Friday.

That is how it will read in the history books, long after you and I have turned to dust.

Stay tuned.

Adbullah Mustafa
Echo said…
Anonymous above..

Jeezuz, man. Why are you so intent on proving how week and pathetic iraqi resistance and their old leader was? Why's it so important to you to break those who try to speak in defence their country? Its almost like their hitting a nerve in you the minute they speak for the country that they love.

Whats it to you?

You got some major insecurity about your own country that you're so desperate to mask by beating on these people down? Your stinging words say a lot about how little your convinced about your own pathetic nationalism. Grow a pair of balls.
Anonymous said…
judging by the comments made, anon sounds like he is iranian.
Anonymous said…
Exactly, Echo. I thought of the same thing - I think it's because this anonymous 'historian' knows that what is being said is TRUE. And, pathetic that he/she/it is, cannot accept the truth - and the insecurity comes out as barbs.

And, Abdullah, your comments are brilliant, too. These lily-livered cowards could never do anything without the fire support. They are barbarians and WIMPS, every one of them, starting from their chimp-faced leader down to the lowest scum who serves in their despicable military - or should we call it a killing machine? In man-to-man combat, they'd be pulverised before they could blink. And, despite that, they don't feel ashamed to open their filthy mouths. A decent human being would crawl under a rock and hope to die. But we all know that they are not human beings but lower than anything created by God.
Anonymous said…

Layla, Little Deer, and All

If you want some good reading on the bush family and their evil ways look up on, MSN live search type in;

prescott bush indian cheif's head skull and bones

A lot of sites that tells about Chief Geronimo's head being taken from the grave. While your on msn type in;

The Native American Journal

by susan bates the seventh artical down what a family, I told you it runs in his blood.

Little Deer, your e-mail you sent me was good and it shows how bush thinks, as family is as how family was. The bushes, what an evil family.

peace to all
Anonymous said…
Third article on Pan-Arab fascism and Iran
The final article fits in more with the theme of "!فاشهدو". " "Pan-Arabism's Legacy of Confrontation with Iran" by Dr. Kaveh Farrokh is about the vicerally anti-Iranian tendencies of militant, fascist Pan-Arabism. Dr. Farrokh provides an interesting look at the often neglected anti-Iranian racialism that is found in the Pan-Arabism movement. While articles on the anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli, anti-religious, anti-Western/American tendencies of militant Pan-Arabism, there are relatively few on it's sometimes overt anti-Persian/Iranianism. Dr. Farrokh looks at various Pan-Arabist thinkers, among them Michel Aflaq (of the Ba'th), Sami Shawkat and Sati al-Husri. The section on al-Husri is the most interesting. Dr. Farrokh provides an insight into the overt anti-Iranian bigotry that was practiced and advocated by al-Husri (the founder of "Romantic" Arab nationalism, that is, "Arabism" as the result of speaking Arabic). In one anicdone quoted by Dr. Farrokh, Husri interviews a teacher for a post in the Iraqi Ministry of Education in the 1920s:
Anti-Persian thinking can be seen in one of the father's of pan-Arabism, the aforementioned Satia Al-Husri. Of special interest is one of Husri's works entitled "Iranian Teachers who caused Us (Arabs) Big Problems". His campaigns against schools suspected of being positive towards Persia are well documented. One dramatic example is found in the 1920s when the Iraqi Ministry of Education ordered Husri to appoint Muhammad Al-Jawahiri as a teacher in a Baghdad school. A short excerpt of Husri's interview with the teacher is revealing (see Samir El-Khalil's Republic of Fear, New York: Pantheon Books, 1989, p.153-154):
Husri: First, I want to know your nationality.
Jawahiri: I am an Iranian.
Husri: In that case we cannot appoint you.

Dr. Farrokh also discusses a connection between the Pan-Arabism of Michel Aflaq and the Ba'th to the militant Islamism of al-Qaeda, going as far to call Osama bin Laden a "Pan Arabist"
As a non-Muslim, Aflaq's interest (see photo at left) was not in the cultivation of a pan-Islamic identity, but in the promotion of pure pan-Arabism in the spirit of what he called "al-ruh al-Arabiyya" (the Arabian spirit). Faith and love for one's race is the cornerstone of pan-Arabism, as it is with any kind of racial chauvinism. That same "Arab spirit" is what Aflaq relates to "the great deeds (of the Arabs) in the past, and can continue to do so in the present". It is interesting that Aflaq also rejected those Arabs influenced or sympathetic to Western culture; exactly as Bin Laden does today.
Michel Aflaq defined Islam only as "a revolutionary Arab movement whose meaning was the renewal of Arabism" (see Khalil, p.198). It would seem that Aflaq, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, or the Husri and Shawkat clans have chosen to forget one crucial point: Islam (like all great religions), since its inception, went beyond the moronic and barbaric concept of race worship - Islam, like all of the world's great religions (Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Hinduism, etc) rejects racial self-love in favor of the acceptance of others irrespective of race, ethnicity or color - all of mankind are seen as members of one another (to quote the Persian mystic Jalal-e-Din Rumi). As for Islamic civilization, one can again quote Samir al-Khalil (Republic of Fear, p.199-200):
"Arab ethnic hegemony was terminated under the Abbasids, Arabic culture very quickly metamorphosed into a wider Islamic civilization with the peoples of the fertile Crescent - Persians, Turks, Berbers, and Spaniards as well as Jews and Christians…"
Pan-Arabists such as Bin Laden, have perverted religion to further their own truly nefarious pursuits - one can look to many current white supremacists or religious fundamentalists to see the parallels.

Dr. Farrokh then goes on to note the horrible and Nurembourg-esque policies in Ba'thi Iraq:
It was in Saddam Hussein's Iraq where Arab racism attained its most vulgar form, truly on par with the neo-Nazi philosophies of today's white supremacists. A prime example is the tract by Saddam's maternal uncle, Khairallah Tulfah, entitled "Three Whom God Should Not have Created: Persians, Jews and Flies". Tulfah's writings were widely distributed in Iraq during Saddam Hussein's rule. Even more incredible is the following description by Said Aburish (in Saddam Hussein: The Politics of revenge, London: Bloomsbury, 2000, p.123):
"…the (Saddam) government offered 'pure Iraqis' married to anyone with Iranian blood 2500$ reward for anyone divorcing them"
This quote is a chilling reminder of what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930s (e.g. Nuremburg Rally) and the ensuing Nazi 'racial purity' laws against the Jews. Saddam in fact expelled thousands of people of Persian origin from Iraq in the 1970s, many of whom live in Iran today. Although not generally known, up to a third of Baghdad's population may have been Persian-speaking by the early twentieth century. Decades of sustained anti-Iranian propaganda certainly has had its effect in destroying Iraq's vibrant Persian community. The Kurds, an Iranian people like the Persians, have certainly felt the violent brunt of pan-Arabism. The tragedies of Saddam's gassing policies (i.e. Halabja) and the forceful expulsion of Kurds in favor of Arab settlers in Iraqi Kurdistan is so well known and documented that we need not pontificate further on this issue.

This article is one of the best critiques of fascist Arabist thinking that I have read. What makes it so great is not simply that it exposes the racism of Pan-Arab fascism, it exposes it from the point of view of those who it was aimed at. And, at no point does Dr. Farrokh make his people (ie Iranians) hapless victoms. In fact he recognizes the flaws of the Persians in his introductory paragraphs:
Before we engage in this relatively long discussion of pan-Arabism and Arab chauvinism, let us (Iranians) remind ourselves, that we too have our faults and are not perfect. In fact, I have always found the attitudes of a number of Iranians against Arabs embarrassing and unfair. Nevertheless, I also find the hostile anti-Iranian attitudes and actions of the pan-Arabists shocking (you will read some of these in this commentary). As you read this article, please balance your feelings with how many of us Iranians are also embarresingly chauvinist, with cultural expressions such as "uncouth Arab" or "Lizard eaters". Undoubtedly, Iranians of all stripes are offended at the "Arab Gulf" scandal, not to mention pan-Arabist attempts at fomenting Arab racism against Iranians. A powerful distinction must be made between people who project ignorance and hatred, versus Arabs as a whole, who, in my opinion (and by personal experience), are kind, compassionate, intelligent, and resourceful.

This creates an article that is not sanctimonious as many articles critiquing the Arabs are, particularly those written by Americans, Europeans and Israelis who when compared to Iranians or Kurds cannot fully grasp the kind of alienation and pain that is caused by fascist Pan-Arab militancy. These are often written by those who cannot fully understand the way in which the Arab fascists have perverted Islam and other religions, because it is not their own. They may speculate, they may read of it as in travel books, but they cannot truely know it head on. Even some Arab critics are those who look at Arab fascism from abroad. A prime example is Berry Rubin. Rubin makes many, valid points on the status of Arab affairs, but he cannot truely know it as he does not have the Arab experience under this fascism, nor is he a true target. While Israelis may feel they are targets of Pan-Arab fascism, there are few Israelis who have been bathed in chemical juices, or burned alive by Arab fascist forces, and Israeli wars with the Arabs were almost always short and they were usually quickly won. In addition, Israelis have suffered the least casualities in both Intifadahs and have not had to live in the Palestinian territories unless they wanted to move there. Indeed, the Israelis ruled these Arab territories like the Arab fascists did their own countries for many years, by military edict. So, to hear a voice from those who have been subject to Arab fascism and the perversion of the Arab Nation is refeshing. To hear from the prospective of the Iranian side of the Arab-Iranian conflict is better than hearing from Westerners about the evils of Arabism (pre-Cedar Arabism at least) while they neglect the support of it's most disgusting and perverse actions (which Dr. Farrokh talks about in some detail) by their own governments! The fact that Iraqi Ba'thi fascism was openly supported by the USSR, the United States of America, Western Europe, and most of the rest of the world, and that this fact is ignored by most historians, or if it is recognized, is downplayed is appauling. Dr. Farrokh also talks about the arrogance of the Ba'thi regime and it's sucess in gaining Arab support:
The Saddam regime believed that they would win the war in less than 2 weeks. Instead of a lighting victory, the Iraqis and the Arab world became bogged down for eight years in a wasteful, useless and inconclusive war against Iran. This was a war with no winner, millions of lives were lost and billions of dollars worth of damage was inflicted upon the national infrastructures of Iran and Iraq. Arab volunteers streamed from the entire Arab world to fight against what Saddam Hussein called the "fire worshipping Magi of Persia" (in reference to Iran's Zoroastrian past). Arab volunteers included Sudanese, Egyptians, Morrocans, Syrians, Jordanians, Yemenis, Algerians, Lebanese and Palestenians.

The Doctor then goes on to note (quite astutely) that:
Never in modern Arab history have the Arabs shown such long-term zeal, persistence, enthusiasm and unity against a common foe. It is fortunate for the western world and Israel that the Arabs have never been as persistently unified against them as they have been against Iran.

In discussing the horror and waste of the Iran-Iraq War, Dr. Farrokh also exposes the weakness in the flimsy claims upon which the Ba'thi Fascists based their claim to "Arabistan":
Saddam's invasion also aimed at permanently severing Iran's Khuzistan's province from Iran. Pan-Arabists have long claimed Iran's southwest Khuzistan region as a "lost" Arab province, requiring "liberation" from the "racist Persians". It is true that Iran's multi-ethnic mosaic includes Arabs in Khuzistan as well as the Persian Gulf coast. Nevertheless, Khuzistan has been Iranian since the days of the founding of the Medes and the Persians. This is the region of ancient Elam (an Elamo-Dravidian people) and was also known as Persis by the Greeks. Arab migrations into southwest Persia can be traced to the time of Shapur II (309-379 AD).
The Sassanians settled many Arabs inside Iran as a buffer against other marauding Arabs of the Arabian deserts. The Lakhmid Arabs were very loyal to the crown of Persia, and proved excellent warriors for the Sassanian army - a prime example is their role in support of Sassanian general Azarethes' Savaran (elite cavalry) at Callinicum in 531. At Callinicum, the Lakhmid leader Al-Mundhir supported the Savaran's left wing, an action which helped defeat the Romano-Byzantine general Belisarius - in AD. Khuzistanis can be described in a variety of ways: Arab speaking Iranians, Iranisized Arabs, Iranian-Arabs, etc. The fact remains that Khuzistan has been an integral part of Persia since antiquity.

Indeed, the Kuzistan Arabs resisted the Iraqi invasion similar to almost all other Iranians. Dr. Farrokh's article is one that should be read by anyone who wants to get a full picture of the trechery of fascist Pan-Arabism, inconjunction with other works on the subject by Westerners, Arabs etc. as well as the writings of the fascists themselves.
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