And the Truth shall set you Free...

Condi Rice , yesterday in an interview , said that American "investment" in Iraq was worth it in terms of lives and dollars. An eerie reminiscence of M.Albright famous quote "The price was well worth it." Chilling !
But I really need to laugh out loud here...
What an amazing people !
You have been royally defeated . It is as clear as day light.
Yet you are adamant about hanging in there. Just a little bit more , just a little longer.
Send more troops, send more mercenaries, pump more of "our" petrodollars in - You are still defeated.
Torture, rape, steal, kill, massacre - You are still defeated.
The writing is on the wall . What is it about D.E.F.E.A.T you can't understand?
The beast in his last throes , struggling for breath ?
Let me laugh some more...

It is not simply a question of saving face. This is only one level of the Truth.
It is not only about Oil . You are so hooked on the Oil theory, you will be drinking the damn thing soon.
It is not only about geo-strategy and military bases.
It is not only about Eretz Israel whose ugly face is out there for all to see.
It goes deeper than all the above. Way deeper.
Do you want to know what it is all about ?
I will tell you but sit still and don't freak out .
It is the agony of realizing that a "Third world", "Arab", "majority Muslim" country has managed to pierce the Beast with it's deadly rudimentary arrows.
The Beast is now trapped like a bull in a Corrida, giving its final kicks before falling to the ground, inert.

The Message to you is very simple - you can't win this one.You will never be able to win this one.
You, the Empire. You, the mightiest power on earth. You, with the most efficient arsenal in the world - can't win this one.
And We, "simple" people , with basic ammunitions , with basic tactics and with "basic understanding" have skillfully outmanoeuvred you.
Let me laugh some more ...

Sure, your weapons are powerful. Sure you have the "best" strategists. Sure you are very "sophisticated" with your computers, power point slides, news conferences and propaganda machine. And We, the "simple ones" have none of that.
We are a "faceless, dusty, poor, badly dressed, rugged looking,unshaven lot."
We speak bad English and make mistakes when we utter something out. Our color and our accent don't fit.
We have none of the technology you possess. We don't even have the right figthing gear nor the right attire.
We don't have three meals a day in a canteen. We fast when we find nothing to eat.
But We possess many things that you don't.
We viscerally belong to this Land. We can trace our genealogy back milleniums.
We have vision like eagles and are unafraid of staring at the sun. We befriended Death and overcame it. Thanks to you.
And because of you , We lost everything, there is nothing to fear losing anymore.
We have become detached from material gains, we have reached plenitude in Nothingness.
Your dehumanizing us served us well. You reverted to us our archaic intuition, our guts are our radars and our instincts our protective shield. We have even developed our sense of smell like wolves, like lions, and we can trace you miles away.
You want to chase us some more, hunt us down ? We will meet you at every corner in the Jungle you created.
We will sprout again, like some bad weed, like some wild flower. You will never succeed in plucking us out, nor in uprooting us. Our roots go back centuries, beyond time,beyond your "modernity." Our roots are as old as Creation.
We are aware that History can be cruel in the short run, but in the long run it is most merciful.
You turned us into Warriors and you are nothing but paid soldiers.
This is something you can't grasp or understand despite all your purported "intelligence."
You see, We have truth on our side and Justice sitting next to her.
These are non measurable, non quantifiable. These are not "things" that you can pack and take away with you when you leave. Because leave you will. This is our promise to you.
We will even give you candies and roses on your way out.
Our Truth shall set you free . And We shall laugh some more...

Nota Bene: A special Thank you to : the Iraqi Resistance, Gabriele Zamparini and Zig - for their different forms of courage and dedication and to ..........condi rice (lol) for having inspired me on this one.

Painting : Iraqi Artist, Dia Al Azzawi


Anonymous said…
Layla, 'tis true that the Americans have been fucked in the ass. But does it matter? We are doing a far better job of fucking ourselves in the ass as well
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Anonymous,

Would you care to elaborate on who the "WE" you refer to is ?
arabeducoin said…
Arabs, I guess. Arabs in Palestine, Lebanon, and now Iraq. Arabs are spilling the blood of other Arabs. Jews stand up for each other, that is where their power comes from. With us, its either dictators of civil wars.

In short, we need to stop victimizing ourselves and collectively kick some ass.
Layla Anwar said…

We are kicking ass big time within the limits of the humanly possible.
The fact that govts are not backing makes it all the more challenging and all the more ...Virtuous.
Leave your cynicism behind and join us in spirit.
arabeducoin said…
Its 6 AM in Beirut, I see the first rays of the rising sun. Cynicism, What?
Layla Anwar said…
Take you first rays of the rising sun as an OMEN... Catch you around the corner soon.
datta said…
Wondrously beautiful and brilliant Layla.
Anonymous said…
Isn't it ironical how "the land of the free" will actually be liberated by THE LAND OF THE TRUTH.

Thanks again my dear Layla for yet another great post.
Layla Anwar said…
T - very well said !
Anonymous said…
All this is much bigger than anyone of us can ever imagine..A new world order is comming and unfortunately you have been caught in the middle...your country is only the beginning...Money money money and control over all of us is our fate...Those in control use us all as expendable cannon fodder to accomplish their true objective...war is money...what if everyone just stopped fighting...what does war accomplish? absolutely nothing! Bottom line it's all about money and power and we as people must die to satisfy others greed? Doesn't matter who started all this! it has to come to an end or we are all in trouble!
Anonymous said…
I believe the goal is enrichment of elite corporate money brokers. The USA is bankrupt and my fellow citizens will be in a bind soon because of the spending on this war, not to mention the negative karma of killing, raping, stealing for profit. The leaders do not care about Iraq or America. They only care about their own $$$.
Anonymous said…
This sick country (USA) that I live in is just doing what it has always done in the name of our marvelous god of power and greed: enslave, torture, rape, corrupt and exploit other peoples. I cannot think of one good positive thing in the past two hundred years that we have done that has been of a constructive influence in this world. Just the resources (the billions of dollars and the lives of human beings that we have wasted in the past three years alone could have been utilized to help eradicate hunger, disease and deplorable living conditions in the world; instead, we have created MORE hunger, disease, deprivation, hate and social turmoil and DEATH (perhaps more than a million in the last 15 years boggles the mind) in your region, Layla Anwar. I am sorry for this, but as I said, we are a sick nation for today we celebrate Christmas with good will towards all men/women (have we not brought freedom and democracy to your world, Layla??????) Hypocrisy is US.
Anonymous said…
It's population control. Poor, low class Americans & your people. The 'powers that be' care for none, but their own kind. Those of us that have not allowed the brainwashing to overcome us can see. WE ARE DESTROYING OURSELVES. May those who choose love & humility be protected until they have completed their purpose. Peace to all who choose the light.
Anonymous said…
Layla, you wrote ...

Sure you have the "best" strategists.

No, actually, we don't! The US Army is at least two paradigm shifts behind the insurgency and it always was.

Of course, having great geniuses like W and Rummy in control didn't help any.

You can go into a war with the most advanced military thinkers in the world in your corner. Which we didn't have, by the way. The US Army took pains to run these right out of the service. Look into John Boyd's career some time. But if your civilian supreme commander and all the military advisers he will listen to are hopeless Cool Aid addicts, not only are you going to lose, but your army is going to be broken in the process.

This isn't the first time this has happened.

And something very similar is happening to Israel right now.

This war never would have happened if the USA were actually a democracy.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your little articles. I was wondering if there was any sanity left in the world. I have linked two of your posts to my own Web site.
Anonymous said…
Syria & Iran are united because they share a common perspective "Israel does not have a right to exist as a state". The Muslim world should learn from this unity amongst sunni & shi3a. This conflict runs deeper; Iraqis need to learn of the history concerning the imperial colonisation of the kingdoms of Africa you will find there is a lot of contemporary relevence because they attempted to divide the people & conquer same as iraq. Layla you have been brainwashed try & understand the psychological warfare & stop acting as an unconsiouse satelite for the US because your article are dividing the muslim world when we are supposed to be creatiing unity & love for eachother. If this does not happen iraq will burn within the hands of the occupiers.

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