A Minaret in Switzerland .

My friend H who lives in Zurich sent me this piece of news today .
In Switzerland , a supposedly direct " grass root democracy," a "center" party is preparing a cantonal/federal bill opposing the construction of any minaret attached to a mosque.
The reasons forwarded by this " center party "are that the : " Islamic culture is totally incompatible with Western culture " and " Islam and muslims are an aggressive , expansionist force that have no place in our territory ".
Hence , the minaret a symbol of Islam's call to prayer is about to be banned in the future and the edifying of any mosque will have to be done without it.

Do you think this might be Anti-Semitic by any chance ? Let us go and ask Herr. Goldstein whom I believe is an active member there and hear what he has to tell us .


M. Shahin said…
Democracy has become mostly an word these days in so called democratic countries.

America is a prime example. The US government wants regime changes in Iran, when Ahmadinejad was democractically elected.

A minaret is somehow threatening? It is more like the world is out to destroy any visible form of religion.
Layla Anwar said…
Not any religion . Islam in particular.
M. Shahin said…
Anonymous said…
i can see you and "m. shahin" were on your way to a beautiful friendship

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