Headless in Baghdad

I had just finished paying for my coffee when my eye caught sight of an old newspaper, left behind, resting on a chair waiting to be picked up . I felt maybe some omen from the Gods is in store for me . I took it , stuffed it in my handbag and left the place quickly like some thief running away with stolen goods .
Days passed and the newspaper sat there , staring at me . I finally acknowledged it .
I nonchalantly flicked through it . So far nothing special, same stuff you read daily ...
The repetitive news that no longer affect us - 35 dead in Iraq , 7 killed in Afghanistan , 10 shot in Gaza - you now the usual ....
But page 2 was different . Right at the bottom of the already yellowed paper was the long awaited sign from the Gods ....
It read : "One of the most important treasures stolen in the ransacking of Iraq's national museum three years ago has been recovered ..." .
The recovered piece was one of the oldest archeological pieces over 4'400 years old - a statue of the Sumerian King Entemena of Lagash from Ur .
Our king had been taken across borders , through Jordan, Syria, Italy, the Netherlands, and miraculously landed in Washington .

The Departments of Antiquities worldwide rejoiced . Our king returned to the land of the Tigris and Euphrates . Even the Director of the Iraqi Antiquities museum is beaming with joy .
He said " I shall wall him off so no one can steal him again ..."
They even took a photo of King Entemena . Standing majestically , his hands crossed against his chest .
I smiled , finally a good piece of news . That was until I took one hard look at the picture . Our king from Ur had no head .... He is back in Baghdad ...headless .

I ripped the newspaper angrily . I am not even allowed to rejoice a little for recuperating tid bits of my own history . Of course he had to be headless . How could I forget that .
Gods of Sumer , anymore omens in store ?


Anonymous said…
it must've been very hard writing and no one replying.......i found the story amusing though
Kosta said…
I remember when news of Irak's museum lootings first came to us in Australia.
ebay was doing a thriving trade in 'cylinder seals' among other antiquities shortly thereafter, and many seemed to be offered from America...

My understanding is that Israel is also an important part of the black market trade.

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