Tehran in Baghdad

In my previous post I asked what is worse - the US occupation or the Iranian one. I replied that it's the combo of both. I changed my mind. What is worse than the US occupation is the Iranian occupation. The latter infiltrates the FABRIC of society on many levels and is longer term,  the Americans on the other hand are too white for their own good. They can't pass incognito....they just let the Iranians do their dirty work....

A few headlines in Arabic that I will translate for you (they can be checked here )

- Iyad Allawi strongly condemns Iranian (and other ) interference in Iraq's political scene and its trying to impose its will in Iraqi affairs - Oh poor Mr.Allawi, did you just wake up to that fact now ?!

- an INA delegation led by prominent figures (Chalabi and Co.) begin its Arab tour starting with Damascus -- the heart of "the Arabic Baath" as the Syrians like to call themselves (of course where else !)

- Iran seeking to unify State of Law Coalition and INA (Iraqi National Alliance i.e Ahmed Chalabi, Sadr and Hakeem) - consider it done...

- Maliki's state of Law coalition with Iranian efforts is aiming for a broad coalition of the Kurdish and Shiite parties - done deal with the full blessings of the Americans.

What would it take for anyone to understand that erasing the Semitic and Arabi dentity of Iraq is the ultimate aim ? And by Semitic, I am also referring to its historical dimension....but then I know that 99% of you understand zilch. Hopeless.

Addendum : And I just received this mail from an Australian garbage. I will withhold his full name, not because I want to protect his anonymity - oh no, but because I don't want to advertise for garbage. But there will come a day where ALL will be revealed...

"Are you a betting woman ? 
$10 and an option on your body says the US and Israel will attack Iran soon and the US, Iran and Israel will all be seriously harmed by the war. Your Iranian-US-Zionist conspiracy theory is only half right, as long as it suited them all. Having served its purpose in Iraq, Iran has to go now."
My reply to this piece of  Australian shit : Go place your dirty bets on the whores of your country.

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