March 21, 2008

Saddam definitely lives on...

Americans are a funny idiotic bunch who keep sabotaging themselves with their obvious, desperate -- very desperate attempts at more propaganda. They crown their propaganda with lies, fallacies, myths and made up figures that they sell as facts.
Do not be fooled by them.
Take for instance my last post on the former "Dictatorship"
Not once have I mentioned the great martyr and hero Saddam Hussein, the legitimate President of sovereign Iraq, without those filthy propaganda rats and supporters of murder and genocide, without these American nazis, crawling on my blog like some roaches out from their stenchy American sewers...

These rodents are all working for the CIA, the Pentagon, the Army, and the State Dept. Some of them served in Iraq, others are working for the White house.
Their names are

Jeffrey Shuster
CHMAR = Hmar means Donkey in Arabic
MisterGhost (even though this one seems the least bad of the whole lot)

The above "core group" are from Iraqi Bloggers Central. Their job is to monitor and supervise every Iraqi blogger around and to REPORT what they read.

Add to them, Greg from the USA, Programmer graig, Maury, Lynette from Minesotta,and a few other morons namely -- Anand the Hindu fascist.

And add to the above, the "Iraqis", such as Iraq the Model, Iraqimojo, Gilgamesh and a few other sell out ass kissers...and some are just hoping for a green card and a certificate of good political behavior from the above nazis.

Pay no attention to these falsifiers of Truth, pay no attention to these genocidal maniacs who cheer on the Iraqi Holocaust.

They just prove to you, that five years on, Saddam is very much alive...
They just prove to you that five years on, the real facts on the ground, speak for themselves...