March 9, 2008

From the "Weaker Sex"

I've stopped celebrating the 8th of March a few years ago...already.

A few years ago, my so called "feminist male" friends, would drop by and offer a bouquet of flowers or send a few words of solidarity and undying devotion to the female cause...

Most of these guys were what you can consider on the left of the political spectrum.
And oh they were so good with words...We'd discuss till the early morning hours about dialectics, materialism, patriarchy and the permanent revolution...I was very touched by this overt demonstration of friendship and trust, until...

Until I heard that a good number of these guys supposedly on the left to the very left, some considered themselves hardcore marxists, others trotskyists, others oh so progressive...until some of these leftists voted for Muqtada Al-Sadr, Allawi, Al-Hakeem, supporting the occupation...

Have you ever heard of a die hard communist become a sadrist, a folllower of a would be mullah whose men are renowned for raping, drilling and mutilating women ?

Have you ever heard of a marxist supporting the butcher Allawi, responsible for collaborating with the American psychopaths who burned the women of Fallujah with napalm?

Have you ever heard of a leftie singing the praises of Ayatollah Khomeini and his Quds brigades of which the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution of Iraq aka the SCII of the Badr Brigades is an offshoot, responsible for burning nawasib women alive just because they are sunnis ?

And do you think it stops there ? Go beyond Iraq and have a hard look at the Arab leftist men and you will see the same... You will see them supporting the most backward retrograde political movements parading as "anti imperialist", the most backward and fascist movements when it comes to women...such as the supporters of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran...

Now extend all of the above to encompass the Western left then add the Arab feminists and Western feminists and you will get a full picture of what has happened and is happening to the women of Iraq...

So seeing all this disgusting political hypocrisy, I declare the 8th of March a day of mourning, a day of mourning for the women of Iraq.

In other words you can stuff your 8th of March celebrations, up, way up...

I, off course, hate the American occupation which is ultimately responsible for the current predicament Iraqi women find themselves in.

I also hold all accomplices on the right end of the political spectrum equally responsible...

But nothing, absolutely nothing, beats my utter contempt for the left in general including the anti-war clowns and in particular leftist Arab men...

I know where I stand with the current all male Islamist discourse, I know where I stand vis-a- vis Zionism, I know where I stand vis-a-vis the neo cons and democrats alike but the worst of the worst is the Left...They are an insidious cancerous disease, in sheep's skin, in dove's feathers....they are an abomination and in particular leftist Arab men...

Their total lack of a clear principled stand, their manipulative propaganda, their support for fascist movements in the name of anti-imperialism, make them in my eyes a hundred times worse than an open ended occupation.

Foreign occupations do not last, they will ALL eventually be vanquished, but what do you do with the enemy within your own ranks ?

What do you do with the communist who has turned into a sectarian driller ? What do you do with the progressive who rapes? What do you do with the pan Arabist who supports the Hezbollahs and the mullahs of this world ? What do you do with him short of banishing him into political and physical oblivion ?

What do you do with these political whores pretending to be men?

What will you tell Amal who was gang raped by the sectarian militias and tortured ?

What will you tell Dr.Farida who is sweeping floors in Damascus?

What will you tell Umm Zayd who witnessed her own daughter burned alive in front of her eyes by Hezbollah Iraq ?

What will you tell Aisha who found her sister raped, mutilated in her genitals and dumped in a street by the Sadr militias?

What will you tell Afaf who was raped and tortured by the Badr Brigades of your "anti Imperialist Iran"

What will you tell Sawsan who is barely 16, forced to prostitute herself ?

What will you tell Dalal, a professor, who has taken to begging in the streets?

What will you tell us women who lost our husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers, sisters, mothers, aunts, children, and forced into exile with no income and no right to work, with no health care, and having to fend for whole families, alone ?

You bastards of Arab men, you leftists of my butt, what will you tell us on the 8th of March ?

What will you offer us you disgusting, depraved, decadent lot ?

I do not address the Americans, I do not consider them to be human beings...
And I considered you human but I was wrong.

You are full of hot air, full of shit, full of bravado words, and you turned out to be nothing but a bunch of cowardly eunuchs...

Be my guests -- shove your political theories, concepts, analysis, articles, conferences, congresses, parties, poetry, prose, slogans, jargons...up your collective asses.

None of you are fit to rule anything or are nothing but political prostitutes who will surrender to the most flashy pimp du jour...

And this is what I offer you ,on the 8th of March, you proselyted, ideological harlots.

Go to hell, all of you.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.