Clips of Liberation

This is your fucking Freedom and your fucking Liberation. You think am vulgar ? Good.

But --nothing matches your vulgarity, hypocrisy, racism, hatred and sheer evilness... Watch this and see what a despicable, depraved, repugnant lot you are.

To hell with you America -- to the farthest pits of Hell.

Thank you M for the video link.

youtube video : By Iraqstar. 16th March 2008


Dalaiama said…
Hello Layla Anwar!
I've just discovered your blog and liked it very much. Since always I am against to this criminal invasion for oil. I am sorry for the american arrogance, I am sorry for the suffering brought to Iraqi people.
I admire your courage and I wish you and all the muslims all the best.
Angel said…

That is possibly the worst clip I have seen. It's absolutely disgusting. And, yes I am crying.

How can the US possibly support their soldiers behaviour. They are absolute filfth.

Bush is head of his army. HE SOULD BE TRIED FOR HIS WAR CRIMES.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

Thank you. Just when you think you've seen all the horror, something else crops up.

I guess you'll now have the Gregs, Emily, American woman scum crawling on this site trying to 'justify' this - most likely, they will say the Iraqis provoked these bastards. You (scum which crawls on this site) need to know that you have no business being in/on IRAQI land, you thieves and criminals, murderers of the highest order. You are a fallen race, with no morals or principles.And DON'T use President Saddam Hussein as an excuse - he was NO threat to the stolen land you live on.

When will these excuses for human beings accept that Iraq is an OCCUPIED country by THEM and that the entire world HATES the USans? And that they are totally responsible for EVERYTHING that's happened/happening in Iraq?

So, those of you who may decide to deride Layla, as you have been doing, try to remember (if your deranged minds can think), that it's not just the Arab world (as you like to believe) that HATES AND DESPISES you - justice loving people the world over have seen you in your ugly nakedness, and when the day comes, as it surely will, when you kiss the dust, there will be JOY in all corners of this Earth which the rest of the world is doomed to share with you. One wants to use all the expletives to address you, but we also know that these words are standard vocabulary in your language so it would make no impact.

In solidarity, Layla. My heart just aches for these families - and the countless others whose abuse/murder has not been documented.
Anonymous said…
After months of cluttering the comments section of Layla blog, I decided it was time to start a blog of my own. Thanks, Layla, for the inspiration! Of course, this doesn't mean that I won't continue to clutter your blog comments pages. Please see my new blog at: I'm still coming to grips with the technology, so it might be a bit rough around the edges for a while.
Anonymous said…
Whoops, my first technical hitch. The URL to my new blog is:
Anonymous said…
Since when were men (particularly murderers and rapists) allowed to frisk young girls? Where is the CONVENTIONS OF THE RIGHTS OF A CHILD? Or are these rights selectively applied?

Damn you, murderers and rapists. Abusers of innocent women and children - bastards. Curse the day you were born, each one of you.
Anonymous said…
To Bluegum:

Well done! Just visited your site. Keep up the good work of spreading the Truth, Bluegum - thank you.

Will be visiting you often, too!

In solidarity
Angel said…
Little Deer

"Since when were men (particularly murderers and rapists) allowed to frisk young girls? Where is the CONVENTIONS OF THE RIGHTS OF A CHILD? Or are these rights selectively applied"

Well said. Perverted sicko's.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Angel. When I'd posted the above comments, I hadn't yet seen the end of the video, Angel. Internet has been pretty slow here. I cannot express to you what I am feeling after seeing the RAPE of the innocent Iraqi lady, and the MURDER of her family. All the while, seeing these things that surely God didn't create, shouting about WMD...

Above all, we should hold the MOTHERS of these monsters accountable (every one of them who is present in Iraq) as they are ultimately responsible for these ghouls. Total, total failures, the USan filthy race.

Oh Angel, Layla...I am devastated.

In solidarity
Tate said…
Beware. The video might be fake.

How did the camera get in the car? If it was an Iraqi video in the car, who took control of it and spliced it onto the anti-US video?

I don't say that this video is fake. I say that without a doubt the CIA and other pro-war groups have funds to make what is called "straw man" arguments. So for example, let's assume this video is fake for a minute. And then let's assume that a bunch of people demand an investigation. And after some time and lots of heated debate, we come to find that the video is an obvious fake.

Hey, I hate this war and the crimes of the US. The empire must fall. But beware... the falling demon has many tricks up his sleeve.

I am sure that this stuff happens and even far worse. But I would like to see some confirmation that this is real. Emotions aside, is the video real or fake? Simple question.
Anonymous said…
Arkbuilder, are you out of your mind? Are we now supposed to question what our EYES have witnessed? Please don't reduce this to pure emotions. Of course, the barbarians will find every reason to discredit this video and claim that it's false - like every LIE that's been told about Iraq.

It could well have been an Iraqi who filmed this - very much like the Iraqi soldier who went ahead and killed two USans after he had witnessed the abuse of a pregnant Iraqi lady.

Besides, pro-war groups and their 'investigations' (which don't carry a grain of truth, anyway) would not want to discredit their own, would they? For the sake of just discrediting this video? Come on...

Your reasoning does not carry any weight, Arkbuilder.
Angel said…
Little Deer

I am devastated also. I find it hard to believe that Americans can do this. or anybody for that matter.

It is a perverted way of doing things.

If this was done in the USA, they would be charged with paedophillia.
Anonymous said…
Yes, Angel, except that I am not finding it difficult to believe that USans are capable of this - Abu Ghraib and so many other incidents have confirmed the barbarity of this nation. So this does not surprise me at all.

What DOES surprise me is that, despite all the incontrovertible EVIDENCE before the entire world, that these animals (forgive me, real animals, because real animals aren't like this) GET AWAY WITH IT. What's happened to all the institutions which claim to stand for Justice - Amnesty International, Human Rights Institutions, all the Human and Child Right Instruments? It seems to me that all these either no longer mean anything or that their use and their stand is selective. It's already beyond doubt that the UN is a total failure.

The USans have taken our entire planet down the road of barbarism, where, today, right is wrong, and wrong is right. One cannot even refer to all this as the 'law of the jungle' because even the jungle has 'laws' observed by animals living in the wild.

Our only hope is that, when these animals go back, they will continue with this among their own. It's only then that the USans will realise what they have released into Iraq and elsewhere outside their shores. By then, it will be too late, and, I believe the entire world will unanimously say: SERVES THEM RIGHT.

I cannot get this video out of my mind - it keeps going on and on in slow motion.

In solidarity.

P.S. There's a loud absence of comments on this particular post - the usual Gregs and Emilys and others. They're usually very quick to attack Layla on all sorts of pretexts. What's happened today? Cowards and liars.
Anonymous said…
Please show me one pro-American occupation/invasion thing I have ever said Little Deer and you will never see me here again.

Since I have had relatives killed by American soldiers it's brings me to more than tears to see something like this. So fuck you and you accusations.
Anonymous said…
Rinse your mouth with soap, Emily, or better still, with acid.
Anonymous said…
Can't come up with anything I said I see...I didn't think so...
Anonymous said…
Emily, do you honestly believe I am going to WASTE my time trying to check out what you said and what you didn't? Your comments on past articles are sufficient to indicate that you are a fraud - always busy trying to find out who Layla is in order to disprove her, which had absolutely nothing to do with the content of her articles. If you are REALLY to be believed now, you would never have taken the stand you did - be consistent, madam.

Please continue with your investigation - it MAY prove fruitful and you may suddenly come up on Layla (which is what you want, right?) - your being here or not being here is entire up to our brilliant hostess.

Sorry, Layla, I don't have the patience with fickleness, not to mention (childish) petulance.
Anonymous said…
The only appropriate "comment" to the bestiality in the video is a torrential rain of those nice little metal objects that pierce through sub-human empty chests and skulls.

Anonymous said…
But it's easy to accuse someone of something they didn't. You are not worth the trouble you lying little girl.

Long Live a FREE IRAQ
Anonymous said…

I was a combat medic with the 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry of the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam and I am totally shocked by these videos. During my tour, I never did see such barbaric acts committed by my fellow soldiers against civilians nor against prisoners of war that we captured. It is better that the Iraqi resistance kill these sick bastards than have them come back to America, even though we deserve whatever evil they are capable of producing. I am truly sorry for what my country is doing to yours and am doing all I can to stop it and see that those responsible are held accountable for these war crimes and acts of barbarity against ordinary citizens.
Angel said…
Brace yourself, this is what I got from another site. Little Deer, do you have time to investigate? I am back at work tomorrow, after my 4 and a half weeks off, so need to get some shuteye.

"They are actors. They have names. Eric Anderson, Reno Flake, Rob Devaney . . . from California
These scenes are from Brian De Palma's 2007 movie "Redacted"The film was documentary style on didital video,and shot in 18 days and visits the thems of Casualties of War where the rape of a Vietnamese farm gill by US troops"

De Palma's same line is apparently recycled for another war.

If it is recycled, and it is a movie, what sort of sick people make that stuff?
Angel said…
I also meant to say, that IF this is truly a movie, and someone has used it for propaganda, they should be ashamed of themselves. I was absolutely distraught after seeing that, as were most.

It is in league with "In the Shadow of the Palms", which was real footage.
Layla Anwar said…

I'm sorry will not be able to reply to each comment right now.



Suffice to read ALL the testimonies (I did) and watch ALL the videos from WINTER SOLDIERS -- (check for all the articles and follow links) --to realize that this film is a VERY ACCURATE ACCOUNT OF BITS ONLY OF THE AMERICAN OCCUPATION.

Add to the above the testimonies of Iraqi witnesses, torture, rape viticms, and every ordinary Iraqi living daily under the American occupation and you will realize that this film is NOT ONLY ACCURATE BUT DOES NOT EVEN SHOW 10%what has happened and is happening.

I can't go through each single experience I've witnessed, read, heard, etc....but this video is VERY TRUE.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Emily said...
"Long Live a FREE IRAQ"

Yes, honeypuss, free from the occupiers AND free from their best friends the anti-Iraqi nationalist Propaganda regurgitators such as yourself.
Anonymous said…
Hello Layla.

Long time no see...

I have not been able to find anything about the Iraqi author of that treatise "Trilogy of Self" yet.

Have you ?

Keep up the excellent work.

Anonymous said…
To Angel: Layla has commented on this video, and I am convinced that it is genuine, although it is a spliced version of several incidents. Angel, we need to be aware that there will be many sources which will now come up to say that it is a 'film' or something else; all lies, lies, lies, and everything about Iraq has been one big LIE. Remember the massive denial about the Abu Ghraib pictures and the world later learnt that these pictures were just the tip of the iceberg?

And, yes, this video corroborates real life experiences of many Iraqis - we've read testimonies of rape (from brave women who stood above cultural stigma to tell the world); torture at the hands of USans and the HELL that they have turned Iraq into. Remember dear little Abeer who was raped and then killed together with her entire family?

Thank you, Layla - there's isn't an iota of doubt both about the video and what you have to say - yes, I know there'll now be a few here who will call me Layla's lapdog, and I don't care, as long as I stand on the side of the Truth. Name calling seems to be the order of the day and so be it - if only this infantile behaviour could be directed towards those who truly commit crimes as well.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Am very glad westerners are distraught at seeing the actions of their own ilk...

It's about time. Seems I write and write and when faced with real pictures,,,everyone goes OH NO that can't be true.

Duplicity is the name of your game.
Anonymous said…
You're not Layla's lapdog, you're her friend.

Lucky you...
Anonymous said…
Somebody who loves Layla: Thank you. After viewing this horrendous video, today has been a really awful day - so your comment has brought on a smile :)

You can be her friend, too, s.w.l.L.! It's not difficult!

Layla, I apologise for having monopolised this section today - it's just that I am pretty shattered with what I've seen - although I know only too well that this is the grim reality in Iraq.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
What a crock.

Is this video real? WARNING: GRAPHIC

This is the sort of thing Layla dreams of doing to the Americans.

I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I have been through terrible screaming pain and only God helped me through it. Anyone who has suffered such terrible pain can understand.

Layla, your suffering is an illusion created by your hatred.

Layla, you are more fake than the video you posted.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
That should be "furthest", Dreary, not "farthest". Please try and get it right?

Happy Easter to you too.
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much for your efforts. I have seen this Video Clip about what Americans are doing in Iraq. Looks that is their daily activities.

I published your link in some Yahoo Groups.

My regards and May God save you.

Anonymous said…
Dear Leila,

I posted a comment on your blog few days ago, I don't know weither you received it or not (a french female journalist just arrived in baghdad and interested in doing a story on iraqi female's everyday life).
I give you my iraqi number, in case you would be interested in helping me: 07808988831.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Anonymous said…
Maria, I thought you had said your name was Manon ???

Do you need a Zyprexa by any chance ? LOL
Anonymous said…
Maria aka Manon must think that people on this site are dumb, just like she is, nuthouse nurse!

By the way, that isn't even an Iraq number, just by looking at it!!!
Layla Anwar said…

I have no time to provide links because you happen to be lazy. You do it if you want the truth.

Peruse for more truths

Search youtube and type Iraq, children, torture, rape for even more truths.

I will continue denouncing you.
Layla Anwar said…
somebody who loves,

What are you trying to say exactly?I don't even know you to dislike you...
Layla Anwar said…
Maria, Manon,

Once you decide on a name for a journalist, contact
Layla Anwar said…

Good luck with your work.
Layla Anwar said…

thank you for visiting, for your comment and words of solidarity.
Layla Anwar said…
little deer,

hiya, thanks for your offer for editing. If you still want to give me a hand and if you have links to testimonies, kindly link here -- so revisionists of the iraqi genocide can shut their gobs once and for all.
Bless you.
Layla Anwar said…

I don't understand you anymore...will not say more.
Layla Anwar said…

Why furthest and not farthest ?
And are you from the Shakesperian academy of the English language?
And the day you will be fluent in my language -- Arabic, then will I permit you to correct me.
Happy easter to you too dreary !
Anonymous said…
The clip is from De Palma's movie "Redacted".

It obviously refers to things which have actually been happening on the ground in Iraq.
Anonymous said…
The movie was filmed on Jordon, NOT Iraq.

I watched the DVD on 03/22/2008, in it's entirety. It was, indeed, a gut wrenching movie. I can't say whether these things happen in Iraq or not. I know that the drinking and available pornography that is depicted in the film does not exist at FOB Falcon.

I am sickened that this video is being pawned off as "evidence" of the atrocities taking place. There should be enough ACTUAL EVIDENCE of the crap going on over there that "our side" (the anti-war side) doesn't need to post Hollywood fiction as truth, which looks very, very bad for our cause.

We shouldn't have to stoop to using pages out of George Bush's play book to make our point. PLEASE get rid of the Redacted video clip.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Angel may be going through a "grief rejection crisis".

Believe me, Layla, it DOES happen in these inhumanmly hard times of ours...

Don't close the door of understanding, remember you are both Arab, women and victims.

God speed the Iraqi people's victory.

With love...
Anonymous said…


Anonymous said…
Typo: inhumanly
Anonymous said…
soul in torment,

I don't need your advice....but thanks anyways.
Anonymous said…
Don't worry, I won't charge you :-)

Besides, it was not really "my" advice...

Stay safe.
Anonymous said…
This is why we need to end all theocracies: both Neo-Con and Islam. Though I am suspicious of the authenticity of these videos I'm also aware that war reduces all involved into a subhuman reptilian mindset. The bottom line is there was never a legitimate reason for going into Iraq. On the other hand, until we find an alternative to oil and stop population growth, the future will remain bleak.

Bruce Cain
Editor, New Age Citizen
Layla Anwar said…

The war comes homes. link --
Anonymous said…
By keeping this illegally copyrighted video on this blog, you are stooping to the same level as George Bush did when he claimed the forged Niger documents was "proof" that Iraq was acquiring WMDs.

Claiming filmed entertainment as proof of actual events puts into question the entire peace movemernt. You've just given "comfort and aid to the enemy." People who are "GUNG HO, AMERICA!" are going to take this sort of information and claim that those of us who are for peace and immediate troop withdrawal from the Middle East as "duped" by Al Qaeda!

Look, I'm not saying that horrible things aren't going on in Iraq or anywhere that our troops are stationed. We have a rogue Cowboy in charge of the U.S. Government, so anything is possible. It's just COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE to continue to LIE about a clip of film as if it were ACTUAL FOOTAGE FROM IRAQ. It's NOT. It's as phoney as the forged Niger documents!

The only reason I could think of for keeping this video up, is because you're part of the PRO-WAR movement in disguise, trying to make those of us in the peace movement look like idiots.
Layla Anwar said…
Videos of testimony

Racism and dehumanization part 1

Racism and dehumanization part 2

And more testimonies from interviews with Dahr Jamail of US vets from Iraq.

and more testimonies from Iraq war vets on Democracy now

And I can link to hundreds of videos on and you are a people in bad faith.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
And I can link to hundreds of videos on and you are a people in bad faith.

You post copyrighted videos of Hollywood movies as if they were news videos and then claim others are "a people of bad faith?" That's AWFULLY hypocritical of you, don't you think?

I'm wondering why you don't put the WHOLE video of Redacted up on your little blog side. Have you seen the entire film? How do you think those of us with bad faith would react to the part when the innocent soldier who was secretly filming this to expose the bad soldiers, gets kidnapped by radical Islamists while video taping a birthday message for his mother, and then a day later is found in field, decapitated, shortly after a video on Al-Jazeera is shown as masked Islamists cut this soldier's head off?

I think there is enough "bad faith" on both sides, which is why I'm Anti-War, AND atheist. No god is going to save this planet or the people on it. Fanning the fires of injustice by using copyrighted Hollywood videos IS NOT good faith, it is NOT HONEST, and it not promoting peace.
Anonymous said…
and you can go to HELL and check the live testimonies I bothered to link.
Anonymous said…
You know what, Layla? This is my day off, and I had fully planned to watch all of the video testimony from Winter Soldier today; but the first thing I saw instead was a this video of Redacted being pawned off on the unsuspecting anti-war supporters like myself as actual live video from the front.

You're little act of deceipt has cost the movement a member. I'm out of this now.

As for the "you can go to HELL"...if you'd take your focus off your own little world for about 5 seconds, you'd realize I'm already there. Perhaps we all are.
Anonymous said…
Get out and stay out. You are one of those fucking murderers yourself.
Anonymous said…
I have read the comments from posters regarding this video, and of it being a copy of some film and have also just checked on Youtube. Layla, Angel was among the first to point this out and, I for one, did not take too much notice of it.

HOWEVER, the scenes of events in themselves are not fictitious as this IS the reality in Iraq and does NOT minimise the credibility of what Layla is trying to point out by posting it - that this is what really happens in Iraq every day. Therefore, the justifiable reaction here of everyone who follow events in Iraq closely. And, as Layla correctly points out, the testimony of the Winter Soldiers further corroborates this.

Again, to further substantiate what I am trying to say: there are many, many events which are portrayed today on celluloid, often historical in nature, (which we have not witnessed before our eyes), YET many in the world do NOT question their credibility but take it as GOSPEL TRUTH - that what is depicted is what REALLY happened. If you go back to what Layla has said in her post together with this video, she has said that this is what is happening in Iraq, which is the TRUTH, whether it's a film or otherwise is immaterial. To her, to Iraqis and to others who know better, this is the REALITY.

To the 'anti-war' supporter here who claims that this will put into question the 'work of the entire peace movement' raises the question: How? How come the so-called peace movement has not questioned any of the lies being spread by the MSM including the Niger fiasco? These lies are being swallowed hook, line and sinker by everyone, including the 'peace movement' (beginning with the invasion of Iraq, where nothing was questioned, up to the present day where the media (mostly in the US) says one thing and the reality in Iraq is the complete opposite) - should 'your' work not begin with where you are, rather than accusing Layla of 'pawning off this video as the reality'? How about all the lies being 'pawned off as the reality' out there, including 'the 'surge' is working', that the 'situation in Iraq is improving', etc? Yet, as we speak, the morgues are full of bodies, people are still fleeing, entire cities are being surrounded by occupiers (not to mention entire cities having been flattened to the ground by occupiers). What IS the so-called 'peace movement' doing about this???? Don't forget, Layla and all Iraqis LIVE this reality daily and, to them, the video, whether a film or not, is the REALITY. Homes HAVE been broken into (men dragged out, others killed, food stolen, jewellery stolen, innocent Iraqis languishing in prisons, in the process); women raped - both Layla and I have quoted young Abeer; checkpoints (genuine and fake) exist round every corner in Iraq, where many unbelievable horrors occur. All this came WITH the OCCUPATION of Iraq.

A true 'peace movement' should be out on the streets relentlessly DEMANDING withdrawal of occupation troops for a start; it should be VIGILANT of what is REALLY happening in Iraq and then making every effort to HIGHLIGHT this EVERYWHERE in order to bring about IMMEDIATE CHANGE, and, ultimately, Justice. This is NOT happening - FIVE YEARS down the line, in which millions have died, millions of others turned into refugees, both internal and external; innocents dying of cancer through exposure to DU which has been generously dusted all over Iraq; what HAS your 'peace movement' done about all this so far?

The testimonies of the Winter Soldiers have NOT received media coverage (MSM), as they should, and have only been given coverage by alternative media. Shouldn't this be the URGENT business of the 'peace movement'?

To all intents and purposes, this 'peace movement' which you refer to and accuse Layla of being 'dishonest and not promoting peace' (which, really is not her place because HER nation has been occupied and destroyed and any peace offering, together with reparations, starts with the origin of the crime) appears to be rather 'toothless' instead of a FORCE to reckon with. So please refrain from accusing Layla of posting this video in 'bad faith'. Do get on with what really needs to be done, URGENTLY, before all Iraqis are wiped out as a result of this crime against humanity.
Anonymous said…
This is true DECEIT (unrelated to anything on this blog), if anyone else would like to know.

Layla has 'deceived' nobody - only claimed that the video portrays the reality of what's happening in Iraq. From an earlier post of hers. PLEASE NOTE:


Anonymous said…
This is specifically for the 'anti-war' activist above - lots of REAL work for you to do:

McCain says US succeeding in Iraq

(the one who wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years or more...)
Anonymous said…
response to Anonymous - “this is why I am anti-war” Anonymous “but you people are of bad faith”
Anonymous “Your act of deceit has cost the movement a member” Anonymous “You are stooping to the level of George Bush” Bruce Cain “the war reduces all individuals into sub-human reptilillion mindset.”

Oh! what self deceivers you all are. Yes, it appears you are all 'anti-war' and along with George Bush, the anti-war movement cannot bear to say the words “illegal invasion and occupation”. And along with George Bush, you would prefer us to believe it is a war between two evenly armed warring military parties.

Yes, I can see the anti-war/peace movements point. It sounds more 'peacefully acceptable' than the
reality of us imagining the biggest military armed empire in the world, the USA, with their over-armed military thugs, murdering, maiming, torturing, raping, and by the way still bombing, unarmed civilian Iraqis - men of all ages, women of all ages, children of all ages babies and unborn babies..

There is a huge difference between a 'War' and 'illegal invasion and occupation'.Why even our English dictionaries tell us so. So prey, why DOES the anti-war/peace movement tell us a lie?

Why,it is clear the anti-war movement cannot even bear to say the words “Iraqi Resistance” They along with George Bush, would prefer to deceive us with that deceitful world 'insurgent'.

When all the time the anti-war movement knows that one can only have insurgency under a legally elected Government, On one hand the anti-war movement acknowledges that George Bush illegally elected himself. Yet on the other hand in the case of Iraq. They would now have us believe that George carried out legal elections in Iraq?

Yet again we see inconsistency! Because the anti-war movement along with George Bush, wants us to believe also, that Bush's hand picked puppets of Iranian spawned theocratic Islamic fundamentalists. whom he has bumped into Iraq's new illegal US puppet government, represents Iraq's legitimate government.

In turn, the anti-war peace movement along with George Bush, is therefore seemingly giving full credence to these US puppets, who are carrying out horrific crimes against NON Iranian spawned Islamic fundamentalist Sunni, Shia, Kurd, Palestinians and Christians of Iraq.

And along with George Bush, the anti-war /peace movement,in their 'peaceful' deceptiveness would have us believe,it is merely a case of those tribal Sunni and Shia at it again, while at the same time, they converse and plan how they can influence their illusionary word 'democracy' taking seed in Iraq.

Those who proudly wear the badge of the the anti-war/peace movement would be decried by George Orwell as liars. Because omission of truth, he believed, was the worst form of lying.

So please all you anonymouses and others. Do not talk about both sides in a war when discussing this video. Come out of your denial!, face grim reality and tell the truth as it really is! THERE ARE NO TWO SIDES IN THIS PHONEY WAR. THERE IS NO WAR! THERE IS A ONE SIDED BLOOD-FEST, THE ONE SIDE BEING – THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WHO TOGETHER WITH THEIR FUNDAMENTALIST MATES ARE BEATING UP MERCILESSLY ON THE IRAQI COMMUNITY WHILE WE ALL LOOK ON.

And in response to all these above terrible inconsistencies' and 'omissions'. As a westerner,a woman, and a consistent political opponent of human oppression. On the basis of the case I have laid out, I now claim the moral right to say publicly on here, to the Anti-War/ Peace Movements and those who lead them. YOUR PEACE IS AS PHONEY AS GEORGE BUSH'S WAR! YOUR ARE BUT 'WAR WOLVES' DRESSED UP IN 'PEACE' CLOTHING'. And if any of you have an ounce of moral decency left in you, then I suggest you think seriously about your traitorous role in all this. Because as things stand BUSH'S WAR IS YOUR WAR!
Anonymous said…
Bluegum, thank you - you are a Godsend.

Nothing to add to your brilliant post.

Big, big hug to you!

And to Layla!

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Horrible video any way you look at it. ALL who commit these atrocities should be hung. USA out of Iraq and Arabs out of Africa! Just as the rest of Europe stand by while America rapes and pillages Iraq, wealthy, influential Arab countries stand by while Arabs and Muslims rape and destroy African countries. All are guilty and all of them can go to hell!

And "Someone who loves layla", your groveling If you had any sense of dignity you would stop immediately.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry, I don't intend to monopolise this space, but wish to address the 'anti-war/peace activist' - who also chose to remain annonymous.

Please check this article, link below:


So, instead of giving Layla instructions on what she should/shouldn't post here, while sitting in the comfort of your armchair, my suggestion is that you do something about the IRAQ BODY COUNT (which is not giving the true picture) - whether you are from the US or the UK is immaterial.

STOP finding all kinds of excuses for not doing what you are morally obliged to do.

Gabriele Zamparini(respected and credible) has correctly stated that (anti-war movement) 'HAS BEEN A COMPLETE FAILURE, AND (THE) LEADERSHIP PATHETIC, AT BEST'.

My apologies, Layla, for popping in and out of here but what happens on this blog does occupy my mind a lot.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…

I "grovel" (i.e. show my love and respect) as much as I choose and to whomever I choose.

You have a confused, childlike notion of "dignity", more like overpride.

Hypocritical, politically correct third-rate preacher, if only you had half of Layla's morality and courage, I would "grovel" before you too.

Shame on your GENOCIDAL neutralism.
Anonymous said…
influential Arab countries stand by while Arabs and Muslims rape and destroy African countries.

america is doing its fair share to TOTALLY SCREW AFRICA.

Anonymous said…
nobody takes 'iraq body count' seriously. jesus, they only count people who have been documented via death certificates and media reports. what a joke, the daily news would be the size of a phone book if they documented daily death in a genocide. besides, everyone knows IBC doesn't include 'insurgents' which is basically everyone who gets kill, after the fact.

Anonymous said…
sorry, that was supposed to say 'after the fact, according to the murderers'.
Anonymous said…
How do you think those of us with bad faith would react to the part when the innocent soldier who was secretly filming this to expose the bad soldiers, gets kidnapped by radical Islamists while video taping a birthday message for his mother, and then a day later is found in field, decapitated, shortly after a video on Al-Jazeera is shown as masked Islamists cut this soldier's head off?

i'm outing you, you piece of shit. the term islamists, especially 'radical islamists' is a zionist invention. it is trolled daily on right wing blogs. no self respecting 'liberal' or anti war blogger ever uses that term. so take your filthy 'i'm taking my peon attention home since you were mean and i'm NOT watching the winter soldiers' bs and shove it because nobody who is against this genocide, NOBODY, is going to flip to the dark side over being slammed here or anywhere by some posters.

To the 'anti-war' supporter here who claims that this will put into question the 'work of the entire peace movement' raises the question: How? How come the so-called peace movement has not questioned any of the lies being spread by the MSM including the Niger fiasco?

well, they/we have. if you want to believe we don't exists because the msm doesn't write headlines about us, so be it.

who the heck to you think depalma aligns with? it is totally irrelevant to me whether this is a reality reconstruction or not. these events happen, soldiers act like this, and anyone who doesn't have rocks for brains knows it.

now you can rally your supporters and slam the anti war machine as not being effective (we aren't), but me, i choose my battles. the anti war people i know are well aware this is a war crime of humungous proportion. you think if we 'try harder' the empire will listen? hell, carter calls it aparthied and they slam a president for god's sake, they own the media!

here's news to you. we are fighting the corporate genocidal machine. it will consume us all eventually. if you are outside of the country the best thing you can do is reject the dollar. people won't stop them, only money and access to resources. iraq is a global issue and must be attended by the global community. you won't hear about us in the msm, just like we won't hear about you, but we are here, we are everywhere.

don't listen to islam bashers who call themselves 'anti war'. that is just idiotic fooolishness, they are total imposters.

Anonymous said…
sorry, i am reading this thread bottom to top and keep running into these absurd statements that could only be the work of..

People who are "GUNG HO, AMERICA!" are going to take this sort of information and claim that those of us who are for peace and immediate troop withdrawal from the Middle East as "duped" by Al Qaeda!

lololololol, as if, AS IF, any self respecting rational person gives a flying f'ck what a bunch of homocidal maniac war criminals and/or their supporters THINK!

your impostering is transparent. you think like the rabid right wing troll that you are.

lol, likely you and your zionist little government blog get outted and identified as the impotent little bitchs you are and you slime yourself back over here pretending to be some anonymous anti war person??? you are way to easily identifiable. i can smell your corpse of a soul a mile away. consider yourself outted ibc.

Anonymous said…
AND ANOTHER THING you piece of crap rhus and cohorts, i am really glad this adaptation of rape and murder irks you. really glad. it is the perfect vehicle for those who happen to be visualization impaired or challenged. for those who can't seem to muster the images of what has happened, is HAPPENING and will continue to happen to the victims of the genocial design.

there is no video of abeer, we are not allowed to even see the worst videos and photos of abu ghraib. this is a depiction of reality. if you don't think it is.. if you think the rapists knock gently and whisper sweet nothing as they rape murder and burn their victims, if you want them all to look and act like deeply morally conflicted hollywood heartthrob movie stars, bummer.

it isn't a matter of a bad apple, it is a matter of orchard apon orchard of poisoned fruit. our poisoned fruit. some of them have made it out and chosen to tell their stories, we should empower them and encourage them, just as we should encourage people to watch this video and to post this video.

only people who don't want to end the war want to hide the truth of the war, for only a sadist could condone the reality of this crime against humanity.

Anonymous said…
Somebody who loves layla, it is you who has no dignity. You whine that you only wish Layla liked you. How pathetic. I have seen horrors the likes of which you cannot imagine. You are probably British, a group as dangerous and guilty as the Americans. Silly girl. You are ignorant. I point out that Arabs have wreaked havoc in Africa and all you have are insults. Ignore the truth. Arab racism is secondary only to the Japanese who are equally guilty of ignoring the plight of others while they stay "neutral" and gather wealth. Nobody has a monopoly on evil but you seem to have cornered the market on ignorance. You have probably never dirtied your hands trying to better someone's condition. Enjoy your couch and flat screen TV you potato chip-munching fourth rate preacher. Leave the real anti-war work to people who REALLY care. Keep groveling you silly girl. It suits you.
Anonymous said…
"USA out of Iraq and Arabs out of Africa! (...) Arabs and Muslims rape and destroy African countries.
anonymous 25/3/08 5:17 PM"

Why not "All the Europeans and all the peoples of European descent out and back to Europe!"?

And imho it's the Europeans, the Americans and especially the Jews who are destroying African - and not only African - countries...
Anonymous said…
I am not British nor potato-chip loving.

Keep your "anti-war" work, I shall keep my PRO-IRAQ/PAN-ARAB one.

You insect.
Anonymous said…
Yes, keep your Pro-Arab work. And on that glorious day when Arabs unite (as if that will ever happen) please keep your Pan-Arab work in your Arab countries.

You pathetic, groveling parasite.
Anonymous said…
I have seen horrors the likes of which you cannot imagine.


I point out that Arabs have wreaked havoc in Africa and all you have are insults.

double yawn

Leave the real anti-war work to people who REALLY care.

like you i presume? you rightwingimpostertroll.
mr racist'antiwar'/antiarabgenociadal freak.

Anonymous said…
"Since when were men (particularly murderers and rapists) allowed to frisk young girls? Where is the CONVENTIONS OF THE RIGHTS OF A CHILD? Or are these rights selectively applied?"

Well USA to this day refuses to sign the declaration of children's rights.
I can't say that I'm surprised.

The gentlest of hugs to you, Layla.
Unknown said…
Hi There,

I have read your blog and think you're a good writer. I would like to invite you to our new online community, We are a user generated political editorial and social network site. We also choose from among our own bloggers to be featured on the front page. Check us out! I think your voice would be a great addition to our site.
Anonymous said…
murKins. just go home.
bARABie said…
Guess where that traitor from "last of iraqi (traitors)" was kissing butt?

rushlanCIA and jeffrey's.

That is all i will say about it on this blog because SOME can't handle the truth.
Anonymous said…
my pussy's on fire. i need to stop writing in the language of evil Americans and stop my hypocrisy.
Angel said…
This thing has got way out of control. Please don't point the finger at Layla, we were all conned.

I was absolutely horrified when I saw Redacted. (I could not believe people could do those things), I dissolved completely.

I had no idea the video clip was not real footage. When I found out it was a movie with actors, I grabbed the lifeline.

Soul in Torment posted "Angel may be going through a "grief rejection crisis". Soul in Torment is correct.

What I didn't know, at the time of posting, was that the movie portrayed real life attrocities committed in Iraq, in a very clear and concise manner.

Who ever originally sent that video clip out. did so to divide and conquer, to make us look like idiots. Just so they would be able to say "Layla Anwar has to resort to movies to make Iraq look terrible".

Well "whoever" you are, it backfired. Now we all know the real truth of "reality" based TV".
Anonymous said…

What I didn't know, at the time of posting, was that the movie portrayed real life attrocities committed in Iraq,

been living under a rock the last 5 years?
Anonymous said…
Of course this is not actual video you silly women! To quote the Prophet (S.A.W.), "Your lack of common sense can be determined from the fact that the evidence of two women is equal to one man. That is a proof." Feminists and Pan-Arabs indeed! You should be doing something more constructive with your time like covering your bodies, cooking, tending to children and submitting to your husbands. And I thought Americans and Europeans were stupid!
Dear Layla and all,
These are clips from a new movie by Brian de Palma, called Redacted. Its about the rape of Abeer in Mahmoudiya... just one example of the crimes acted out by US soldiers in Iraq. The film bombed in the box office, it seemed Americans are just not ready or willing to be shown the real face of war. In fact, there were many who BOYCOTTED it and even started campaigns against it and against Brian de Palma. Watch it. It is difficult to watch but it should be seen.
Anonymous said…
Get lost, anonymous above! This is not about common sense, and if you claim that common sense in 2 women = to that of one man, where's the common sense in men today? It's not women who have destroyed Iraq but MEN with their inflated egos (apart from the one woman (monster, more like it!) who knows all about ME 'birth pangs').

And, in case you've missed it, all of us (women) may have been slightly 'misled' by the origin of video,(and it must be stressed that it depicts what really happens in Iraq) but we have had the humility to acknowledge it and still continue to be friends on this excellent site! Right?!! May be a good idea if women took over the world.

As for the list of things we 'should' be doing, what century are you living in?!
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Everyone,

Annie, thank you for your great comments and they are spot on. You managed to see through this "person" pretending to be anti war.


As usual your comments always add to whatever I've written or failed to mention. Thank you.

Angel and Little Deer,

I must admit I was rather taken aback by both of your initial reactions.
It's as if you've been living in another world even though you both clearly been on the Iraqis side.
You both rushed to "check on the credibility" of the film, hence echoing those who accused me of using "copyrighted material to spread lies..."
It seems no amount of REAL LIFE pictures, or articles, or descriptions are enough. You will forever remain in an initial "doubting" stage.
Did you "doubt" the Americans as much prior to 2003 ?
So short of bringing you live video testimonies of people I personally know and post them online -- another "show" for you guys -- and then maybe you will doubt again and say they are just actors but let us check just in case....Maybe I need to bring a dead corpse and lay it your feet, or a send you tickets to visit the dozens of women raped...
I will continue doing what am doing....credible or not credible.


Thank you for your comment. I have not seen the film, I did not know these were clips from the film, but I found them so terribly live and so terribly real, depicting VERY TRUE INCIDENTS.

Real Human,

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

You've got it wrong. I did not 'rush' to check on the 'credibility' of the video as you have suggested. It's only after I saw quite a few posts, it made me wonder why everyone was mentioning de Palma or whoever, so I decided to have a look. Seeing the video did not alter my opinion on your post. However, as I have insisted all along, it's not about the credibility or otherwise about this video - it depicts the reality about Iraq, which I know only too well. And it certainly wasn't to question your credibility, which is something I've never questioned. I think you ought to know better than that, Layla.

I think your comment is quite unfair especially the bit about 'doubting' Americans prior to 2003 (it's the very reason why I come to your blog) and bringing dead corpses or visiting raped women as proof of what's going on in Iraq - I believe you know enough about me not to make such an accusation. I haven't suggested anywhere that you should discontinue what you are doing.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
all of us (women) may have been slightly 'misled' by the origin of video,(and it must be stressed that it depicts what really happens in Iraq) but we have had the humility to acknowledge it

little dear, i would like to expand a bit on this even tho layla spelled it out pretty clearly. btw, i am the anon who posted perhaps angel has been living under a rock. first off, i am most definitely a woman and do not feel in the least 'misled'. there is NOTHING whatsoever either misleading about the video, nor misleading about posting it. the text accompanying the video did not state, nor imply anything misleading whatsoever.

the entire fiasco w/considering the source of the video is a waste of space w/the effect to debate the origin, not the subject of the video.

a complete waste of time. this war is not a month old, or a year old. anyone following the war, or anyone w/a grain of common sense absolutely knows events such as these occur. the artist is recreating the scene for us. people ravish gore and violence in hollywood, yet shy from acknowledging real horror which is obviously without question much much worse. seriously, what kind of imagination would choose to lesson the horror of genocide. to be abundantly clear, although this is a depiction of reality, it does not, by any means, depict the fullness of horror of what really happens in Iraq, not in the least for a guarentee you we would all be vomiting to actually witness the actual events for they are undoubtably worse.

as far as accepting humility for admitting being 'dupped', or misled....maybe you want to rethink that. maybe after you grasp your incredulousness at the severity you have been missing out on you can find the humility to acknowledge that. me, i don't feel humility, i feel anger and outrage. to be truthful i could not watch the entire thing although i did listen to the end w/my eyes closed.. it would not take me humility, it would take guts, and that is something i am lacking when faced w/true sorrow, agony, pain and horror.

wake up people. we have an opportunity to witness what iraqis see feel and experience . this is as close as we will ever get to a window of truth that we can actually see w/our eyes and hear w/our ears. we can try to absorb this horror without having the side effect of knowing or imagining it is actually happening to someone we love. it is a bitter pill to swallow but we owe it to ourselves to not hide from the truth. i am going to try to watch it again, but not now. i don't know when i will be strong enough to witness the entire thing. but i have a choice. i can turn it off. unlike iraqis.

nobody has been misled or dupped.

layla thank you for posting the video, and as usual for gracing us w/your reaction.

Anonymous said…
little dear, we were cross posting. i urge you to take a breath, reread layla's words, do not use words like 'accusation', try not to defend yourself, and just try to absorb the information.

it depicts the reality about Iraq, which I know only too well.

seriously, i can't say this. i can seriously say i only know a minute decimal. unless you are iraqi it may be impossible to know the horror 'all too well'. it is perfectly acceptable to mean well.
just take a breath and rethink.
Anonymous said…
To all you crazies who seem to be ya go.
bARABie said…
Wouldn't it have been better for the text accompanying the video to say "this is a hollywood movie depicting REAL MASSACRES on Iraqis by yanks" instead giving morons like rushlanCIA and others the opportunity to detract from the video?

It's obvious that most comments on this thread are related to the "authenticity" of the video and not the massacres contained within the video.

It takes a bigger person to admit a mistake.
Angel said…
Who ever you are, STOP POSTING IN MY NAME.
Anonymous said…

There's two sides to every story
RhusLancia said…
bRABIDie: "instead giving morons like rushlanCIA and others the opportunity to detract from the video?"

Hi bRABIDie. It may surprise you to learn that I've sat this thread out. Oh sure, I've thought about either poking you guys or talking about it seriously, but you all have gone on pretty well without my help. You certainly don't need me to discredit yourselves.

However, as you're making friends with annie, you may wish to consider that she does not condone violence against United States troops, Iraqi security forces, or the Iraqi government.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous unless you are Iraqi it may be impossible to know the horror 'all to well'

One does do not have to be an Iraqi to know to know the pain and agony many Iraqi people are at presently suffering. You would first have to establish which Iraqis do you mean.
to substantiate your statement. Because there are many Iraqis who live here that were only too happy to see the USA go into Iraq. And there were also plenty of Iraqis who were willing to say that President Saddam Hussein was a monster, in order that they could get residence in this country. And the Arab Muslim communities here were as silent as the the rest of the overwhelming majority of Australians during the USA economic sanctions of genocide on Iraq.

This issue of “knowing horror and pain does not relate to what race one is. The reason the USA has invaded and occupied Iraq. Is for world domination and power. If the Iraqi people were not sitting on a few oil wells and had little other resources then your people would not be suffering now.

In ALL races of people, different human values exist amongst them.. If this not were not the case, and all the Iraqis opposed the USA illegal occupation and invasion of their country, then the USA would have turned tail after the first day they arrived there. But like any other country that have been invaded Iraq has its collaborators, sell outs and political reactionaries who feed off foreign military interventions and the chaos it causes. Even the French Resistance, was tiny, compared to the rest of the population.

The day the USA invaded Iraq, I kept seeing 24,000 Iraqi people standing altogether facing their enemy in united resistance, and the enemy running away. Because I already knew the personal and collective agony and suffering the people of Iraq would undergo if the US stayed in there, and I did not want to see this happen yet again. I personally do not need to look at this film I could clearly see these scenes way back in 2003. But sadly my idealism of 'People United Will Never be Defeated" has not yet been realised. Instead it is a case of 'divided we fall on our own swords'.

It was only after the USA invaded and the reality of the horrors of their invasion have come to be known that the Iraqi people in this country like many in Iraq itself, have too late seen the light.

Soul mates comes in all forms and colours. And we do not have to be an Iraqi to know pain and suffering – we just have to be a humanist.
Anonymous said…
Oh please, now you have to Iraqi to know true pain? Shhh! Don't tell the Darfurians! There is nothing special about the way Iraqis are suffering. Unfortunate? Yes. Special? No. There is and has been worse to befall a people. Again, you are not special.
RhusLancia said…
bluegum: "we just have to be a humanist."

What kind of a humanist do you have to be to not see the pain and suffering the thief Saddam and his criminal regime caused?
bARABie said…
"It may surprise you to learn that I've sat this thread out. "

Are you stupid or just brain dead?
When did i say you COMMENTED on this thread?
Idiot, i said it GAVE idiots like YOU the "OPPORTUNITY" to "detract from this video.
No where have i stated you have commented on this thread.
Is English your FIRST language? :)
RhusLancia said…
bRABIDie, where did I say you said I commented on this thread? I was just telling you out of the blue that I haven't. You know, kinda like you said out of the blue that I had the OPPORTUNITY to detract from the video.
Angel said…
Been living under a rock?

At least I have the temerity to post under my own name. Honesty says a lot.

Maybe this is where I've been hiding?

Welcome to my life.
Angel said…
Been living under a rock?

At least I have the temerity to post under my own name. Honesty says a lot.

Maybe this is where I've been hiding?

Welcome to my life.
Anonymous said…
Whoa! why don't you delay your decision to drink the blood of American children for just a second. This clip is from an American anti-war film, it sucked, no one watched it. Something like this did happen, if my memory serves me. The guy got life for it, instead of the death penalty, some technicality. If it makes you feel better, he will probably get raped and stabbed in prison, depending on that prisons' chicano gang laws. I would seriously question the mental capacity of anyone who thought this was shot in Iraq. Seriously, it's super hi-res, the actors suck. And the acting is a crude caricature of mid-western Americans.
RhusLancia said…

Three of the four soldiers involved received sentences of 90 - 110 years in prison, eligible for parole in 10 - 20 years. The last, the one believed to have killed the family, is still awaiting trial.

The thing you should understand about the commenters here is that they already want to drink the blood of American children. This incident allows them to retroactively justify it to a gullible audience, and the film lets them picture it for the same reason.
Anonymous said…
Bluegum, I have much respect for your thoughts and words.

It is a privilege to share this space with you. Thank you.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
The citizens of the US are going to get their due. When martial law is enforced all these war criminals are going to be unleashed on them.
Anonymous said…
Regardless of the authenticity of this clip, the act it portrays is inhuman.

I would like to consider that thought for a second and ask what the word "inhuman" means to you? Especially those of you who live in the sociological wasteland my country has created (yes, I am by birth an American)

I personally find the lack of humanity to be a characteristic inherent in all individuals, whether it be the right-wing pricks,
the self-righteous left-wing, The Hypocritical Eurotrash or you Narrow minded Middle Eastern Agitators.
I have seen each group perform heinous crimes against humanity.

what makes us Americans more guilty in the Annals of History than any of you?

"You all pay taxes, therefore, you are DIRECTLY involved in the murder, rape, and pillage of our beloved Iraq."
Well I don't believe your sitting here typing next to your AK-47's either, so you are just as guilty as I.

"Also, let us not forget that you live on land stolen from its real inhabitants (the native Americans), therefore criminality, murder, and pillage is in your blood and the blood of your ancestors."
Thank you for pointing that out Layla. American History is so dominant in our Daily lives... Every Day I bemoan the the fate of my great people at the hands of the European Oppressors. Every day President Bush orders the National Guard to bombard the little Native American Village in which I live with Chemical War Heads...

Oh wait. Thats right, I am a native American in a Homogeneous society...

I don't pretend to like what the United States did To my people, but I can look past the society, and embrace the individual...

Does that Video Make the man next to me anything other than human? Does the fact that my people were herded into preservations like an endangered species Dehumanize Western Civilization? Perhaps But if accept them as anything other than human, I degenerate myself to that level as well, because anything they are capable of, we are to.

So please categorize me. ( I don't pay my Taxes, I am an Anarcho/Communist and I am a native American) It helps justify the video, and the thousands like it in Africa, Asia, Chechnya, South America or the American West...

And there should NEVER be justification for a thing like that.

And Thank you Layla, for being brave enough to speak out against the American monster, I hope you or your children can one day forgive me or mine for being born in the belly of the beast.
RedBaron said…
Eh... the above post was me, and I would like to clarify that the last paragraph was meant in completely in earnest.

I read back over it and it read somewhat sarcastically...

Bluegum... you give me hope, And I'm glad to find a Humanist that is also a realist...
Anonymous said…
Redbaron "lack of humanity to be a characteristic inherent in all individuals"

From one humanist to another, I know you do not really believe this Redbaron! The fact that you have shown your support for Layla's principled stand on this issue, clearly tells me you do not believe this yourself.

"The Humanist Of This World United will Never Be Defeated." We are an indestructible force!
In Solidarity.

RedBaron said…
Thank you Bluegum.

Perhaps Not an inherant trait, but certainly a horrifing potential...

In solidarity.
RhusLancia said…
Bluegum, if you're a Humanist then I'm an Eskimo.

- RhusLancia (DPPRM)
Anonymous said…
It's sad that people will believe anything to justify their hatred. This video is from a French movie called "Barrages." It's entitled "Redacted" in English. It's not real and is LOOSELY based on an incident in which three Marines (Marines, not Army soldiers) have been sent to prison and a fourth is awaiting trial. This film is nothing more than anti-American propaganda and people like you believe it because you want to believe it in order to justify your hatred.
Reverend Edo said…
redbaron - thank you for sending me this.

To one of the many anonymous (from near the beginning), Layla is, in fact, correct when saying farthest - not furthest.

This film, apparently, is fiction. But any educated person knows all fiction is rooted in fact. To what extent is it fact? No one who has not seen it will ever know. I, fortunately, am one of those. I am an American and love my country. I despise what my country sometimes does.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Fancy sitting piddling ones pants over the ins and outs of this film.

Well if this film does not satisfy some.Perhaps we need a film of the reality of the USA's brutality showing the TWO MILLION CORPSES OF DEAD IRAQIS whom all were alive as you and I,before the USA illegally invaded and occupied their country.

'With our high-tech telescopic lenses we could swoop over the whole 2 MILLION CORPSES Imagine 2 MILLION CORPSES OF DEAD IRAQI MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN SLAIN BY FOREIGN USA OCCUPIERS ON PANORAMIC EXTRA WIDESCREEN IMAGE.. The film-crew on the back of their moving vehicle could hone in with some close shots on what were once people. With this many corpses, the film could run for a couple of hours.

And then perhaps we could show this at the next Cannes Film Festival, under the title "More USA Crimes Against Humanity in the 20th Century". And then afterwards, it could be filed along with the many other similar films,such as "The Panama Deception",another documentary of USA war crimes against the murder of hundreds of Panamanian everyday people.

Would this be good enough proof of USA brutality for the small minds who doth protest on here? No! from the comments I do not think so.

So maybe we should revisit some of that old documentary on-the-spot footage that used to go straight into the lounge-rooms. Where one could watch the USA GI's searching and destroying every Vietnamese village in sight. You know, when the GI's pulled grandads, grandmas, mums, dads, children and babies out of their homes and shot them stone dead.WoW! Man! Then for good measure torched their homes. Just to make sure anyone left would turn into 'crispy critters'("crispy critters" was a quote from a GI after viewing his work of incinerating young Iraqi soldiers carrying white flags of surrender on the Jahra-Basra Rd. at Mitta Bridge)

Now, would this be good enough proof of the USA Gi's brutality? No! Not for this lot of piddling protestors.Simply because they appear not to know the word "brutality",let alone understand it.
Anonymous said…
"brutality"...hmmm. Saddam Hussein comes to mind, does he not?

"bullshit"...the socialist newsletter you get your numbers from comes to mind.

Funny, isn't it, that in WWII we layed waste to whole cities and no one complained. Then in Iraq we spend the vast majority of money and American lives trying not to kill people, and we're suddenly worse than satan.

Not surprising, is the fact that when you compare the behavior of american G.I's to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, they look like assholes. But if the standard of comparison were, say, any other army in any other war in the history of world
(including iraq mind you). They seem pretty swell, don't they?

If we determine a governments' legitimacy in terms of the number of people who participate in elections. Then Iraq's government is more legitimate than America's.

But of course our dear Layla would prefer a jack boot on her neck, like any of Saddams lap-dogs.
Anonymous said…
Another person of deep insight who was able to envisage scenes of what brutality the USA illegal invaders and occupiers of Iraq would carry out against his people, was President Saddam Hussein.We read this in Layla's blog entitled “A sacrifice for Iraq and her people”. Where President Hussein said in a message to his people:


He knew there would be 'lots of screams' coming from the torture and torment and the heinous crimes the brutal foreign USA occupiers and hoodlums would carry out against his fellow men women and children of mother Iraq which we have, and still are, witnessing in Iraq today.

Iraqi 199l Gulf War: USA James Baker (9/1/199l) said to Iraq - “We will return you to the pre-industrial age.”

Iraq 199l: 'There was no water, no food, no milk – no people – And this hell was still pouring from the skies....Radi whispered through his dry lips, 'Grandma', and died in my lap. I LOOKED AT THE SKY AND SAW NOTHING. (my emphasis) No flashes of bombs and bullets, no rubble......Praise be to Allah. I have gone blind.........quoted by Dr. Fadia Faqir, 'Tales of war: Arab women in the eye of the storm' in Victoria Brittain's book “The Gulf Between Us”.

Dr. Faqir was referring to psychological blindness suffered by many Iraqis which was caused by the USA saturation bombing of their country,as had been previously suffered by the Vietnamese people under USA saturation bombing of their country.
Anonymous said…
Bluegum, thank you for sharing this. Such accounts, a few among millions, tear the heart and soul and makes one wonder if there exists any goodness in humanity.

The US is a blight on this planet.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…

well gee, I wonder what a sober, noble lot like the Arabs does to people in times of war?
Anonymous said…
Layla, you wrote in the first instance:
"This is your fucking Freedom and your fucking Liberation. You think am vulgar ? Good.

But --nothing matches your vulgarity, hypocrisy, racism, hatred and sheer evilness... Watch this and see what a despicable, depraved, repugnant lot you are.

To hell with you America -- to the farthest pits of Hell."

You should make the minimum edit required to your comments to make it plain that your clip is from an anti-war video made by an American director. You should, that is, do so if you have an interest in the sympathies of readers like me. War is horrifying, the real war crimes of some soldiers are damnable, but that video clip is an award-winning piece of intentionally emotive fiction, made by Americans. Best wishes.

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