March 23, 2008

Out of the Arab Equation - Part I

Paving the Way

There is one word that has been bothering a lot these past weeks, ever since Ahmadinejad landed in the American occupied Green Zone in Baghdad. That word that keeps recurring in many articles and "analysis" is "unwittingly".

Other variations are "blunders, mistakes, errors, miscalculations..."

You're problably wondering what I'm on about. Ok, I'll tell you the cause of my malaise...

Most of the articles, comments, etc..coming from the U.S and the West and some Arab milieux in particular from the Arab Revolutionary Left (a misnomer) argue the following.

America in its stupidity and arrogance "unwittingly" handed Iraq on a silver platter to Iran. They further argue that America because of poor planning and lack of knowledge and information, committed several strategic errors, blunders, mistakes in Occupied Iraq. And one of those glaring errors is the very prevalent Iranian influence in Southern Iraq, in Baghdad and I would add in "Kurdistan" since Iran played a very important role in the Kurdish separatist movement -- along with Israel.

Now that word "unwittingly" annoys me deeply. It annoys me because it presumes that the Americans really acted in good faith initially. Of course none will come out and say that so bluntly but it is insinuated. The argument is the occupation of Iraq could have been a good thing had it delivered what it promised to deliver because after all (and we go back to the same old broken record) -- Saddam Hussein was a tyrannical dictator.

For the sake of clarity and truth, let us backtrack in history for a moment

The Iraqi National Opposition (INC) was in contact with the American administration since Gulf War 1 i.e since the 1990's. The INC headed by Ahmed Chalabi (and K.Makiya) and comprised but not limited to the following :

- A.Hakeem of the SCII from Iran. (born in Iran and bred in Iran)

- Reps from the Dawa party notably -- M.Al Rubaie, Al Jaafari, Kubba, (Dawa party was formed in Iran and had close links to Hezbollah in Lebanon during the 80's. They were both responsible for the bombs in Baghdad and Beirut during the Iran-Iraq war, targeting Iraqi infrastructure and interests)

- Reps from the shiite Hawza or Marjaiyah for Sistani (exiled in Iran until the occupation) and reps for Al-Sadr.

- Ayad Allawi and Pachachi (a sunni) were amongst the members as well.

- and last but not least, Talabani and Barazani the two kurdish warlords.

The INC headed by Chalabi got the full backing of Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Perle and of course Bush and millions of dollars were pumped into it preparing them for the subsequent invasion and occupation of Iraq.

These personalities landed with the Americans. Some came from London, others from Tehran and others from the USA.

The plan for the sectarian/ethnic division of Iraq was on the agenda. Hence these personalities with their allegiances to sect and ethnicity were very much needed.

The first fallacy was that Iraq is majority Shia and that Sunnis have been in power ever since the Monarchy hence robbing the Shias of their political rights. Of course this fallacy was picked up by the anti-war movement and other anti-occupation writers such as Cockburn and Co, and became their bread and butter. Needless to add, Chomsky became the first spokesman to further this lie echoing the same song coming from the White House.

And of course you can add the litany of the kurds repression which was beautifully well knitted up by the CIA and Mossad propaganda agencies and swallowed whole by the "well intentioned" lefties in the West including the "alternative media".

I do not want to dilute the subject too much and will expose these fallacies in some other post. (Gosh, I have so much writing to do!)

The reason I am mentioning these little bits of history is to show you the obvious.

Namely that in the 1990's (and well before that in my opinion), the CIA, Pentagon, Israeli and British intelligence, when they concocted the plan for the invasion of Iraq, they knew EXACTLY who this "Iraqi" opposition was and where it came from and where its ultimate loyalties lied.

In other words when delegation after delegation from the INC met in London and Washington, the Americans knew very well, that the SCII, that al-Dawa party (of which Maliki the current "Iraqi" PM is a member), that the highest Shia marjaiya all had their loyalties to Iran. After all this is where they came/flew from, to attend these meetings.

Incidentally and it is very important that I mention that -- During the Iran/Iraq war, 1/5 of the Shiites individual/personal revenues (a form of religious tax) went to Qum -- as contribution money. The money did not go into the Hawza's treasuries in Nejaf or Kerbala, no, it went to Iran at the height of the Iran -Iraq war. The reason I am stating this piece of information, is to show you the overriding Shiites affinity/pledge --in particular in Nejaf and Kerbala -- to Iran. And let me remind the reader that Khomeini spent several years in exile in IRAQ right up to 1978, before being extradited to France on request of the Shah. He returned to Iran in 1979- one year before the Iran-Iraq war!)

When the Americans on behalf of the Zionist lobby drew up the sectarian and ethnic division of Iraq, they knew very well where the majority of the shia's allegiance is. They had prepared the grounds for it since Gulf War 1 (and before) and Iran capitalized on it.

So when some writer or commentator comes up with the words "mistake, blunder, or miscalculation" they are fooling none but themselves. There was NOTHING UNWITTING about the whole plan. It was all well thought out in advance.

In other words, to make it even simpler for you -- and I would ask you to re-read that sentence several times until it really sinks in.

--Without Iran's help, the occupation of Iraq would have never been possible--

The Americans knew that, the Israelis knew that, and the Iranians knew that -- and they prepared for it.

Now the layperson may get very confused, they would think how can that be possible?
What about all this anti-imperialist talk from Iran about the Great Satan, what about its anti-zionist speeches, what about ....? It is called a massive cover up.
Simply put.

And the layperson also wonders, what about US threats of an attack against Iran, what about the sanctions against Iran, what about all the barking from the international community against the Iranian threat ? It is called a psy-op.

There were no mistakes. There were no blunders and nothing was unwitting about the whole diabolical plan.

But why Iraq ? you might think to yourself.

This I will tell you in the next post. Just think about what you have read so far.

And to help you in your reflections I recommend two articles

- the 1st by Wafa'a Al Natheema. Iraq :One hand worth of fingers
- the 2nd by Ghassan Charbel. The Great Satan's Gift

Until next...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Sabah Majeed.